Book 15 Chapter 52 - Already Time

Normally, when a cultivator in this world wanted to invite another cultivator to do something dangerous, they would always say, “Do you dare take on a gamble with me.”

However, Zhantai Qiantng knew that this Sacred Expert in front of him had experienced great glory and great humiliation, moreover already did things that meant he no longer cared about his own life. That was why he didn’t ask if he dared, only asked if he was willing.

This yellow clothed man who was currently drinking medicinal congee gave Zhantai Qiantang a look. Without even asking about anything else, he only nodded. Then, he put on a pair of extremely sturdy old sandals, finishing the medicinal congee in his bowl and the pot next to him, and then stood up.

In Central Continent City, Yunqin’s current most influential Rong Family possessed many soul weapon manufacturing workshops.

Gathered in these workshops were all of Central Continent City’s most outstanding craftsmen.

However, these great craftsmen would never say they are the most outstanding in all of Yunqin, because back then, their most outstanding seniors had already been brought back to Green Luan Academy by Principal Zhang.

Some of those craftsmen were still alive. After all these years, they led the disciples of the academy’s black robed lectures and professors. Some among them were even more outstanding than them.

Green Luan Academy’s workshops were naturally what represented Yunqin’s highest standard.

There were many installations in the workshop that couldn’t be moved. There were some furnace towers that, if they were abandoned and had to be rebuilt somewhere else, would take who knew how much time and manpower. This was let alone the fact that any great craftsman understood clearly that only things they were used to using were best. If they swapped out to some new things, it might lead to great differences and errors, to the extent where they might not even be able to display their usual standard.

Just this side alone was enough to prove that much of Green Luan Academy’s backing and power laid in the buildings themselves.

If Heaven Ascension Mountain Range’s Green Luan Academy became ruins, then Green Luan Academy would lose much of its true power.

That was why now that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already intended to visit Green Luan Academy, Green Luan Academy already had no way out. The only thing they could do was prepare for battle, to complete the decisive battle before Green Luan Academy was destroyed.

The black robed Tong Wei stood in front of a Green Luan Academy workshop’s blast furnace.

This workshop was inside a certain Heaven Ascension Mountain Range snowy peak. This mountain had already been partly hollowed out, heaven knows how long it took for the academy’s lecturers and craftsmen to complete this. This several dozen meter tall tower in front of him was as massive as some departments’ new student buildings.

Several dozen academy cultivators dressed in either lecturer or professor black robes ran along some platforms outside this tower like ants, either frantically recording or continuously pouring soul force towards some fans and other equipment.

Under the fierce shouts of several academy professors, a furnace gate by the bottom was suddenly opened. A fiery dragon rushed out from the furnace gate, sweeping out several dozen meters. Then, a strange rotary furnace turned, pouring into an azure platform made from an unknown type of metal, condensing into a lump.

When this lump of metal cooled off a bit, several black robed lecturers whose bodies were surging with soul force brandished similar azure blue metal sledgehammers, continuously striking this lump.

The fiery light in this entire furnace was slowly extinguished. All of the lecturers and professors on the furnace nervously gathered towards this platform. Meanwhile, that lump of metal, under continuous striking, continuously stretched and extended, in the end becoming only the size of a single arrow.

This type of massive furnace, so many academy craftsmen, all of this was only to smelt a lump of metal that was this size!

This lump of metal, while cooling down, was originally an iron gray colored. However, after being continuously struck, the azure sledgehammer and azure colors on the counter below instead seemed to have slowly seeped into this lump of metal. This metal’s cooling and shape setting process were also extremely slow. After being struck for who knew how many tens of thousands of times at rapid speed, this lump of metal ultimately became a blue metal arrow without any runes.

After being evaluated by several old hands one after the next, this arrow ultimately entered Tong Wei’s hands.

After the academy’s internal disorder, Tong Wei has never made an appearance as a sacred level power.

He had always been accumulating strength.

Green Luan Academy was also accumulating strength.

After obtaining this arrow, he left this workshop, left Green Luan Academy.

Because of Zhang Ping’s existence, Green Luan Academy’s Ailao Rear Peak knew Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s whereabouts more clearly than anyone else.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t wish to give Green Luan Academy much more time.

That was why Green Luan Academy was also transferring all power it could use.

When Tong Wei left Green Luan Academy, An Keyi was instead running around alone in a certain Medicine Department room.

It was to the extent where she hadn’t washed her face for two weeks, her face dirty. However, because her expression was too serious and focused, she instead looked extremely lovable.

In front of her were bottles and containers cultivators of the outside world and other medicine masters couldn’t understand at all. These completely transparent containers were all connected with a similarly transparent pipeline. Different areas were heated at different temperatures, the medicinal liquids releasing steam of all different colors. In the end, they all magically merged together in one final sealed vessel, changing into even more colors.

