Book 15 Chapter 50 - A Sword, Is Not Returned Like This

To Yunqin’s north, in North Seat Province’s North Clear Mountains, there were several daoist temples between the sword-like cliffs.

Between the cliffs were dark pools and moving streams. The ferns by the side of the pools were like green waterfalls that poured down along the cracks of the mountain stone.

North Clear Mountain wasn’t tall, it didn’t have many historical sites of scenic spots, nor was there much local produce. However, it excelled in its peacefulness. The mountain forest experienced new rain, as well as swirling white mist, no human activity to be seen.

Ye Wangqing[1] walked out from the white mist. He walked up to the edge of the dark pool, and then respectfully greeted the elder who was fetching water to prepare some tea.

The elder was dressed in long black robes that were rather old-fashioned, his collar cuffs also already a bit worn, but washed extremely cleanly. He looked like he had already worn this for a long time, making it extremely soft and comfortable. However, when these robes entered the eyes of many elders in Central Continent City, it would definitely stir up huge waves.

It was because these old robes were the style of Green Luan Academy’s robes ten years before Yunqin was established. Back then, those seventeen Green Luan Academy cultivators who appeared with Principal Zhang wore precisely this type of clothing.

This elder had his back to Ye Wangqing, only a head of silver wisps could be seen, his hands like white jade. Ye Wangqing was always East Forest Province’s number one swordsman. After East Scenery, Harmony Splendor and Meteor City’s battles, he became even more famous. However, when met with his greeting, this elder didn’t even turn his head, only saying with a dull voice, “How did you all know I was here?”

Ye Wangqing looked at him and said, “During the academy’s internal strife, Esteemed Sir Lan appeared in the academy, reaching the training valley[2]. After meeting with Senior Luo, the academy always knew Esteemed Sir Lan, your respected self’s whereabouts. It was just the people of this world who all believed that Esteemed Sir Lan was already no longer in this world. Esteemed Sir Lan, your respected self has also claimed to be detached from the world, so Vice Principal Xia had no reason to further disturb you…”

“He has already died.” This elder who was addressed as Esteemed Sir Lan coldly placed the teapot in his hands on a natural stone tea table, ruthlessly cutting off Ye Wangqing’s words. “Last time, when I went to Green Luan Academy, I was already certain that he wouldn’t make it past this summer… Since even he believed that there is no need to further disturb me, then right now, what reason could it be for Green Luan Academy to come and seek me out? Moreover, the one who has come isn’t someone from Green Luan Academy, but rather merely someone from Ye Family who has a bit of relationship with Principal Zhang?”

Esteemed Sir Lan didn’t hide his displeasure in being disturbed at all, wisps of killing intent flowing out from his hand that left the teapot. Fine straight lines immediately appeared on the cold pond in front of him, as if swords were moving across the water surface, leaving behind deep and cold scars.

This was a terrifying level, but Ye Wangqing’s expression didn’t change at all. When facing the displeasure and questioning of this cultivator who was from the same generation as Vice Principal Xia, he only calmly said the words, “The academy is in trouble.”

Esteemed Sir Lan remained silent for a moment. He slowly turned around, and then looked at Ye Wangqing, saying, “Purgatory Mountain Patriarch is going to enter Yunqin?”

This academy elder who was from the same generation as Vice Principal Xia indeed already didn’t ask about the affairs of the world for a long time, which was why he would ask this kind of question. However, after just a short moment of time, he already guessed at the answer. From a certain perspective, apart from his terrifying individual strength, this elder might also be one of the ones who understood Yunqin’s strength the best in all of Yunqin. In his eyes, the only one who could place Green Luan Academy in life and death danger could only be that old enemy they had already faced before Yunqin was established, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Ye Wangqing’s expression was still calm as he stood in front of this elder’s terrifying face. In a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing, he said with the simplest words, “Green Luan Academy and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch will fight in Thousand Sunset Mountain.”

