Book 15 Chapter 44 - Cannot Wait, Don’t Want to Wait, so Won’t Wait

Chi Yuyin, Chi Xiaoye, Chi Shan… all of them were shocked to the extreme.

Only Lin Xi seemed to have long understood some of what Nangong Weiyang was thinking, his expression still calm.


He looked into Nangong Weiyang’s eyes, asking this.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed slightly, not because of his attitude, but rather while thinking over a key point. “These seven gemstones’ runes and vital energy power are entirely different from this temple and the giant vine outside, which is why I suspect these seven gemstones have other special powers. Only, there is no way I can be completely certain, which is why I want to ask for your opinion.”

While saying this, Nangong Weiyang didn’t even give the seven gemstones a single look. However, everyone could sense that all of her perception and all of her mental focus was on those seven gemstones.

That was why she wasn’t joking around, was but rather extremely serious when she asked Lin Xi for his opinion.

However, the more it was like this, the more it made Chi Yuyin and these other Fiend Race cultivators’ hearts tremble.

Even though through Nangong Weiyang’s words, they could also sense that the seven cobblestone-like gems indeed possessed greatly different auras from this building and the giant vine outside, none of them had any understanding regarding the runes of this temple. Even if it were Green Field City’s three wise ones, there was no way they could be certain what kind of consequences would be produced once these seven gemstones were dug out.

If these were normal times, they might not even have the bravery to dig out these seven gemstones, let alone now when there was such a powerful Sea Fiend King waiting outside.

If digging out these seven gemstones didn’t result in any special powers, and then they couldn’t use that giant vine outside any more either, then everyone here would die.

This was a decision tied to life and death, one that was extremely difficult to make for Chi Yuyin and the others. Nangong Weiyang’s display was actually this direct, simple, and calm.

What was even harder for them to understand was that Lin Xi instead smiled.

“Actually, just now, I also really wanted to give this a try.” Lin Xi smiled. He looked at Nangong Weiyang and seriously replied, “I support you in giving this a try.”

“However, this place wasn’t discovered by us first, and this is also related to their lives and deaths, so we must still listen to their opinions.” Lin Xi’s gaze then shifted towards Chi Yuyin and the others, adding this.

Nangong Weiyang originally only cared about Lin Xi’s opinion. When she heard Lin Xi’s reply, her brows jumped slightly, the thin flying sword in her hands flying out. However, when she heard Lin Xi’s following words, she who rarely changed her opinion because of other people instead complied with Lin Xi’s intentions, raising her head to look at Chi Yuyin and saying, “We do not have too much time to waste here. That Sea Fiend King I seriously wounded outside is about to die soon. If we can deal with this Sea Fiend King too, we would have two Sea Fiend Kings that can carry out soul merging.”

Her voice was calm, only seriously explaining the other thoughts she had inside, clearly not changing her tone to affect Chi Yuyin and the others’ decisions.

“You really feel like we can give it a try?” Chi Yuyin’s voice was the first to sound.

She looked at Lin Xi, seriously asking.

Lin Xi looked at her, nodding his head.

Chi Xiaoye thus no longer hesitated, saying, “Alright, I support your decision.”

Chi Yuyin’s lips moved slightly, but she still didn’t say anything. It was because at this time, Chi Shan already spoke.

When facing that aged Sea Fiend King, she who looked the most petite, the most frail, instead became the main force of these Fiend Race cultivators. It was the green mushroom she produced that allowed all of them to safely reach this place.

However, the price she paid was also extremely serious.

Right now, her complexion was pale to the point where it was a bit transparent, a deep expression of fatigue covering her face, making others feel as if she might fall asleep at any time and never wake again.

She looked at Lin Xi, not first replying whether she agreed with Lin Xi or Nangong Weiyang’s decision, instead quietly asking, “Why did you always block in front of me back then?”

Lin Xi was a bit stunned.

He couldn’t help but think back to what happened just now. “Perhaps it’s because the feeling you give me is just like my younger sister.” He said things as they were, “That is why I didn’t even realize and instinctively blocked in front of you.”

The expression in Chi Shan’s unblinking eyes, apart from carrying respect, now carried some other things.

“I don’t know if this is the reason why Chi Xiaoye trusts you.” She looked at Lin Xi and then quietly said, “But starting from today, I can also treat you as my older brother.”

Lin Xi suddenly thought back to the many battles he experienced.

He thought back to those who had fought with him, those ordinary Yunqin soldiers or cultivators, thought about those who were alive, and those who already died in battle. He understood clearly why Chi Shan would speak these types of words.

“I am extremely happy to have a younger sister like you.” He nodded his head, showing Chi Shan a bow.

Chi Shan raised her arm horizontally, returning the greeting through Green Field City’s style.

The one who showed this greeting wasn’t her alone.