Piled up before her was stalk after stalk of flowers. These flowers’ colors were extremely bright, just too beautiful. Moreover, the flower petals had speck after speck of eye-like spots, making them look a bit sinister.

When the steam was ultimately condensed into a purple black liquid, and then extracted by her, the medicinal nature tested through all different methods, she stared blankly for a while.

This time was also a failure. She became a bit discouraged, unable to help but think of Lin Xi again.

She subconsciously felt like if Lin Xi served as her assistant, the results might be a bit better.

However, this type of discouragement only continued for several breaths of time. She cleaned up all of the vessels again, turning large amounts of the flowers behind her into medicine, extracting them with complex methods. Then, she began to add more than ten types of side ingredients, starting to carry out a manufacturing process that was definitely inconceivable in the eyes of medicine masters of the outside world.

Then, complicated colors finally condensed into a purple-black medicinal liquid again.

She began to test the medicinal nature again, just like before.

There was one final stage, that was precisely to test on the body.

She used an extremely small amount, an amount of medicinal liquid that should be safe for her, and then pricked her own blood vessels with a special hollow needle.

An unusual flush of color dyed her cheeks red.

She stared blankly for a moment, feeling ashamed, also feeling dejected to the point she wanted to cry.

Using Thousand Devil Nest’s Devil Eye Flower as the key, the academy and herself wanted to research a type of medicine that could extract the potential of a cultivator to a greater degree than even Devil Transformation. However, she couldn’t refine this type of medicine, instead accidentally making a different type of medicine.

An Keyi’s brain was normally mainly filled with medicine knowledge, her entire existence like a scroll. Someone like her being dejected to the point where she wanted to cry meant that her mood had sunk to an unimaginable degree.

However, right when she produced two pill medicines, about to ingest them, she suddenly became stunned.

She suddenly thought that even though this wasn’t the medicine she wanted to make, this type of medicinal effect was horrifyingly fierce, able to affect even sacred level or higher existences.

She recovered her usual bookish air, even more rosiness appearing on her face.

However, she collected the medicinal liquid she made extremely carefully. She walked out of this room, leaving Green Luan Academy.

Over ten thousand Great Mang people gathered on the official path next to Bandit Town.

Bandit Town was already one of the small towns closest to the border. For so many Great Mang people to appear here could only mean that the Great Mang common people from all of the surrounding villages within a hundred li had rushed over.

These over ten thousand Great Mang ordinary people were mostly women, children and elders, not many young men among them.

When Yunqin first launched the southern expedition, most of the young men in Great Mang’s north had already died while defending against Yunqin’s army.

It was precisely because of this that all of these women, children and elders who rushed over from all directions after receiving the news were furious. They gathered here because they wanted to ask the passing Great Mang Imperial Fleet why they were giving this part of Great Mang to Yunqin.

The loved ones of these women and elders had already died during the past great battle. They didn’t want the war to continue, but they didn’t fear death either. They didn’t want their own loved ones to die without any meaning. All of them just couldn’t understand why even though so many people died here to chase out Yunqin’s army, moreover even ultimately succeeding, why did they have to give so much land behind them to Yunqin?

Many elders already felt that if they couldn’t stop the emperor’s carriage fleet, then they should just die in front of this Imperial Fleet.

Great Mang Imperial Fleet’s escort army already appeared in their line of sight.

Even further out, the numerous imperial canopy covered carriages also began to vaguely appear.

However, the expressions of these furious Great Mang women, children and elders quickly froze. The anger on their faces turned to shock and fear.

They saw a lot of red color appear behind this Great Mang Imperial Carriage Fleet that was getting closer and closer.

Within the blood red color, they saw a wave of sky reaching black smoke.

This wave of smoke that seemed to have come from a demonic prison made the entire carriage appear incomparably large and powerful.

All of the terrifying things related to these blood-like divine robed Divine Adjudicators and black smoke carriages accumulated through the years completely crushed all of these border people’s anger. This was a type of fear and respect that came from their very bones, as if they were facing deities, overwhelming all else. These Great Mang people immediately withdrew to the sides of the path, kneeling down, not even daring to raise their heads.

The escort army that was similarly scared rushed past them like a tide.

After the Great Mang Imperial Fleet passed by this place, the blood-like red color and the black smoke that covered the carriages also passed by.

Not far ahead was already Thousand Sunset Mountain and its Thousand Leaf Pass.

A black-armored high ranking officer who stood at the highest point of Thousand Leaf Pass also saw this sky reaching black smoke. He knew that Great General Gu died in battle precisely to stop this type of figure. Because of shock and fear, his grim lips continuously shook.

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