Book 15 Chapter 55 - A Duel As the Prologue

The expression of a Thousand Leaf Pass Yunqin military high ranking officer became extremely unpleasant.

Even though almost all of South Tomb Province’s high ranking officers recognized Ye Wangqing, all of them respected this East Forest Province’s number one swordsman. However, for him to enter and leave the pass without much obstructions during this type of peace negotiations time after Central Continent Imperial City already carried out a purge in Thousand Leaf Border Pass military, this could only mean that Green Luan Academy’s strength still far exceeded his imagination. This high ranking military officer loyal to the emperor began to doubt if he himself could truly control Thousand Leaf Pass’ defending army.

However, right now, no one cared about his way of thinking or what kind of expression he had.

Everyone’s eyes were gathered on Ye Wangqing and that giant imperial carriage releasing thick smoke.

Even though Ye Wangqing didn’t say who he would fight, his gaze and bearing when speaking instead made it extremely clear to everyone that he was directly challenging this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

There was even a different type of radiance that began to flicker within Ni Henian’s exceptionally turbid eyes. He also never expected that East Forest Ye Family’s Ye Wangqing would actually grow to a degree that left even him in marvel.

“Interesting.” He couldn’t help but produce a quiet voice carrying happiness.

Just this great play’s introduction and the appearance of Ye Wangqing already made him feel that regardless of whether Purgatory Mountain Patriarch ended up appearing or not, he didn’t come for nothing this time.


Coincidentally, that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder inside the thick black smoke shrouded giant imperial carriage also released this type of voice.

The figure that looked exceptionally large and tall under the support of thick smoke, gave Ye Wangqing an amused look, as if he was sizing up a toy.

“Only, it is a pity that you do not have enough qualifications to challenge me at all.”

“This is the type of opponent for someone like you.” This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s gaze seemed tangible, passing through the opened Thousand Leaf Pass gate and landing on that Consecrator next to Great Mang Emperor.

That Consecrator sensed his intentions. His body was a bit rigid as he walked out of the formation. He showed Ye Wangqing a slight bow of respect, and then prepared to speak.

However, before he even spoke, Hu Piyi who already removed his skin mask instead already arrived at his side. He continued to walk forward, walking towards Ye Wangqing, at the same time saying, “You aren’t even my opponent, so what kind of qualifications do you have to face Ye Wangqing?”

This Great Mang Consecrator’s figure stopped, shamefully lowering his head.

Ye Wangqing revealed a smile. He only calmly looked at that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder within the surging smoke, not saying anything.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder gave him a cold look, not saying anything either.

“Even someone like you wishes to challenge my Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder?”

A Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator whose face was like an iron board walked out from the giant imperial carriage’s left side. He looked at Ye Wangqing and said, “Unless you can pass where I am, you can just get lost.”

This blood red divine robed Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator was just like all of the other Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, innately carrying a type of pride, as if they were better than all others . Moreover, this Purgatory Mountain middle-aged divine adjudicator was originally extremely skinny and tall, half a head taller than Ye Wangqing. Together with his long and pointed Divine Adjudicator hat, his voice seemed even more insufferably and icily arrogant.

Only, this type of voice was similarly extremely shameless.

Even if Ye Wangqing would inevitably win, a fight still had to take place before Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder would fight. This was fighting one after the next, where was there a shred of dueling spirit or fairness?

“Leave this one to me.”

Right at this time, the other middle-aged ceremony officer removed his skin mask, calmly saying this.

This place erupted into commotion.

When his true identity was revealed, there was an even greater commotion than after Hu Piyi and Ye Wangqing’s appearances, even more shocking than Purgatory Mountain Great Elder being directly challenged.

It was because this person was actually Zhantai Qiantang!

If it wasn’t for Purgatory Mountain Patriarch using Wenren Cangyue and even personally taking action, he would be Great Mang’s emperor.

For someone like him to have instead become Great Mang Emperor’s bodyguard, this was originally even more shocking and inconceivable, yet right now, there were instead more people who understood why.

Great Mang Emperor clearly also already became Purgatory Mountain’s chess piece.

For the sake of quelling the people’s anger and having an easier grasp of Great Mang’s situation, the best method was indeed not to give up a Seven Army Great Commander, but rather to depose Great Mang Emperor.

Directly having Great Mang Emperor dying in Thousand Sunset Mountain was a better value.

Great Mang Emperor naturally feared Purgatory Mountain, but he obviously feared death even more.

Zhantai Qiantang won his gamble.

He used the most direct way to make Great Mang Emperor who didn’t wish to die allow him and Hu Piyi to accompany him at his side. The result of winning this gamble was that they could obtain a portion of this cowardly emperor’s power.

The Purgatory Mountain Great Elder within the thick black smoke wrapped giant imperial carriage still didn’t say anything, only giving Great Mang Emperor a look from the distance.

Great Mang Emperor, whose entire face carried bitter resentment and only wished to survive felt his knees buckle, sitting down in fear.

Ye Wangqing also obtained a bit of pleasant surprise. He thought to himself that Great Mang’s late emperor’s eyes were indeed good, the student he chose was indeed more powerful in some aspects other than his cultivation. However, he instead gave Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang who walked behind him a look, shaking his head with a smile as he said, “There’s no need, he’ll be just right for training the sword.”