Esteemed Sir Lan’s silver brows furrowed slightly. He didn’t ask about the reasoning, only saying, “He treasures his life greater than any of us, he might not truly appear in Thousand Sunset Mountain.”

Ye Wangqing shook his head and said, “Any person might change, just like how Esteemed Sir Lan, your respected self will change. As long as there is enough to draw him in, he will truly appear in Thousand Sunset Mountain… This is the conclusion all of the lecturers in Ailao Rear Peak have reached.”

Deep and cold anger appeared in Esteemed Sir Lan’s brows. He understood and agreed with the reasoning Ye Wangqing gave, but Ye Wangqing’s reply and tone carried a different meaning that instead made him feel even greater unhappiness.

“That is why the academy believes I am one of the bait that can bring him over?” He began to laugh, his laugh filled with chilliness and anger. “This is precisely the reason you came here?”

Ye Wangqing only acted as if he didn’t see the changes to Esteemed Sir Lan’s expression at all, saying, “The academy wishes to ask Esteemed Sir Lan, your respected self to help.”

Esteemed Sir Lan’s expression also became calm, calm to the point where his entire body became a completely expressionless longsword. “Back then, I left the academy precisely because I was at odds with Principal Zhang’s opinions. The academy is no longer the academy I wish for, which is why I will not help.” He looked at Ye Wangqing, only saying this. Then, he suddenly added, “Moreover, Lin Xi, this Divine General is too immature, I do not believe he and Green Luan Academy will win this battle. I do not wish to blindly throw my life away.”

Ye Wangqing seemed a bit disappointed. Then, his eyes instead became even brighter. He bowed slightly, saying firmly, “It is precisely because Lin Xi is still extremely far from Sacred Expert level that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch might appear in Thousand Sunset Mountain. If your respected self isn’t willing to take action in the academy’s place, then I must ask your respected self to return the academy’s sword.”

“Why do you dare speak these types of words in front of me?” Esteemed Sir Lan didn’t show any killing intent on his face, but his aura changed, becoming completely emotionless, already becoming filled with true killing intent. A jade white handled ancient sword, together with the sword scabbard, slowly rose from beside his tea table and arrived at his side. “Even though your Ye Family shares a bit of karma with me in Meteor City, even though your name is Wangqing, just happen to be the same name as my Unmoved Sword, this can be considered a type of destiny, if you speak these types of words before me, then I will similarly cut you down ruthlessly.”[3]

“I am a Yunqin citizen.”

When faced with these words, faced with Esteemed Sir Lan who might take action at any time, Ye Wangqing instead laughed, carrying a bit of pride as he slowly said, “Principal Zhang and the rest of the respected seniors like you spent so many years of time, allowing most of Yunqin to become people who are willing to fearlessly sacrifice their lives for this empire, yet your respected self instead asked me why I dare speak these words?”

“Your respected self should have seen cultivators like Immortal Academy’s He Baihe, met many ordinary soldiers who could use their own bodies to exhaust the soul force of formidable enemy cultivators. What was it that made your respected self believe that we don’t dare face Purgatory Mountain Patriarch?”

Ye Wangqing smiled as he looked at this elder dressed in ancient academy robes, continuing, “Since all of us came for the sake of facing Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, then why wouldn’t I dare request for your respected self’s sword?”

Esteemed Sir Lan had long remained Yunqin’s most terrifying sword master, to the extent where he was someone who could pose a life and death threat to Green Luan Academy’s existence. How then could he possibly endure the provocation of a young generation?

Before Ye Wangqing’s words even finished, the white jade handled ancient sword at his side already began to leave its scabbard.

A wave of unimaginable sword intent that was enough to sever a cultivation’s perception, to the extent where it could even make one feel as if all of their emotions would be ruthlessly severed began to fill the air.

However, after moving less than an inch out of the scabbard, it returned to the scabbard again.

It was because many solemn dark figures appeared in his line of sight.

