Book 15 Chapter 58 - Most Powerful Mixed Army

Cultivation realm doesn’t always equate strength.

Timing, surroundings, will of spirit, body condition, a matchup of cultivation techniques… all of this could ultimately decide the victory and defeat between cultivators.

In the world of cultivators, instances of using the weak to defeat the strong were too many to count. However, during these past few decades, perhaps no other battles could compare in meaning to Ye Wangqing killing Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder with Yunqin’s sword.

Ye Wangqing understood clearly that both his own cultivation and real strength were far inferior to this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, yet he still came to challenge this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder. That was why he was the true Unmoved Sword. Together with He Baihe’s Celestial Sword in the end… From a certain perspective, this was a great spiritual victory for Yunqin’s people.

Right now, Hu Piyi also precisely represented a type of Yunqin spirit.

He had long been stripped from his role as Thousand Sunset Border Army’s Great General. Now, he was only a single person, one sword facing over a hundred disorderly Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators, yet he possessed more of a Great General’s prestige than ever before.

His sword stopped in front of him, gaze not even landing on any red robed Divine Adjudicators, instead landing on the two giant imperial carriages at the very back of the enemy troops, these carriages that didn’t allow perception to pass through.

A noise that sounded like the grinding of dead trees suddenly sounded from within one of the giant carriages.


It was only a single word ‘die’.

A wave of energy rushed out along with this voice. A streak of faint black flames was just like the flame on an opium pipe, vanishing with a flash.

However, with just this voice, all of the grieving, panicking and terrified Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators instead all ceased their noises, as if they saw their savior. However, all of them also couldn’t help but tremble.

This type of mysterious and mighty, yet also extremely simple word ‘die’ carried a two-folded meaning.

The first was a desire to kill Ye Wangqing, Zhantai Qiantang and the others.

The other meaning was that if these Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators didn’t immediately calm down and continued to lose Purgatory Mountain’s dignity, then they would also be mercilessly slaughtered.

Meanwhile, when these voices entered the ears of that Thousand Leaf Pass defense army’s ashen faced highest ranking officer, it seemed to carry endless demonic nature, as if a devil was quietly bewitching him, making his brain suddenly become muddled. All the negative emotions he was currently feeling were instantly brought to their peak.

This ashen faced high ranking officer felt like what he had to do the most was that he absolutely could not lose the emperor’s trust and receive a miserable ending.

“All those who dare assassinate Great Mang’s diplomatic emissaries and destroy the peace meeting, all of them are to be captured first!”

A triangular command flag made from well-tempered steel was thrown from his hands. At the same time, a fierce order also sounded from his mouth.

Many Yunqin officials turned around in shock, looking towards this Yunqin high ranking officer who gave this order at this time.

They knew that this Yunqin high ranking officer was loyal to Yunqin Emperor, but they never expected that he would actually give this type of order at this time.

Most of Thousand Leaf Pass’ soldiers were quiet, even feeling anger. However, military orders were military orders. There were naturally those who firmly carried out his orders.

Thunderous horse hooves sounded.

A heavy cavalry and a heavy armored army wearing Green King Heavy Armor rushed out from Thousand Leaf Pass’ main army camp. In an extremely short amount of time, this heavy armored army already accelerated, iron hooves and shining armor heavily bombarding the earth.

“Enemy alert!”

A rushed sound arrow rang out, gong sounds and warning sounds also released at the same time.

In a mountain forest to Thousand Leaf Pass’ side, many trees began to tremble like a tide. It clearly wasn’t because of heavy armored light cavalry and heavy armored army’s trembling, but rather that many people were quickly moving inside. However, when the soldiers on Thousand Leaf Pass’ towers looked out through their Brass Hawkeyes, they instead couldn’t see a single figure, only seeing the forest moving, as if everyone moving through the forest was invisible.

“What kind of people is it that have arrived?”

All of the Yunqin military cultivators and Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators were incredibly bewildered as they looked at that mountain forest. In that instant, without anyone’s notice, another black robed Green Luan Academy lecturer walked out from between several stone houses inside Thousand Leaf Pass.

This was one of Thousand Leaf Pass’ cafeterias, its distance extremely close to Thousand Leaf Pass. There were originally some mess cooks there, people who were normally around onions and rice, busy organizing things. No one expected a Green Luan Academy person to walk out from inside.

This person’s footsteps didn’t look rushed or slow. However, after taking just a few steps, he already arrived behind An Keyi and Ye Wangqing, blocking the pass alone, directly facing over a thousand heavy armored troops and over a hundred Green King Heavy Armored soldiers.

This person had his hair scattered behind his head, on his face a cold and arrogant expression, looking as if everyone owed him a few hundred taels of silver. It was to the extent where he felt it was beneath him to say anything to An Keyi and Zhantai Qiantang behind him.

However, the heavy armored army’s officers rushing at the very front immediately felt chills run through their bodies, feeling like they really owed this person a few hundred taels of silver.

It was because they recognized this person.

This person was Xu Shengmo.

He was one of Green Luan Academy’s most powerful Sacred Experts, part of its core strength.

