Book 15 Chapter 57 - The One Ni Henian Overlooked

The elegant and refined pure white longsword was like a rod of heavenly judgment, smashing through this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s extended left palm, and then deeply embedded itself into this Purgatory Mountain’s chest.

All of the Yunqin soldiers, Great Mang officials and Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators outside Thousand Leaf Pass were shocked speechless.

Even those Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators saw the true appearance of this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder for the first time.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who was previously wrapped in black smoke and flames was completely like a withered corpse.

His white and sparse hair scattered completely lifelessly behind his head, his face like a dried out skull, no flesh filling it up at all.

The color of his skin was greenish gray, as if he had already been dead for many years, and then this corpse had been soaked in medicinal liquid for a long time.

It was impossible to make out just how old he was.

However, one could imagine just how old he was, imagine that for someone as old as him to still remain alive, to still be able to fight, just how much precious medicine was used up, just how much manpower and wealth was used up.

Right now, this corpse-like Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s face was completely covered in an expression of viciousness, anger and shock.

There were no sounds released.

It was because the air outside his body had been completely blasted aside by this sword’s sword energy, almost becoming a vacuum.

One could well imagine the power of this sword.

If it was any other Yunqin Sacred Expert, if this sword entered their body, they would definitely already be dead.

However, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who seemed as brittle as dried firewood didn’t die.

His palm that was penetrated by Ye Wangqing’s sword had countless fine cracks extending along the arm.

His chest that was penetrated by the longsword also caved in, forming an expanse of cracks.

Only, inside of these cracks, there was actually no blood that flowed out.

Ni Henian’s brows furrowed at this time.

He knew a long time ago that every single Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was an old monster that was even older than himself. He also knew that every single Purgatory Mountain Great Elder had their own unique methods.

Now, he understood that this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s true secrets weren’t only in that demonic tune-like devil flame cage, his true secrets included his body.

During his endless cultivation years, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder actually truly turned his body into a zombie-like existence.

Zhantai Qiantang only felt like his eyes and mouth were extremely dry.

He understood that this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body was already completely dried up. As long as this body was completely chopped up or his head was removed, then this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder definitely wouldn’t be able to continue living.

Only, in a clash at this level, the difference between life and death was extremely fine to begin with.

That was why Ni Henian felt like Ye Wangqing’s defeat was a bit pitiful, that Ye Wangqing would definitely die, feeling a bit annoyed.

That was why even Zhantai Qiantang also felt that Ye Wangqing was now already inevitably dead.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s great roaring voice finally sounded.

Since there were no longer layers and layers of black flames and black smoke surrounding him, that was why right now, his voice was exceptionally grand. Compared to a withered corpse, he seemed even more terrifying and strange.

He never expected that Ye Wangqing could actually truly make him face death.

He also knew that even if Ye Wangqing obtained Esteemed Sir Lan’s sword dao comprehension, in terms of strength, there was still a huge difference between Ye Wangqing and himself. His defeat was because he feared death. Since he felt the threat of death when the flying sword retaliated, he immediately chose to defend.

Meanwhile now, he already didn’t have a choice. He could only disregard this flying sword and use the fastest method to kill Ye Wangqing, this was the only way to prevent Ye Wangqing’s sword from continuing further, continuing to cut in.

That was why when he released a fierce roar, all of the black chains outside Ye Wangqing’s body shook, surging with flames that burned even more fiercely!

Ye Wangqing’s skin was even already withered yellow, becoming extremely weak.

He already concentrated everything into that Unmoved Sword that thrusted into Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s chest. Even Ni Henian was certain that he had no chance of blocking Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s retaliating power. He was about to burn up soon, becoming charred coke.

However, right at this time, a wisp of sword energy instead flowed out from his fingertip.

This wisp of sword energy didn’t stab towards any of the incoming heat, instead rushing towards the side of the mountain path below.

There was already some crushed rubble from the previous clash of power.

However, just like a streak of runes, it deeply penetrated the ground below the rubble.

A streak of transparent sword radiance appeared from the rubble. It carried an aura similar to the surrounding Thousand Sunset Mountains, stabbing towards the surrounding heat.

Thousand Sunset Mountain seemed to have come alive.

Endless streaks of sword radiance flew out from between the rubble and the underbrush, cutting through the broiling heat, hacking at the blazing black chains.

The devil flame chain prison was blasted aside by the sword energy of Immortal Academy’s most ferocious Great Waves.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s breathing completely stopped.

He instantly reacted to what happened here. However, he didn’t have the power to stop it.

Even Ni Henian’s turbid eyes became bright, wishing to cry out in praise.

“Celestial Sword!”

Immortal Academy already no longer existed, but in Thousand Leaf Pass, there were other cultivators originally from Immortal Academy, which was why someone cried out in alarm.

Even more people woke up when they heard this voice.

He Baihe who truly comprehended the Celestial Sword already died in battle.

Ye Wangqing had previously spent a long time with He Baihe.

He Baihe said that the true Celestial Sword was already lost.