The iron-blooded auras these black figures released dispersed the white mist in the mountains. These dark figures formed a wall, surrounding him and Ye Wangqing within.

“Gu Yunjing’s Black Flag Army?”

He recognized the origins of these black figures.

He had confidence in killing two hundred cultivators with the same cultivation levels as these black figures, but he didn’t have any confidence that he could kill a hundred fully armed Black Flag Army soldiers who prepared to take action.

Even though Gu Yunjing had already died in battle, this type of perfectly intact Black Flag Army could instead match his power. It was the most precious asset he left behind for Yunqin and Lin Xi.

He remained silent for a moment. He held this ancient sword that was at his side, and then handed it over to Ye Wangqing.

If it was several decades ago, even if he was facing this Black Flag Army and Ye Wangqing, he would still decide to fight. However, what Ye Wangqing said in the very beginning was correct, people will change. After all these years, he had already become someone who treasured his life even more than Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. That was why since the ancient sword already returned to the scabbard, he wouldn’t fight any further, and this sword was destined to enter Ye Wangqing’s hands. Then, Ye Wangqing would bring it to Thousand Sunset Mountain, facing this world’s most powerful existence.

However, when faced with his yielding, Ye Wangqing didn’t reach out his hand to receive Green Luan academy’s most powerful sword. He instead shook his head and said, “This is not the way to return it.”

Esteemed Sir Lan’s face became a bit red.

He understood that the reason the academy asked Ye Wangqing to fetch this sword wasn’t purely because they wanted his sword.

He felt even greater humiliation.

However, he had no choice.

That was why he only drew his sword.

The instant he drew the sword, the dark pool was cut neatly into pieces by wisps of sword energy. The water no longer seemed like water, but rather like transparent crystals.

The pure white ancient sword directly shot towards Ye Wangqing’s body. Ye Wangqing’s General Sword carried all of his power, similarly stabbing out without showing any weakness. In this type of most open stance, one sword directly facing another sword, his General Sword intercepted this pure white colored Unmov Sword.

On Ye Wangqing’s flying sword, there were suddenly streaks of transparent sword radiance that appeared, as if countless transparent small swords were frantically spinning and cutting at his sword.

Then, his General Sword directly snapped, breaking into six to seven pieces.

The several Black Flag Army leaders behind him were knocked to the ground. It was a bit difficult for them to immediately get back up.

However, Ye Wangqing’s hand instead reached out. When his flying sword broke, he received this pure white Unmoved Sword’s handle, holding this Unmoved Sword in his hands.

“Many thanks for senior’s sword bestowal.”

He showed Esteemed Sir Lan a bow of respect, and then left with the entire Black Flag Army.

When he already reached the foot of the mountain, his expression became a bit pale, and then he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Even after being intimidated by the Black Flag Army, Esteemed Sir Lan’s pressure thus lessening, not daring to truly kill his enemy, Esteemed Sir Lan and Luo Houyuan walked the same path. They both completely gave up on reaching the Sacred Master level, but pushed their power at the Sacred Expert level to the absolute peak, able to attack without restraint. This type of world shocking power was still not something he could contend against, it still caused him to suffer considerable injuries.

Only, when facing Purgatory Mountain’s highest level existences, a sword controlling Sacred Expert might not have much fighting time either.

That was why Ye Wangqing didn’t feel any worry about his own body. That battle just now was enough for him to become more powerful than ever before. As such, his expression became even brighter and more resolute.

He was just like many Yunqin people, waiting for Lin Xi’s news.

Currently, there still wasn’t any news of Lin Xi. However, despite this being the case, just like many Yunqin people, he still continued to fight, still refused to believe that Green Luan Academy and Yunqin would perish.

1. River Water Severing Sword Ye Wangqing who once lost his cultivation because of the grief from losing his wife B7C23

2. B11C52

3. Wangqing = unmoving, indifferent, unruffled by sentiment

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