Originally, just like many others in Green Luan Academy, he didn’t have much fame in Yunqin. However, after several great battles, at the very least in South Tomb Province’s front lines, most Yunqin officers already knew his name and knew his terror.


A streak of bright sword radiance flew from behind Xu Shengmo, landing on the city walls above Thousand Leaf Pass.

A several hundred jin large boulder smashed down like tofu.

Xu Shengmo ascended this large rock.

He still always liked to stand on a rock like a vulture.

In the past, whenever he instructed Lin Xi, he would always stand on a tall rock while speaking to him.

To stand on a rock at this type of time, this type of craving seemed a bit laughable.

Only, there wasn’t a single person who felt like this strange Green Luan sword controlling Sacred Expert was laughable.

After his flying sword cut through a corner of the city, it floated ten steps in front of him, flickering with deep and cold radiance.

“I don’t wish to kill Yunqin people, so do not come here.”

He looked at the stream of steel ahead, coldly saying this.

The heavy cavalry and heavy armored footsteps suddenly became even heavier. Many people couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at the Yunqin high ranking officer who just issued the marching order.

This Yunqin high ranking officer’s face was no longer ashen, but instead pale.

Even he didn’t understand why he directly gave out such a fierce order just now.

Right now, he felt a bit of hesitation.


Right at this time, inside that giant imperial carriage that released a strand of black flames just now, a voice sounded again.

This Yunqin high ranking officer’s gaze carried even greater hesitation.

More than ten heavy armored soldiers who didn’t receive a reply clenched their teeth. All of them released fierce roars, stirring up even more of a commotion. With an even greater speed, they pulled open several steps of distance between them and most people behind them.

Zhantai Qiantang and Hu Piyi’s expressions suddenly became cold.

They knew that something was strange with the noise released from within this giant imperial carriage, but they also understood extremely clearly that there was already no way for them to change the current situation.

Xu Shengmo’s eyelids fell.

He was undoubtedly the one most suited to blocking this heavy armored cavalry and heavy armored army.

This was because of his nature and tendency to clearly distinguish his likes and dislikes. For someone like him, as long as it was the enemy, then he wouldn’t think too much about other things. He wouldn’t show any hesitation or weakness because the other side were iron-blooded Yunqin soldiers.


He released a fierce shout, as if he was scolding Lin Xi.

The sword radiance floating in front of him flew out, easily passing by the bodies of the dozen or so heavy armored soldiers charging at the very front.

The cracks between the armor of these dozen or so heavy armored soldiers first released sparks created from metal grinding friction, and then spurted out scalding blood.

Ear-splitting collapse and striking noises continuously sounded. Blood began to scatter down from the sky like a violent rain, scattering on the ground. These pattering noises were mixed with metal striking sounds, transmitting far into the distance.

Many Yunqin officials and high ranking officers were shouting, but now that this type of decisive charge already began, there was no way it could be stopped.

Xu Shengmo naturally wouldn’t return to being an ordinary person standing on a rock after turning into an ice-cold slaughtering machine. As long as his flying sword stopped, there would immediately be heavy steel bodies that would rush in front of him. At that time, his body would even be turned into crushed flesh.

This was truly ‘one man holding the pass against ten thousand enemies’. Heavy bodies sputtered boiling hot blood all over the ground, piling up on top of each other, and then they were directly smashed aside by the iron stream behind them.

Corpses and blood seemed to pave the road, slowly extending forward.

“Kill them!”

An old red robed Divine Adjudicator close to the two giant imperial carriages suddenly straightened his body. As if he wanted to obtain an oracle from the giant carriage, he released a feverish voice.

This was already completely no longer some battle between cultivators.

Trust, zealotry and pride seemed to have returned to the bodies of over a hundred Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators at the same time. Following this aged red robed Divine Adjudicator’s crazy voice, all of these Divine Adjudicators leapt out from the ground, starting to charge at Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang like a tide.

These red robed Divine Adjudicators were all powerful cultivators. Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang didn’t stand a chance against these red robed Divine Adjudicators unless they had a Sacred Master like Gu Yunjing, a single strike able to destroy dozens of people. However, right now, another tide was also rushing out from the forest next to them.

The area near Thousand Leaf Pass had long been made sparse by someone, moreover, it had quite a few traps arranged.

That was why now, there were finally certain people who appeared.

There were black flags that fluttered in the wind.

Exceptionally iron-blooded and solemn black colors filled everyone’s eyes one after another.

“Black Flag Army!”

Many military members released this cry like a nightmare.

Everyone recognized that this was the world’s most powerful army.

Only, this world’s most powerful army, right now, it looked like a mixed army.

It was because there were many people who didn’t wear Black Flag Army armor, instead, they only wore ordinary common people clothes mixed within, their numbers even exceeding half.

The Black Flag Army had never exceeded two hundred. However, the current Black Flag Army clearly approached three hundred.

However, right now, this Black Flag Army didn’t become truly messy due to having these ‘peddlers and carriers’ mixed in. The movements of every single person in this fleet coordinated extremely well with their surrounding members, extremely harmonious, to the extent where there was even a hunter with a female baby on his back that blended into this troop.

Everyone was frightened.

This was history’s most powerful, most terrifying Black Flag Army!

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