Book 3 Chapter 13 - Smashing Open That Door

A black flower bloomed in the air.

The distance between Lin Xi and the bronze-colored door drew closer and closer until eventually, it completely disappeared. His body smashed outwards.


The bronze gate released a muffled and ringing sound, the noise echoing through the spacious and overcast stone temple.

The black spears that were stabbed all over the ground shook slightly. Lin Xi landed heavily on the ground, his fall rather painful. However, under these vibrating noises, the thick bronze doors revealed a crack, and then opened up more and more.

A trace of a sunset glow seeped through the open bronze door, shining on Lin Xi’s body.

No other sounds could be heard in the stone temple, even the groaning sounds of machinery moving behind the walls disappearing, the scenery immediately became extremely quiet. However, in Jiang Xiaoyi’s mind, the noise of the  great bronze gate being smashed into still continuously rang, shaking him until his entire body went numb, causing an indescribable feeling of excitement to stir within him… with their current cultivation, completely passing this Direct Spear Strikes Trial was something that was simply unimaginable, yet Lin Xi did it right before his eyes, doing it just like that.

Even though the Direct Spear Strikes Trial simulated the chaotic scene of being completely surrounded by the enemy, even if one was trapped within a formation of several hundred, over a thousand men, there would still definitely be openings. It wasn’t like this Direct Spear Strikes Trial, always having five or six black spears shooting at you at any moment. Moreover, on a real battlefield, one would often have the support of companions around them too.

This type of charging momentum in a battlefield was completely like slaughtering one’s way into the enemy formation, going straight for their general.

Only Braveslayers could cut through a chaotic army like a hot knife through butter, directly slaughter their way to the enemy general!

The stone temple was still completely quiet.

Because he wanted to reach the bronze gate as quickly as possible, leaping out with all of his strength, the moment he deflected the black spears aimed at him, Lin Xi already couldn’t adjust his body at all. That was why his final crash into the bronze gate could be described with the word miserable, his face smashing straight into the great door.

Even though in the end, he used his forehead, bracing for the impact with his shoulder, even though for better or for worse, he was a cultivator, so his head was much tougher than a normal person’s, the silver mask even having quite considerable protective capabilities, this simple and ancient looking bronze door was extremely thick and tough. When he smashed straight into it, he still immediately became dizzy, golden stars continuously dancing before his eyes.

After a long time, the golden stars finally slowly disappeared. Lin Xi rubbed his head, making sure it was still on his shoulders, finding that there was a small bump that protruded on his forehead. After releasing a breath, he laughed in self-mockery, saying, “That really was a bit reckless…” However, when he saw that the bronze gate had already been opened, a happy and proud smile immediately appeared on his face under the silver mask. “I finally opened it.”

Behind the bronze gate was a place covered in weeds, among these weeds a small alley that led into the next stone temple. However, because of the repeated suffering of pain that seeped into his bones, as well as the sunset glow that was cast through the bronze door, the scenery behind this door was instead exceptionally beautiful.

The surface of Li Wu’s body was also a bit numb.

A new student actually managed to accomplish this?

This young black-robed lecturer with a dark green lizard tattoo on the left side of his face, back a bit stooped, had previously immediately reported to Luo Houyuan back when Lin Xi crossed a hundred steps for the first time.

Meanwhile, due to Luo Houyuan’s trust in him, he was also placed in charge of observing and recording Lin Xi’s activity in the training valley. During these past few days, Lin Xi had already shocked him again and again, but he still never expected that Lin Xi would actually directly pass the Direct Spear Strikes Trial, smashing open the great bronze door.

Right now, he felt like he saw something inconceivable. He really wanted to talk about everything he just saw in detail with someone, yet there was no one around him for him to talk to, this causing an indescribable emotion to surge within his body. This made him really want to first sit down, properly sort through his own thoughts and ineffable emotions.

However, the black spears inserted into the stone temple’s earth, as well as the hourglass at his side, reminded him of his duties.

That was why after taking a deep breath, he still walked out from the stone temple’s private room.

