Book 15 Chapter 54 - Dare Fight

Great Mang’s imperial carriage finally arrived in Thousand Sunset Mountain. The next day, the end to the war between these two countries would be officially held.

Thousand Leaf Pass’ Yunqin military already changed their attire according to Yunqin’s Religion Sector rules, all of them changing into light armor, arranging banners and standing in a formation according to the system of rites.

When it was midday, Great Mang’s diplomatic group, with Great Mang Emperor in the lead, began to walk towards the war ending alliance stage with the attitude of the defeated.

Several dozen Yunqin officials led by Liu Xueqing moved to the upper end of the alliance stage, while Great Mang’s diplomatic group walked to the lower end. Dozens of banners fluttered behind these splendidly dressed Yunqin officials. The armor and weapons the solemnly standing Yunqin army wore reflected light like the endless ripples of Meteor Lake’s surface, scattering upon these Yunqin and Great Mang officials’ bodies.

An oath of alliance, mutual exchanges of etiquette, concluding the book of oath, applying of the Imperial Seal… Everything proceeded in a regular and thorough manner under this solemn and grave atmosphere.

A pen that was covered in thick ink was brought to Liu Xueqing’s hands.

Nothing unexpected happened. As long as Liue Xueqing put the pen to the alliance document papers and signed his own name, and then Great Mang Emperor personally signed with his name, then this alliance document would be considered officially signed.

This time’s peace negotiations, under his management, completely became Great Mang’s plea for peace. As long as his pen dropped, he, as the one who carried out the peace negotiations for Yunqin’s side, as well as the last signer, would definitely have his name left behind in Yunqin’s books of history, his name passed along Yunqin’s stories.

However, right at this time, his hand instead mysteriously went rigid, picking up the pen, yet just couldn’t sign it. He was scared that once he signed this, what he would be signing wouldn’t only be this alliance document, but rather Green Luan Academy’s verdict of annihilation.

He was someone who was truly always striving to the utmost, a subject who only thought for Yunqin’s sake. That was why only now did he feel a strange powerful mental pressure.

Meanwhile, his back sores were also extremely serious, which was why during this instant, when everyone’s attention gathered towards his hand, he instead couldn’t hold on anymore, feeling a bit dizzy. His hand that held the pen swayed back and forth. It seemed like he couldn’t even hold onto this pen anymore, falling out of his hands.

When a Religion Sector high ranking official saw this, he turned pale with fright, unconsciously taking a step forward to support Liu Xueqing, at the same time wishing to help Liu Xueqing hold that pen steadily, at the very least not letting him fall onto the alliance document in front of him.

However, right at this time, a slight breeze blew past the alliance stage.

Thousand Leaf Pass was a narrow mountain pass in Thousand Sunset Mountain to begin with, this place always having powerful mountain winds blowing through it. However, even though this sudden breeze was gentle, many people also felt that something wasn’t quite right.

A faint green colored streak of sword radiance suddenly appeared in the air above the alliance platform.

This was a light flying sword.

This flying sword was extremely fine, fine to the point where it was like fish intestines, its length only a foot or so. Moreover, its flight speed seemed to be even faster than its sound. If it wasn’t because of the sword radiance’s light green color itself, as well as the air friction and sonic booms, the blue and white alternating cloud stream that was produced, then most people would only feel a breeze, unable to see this flying sword.

However, despite this being the case, on the alliance stage, in front and behind it, in this instant, most people still couldn’t react to where this flying sword came from at all.

Ni Henian was extremely far from this flying sword.

His eyesight was worse than that of anyone here.

However, the instant this flying sword appeared, a sincere slight smile appeared on his face.

This great show that would eventually develop into who knew what kind of scale, turns out it was actually going to begin in this type of interesting manner.

Many people couldn’t see where this extremely thin light green flying sword came from, but they saw where the sword radiance landed.

This light green flying sword seemed like it could penetrate anything, like an unavoidable sword intent, shooting straight for Great Mang Emperor.

This flying sword actually wished to assassinate Great Mang’s emperor!

There were no Sacred Experts among Yunqin’s officials around Liu Xueqing and Thousand Leaf Pass army. That was why there was why there was no way they could block this flying sword that suddenly appeared at all.

Even though all of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators remained outside of Thousand Leaf Pass with Great Mang’s escort army, even though Great Mang’s Sacred Experts would always be fewer than Yunqin, the number of Sacred Experts that died during the continuous years of war not fewer than Yunqin, there was no way there wouldn’t be a Sacred Expert by Great Mang Emperor’s side.

When this light green flying sword suddenly appeared, the sword intent shooting straight at Great Mang Emperor, the body of an old Consecrator who seemed like a scholar official also erupted with sword energy. A bronze colored flying sword covered in peacock feather like runes also tore through the air, hacking towards this light green flying sword.

However, the instant the sword appeared, the expression of this Great Mang Imperial Court great swordmaster already turned snow-white.

It was because he noticed that this extremely thin light green flying sword used the extreme speed dao, its flying speed far exceeding that of ordinary flying swords. When his sword flew out, he didn’t have any confidence in intercepting it. Perhaps only during the instant the flying sword dug into the flesh, slowing slightly like this as a result, could he hack into this flying sword.

Only, at that time, it would already be too late.

Who had a sword this fast?

Who was it that dared carry out an assassination of Great Mang’s emperor during this type of situation, publicly destroy this peace signing?

This Great Mang sword controlling Sacred Expert whose fighting spirit had just surged, and then instantly vanished, was now filled with a feeling of powerlessness. His entire body became ice-cold, already preparing to face Great Mang Emperor’s death.