“Moreover, after I kill him, I believe that apart from being too cowardly, he doesn’t have any other reasons to refuse my challenge.” Ye Wangqing then gave the slim and tall Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator a look, saying this.

He directly used the word ‘kill’ and not ‘defeat’.

These two words made many Yunqin officials feel even more chills. They knew that regardless of what words they spoke, Ye Wangqing, Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang wouldn’t bother paying the peace meeting any attention. What they had to do was precisely kill this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder!

Zhantai Qiantang didn’t know what happened to Ye Wangqing, but after Ye Wangqing’s gaze made his brows furrow slightly, he only nodded, not saying anything more.

Since he and Hu Piyi already made a public appearance, then it would only be a matter of time before it was their turn.

The especially slender and tall middle-aged red robed tall hat Divine Adjudicator couldn’t restrain his anger.

He walked out, facing Ye Wangqing. Then without saying a single word, blue and black colored blood vessels appeared on the surface of his body like runes, covering him, directly initiating Devil Transformation.

“Fool, do you not know that we have medicine for dealing with Devil Transformation?”

“Too slow.”

Ye Wangqing spoke these two sentences. When he began to speak, the pure white ancient sword behind him already left the scabbard.

This middle-aged red robed Divine Adjudicator’s Devil Transformation speed actually wasn’t slow. Only, the instant he heard the mention of the drug that could deal with Devil Transformation, he really became a bit slower. That was why when this slender and tall middle-aged red robed Divine Adjudicator’s body that was just about to become robust was still growing, his pure white ancient sword already tore through the air, arriving in front of this middle-aged red robed Divine Adjudicator’s face.

This middle-aged red robed Divine Adjudicator was at the sacred level to begin with.

When a sacred level cultivator carried out Devil Transformation, even though there was no way of reaching the entirely different Sacred Master level of power, it was naturally not something ordinary sacred level power could compare to. That was why even though he was a bit distracted by Ye Wangqing’s voice, his power still not at his peak, this middle-aged red robed Divine Adjudicator already felt like he could defeat Ye Wangqing’s sword.

However, the instant he raised his head to face this flying sword, he discovered that his own perception seemed to have been cut into fragments.

The burning chain that flew from his hand only reached the pure white ancient sword’s hilt. When the chains truly made contact with the sword, the sharp sword tip already entered through his left cheek, digging into his brain.


This middle-aged red robed Divine Adjudicator who had his brain penetrated by Ye Wangqing’s sword collapsed like a mountain, smashing into the mountain path.

Many people widened their mouths in shock. This battle’s start and ending happened too quickly, to the point where there was no way of even seeing clearly how this sacred level middle-aged red robed Divine Adjudicator died.

Quite a few Yunqin army cultivators who were transferred from Central Continent City stared absentmindedly at Ye Wangqing.

This was a clash of Sacred Experts, yet Ye Wangqing instead obtained victory so easily. Ye Wangqing clearly only advanced to the sacred level two or three years ago, so how could he become powerful to this degree?

“Unmoved Sword.”

That voice sounded again from within the giant imperial carriage, carrying a bit of graveness and suppressed anger. “You cheated.”

Right now, the number of sacred level existences who watched this battle was greater than ever before, among them even including someone like Zhantai Qiantang who understood Devil Transformation extremely well. That was why they also understood clearly that the ‘you cheated’ Purgatory Mountain Great Elder spoke to Ye Wangqing, apart from Ye Wangqing’s initial provocation, also included many deeper layers of meaning.

During the Devil Transformation process, that Purgatory Mountain middle-aged Divine Adjudicator’s various body functions, including perception, increased continuously.

When perception rapidly changed, the things a cultivator ‘saw’ would originally become different than normal. Together with Unmoved Sword’s unique ability to sever perception, this led to that powerful middle-aged Divine Adjudicator being struck down by a single sword before he even had the power to retaliate.

The world of cultivators had their own rules. In this type of public duel, claiming the other party cheated was a strict denouncement. However, Ye Wangqing didn’t retort at all, to the extent where he didn’t even mention the other party making him fight in succession.

He only caught the blood dyed pure white longsword. The longsword aimed downwards, and then with a look of contempt, he looked at this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the giant imperial carriage, calmly saying, “Do you dare?”

This calmness and contempt were successful.

Purgatory Mountain’s unparalleled authority in Great Mang was precisely accumulated from countless years of demonic nature, mystery and awe.

Wrapping one’s own body in thick black smoke, making one’s body appear even more frightening, this was also a method that accumulated undefiable awe.

The highest level figure of Purgatory Mountain could tolerate the experts at his side dying, could allow some cultivators and even Great Mang Emperor to be tossed aside like straw, but they definitely wouldn’t tolerate losing their own prestige and awe.

That was why the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder began to walk out of the giant carriage. His body released countless noises, as if endless demonic creatures were crying out. “Since you wish for death, then I will help you.”

Under this type of terrifying voice, Ye Wangqing only revealed a faint smile.

It was precisely because of Purgatory Mountain’s demonic nature and unchallengeable prestige that if they could kill this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch really did personally arrive, then there was a higher chance of him making an appearance.

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