The side wall of the stone temple turned, and then he walked over to Lin Xi who had already sat up from the ground. Because of the indescribable emotions that were still tangling around his body, he was momentarily a bit stumped for words. He could only look at Lin Xi with a bit of a sigh, slowly saying, “In the academy’s fifty year history, there has never been anyone who smashed open this door with their head.”

“I didn’t want to either, it was just that I really couldn’t adjust my position at that moment. Now, my head really hurts.” Lin Xi sized up Li Wu. He didn’t feel much from this stooped lecturer’s sudden appearance, after all, he understood extremely well that there were definitely academy lecturers watching their every move in secret, it was just the tattoo on Li Wu’s face that made his heart shake a bit, feeling that it was a bit sinister. However, the expression in Li Wu’s eyes instead instantly made him feel safe and warm, the nervousness and vigilance in his mind immediately disappearing. After rubbing his head, he stood up, giving Li Wu a respectful bow. “I’ve been coming quite frequently recently, teacher has always helped me collect these spears, I really have troubled teacher… I wonder if there is any way to attach chains to them, that way they can be automatically retrieved?”

Li Wu stared blankly for a moment, not expecting Lin Xi to say this. Compared to other students, this youngster from Deerwood Town really was a bit too different.

“Where can’t one cultivate?” After remaining silent for a moment, Li Wu reached out his hand, sending a black spear into a square shaped hole several dozen steps away with incomparable precision. Then, he looked at Lin Xi, saying, “When I first entered Green Luan Academy, my lecturer told us this reasoning, this reasoning is also something I wish for you all to understand… as for the alterations of the machinery, that is something for the Natural Arts Department to worry about. Even if we were to alter it, who knows just how much time and effort has to be spent, the result might not necessarily be worth what is paid.”

“Many thanks for teacher’s guidance.” Jiang Xiaoyi, whose entire body was still standing at the temple entrance in a slightly numb state, also immediately showed Li Wu a display of respect.

Since Li Wu said you all, and not just you, this meant that this wasn’t just for Lin Xi to hear, it also included Jiang Xiaoyi. Meanwhile, to easily send a spear into the square shaped holes, but with not too much strength to destroy the inner machinery, the amount of precision and control over his strength also made him feel a deep sense of respect towards this academy lecturer’s strength.

Even though Lin Xi already heard the phrase ‘where can’t one cultivate’ from Tong Wei, he still clearly sensed Li Wu’s good intentions. When he thought about how even with a bow, he might not necessarily be able to accurately land an arrow in those tiny square holes several dozen steps away, he felt much more respect towards this stooped lecturer. After displaying another serious bow to express that he understood, he asked, “Teacher, how long did I take to pass this Direct Spear Strikes Trial?”

Li Wu looked at Lin Xi, doing his best to make his voice a bit more calm, trying to avoid seeming too shocked and prevent the other party from feeling too arrogant. “The final leap you made, smashing open the door with your head, saved you quite a bit of time. The amount of time you used to pass this Direct Spear Strikes Trial, was sixty-eighth breaths of time in total.”

“Sixty-eight breaths of time?” Jiang Xiaoyi who stood at the entrance of the hall couldn’t help but turn his head towards the small leather scroll hanging on the wall next to him, but then heard Li Wu tell him. “Bring that small scroll here.”

Jiang Xiaoyi immediately removed that small cowhide scroll with the records with trembling hands, and then walked into the great hall. Because the temple’s machinery had already come to a stop, there weren’t any black spears that shot over. However, when he looked at the black spears that were inserted into the earth like trees in a forest, Jiang Xiaoyi still felt like his entire body was shaking slightly.

“Still a bit too slow.” Lin Xi frowned. He rubbed the injury on his forehead, feeling a bit of regret inside. It was because what he remembered extremely clearly was that the previous record left behind by Self Defense Department was sixty-one breaths, getting hit twice during the process. Meanwhile, the Internal Study Department individual passed with only fifty-four breaths of time, more than ten seconds faster than himself.

