Book 15 Chapter 59 - Cannot Continue Fighting

There were many legends about the Black Flag Army in Yunqin military, it was just that most of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators hadn’t heard much about them.

However, the instant this outwardly messy and mixed army appeared in their field of view, many Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators who had just regained their pride and confidence felt so much fear they became numb, to the extent where they felt like they were going to be massacred by this army.

This was precisely loftiness.

Regardless of how messy they looked, the Black Flag Army would forever be the army in this world best at fighting, best at coordination.

Compared to an army like this, these over a hundred powerful Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators were the true mixed army.

These Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators could easily slaughter other armies of several thousands, but when facing this history’s most powerful Black Flag Army, this type of battle turned into being the victim side of a one-sided slaughter.

Chi chi chi chi air piercing noises continuously sounded.

When they were still over a hundred steps away, several Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators’ bodies already surged with bloody mist, impaled by the Black Flag Army archers.

Then, some strange shaped crossbow arrows descended with biting cold killing intent.

These crossbow arrows’ tails all carried fine and sturdy steel wiring. In this instant, they weaved about, cutting these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators’ formation into an absolute mess.

Some Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators began to howl in panic and anger.

The first wave of Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who were killed were all those with exceptional strength among them, moreover, they were the ones who possessed large area of effect soul weapons. They found it hard to believe that in this short amount of time, the enemy could already deduce their targets so accurately, strike them down so quickly.

A blood colored wave smashed into a mixed black wave.

The instant the Black Flag Army and these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators briefly intersected, there were many Black Flag Army soldiers who were also swept out backwards.

However, under the coordination of their surrounding comrades, these Black Flag Army soldiers were instead all only injured, not dying. Meanwhile, the red robed Divine Adjudicators who rushed at the very front were swept down uniformly, many of those who fell became completely lifeless, instantly losing their lives.

All of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators were terrified.

This type of fear didn’t come from Black Flag Army’s self-preservation abilities or slaughtering efficiency, more of it came from completely disregarding the cultivation levels of the enemy cultivators.

Among the more than twenty Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators that were slaughtered, there were cultivators past the cultivation of State Knight level, as well as those at the State Master late stage. In the world of cultivators, they could already be considered greatly respected cultivators, yet regardless of whether they were late stage State Masters or State Knight level cultivators, when the Black Flag Army charged forward, there didn’t seem to be any difference, all of them almost instantly having their bodies’ vital parts cut through by several deep and cold metal weapons.

The Black Flag Army was an army that followed Gu Yunjing. From a certain perspective, they were Gu Yunjing’s own followers, his private army. Many of their battles weren’t even recorded by the military. However, there was a legend that when the entire Black Flag Army set out, they could even easily slaughter several thousand membered cavalry armies.

Previously, there were quite a few Yunqin military personnel who felt that this type of strength was too exaggerated. In their eyes, even if it were just three thousand light armored cavalry, if they charged together, then that would be a complete crushing victory. However now, they knew that the legends were not only not exaggerated, they even seemed a bit modest.

Forget about a few thousand, even if it was an army of over ten thousand, they might not be able to destroy this Black Flag Army.

In just a single breath of time, there were already red robed Divine Adjudicators who unknowingly began to back up, backing up until their legs were cut by sharp fine metal wiring, only then did they gain a sudden realization and became even more scared.

Most people here could tell that in less than thirty breaths of time, all of these red robed Divine Adjudicators would be completely slaughtered by the Black Flag Army, while the Black Flag Army wouldn’t even suffer casualties that were too great.

The one who previously spoke from within the giant imperial carriage couldn’t disregard this force either. It was because if all of these red robed Divine Adjudicators were completely slaughtered, then the following Black Flag Army would naturally destroy the giant imperial carriage he was in as well.


An explosive noise sounded in this giant imperial carriage. The roof that covered this giant carriage was just like a saucepan lid that was blown off by steam, rising high into the air. Streak after streak of iron curtain-like long banners began to flutter outwards.

What rushed out immediately afterwards was thick black smoke and black flames that already didn’t carry much novelty, but similarly brought people fear.

A figure that seemed extremely large and tall, covered within black smoke and flames seemed like it didn’t have any feet, flying out from this giant carriage just like that.

“Do you want your families and all of yourselves to be slaves forever?”

When this figure who didn’t seem like he had feet appeared, he released this type of sound.

There was no aura of completely exceeding the Sacred Expert level.

That was why the one in this giant imperial carriage wasn’t Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, but rather another Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

His words didn’t clearly dictate who he was talking to. However, when this type of voice sounded, the expressions of the Great Mang Ceremonial Army and the Guard Army completely changed.

The body of that Great Mang Consecrator not far behind Zhantai Qiantang and Hu Piyi also began to continuously shake.

Even more sounds of horse hooves and bladed weapons erupted.

The five hundred Ceremonial Army and two thousand Guard Army also charged in.

These sounds couldn’t even overwhelm the screaming of a flying sword that suddenly accelerated.

This flying sword flew out in front of the entirely shaking Great Mang Consecrator. It clashed with Hu Piyi’s flying sword, continuously clashing in the air, producing bursts of dazzling sparks.

This all also happened in a breath of time.

Hu Piyi released a fierce roar.

His flying sword, while cutting through the air, suddenly began to spin around, directly suppressing this Great Mang Consecrator’s flying sword. The two flying swords became sluggish in the air, momentarily as if stuck together, unable to struggle free.