Chi Yuyin brought her sword in front of her chest, also showing him this gesture.

“I will fight with all of you.”

This Green Field City younger generations’ most warlike cultivator didn’t speak about any other reasoning, only saying this.

Chi Mang and Chi He still couldn’t understand. Only, judging from Chi Shan and Chi Yuyin’s performance, they completely understood that before arriving here, Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang definitely did some things that allowed Chi Yuyin and the others to make this decision.

As such, they no longer voiced any opinions of objection either.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows moved again.

This time, her flying sword didn’t stop at all, directly drawing out a streak of sword radiance, sticking right by the edges of every single gemstone, turning into the world’s most precise lever. In just a breath of time, she already completed all of the movements, digging out the seven flat gemstones.

The seven gemstones, while carrying the flying sword’s remaining power, leapt into the air.

When Nanging Weiyang’s flying sword still hadn’t completely lifted the seven gemstones, the remains that gave one an extremely strange feeling released a light noise. The roots that extended out from the skeletal remains’ leg bones completely snapped, the entire corpse also completely breaking down like a rotten tree, no longer remaining in human form.

At the same time, this temple-like building seemed to tremble slightly in pain. A giant river flowing noise sounded in the canyon outside.

Nangong Weiyang’s movements didn’t become sluggish because of this.

She only continued as she planned. Her flying sword moved slightly, supporting all seven gemstones, and then it returned in front of her.

When the powerful flowing water noises sounded, Chi Mang and Chi Su who were closest to the entrance already couldn’t help but run towards the entrance.

They raised their heads towards the sounds, and then their figures immediately became petrified.

Lin Xi also appeared at their sides, raising his head, seeing an unimaginable sight.

That sky reaching giant vine released juices in all directions.

The great water flowing sound was precisely the rupturing of this giant vine’s surface, the sound of the juices inside pouring out.

The waves of juices were just like a waterfall, pouring down from above.

This giant vine that was previously still full of life, verdant like jade, completely rotted in a breath of time. The stalks and leaves decayed and broke apart, shattering one after another. Soft and tender stalks began to fall from above like rain.

This was like a giant building collapsing before their eyes with astonishing speed!

Chi Yuyin and the others couldn’t help but tremble uncontrollably.

Even though this was one of the possibilities they suspected, when they truly saw this type of scene, they still couldn’t control their bodies’ shaking.


A giant explosion noise sounded, rushing out from that passage.

There was thick steam that surged out along with crazy winds.

All of them knew that the aged Sea Fiend King was about to descend again.

Nangong Weiyang held her light flying sword. A streak of soul force poured out from her left hand, moving towards the seven gemstones on the sword.

A light pu noise sounded. Her soul force seemed like it poured over seven ordinary rocks, unable to go in, instead sending all seven of the gemstones further back.

Afterwards, Chi Yuyin and the others’ breathing immediately stopped.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed, but her movements didn’t stop at all.

Her flying sword flew out at the same time, supporting these seven gemstones again.

The flying sword stabilized with a terrifying stance, floating in front of Chi Yuyin along with the seven gemstones.

Chi Yuyin already didn’t have any time to think about anything. She only subconsciously sent out a wave of soul force from her hands, pouring it into the seven gemstones.

Right at this moment, a blue raindrop descended from above. This blue raindrop appeared right at the center of the giant vine, falling through the very middle.

The entire collapsing giant vine looked like it had an iron nail planted right into its roots.

Shocking juices rushed out from the cracks. Then, the entire vine rushed in all directions, splitting apart like scattered flower petals, falling down.

The aged Sea Fiend King’s figure appeared at the entrance of the passage, directly leaping down!

The blue ring of light by its feet was just like a sea, carrying a mysterious pressure. The pressure was so suffocating Chi Su and the others felt as if they couldn’t even breathe.

Right at this moment, the seven gemstones swayed slightly, not rushing out, but instead separating from the thin flying sword, floating into the air.

A layer of faintly discernible white cloud runes appeared from within, rushing to the surface of the green gems.

There were faintly discernible streaks of green light, but there was also a wave of boundless vital energy that took form outside Chi Yuyin’s body, slowly turning into layer after layer of strange light symbols. They were like runes, but also like strange characters.

Another blue raindrop descended.

It landed on several green light symbols that had just formed.

These dream-like green light symbols seemed to be continuously moving, taking the initiative to face this blue raindrop.

The blue raindrop looked gentle, but it actually carried terrifying flying sword beheading power.

However, when these pure streaks of green light made contact with the raindrop, Chi Yuyin’s expression only paled slightly. After a light grunt, she unconsciously added a bit more soul force. Meanwhile, the blue raindrops pressed down on those green streaks of light so that they sunk slightly, as if they fell on a large green umbrella. Then, the blue raindrops thus scattered into countless fine streams, flowing out along these green streaks of light.

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