Book 15 Chapter 42 - Ruins

The shrill scream the Sea Fiend King released due to extreme rage filled Lin Xi’s ears. However, right now, Lin Xi instead naturally rejected all of this type of sound.

He was completely filled with a different type of shock.

What laid behind this passage wasn’t an even more complicated dark cave, but rather a canyon that was several hundred meters tall.

This passage was near the very top of this canyon, the canyon beneath more than ten li in length. If they leapt from this type of height, fell down like this, it would simply be suicide. Moreover, even if they had the bright moon’s bit of radiance, there was no way they could immediately see this entire canyon’s full view and height.

However, there was actually a strange giant vine in this canyon.

This vine looked just like some type of fern plant sprout, all of the leaves soft and curled. However, its main roots were instead as thick as a thousand year pine tree, incredibly wide.

Moreover, its peak almost touched the very top of the cave, moreover entirely flickering with light green radiance.

The faint green radiance that could previously be seen outside was released precisely by this vine.

At the bottom of the canyon, not far from this massive vine that was completely unimaginable for cultivators of the outside world, stood a building that looked a bit small compared to the vine.

This building was about fifty to sixty percent similar to the temple-like buildings created by the wise ones in Green Fiend City!

Chi Xiaoye who jumped down first was even more indescribably shocked than Lin Xi.

When she jumped towards this vine, only then did she realize that the reason why she jumped towards the vine wasn’t because she sought survival, since this vine was the only way down, but rather because this vine seemed to be releasing some type of feeling that made her feel close to it, made her not have to think at all, immediately making her sure that this vine was safe.

What Lin Xi, Chi Xiaoye and the others couldn’t see was that not far from this giant vine that might not have even appeared in the imaginations of those in the outside world, inside that temple-like building, were two people.

These were Fiend Race cultivators who were like Chi Xiaoye and the others, both of them male, both extremely young.

One was as handsome and stern faced as Chi Mang, the other was a slightly slimmer build youngster, looking like only fifteen to sixteen years of age, rather delicate.

Of these two, the delicate looking Fiend Race youngster always stood at the entrance of the building, nervously raising his head to look above the giant vine.

The other Fiend Race youngster who was stern faced like Chi Mang instead sat right at the center of the building.

The inside of this temple was the same as the temple-like building those Green Field City wise ones built, only having a single room, just that the runes they were covered with appeared even more complex and profound.

Embedded in the several dozen streaks of brightly colored runes in front of him were seven green colored gems that seemed to have white rain clouds floating within them.

Every single gemstone was the shape of an ordinary cobblestone, oval and flat, a bit bigger than the thumb of an ordinary person.

Not far from this Fiend Race cultivator who was seated on the ground was a set of withered bones whose clothes had long been corroded by time.

This set of dried bones rotted just like ordinary rotten wood, gray and withering, but wherever it made contact with this room, there would be some fine green roots that were produced, as if becoming one with this temple-like building. It even gave off the feeling that this building was formed precisely from the roots that extended out from beneath these dried bones!

The Fiend Race cultivator behind the seven gemstones couldn’t see the outside scenery like the Fiend Race youngster standing by the entrance, yet he seemed to sense what was happening outside extremely clearly.

When Chi Xiaoye and the others rushed out first, the instant they leapt off the giant vine, the Fiend Race youngster standing at the entrance of the temple released a rushed cry of alarm. Meanwhile, the Fiend Race cultivator who was seated behind the seven gemstones immediately clenched his teeth, a wave of soul force pouring into the seven gemstones in front of him.

The seven gemstones first released green radiance, as if there were character-like rays of light that were released.

The entire temple-like building began to release a wave of vigorous vital energy. On that giant vine, a leaf facing Chi Xiaoye swept out, quickly extending, and then just like a giant green palm, it took the initiative to support the falling Chi Xiaoye.

Then, these seemingly soft and tender curled leaves unfolded, welcoming Lin Xi, Chi Yuyin and the others in the back.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed as she looked at these unfolded leaves.

Her flying sword carried a bit of white air and shattered water droplets as it followed her.

Originally, even when facing this vine, she maintained enough vigilance, the flying sword about to rush in front of her. Only now, when she sensed that this plant was filled with a type of vital energy fluctuation, did she release a light cough, coughing out some bloody suds, letting go of her vigilance towards this plant and turning around to look behind herself.

At this time, Lin Xi also turned around to look behind himself.

There was a great rumbling noise.

At the entrance of the passage, the majestic vital energy that plugged up the exit directly exploded. Countless crushed rocks and surging energies swept over like a waterfall.