As if seeing through Lin Xi’s way of thinking, Li Wu slowly said, “Even though you are still a bit slower than the records, you still established a record.”

Lin Xi stared blankly in confusion. Li Wu looked at him, explaining, “Because you didn’t get hit by a single spear.”

“Then in that case, does this mean that I can also obtain a course point of reward?”

“Indeed.” Li Wu looked at the pleasantly surprised Lin Xi, his brows frowning slightly as he said, “However, you should also understand that if it was on the true battlefield, the longer one is trapped in an enemy formation, the greater the soul force consumption, which naturally results in greater danger. That is why even though you can already obtain a point in reward this time, according to the academy’s regulations, the reward has been obtained from this trial. The next time you train in this place, there will no longer be any point rewards. However, I still hope that you can break the time record as well, after all, training here can still bring you tremendous benefits.”

Lin Xi thought to himself for a minute, and then earnestly nodded his head.

Li Wu turned around to look at Jiang Xiaoyi who was still quietly standing off to the side, receiving the small cowhide scroll from his hands. At the same time, he looked at Jiang Xiaoyi with a serious expression, “From your previous interaction, as for which department he is from, I reckon you have more or less made your guesses. Our Green Luan Academy supports the investigations of students on their own, to seek the truth through some clues. This will be beneficial towards cultivation, and many times, it can also allow you all to live a bit longer. That is why our Green Luan Academy does not prohibit access to most places, allowing the students to explore themselves. However, I still have to remind you that some things, when transmitted out, they won’t actually be good things for him. That is why regardless of whether your suspicions are true or not, things that should be hidden should still be hidden.”

Jiang Xiaoyi’s body went slightly rigid, but immediately afterwards, he took a deep breath, nodding forcefully and saying, “This student understands.”

“It isn’t just him, your performance has also made our mountain valley’s academy elders pleased. However, now that you saw him pass the Direct Spear Strikes Trial today, there is no need for me to worry about you becoming arrogant over the words I just spoke.” Li Wu gave Jiang Xiaoyi a look, and then said, “The reason why I am saying this to you is to tell you to not undervalue yourself either. You have to understand that every student who walks out from my Green Luan Academy, as long as they don’t abandon themselves, will definitely leave behind a thick stroke in our Yunqin Empire’s history.”

Jiang Xiaoyi stared blankly for a moment, a layer of cold sweat suddenly covering his back for an unknown reason. However, before he said anything, Li Wu waved his hand towards him and Lin Xi, saying, “You two can leave for now, I need to report these things.”

Attacking at the record was also something one needed to prepare for mentally and physically, and so since he knew that there was no way he could do better than what he just did today, Lin Xi didn’t say anything else either, walking out from the bronze gate, heading to the next stone temple.

Wen Xuanyu walked into the Direct Spear Strikes Stone Temple.

Even though he suffered damage from Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi, that unknown opponent still made him grit his teeth, ignoring the pain attacking his entire body, he headed to this place.

His pride prevented him from acknowledging defeat, and there was no way he would admit defeat. Even if there was a great mountain towering before him, he would still forcibly overturn it.

“How is this possible?!”

However, when he gave the small cowhide scroll hanging from the wall a look out of habit, Wen Xuanyu immediately couldn’t help but cry out in anger. “Impossible!”

“Direct Spear Strikes, get through the hall, reach the rear gate to complete the training. Current records: Medicine Department, completed in seventy-three breaths, hit three times; Statecraft Department, completed in seventy-five breaths, hit four times…” On that small cowhide scroll, next to Self Defense Department’s original recording, there was already a new line of characters: Self Defense Department, completed in sixty-eight breaths, not hit by a single spear.

There was actually someone from Self Defense Department who crossed this Direct Spear Strikes Trial, moreover in just sixty-eight breaths. To top it all off, he hadn’t been hit even once!

“Don’t tell me it was one of the two from before?”


Wen Xuanyu breathed heavily, a breath of resentment pent up within his chest. He was momentarily unable to catch his breath, causing him to cough violently, his mouth full of a bloody taste.

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