Book 15 Chapter 43 - Nangong Weiyang’s Simplicity

Every single voice the aged Sea Fiend King released carried indescribable anger and ruthlessness.

It clearly wanted to descend into the canyon, wishing to kill Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi. With its body that was like fine metal, entirely different from other cultivators, even if it was this height of several hundred meters, it still might not be much of an issue.

However, when compared to this massive several hundred meters long vine that an ordinary cultivator couldn’t even imagine, it was just like a flea. No matter how it advanced, it would be covered by vine leaves and fruits.

Even though these giant shield-like vine leaves and hammer-like fruits were only equivalent to soul weapons used by State Knight or State Master level cultivators, still unable to truly contend against sacred level power, the key laid in that there were just too many of these vines and fruits… and they were still continuously being produced.

The aged Sea Fiend King crazily tore through the leaves flickering with sparkling green radiance one after another, crushing those massive fruits again and again.

Green juices and purple-red fruit liquid continuously scattered about like the blood of soldiers on a battlefield.

However, whenever several vine leaves were crushed, several tender shoots would silently appear again by the crushed vine leaves.

“Seems like as long as their soul force isn’t completely used up, this Sea Fiend King definitely wouldn’t be able to pose any threat to us.” Lin Xi looked at that Sea Fiend King who seemed to be fighting high in the clouds, quietly coughing as he spoke to Nangong Weiyang next to him.

When she heard Lin Xi’s words, Nangong Weiyang didn’t express any opinion. She only seemed to have completely lost all interest in the battle above, instead turning around and walking towards that Fiend Race cultivator sitting behind the seven gems… To be more precise, she was walking towards those seven gemstones that continuously released a wave of unique vital energy, as well as the set of rotting bones.

Chi He whose soul force was already almost completely exhausted just spat out a mouthful of bloody mist. He looked at Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi behind her who got closer and closer. He did his best to adjust his breathing while immediately asking Chi Yuyin who rushed up to check his injuries, “Who are they? What did you all do to this Sea Fiend King?”

These were two extremely clear questions.

The first was easy to answer. After discovering that not only did Chi He exhaust his soul force too fiercely, even his internal organs were even a bit displaced from the intense surging, Chi Yuyin’s complexion was pale, but she still used the most simple words to roughly introduce Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang. However, she didn’t really understand what the second question meant.

“What’s wrong with the Sea Fiend King?”

She only subconsciously said, “There was a Sea Fiend King that was heavily injured, it might not be able to survive.”

“There is more than one Sea Fiend King?”

“You all seriously injured a Sea Fiend King?”

Chi He’s breathing that was about to be adjusted became disorderly again. He forcefully suppressed a mouthful of blood that surged up his throat, saying in shock, “No wonder.”

“No wonder what?” Chi Yuyin asked.

Everyone had too many questions, which was why at this time, their eyes all gathered towards Chi He’s body.

“No wonder this Sea Fiend King is this mad, wishing to charge over regardless of everything, facing this ancient vine as its enemy. When we first escaped here, I’m not sure if this Sea Fiend King felt reverence towards these ruins’ cultivators or because of other reasons, but it only trapped us here, never having any intentions of entering.” Chi He slowly exhaled. After explaining this to Chi Yuyin, his eyes then stopped on Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi for a long time.

He understood clearly that with Chi Yuyin and the others’ abilities, there was no way they could deal with a Sea Fiend King.

That was why these two Yunqin cultivators should be more powerful than even what he imagined.

“You all only encountered one Sea Fiend King?” Chi Yuyin asked a question that was already asked before. “What about Chi Zhu and the others?”

Chi He looked at her, not saying anything.

The other one named Chi Jing, that delicate and weak looking Fiend Race youngster who looked like he was only fifteen or sixteen seemed like he wanted to cry, but forcefully endured it.

No one replied to her question.

However, everyone, especially Chi Su, Chi Shan and the others, all received their reply from Chi He and Chi Jing’s eyes.

Among all of those who entered this darkness cave for an exploration, the most powerful cultivator was Chi Zhu, the one nicknamed Jungle Hunter in Green Field City.

Chi He and Chi Jing were the ones with the weakest cultivation levels among those clansmen.

Even Lin Xi could see some clues at this time, realizing that those Fiend Race cultivators, for the sake of protecting those weaker, died under the Sea Fiend King’s hands.

The entire temple-like building entered a momentary silence. Only the horrifying noises outside continued.

“Its soul force density is a bit higher than that of cultivators like us.”

Nangong Weiyang suddenly shattered this silence, saying this to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi nodded.