The aura around Hu Piyi’s body began to tremble again.

His flying sword pressed down again, directly pushing this Great Mang Consecrator’s sword to the ground.

The ground shook fiercely. A blast of smoke and dust erupted, as if two wrestling giants came crashing down, each side rigidly crashing into the earth.


A mouthful of bloody mist shot out of Great Mang Consecrator’s mouth.

Then, his figure was like the wind, also already fluttering up to Hu Piyi’s side. His two fingers were like a sword, stabbing into Hu Piyi’s shoulder.

Hu Piyi took a step back, a sword of blood gushing out from behind his shoulder.

Great Mang Consecrator’s eyes froze in the air.

At this time, the flying sword that flew up from the ground behind him also severed the nape of his neck, concluding this brief but intense battle between Sacred Experts.

Hu Piyi released a light cough, coughing out the bloody suds that accumulated in his throat, and then proficiently wrapped up his injuries with bandages that already had staunching medicine applied. Then, he exchanged a look with Zhantai Qiantang.

The Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who floated out from the giant imperial carriage in the back landed on the giant carriage of the already deceased Great Elder.

Below the carriage knelt over a hundred chained slave cultivators.

Previously, the soul force of these slave cultivators moved along the chains and entered the runes of this giant carriage, also producing surging smoke.

Now, the instant this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder landed on this giant imperial carriage, there were instead black flames that flowed out from the imperial carriage, flowing along the chains and entering these slave cultivators’ bodies.

These slave cultivators all howled in pain, their hands continuously tearing at their chests, ripping out streak after streak of flesh.

They were originally already numb and full of slave nature. However now, their eyes that previously didn’t carry a trace of resistance began to release blood red flames. Their eyes were filled with bloody wisps, becoming blood red, becoming crazy.

An Keyi who didn’t pay attention to the things happening around her, currently treating Ye Wangqing, suddenly raised her head.

She was the first to react to what kind of changes were happening to these slave cultivators’ bodies.

At this time, Gao Yanan, Qin Xiyue, Bian Linghan, Jiang Xiaoyi, Leng Qiuyu, these young experts who were hidden not far away in the forest were also all calmly watching and waiting.

Gao Yanan and the others had all experienced the battle of East Scenery City. At this time, when they saw the changes happening to these slave cultivators, they immediately thought of those Purgatory Mountain black hounds that could make people go mad from a bite!

Among the entire Black Flag Army force, there was a single high ranking officer who didn’t make a move all this time.

This high ranking officer who was at the very back was precisely that dark red masked stern high ranking officer who previously always stuck to Gu Yunjing’s side, the two almost inseparable during Gu Yunjing’s final few years.

When this type of strange change happened to over a hundred slave cultivators, a flash of nervous expression also appeared in his grave and stern eyes for the first time.

Xu Shengmo was still stopping the heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers alone.

With the Black Flag Army’s appearance, moreover their clear intent to face Purgatory Mountain, many originally hesitating officers firmly chose silence. For those in the front lines, the Black Flag Army precisely represented Gu Yunjing. That was why there was no large scale military equipment that fired at Xu Shengmo, the defense army on the city gate tower not even firing a single arrow at Xu Shengmo.

However, even so, Xu Shengmo could only barely stop this stream of steel.

The ground that was already beaten and battered from the charging of heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers suddenly began to shake even more fiercely. Some soybean-sized rocks on the ground even began to jump.

This type of quaking came from outside Thousand Leaf Pass, from behind Great Mang’s Ceremony Army and Guard Army, coming from a river channel in the jungle.

Large amounts of trees, shrubbery and weeds fell. Massive bodies that released golden light crushed this river channel into a level passageway.

These giant bodies’ riders seemed extremely small compared to the mounts’ massive bodies, but they also released an absolutely suffocating pressure.

The dark red masked stern high ranking officer’s pupils rapidly contracted.

Divine Elephant Army!

In this world, apart from the Black Flag Army, the other most powerful army also appeared here.

Moreover, he could tell from a single look that the massive White Divine Elephants already numbered far greater than a hundred.

After siding with Yunqin Emperor and obtaining the support of Yunqin’s national force, this army that was originally already seriously injured by Lin Xi in Sanskrit Passage already recovered their life force again!

The Black Flag Army didn’t fear the Divine Elephant Army.

If the two faced each other, it was hard to say who would emerge victorious.

However, what he was certain of was that there was no way the Black Flag Army could simultaneously block so many red robed Divine Adjudicator, the Great Mang army, mad cultivators, as well as this Divine Elephant Army.

The Black Flag Army had already set their resolutions to face death. Only, if they couldn’t kill these enemies, then there would be no way they could kill this other Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, even less of a chance of them confirming if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was in the last imperial carriage.

Moreover, if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch really was here, if they might not even win against the enemy’s current forces, then this type of battle and death became completely meaningless.

Retreat or continue fighting, this dark red masked stern high ranking officer felt like at this type of time, perhaps only Lin Xi could make the decision.

However, Lin Xi wasn’t here.

Should they still continue this battle?

All of the cultivators on Green Luan Academy’s side were shrouded in the shadows of defeat.

Xu Shengmo was the most direct right now, quietly cursing, “Lin Xi, you idiot, just what kind of blasted place did you run off to?!”

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