Book 15 Chapter 56 - Sword Shatters Demonic Tune

There were many cultivators among Yunqin’s army and officials. Great Mang Emperor’s diplomatic group also had many cultivators. All of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators outside the mountain path were even more so powerful cultivators.

While looking at that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who got off the imperial carriage, thick black smoke wrapping around his body just like an erupting volcano, their minds all became extremely nervous.

All cultivators clearly understood that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder wasn’t a Sacred Expert in the ordinary sense. During the past Autumn Sacrifice, a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who was crippled by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was already almost unrivalled in all of Central Continent City. If there wasn’t someone like Ni Henian, then his strength really would have been above all others in Central Continent City.

For the sake of killing Wenren Cangyue, Gu Yunjing and Hu Chenfu, these types of figures also already died in their clashes against Purgatory Mountain Great Elders.

The cultivators of this world understood more and more clearly that every single Purgatory Mountain Great Elder not only already had strength at the peak of sacred level, moreover, every single one even had especially powerful methods unknown to the outside world.

Unknown things would always be especially terrifying.

However, what left all Yunqin royal court cultivators and Great Mang cultivators nervous wasn’t that this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder would definitely display some type of world shocking method, but rather that they understood extremely clearly that this Thousand Leaf Pass peace talk might be the greatest gathering of the world of cultivators since Principal Zhang’s battle at Meteor City.

Apart from Zhantai Qiantang, Hu Piyi and Ye Wangqing, these types of experts who already appeared, it was unknown just how many experts were hidden within Thousand Sunset Mountain’s forest.

These experts might all be strong to the point where that Great Mang sword controlling Consecrator could only watch from the side.

Ye Wangqing and this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s battle was precisely the true beginning of this distinguished meeting.

All of the Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators knelt down. This wasn’t only because of the prestige Purgatory Mountain Great Elders had accumulated year in year out, but rather that the fluctuations released from this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body at this time were indeed powerful to the point where all of them were trembling.

This was a type of powerful and strange vital energy fluctuation that carried volcanic eruption power. The thick black smoke that rushed into the sky didn’t continue to surge, didn’t change much, but this type of vital energy fluctuation instead produced countless butterfly-like black flames from the smoke.

Ye Wangqing’s expression became serious. The pure white longsword adopted a defensive stance.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder walked to the very front of all of the kneeling red robed Divine Adjudicators.

Within the endless butterfly-like black flames fluttering outside his body, there was a protrusion that suddenly appeared, as if there was a rod that wanted to prod its way out of the smoke and black flames. Immediately afterwards, there was a loud hu noise. A black chain roared as it rushed out, descending towards Ye Wangqing from the air.

The eyes of all cultivators in Thousand Leaf Pass flickered intensely. All of them couldn’t help but wonder what kind of special methods this type of chain possessed.

The finger thick black chain had fine runes on its surface. Black flames surged around it, the speed with which it moved through the air seemed especially fast.


Pure white colored sword radiance flickered, striking the very front of this black chain with incomparable accuracy. After a striking noise, this chain that had black smoke surging around it was sent flying, pulling back like a wounded venomous snake.


Another similar type of chain stuck out from the thick black flames, attacking Ye Wangqing.

After the second came a third, a fourth, a fifth…

Violent air explosion sounds and muffled striking sounds continuously rang out, the rhythm becoming faster and faster.

Over a hundred chains burning with black flames thrusted out from the smoke around this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body. Some shot out in a straight line, some flying around, some falling from above, some moving along the ground; these chains stabbed at Ye Wangqing from all directions.

Thousand Leaf Pass’ Yunqin cultivators and the red robed Divine Adjudicators who knelt on the ground all felt a type of suffocating feeling.

These over a hundred chains weren’t dead objects that would stop moving after being struck by a flying sword, but were instead all like undying vipers, continuously raising their heads towards the sky and biting at Ye Wangqing.

That was why every single burning chain was like a black flying sword!

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was just like a single person controlling over a hundred flying swords, launching an attack like this towards Ye Wangqing!

There were obviously no cultivators in the world who could control more than two flying swords at the same time. That was why in the perception of many cultivators, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder seemed to be playing a demonic tune, these chains looking more like the strings of an instrument played by his fingers.

Even if this demonic tune definitely had a set rhythm, the lashing of these black chains definitely having a pattern, because this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder had never made a true appearance in this world, now that he truly faced an opponent in the open, it was impossible for anyone to seize his attacking rhythm.

It was extremely strenuous and difficult for Ye Wangqing to defend himself.

If he was only facing a single flying sword, even if it was that light green flying sword that only pursued speed, he would only need to intercept it the instant it was about to make contact with his body. Moreover, after fending off the enemy’s sword, it would buy him some time to catch his breath or even retaliate.

However, of these over a hundred chains, there would be many chains that truly attacked at his body at the same time. The flying sword moving around his body had to move extremely quickly to block these chains’ strikes.

This type of defensive method would not only greatly exhaust soul force, it would also easily leave one mentally weary.

The palms of Zhantai Qiantang not far behind Ye Wangqing began to sweat.