Only, regardless of whether it was in Lin Xi or Nangong Weiyang’s perception, they both squeezed out this terrifying scene from their heads.

There was endless crisscrossed vital energy surging behind the waterfall-like air streams, as if streaks of runes were forming.

A blue raindrop appeared by the collapsed passage entrance.

The expression of that seated Fiend Race cultivator within the temple below suddenly became a bit pale, his green pupils suddenly filled with an expression of shock and confusion. He didn’t have much soul force left to begin with, so he always used it sparingly, but now, he wasn’t holding back at all, pouring it all into the seven gems in front of him with the greatest speed possible.

The temple-like building trembled, as if it also sensed his nervousness and impatience. As if it was a giant filled with life, it began to shake.

All of the curled leaves by the top of the giant vine completely unfolded, twisting about, completely covering the passage entrance.

At the same time, some flower bud like fine soft shoots on the vine also began to quickly grow.

Brown colored giant flowers that were the size of people quickly grew like the time lapses in certain movies Lin Xi saw previously, quickly growing, and then immediately withering. Extremely long slightly purple fruit stalks grew, the very front starting to produce red-purple fruits.

The aged Sea Fiend King’s figure appeared at the collapsed passage entrance.

What accompanied the appearance of its figure was a violent rain. The countless water droplets in the air became like fine fingers, smashing into the endless leaves the giant vine reached towards it.

As leaves fell one after another, Lin Xi subconsciously wanted to attack, but he first noticed that Nangong Weiyang didn’t attack, and then he also realized that he didn’t have to make a move at all.

The blue raindrops that were difficult for even Chi Yuyin to block were actually blocked by the layers of the vine’s leaves.

He didn’t squander his precious soul force, instead restraining Devil Transformation. His body began to shrink, and then together with Chi Xiaoye and the others, he safely landed under the support of the vine’s leaves.

“It’s Chi Jing!”

Chi Su who was still endlessly frightened released a loud shout.

Only now did everyone hear the shout that sounded from the temple-like building’s entrance, seeing that delicate Fiend Race cultivator.

The delicate Fiend Race cultivator frantically shouted, making hand gestures towards them.

The wind flow in this valley and the echo were extremely strange in this canyon, making his shouting sounds messy and blurry. However, at the very least, everyone could tell that this Fiend Race cultivator wanted everyone to run into that temple-like building.

Everyone used their fastest speeds to leap into this temple-like building.

“Chi He!”

Even Chi Yuyin who cultivated year-round in Ancient Witch Forest became a bit numb from the continuously intense shocks. When she saw the seven gemstones embedded into this temple-like building and the rotten bones that produced roots, she didn’t feel any greater shock, only looking at the Fiend Race cultivator who was frantically pouring soul force into the seven gemstones in front of him, unknowingly asking, “What about Chi Zhu and the rest?”

The pale faced Fiend Race cultivator who sat in front of the seven gemstones raised his head to look at Chi Yuyin, not immediately replying to her question, instead saying with a somewhat strained and slow voice, “Who has used comparatively less soul force? Prepare to take over my place.”

When they heard this, Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s eyes flickered, realizing that the massive vine outside was most likely controlled by this Fiend Race cultivator through these seven gems.

Right at this time, Chi Shan also already spoke. “We can all communicate with the vine outside?”

“Our clansmen should all be able to. Both me and Chi Jing have already tried it. As long as soul force is poured into these seven gemstones, then it should be possible.” Chi He also already noticed Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s existences, but his soul force was clearly already used up, he didn’t have much time left, so he didn’t mention anything else, only using the fastest speed to reply to Chi Shan’s question.

“I’ll do it.”

The full bearded Fiend Race cultivator who didn’t do too much before nodded, leaping to Chi He’s side.


Chi He released a fierce shout. The instant he stopped the infusion of his soul force, a mouthful of blood shot out from his mouth.

The full bearded Fiend Race cultivator’s soul force instantly replaced Chi He’s, pouring into the seven gemstones.

Above the canyon, the terrifying impact sounds and explosive noises already linked up together.

The instant the full bearded Fiend Race cultivator’s soul force safely entered the seven gemstones, everyone formlessly released a sigh of relief. When they ran to the entrance of this temple-like building again, they only saw that under the battering of the blue raindrops, some vine leaves already began to become damaged. Meanwhile, that aged Sea Fiend King already lept onto the vine, continuously brandishing its limbs, producing curved moon like blue arcs of light, bombarding the vine. Meanwhile, the giant fruits that were produced on the vines also continuously smashed into his body like meteors.

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