Now, the power of the sword formation around Ye Wangqing indeed couldn’t compare with the true Celestial Sword.

That was why Ye Wangqing only obtained some of the Celestial Sword’s essence.

Only, at this type of time, this type of change was already enough.

There was already no one who could interfere in time.

A muffled pu sounded.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s chest caved in a bit more. The pure white colored longsword tip came out of his back. Countless fine fragments began to rush out from his palm and chest’s wounds.

The pure white flying sword began to shake as it moved upwards.

However, it didn’t treat him like an ordinary cultivator, directly cutting from the chest to the skull splitting this elder in half, but rather made those cracks in his chest continuously extend outwards.

Piece after piece of fine dried flesh fell out like porcelain chunks from these cracks.

Then, these cracks became larger and larger.

His chest completely collapsed.

The head and neck couldn’t obtain support, now falling down just like a skull that had already been air-dried for many years.

All of the black chains lost the infusion of soul force, falling into a messy pile with crashing noises.

Ye Wangqing already couldn’t stand steadily.

All of his hair became scorched yellow, his entire body as if suddenly losing twenty jin of weight.

However, he was still alive.

Thousand Leaf Pass became deathly still.

Suddenly, a Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicator released a heart tearing lung splitting scream.

All of Purgatory Mountain’s red robed Divine Adjudicators began to scream in pain.

Several elder level old Divine Adjudicators rushed towards that Great Elder’s corpse. However, regardless of how they screamed, no matter how they picked up the skull and fragmented pieces, there was no way this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder could be revived again.

Under the heart tearing lung splitting howls, there was a scarlet red flying sword that flew towards Ye Wangqing like magma.

ding sounded.

This flying sword that was a bit shaky to begin with was easily hacked down like a dragonfly by Hu Piyi’s sword radiance.

Zhantai Qiantang supported Ye Wangqing. He brought out a water sack, yet didn’t dare give it to Ye Wangqing to drink in large gulps.

“Let me.”

Right at this time, a book reading like voice sounded.

A Green Luan Academy black robed female professor who carried a strong bookish bearing walked out from Thousand Leaf Pass, walking towards Zhantai Qiantang and Ye Wangqing.

The expression of Thousand Leaf Pass’ highest defense general who remained loyal to Yunqin Emperor changed from his extreme shock of Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder being killed to falling ashen.

Thousand Leaf Pass was only a pellet that wasn’t all that large.

However, as the highest ranked military officer here, during this peace meeting when the defense was the most strict, they actually didn’t even notice this academy female professor in the medical house!

Just how many Green Luan Academy people were hiding in Thousand Leaf Pass?!

If this type of fact was sent back to Central Continent Imperial City, how would that ruthless leader who was growing increasingly suspicious by the day in Imperial City still have faith in his loyalty?

Zhantai Qiantang recognized An Keyi.

That was why the instant he heard An Keyi’s voice, his mood instantly relaxed.

He moved to An Keyi’s side with the greatest speed, handing Ye Wangqing to this black robed female professor.

Ni Henian obviously noticed An Keyi’s appearance as well.

He suddenly entered a state of deep thought, realizing that he overlooked something. He had forgotten about someone who stood in a similar crucial position as Zhantai Qiantang.

This person was one of the reasons for Yunqin Emperor growing more and more ruthless by the day.

Yunqin’s imperial princess, Changsun Muyue!

After escaping from Central Continent City, Yunqin Emperor had never been able to find her.

Meanwhile, even though Green Luan Academy was powerful, after the internal disorder, when Yunqin Emperor already deliberately purged and swapped out the border pass’ guard officers, for Ye Wangqing to arrange some sword scars before the peace negotiation was already terrifyingly difficult, let alone someone like An Keyi being hidden here.

That was why there could only be one possibility.

As someone who knew about Yunqin Emperor’s secret mechanisms and was familiar with his methods, moreover being a person who had some of her own power in the royal court, Yunqin’s Imperial Princess Changsun Muyue, at least in the clash between Green Luan Academy and Purgatory Mountain, didn’t stand at her brother, Yunqin Emperor’s side, but instead by Green Luan Academy’s side.

On the mountain path outside of Thousand Leaf Pass, those Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators entered a state of grief and chaos.

When that scarlet red flying sword appeared, it exposed that there were sacred level existences among them. However, even when this flying sword was directly struck down by Hu Piyi, there still wasn’t a single person who rushed at Hu Piyi or Zhantai Qiantang.

If this was a different time when Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder wasn’t here, then these over a hundred red robed Divine Adjudicators would definitely do this, they would have definitely long begun to surround these two.

However, the prestige a Great Elder accumulated was too great. Since he allowed all of them to follow him here, they naturally viewed this Great Elder as a lord, as a deity-like existence, as their pillar. Now that this Great Elder died, they instead seemed to have completely lost their ability to think, becoming like a group of children who lost their parents.

While these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators were in disorder, Ni Henian thought about Changsun Muyue he overlooked, the corners of his lips instead producing a hint of a happy smile.

This great play was growing bigger and bigger, becoming more and more grand.

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