It was just the first clash, yet Ye Wangqing already sank into a swamp, completely suppressed by this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder. Moreover, Zhantai Qiantang himself couldn’t think of any way to break through this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s demonic tune either.

Right at this time, the wind rose.

Between heaven and earth, there was suddenly a crazy wind that was a hundred times more powerful than that of Thousand Leaf Pass, blowing Purgatory Mountain Great Elder to the point where the black smoke and flames around his body shrank.

These were sword winds.

Ye Wangqing’s expression became grave. His body seemed to have become many times heavier than normal, the rocky earth beneath his feet also caving in slightly.

The pure white flying sword that was flying about around his body at high speed also suddenly became extremely heavy. This flying sword was no longer as agile as before, instead becoming like a boulder, a giant wave. The sword winds that it produced began to heavily strike the chains outside his body.

It was no longer single chains being deflected, but instead groups of chains flying out.

At this time, Zhantai Qiantang and Hu Piyi were both certain that in terms of sword dao, Ye Wangqing’s insights indeed far exceeded the two of them.

This was Immortal Academy’s Giant Waves.

Ye Wangqing used Immortal Academy’s most fierce Giant Waves to deal with his enemy. The chains swept out batch after batch, unable to maintain their rhythm anymore, clearly about to tangle together.

Only, at this time, the voice of Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the black smoke and flames sounded again. “You think this is enough to win against me?”

This voice was still a bit fragmented after being cut by the air streams, mixed with countless whistling noises.

However, everyone could sense the deep contempt within this voice.

Alongside this voice, those burning chains tangled about on their own, winding together, forming layer after layer of webs, becoming a cage made of chains.

Every single black chain was like a black rune engraved in the air.

The black flames on the chains joined together, burning Ye Wangqing at the center.

Ye Wangqing was wrapped within terrifying heat. His hair began to become burnt and scorched, his skin producing large amounts of perspiration, but the sweat then quickly evaporated.

All of the Yunqin cultivators around Thousand Leaf Pass’ alliance stage and the cultivators around Great Mang Emperor couldn’t help but swallow their saliva with difficulty.

They could sense this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s intentions… He wanted to completely dry up all of the water content within Ye Wangqing’s body, turn him into a standing chunk of coal.

Ni Henian was always watching this duel with the stance of a bystander.

He was currently Yunqin’s most powerful cultivator. Moreover, if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t personally come, he should also be the most powerful cultivator here. Towards victory and defeat, he naturally possessed absolute power and prestige.

Right now, Ye Wangqing was trapped in terrifying heat, unable to break free. Almost all of the cultivators already believed that Ye Wangqing was bound up by this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, and then thrown onto a flame to roast like a grasshopper, that he would undoubtedly die.

However, he saw a sliver of an opportunity.

If Ye Wangqing could seize it, then he might win. If he couldn’t then, that would be true death.

However, once again, there was a flicker of praise that appeared in his calm and indifferent eyes.


He spat out this single word.

After he became a Yunqin Imperial Court Great Consecrator, he had watched countless duels between powerful cultivators in Central Continent City, yet he rarely said the word ‘good’.

The instant he spoke this world, on the mountain path in front of Thousand Leaf Pass, another sword cry already sounded.

The pure white longsword completely broke free from Ye Wangqing’s side, entering the flame cage in front of him.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who already couldn’t see Ye Wangqing, prepared to use this type of cruel method to kill his opponent suddenly felt a hint of fear.

Wisps of transparent sword energy were released from the pure white longsword. It was as if chunks of pure deep water suddenly appeared behind the sword.

This was Esteemed Sir Lan’s sword intent.

Moreover, under Ye Wangqing’s control, it was instead displayed even more vividly and thoroughly, even more fierce.

At this instant, Purgatory Mountain Great Elder sensed that the one before him was no longer a later generation swordmaster, but rather a great swordmaster who had already comprehended countless years of sword dao, one at a cultivation realm far above even his own!

What made him feel even more fearful was that Ye Wangqing’s sword didn’t care about himself at all, only attacking at him without looking back.

Those chains, even though they formed a web, as long as it was a web, there would naturally be holes.

Ye Wangqing’s pure white longsword made its way precisely through these holes, about to break out!

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s black smoke released screaming sounds that were even more fierce. The powerful threat of death made it so that he released soul force from his body without tending to anything else. Chains frantically moved one after another, gathering together, wishing to bind this pure white longsword.

However, this was Green Luan Academy’s most powerful Unmoved Sword.

Ye Wangqing’s sword condensed all of the enlightenment of the academy’s most powerful swordmaster Esteemed Sir Lan.

The sword energy cut through perception. It was to the extent where this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder couldn’t even sense this flying sword’s exact position clearly.

In his head, this flying sword flickered between bright and dark, fragmented and whole, all of these were misconceptions.

The killing intent of the sword cut into the chains, breaking out through an opening.

A blazing hot airstream burst out from the flame cage. The pure white sword radiance rushed out from the very front of this blazing stream, stabbing into the roiling thick black flames!


All of the black smoke and black flames scattered in all directions, releasing countless black lines.

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