It was as if that aged Sea Fiend King fought against countless State Knight and State Master level cultivators. The amount of soul force that was exhausted with every breath of time was astonishing. If it was an ordinary Sacred Expert, their soul force might have long been exhausted.

Chi Yuyin looked at the full bearded cultivator whose soul force was also over half consumed. Even though they understood clearly that this Sea Fiend King definitely wouldn’t be able to outlast them, especially after so many clansmen entered this temple, that it was futile, looking at the terrifying strength this aged Sea Fiend King displayed, as well as thinking through the many questions they still carried inside, she still couldn’t help but look at Chi He, asking, “Just what kind of place is this exactly? Did you all discover something?”

“We don’t know.”

An indescribable bitter smile appeared on his face. He shook his head, unable to help but look at the set of rotting remains. “When we encountered the Sea Fiend King, we already explored a larger half of this place. In this area, we only noticed this place. The only thing that is certain is that this was built by an ancient cultivator who had some connection to our cultivation methods. However, whether it is a cultivation land or a final tomb of rest, there is no way to know.”

“That is why apart from this place, this cave, there is nothing else we can use to rely on to deal with this Sea Fiend King?” Nangong Weiyang thought for a bit, and then seriously asked.

After hearing Chi Xiaoye’s translation, Chi He nodded his head. “This is about it.”

“That is why even though it cannot break in, there is no chance for us to escape either.” Nangong Weiyang nodded, saying extremely directly, “We will still be trapped to death here.”

The entire temple-like building became silent again.

The expression of Chi Yuyin and the others became even uglier. Lin Xi’s brows also furrowed tightly together.

Even though Nangong Weiyang’s words were extremely simple and direct, it was as sharp as her swords, cutting through all of the complicated outlines, directly striking the crux of the issue.

Right now, the vital energy fluctuations outside had clearly weakened considerably. That aged Sea Fiend King’s soul force also finally began to decrease, unable to threaten them anymore. However, even if it was just the short battle they had against the Sea Fiend Kings, they already suffered quite a few injuries. If Chi Yuyin and the others could completely suppress his attacks, letting Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang focus on offense, with Big Black cooperating with Nangong Weiyang’s sword, they might be able to go all out and inflict fatal damage to this powerful sacred level fiend beast.

However, the key laid in that the Sea Fiend King’s blue raindrops were not only concentrated, every single drop was powerful like a flying sword. Chi Yuyin and the others had no chance of completely defending against them.

The consequence of dealing a blow to the enemy’s body was precisely for their bodies to be blasted into sieves; this was the reality they must face.

Being trapped here would not only perhaps make Green Field City pay an even greater price, moreover, Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang couldn’t afford to pay this type of price either.

It was because he and Nangong Weiyang originally came to this place precisely because of Purgatory Mountain and Yunqin’s peace talks.

The power behind Great Desolate Swamp was precisely what he believed to be the only thing that could change Green Luan Academy’s fate, as well as the hope tied to the lives and deaths of countless Yunqin people.

That was why right now, even though Lin Xi’s expression could still be considered calm, his hands and feet couldn’t help but become a bit ice-cold.

He took a deep breath. His eyes began to stop on the seven gemstones, resting on the rotten bones, on the various mottled runes embedded in this seemingly living building.

Nangong Weiyang’s gaze also already landed on these things Lin Xi was looking at several breaths ago.

Her way of thinking was always the most direct and simple.

If they were going to talk about things they could use right now, then there was only this temple-like building. The only thing she was thinking about right now was to see if they could find something that could deal with that Sea Fiend King, everything else would come after. In her opinion, nothing else had any meaning.

Both she and Lin Xi had formlessly already become the most important figures in this rescue team. Right now, when she and Lin Xi clearly began to think and perceive things, Chi Yuyin and the others also subconsciously remained silently, not disturbing her or Lin Xi at all.

Nangong Weiyang looked and sensed everything for a long time.

Finally, her eyes landed on that rotting set of bones that sprouted roots from its leg bones. She faced Lin Xi next to her and said seriously, “This ancient cultivator seemed to want to use some type of method to make himself and the vine outside this building become one, wishing to absorb the vital energy of this building and the vine outside. Only, I do not know if he succeeded or not in the end.”

Nangong Weiyang’s words made all of the Fiend Race cultivators here tremble inwardly.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even deeper. He didn’t say anything. He stared at the dried bones for a moment, and then slowly said, “This should be the case.”

“Regardless of whether he succeeded or not, death is death, there is no use.” While he was perceiving and thinking, Nangong Weiyang had always been patiently waiting, waiting to hear his reply. After hearing this, she then looked into his eyes, directly and simply saying, “I want to gouge out those seven gems.”

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