He was the Consecrator who was always at Great Mang Emperor’s side, so he naturally understood that no other guard possessed his strength.

That was why in his opinion, Great Mang Emperor would already inevitably die under this assassination.

However, he didn’t notice that the instant this flying sword appeared, the expression that appeared on the face of Great Mang Emperor next to him was only one of bitter resentment and hatred, not revealing much fear at all.

He didn’t notice that there were two Great Mang middle-aged ceremony officials who were always standing even closer to Great Mang Emperor than he did.

Right at this moment, a streak of white sword light flew out from beneath a middle-aged ceremony official along the ground, looking ordinary and mediocre, yet it accurately intercepted that light green flying sword’s flight path.

A light ding noise sounded, and then it turned into endless thunder rumbling noises.

Terrifying flowing sword energy hacked out countless sharp grooves in the hard black stone peace meeting desk. The white colored sword radiance calmly stopped in front of the vicious faced Great Mang emperor, and then the light green flying sword was sent spinning outwards like a dragonfly with broken wings.

The needle-like rock fragments that were blasted flying by endless sword energy also carried arrow-like power. Only, the aura of the other ceremony official at Great Mang Emperor’s side shook a bit, and then a wave of majestic power instead completely blocked all of these needle-like rock fragments. It floated in the air, continuing to fall downwards.

Only when the flying sword’s previous air tearing screaming noise and this clash of sword energy’s rumbling sounded, did many people here finally see where the light green flying sword came from.

Next to a cave tower near the cliff was a cultivator whose face couldn’t be seen, dressed in light armor. This cultivator who looked no different from an ordinary Yunqin soldier leapt backwards, withdrawing quicker than an arrow, but his figure was full of a confident and easy scholarly bearing.

He swiftly leapt from the cliff, like a gust of wind, rushing into the skies beyond the cliff.

Right at this time, within a certain valley outside the cliff, a light yellow wooden crane that was entirely flickering with yellow light flew out.

Even though the wooden crane was still extremely far from the jumping Sacred Expert, no one believed that this Sacred Expert was committing suicide. They all understood clearly that this Sacred Expert who possessed power transcending the secular world would rapidly release soul force, propel himself even further. Then, this Divine Wooden Flying Wooden Crane would naturally catch him in the air.

“It is someone from Green Luan Academy!”

Many people saw the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, and then they saw the Green Luan Academy black robes the driver of the Divine Wooden Flying Crane wore.

Then, many Yunqin soldiers and Yunqin officials began to become even more shocked and angry.

Regardless of what reason it was that Green Luan Academy tried to assassinate Great Mang Emperor, in their eyes, this was something unforgivable. It was because this destroyed the peace meeting, a crazy action that might once again stir the flames of war.

“It isn’t someone from Green Luan Academy.”

However, when many people were feeling shock and anger, their voices just starting to sound, a calm and steady voice many people were familiar with instead already sounded.

The one who spoke was that middle-aged ceremony official who used the white colored flying sword.

He normally always adopted a reserved attitude, always had his head down when he remained at Great Mang Emperor’s side. When he raised his head and spoke at this time, many people finally saw that what was on his face was an exquisite skin mask.

“The one dressed in Green Luan Academy clothes is only deliberately shifting blame onto others. We are the ones who have come carrying Green Luan Academy’s intentions.”

This middle-aged ceremony official who previously didn’t draw any attention but now had everyone looking at him spoke again, saying this.

He didn’t remove his skin mask. However, many Thousand Leaf Pass soldiers immediately felt that his voice was familiar from his first words, already recognizing him.

“Great General Hu!”

These Thousand Leaf Pass soldiers who were previously his subordinates couldn’t help but cry out in alarm at this time.

Liu Xueqing who was severely ill, previously almost fainting, now widened his eyes in shock, looking at this middle-aged ceremony official.

He previously thought that Yunqin Emperor’s treatment towards Hu Piyi was unfair. Now that he actually met this past Thousand Sunset Border Army Commander-In-Chief again at this type of time, his mood became even more complicated.

After cries of alarm sounded, this place became deathly silent again.

Many people began to realize that the other middle-aged ceremony official by Hu Piyi’s side should also be a Sacred Expert.

However, they didn’t have time to think why Hu Piyi would appear by Great Mang Emperor’s side, nor did they think about who the other Sacred Expert could be, because at this time, a voice sounded. “Open up the pass.”

This voice came from the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder sitting in the giant black and red imperial carriage, the voice exceptionally grand.

However, it was precisely because this voice was cut by layers and layers of smoke that it seemed especially strange and gloomy, as if it came out from the underworld.

Moreover, the words ‘open up’ were clearly directed at Thousand Leaf Pass’ Yunqin military. Even though this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder wasn’t someone with high status in Yunqin, right now, while in front of Yunqin’s military, he still naturally exuded an unquestionable dignity.

Purgatory Mountain’s Divine Adjudicators and this Purgatory Mountain true great figure wanted to pass through, should they let them through?

If they refused, then would this oath document still be completed? Would it still be effective?

As they began to think about this question, the minds of all of the Yunqin officials here turned ice-cold.

However, at this time, a Yunqin man with a longsword on his back instead appeared on a mountain path behind Thousand Leaf Pass.

This man entered Thousand Leaf Pass while everyone was hesitating. Then, he came out of Thousand Leaf Pass’ opening, at the same saying calmly, “I am Yunqin’s Ye Wangqing. Do you dare fight against me?”

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