Book 15 Chapter 41 - Strength Doesn’t Equate Inevitable Victory

Everyone thought that Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword could only be attacking this injury.

It was because the Sea Fiend King’s entire body seemed like it was cast from Yunqin’s best fine metals. Even with Nangong Weiyang’s previous full powered attack, the flying sword still only stabbed in a few inches. If the flying sword landed on any other place, there was no way it could inflict greater damage.

That was why this aged Sea Fiend King’s defense was simple and effective.

Moreover, judging from its calm and coolheadedness, one felt that Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword perhaps couldn’t piece through its arm at all.

However, Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword didn’t descend.

In the extremely short instant this aged Sea Fiend King couldn’t even react to in time, the previously incomparably domineering flying sword instead seemed to have suddenly lost all of its power. It only borrowed a type of maneuvering stance, as if it was spinning around in the air.

An extremely fine, dark red chain carrying fine azure colored runes suddenly stabbed out from the ground in front of the wounded Sea Fiend King. With speed similar to that of a flying sword, it smashed fiercely towards this wounded Sea Fiend King’s left eye!

This chain was only a small finger size in thickness, but because its speed of assault was too fast, it instead gave off a type of giant surging waterfall terrifying feeling.

Moreover, the instant it made contact with this Sea Fiend King’s left eye, these chains became entirely scarlet red, releasing flames with temperatures that could melt metal!

The tip of the chains that seemed a bit more clumsy compared to a flying sword smashed into the blood point of that Sea Fiend King’s left eye with incomparable precision.

Then, the blood red color flooded this Sea Fiend King’s left eye, instantly becoming a purple-black color.

This eyeball sunk down, exploding like a rotten fruit.

The blood of this type of Sea Fiend King was extremely unusual. Before making contact with the air, it was red, but after it made contact with the air, it then became a bluish black.

Only, the instant this type of strange blood surged, it was burned into scorched black dust by the flames wrapped around the chains. The chains stabbed in ruthlessly, smashing into its skull through the Sea Fiend King’s eye socket.

When the chains continued in deeper, before any of the others could react in time, the aged Sea Fiend King’s hand that covered this Sea Fiend King’s wound released countless dark blue wisps of light.

This aged Sea Fiend King already realized that it had been tricked. Its eyes were filled with endless resentment and anger.

The soul force on its hand condensed into blue wisps of light, as if muscle strands grew out from within its body, tightly binding around Nangong Weiyang’s chains, making it hard for it to advance even an inch.

However, these chains, for Nangong Weiyang, weren’t the most important. Moreover, she already achieved her objective.

That Sea Fiend King that had already been seriously injured by a flying sword and then had its skull penetrated by these chains already fell backwards like a human vegetable, smashing down on the aged Sea Fiend King’s body.

That was why she directly gave up on the chains.

The chains that reached out from her left hand’s sleeves were flung aside like a piece of firewood.

Her soul force once again poured into the thin flying sword that spun backwards.

All sacred level creatures were extremely arrogant existences. When power that could crush everything still existed in their bodies, any sacred level individual would look down on others as if they were far superior to them.

It was just like how even though Lin Xi carried Big Black into Central Continent City, when he encountered the Shadow Sacred Expert, the Shadow Sacred Expert still didn’t attach any importance to Lin Xi.

In the eyes of this aged Sea Fiend King, even if it was Nangong Weiyang, she was still too weak.

As the radiance of the chains dimmed, after pulling out the originally entirely red chains from the ground like a dead snake, it released a roar.

Everyone suddenly felt eye piercing pain.

Viscous vital energy surged, making it so that even before the sound waves surged in the caves, everyone already felt as if there was a deep sea evaporating into water vapor, filling this world in a terrifying manner.

Small droplets of water continued to drop from above, as if it was raining.

Every single water droplet that was crystalline, originally transparent, at this time, instead became an azure blue, becoming extremely heavy. When they descended, they released an air crushing rumbling noise.

A wave of majestic vital energy and pressure formed in front of the aged Sea Fiend King, about to sweep out like a tide.

Just the wind streams formed from the creation of the vital energy already made Chi Xiaoye who was rushing at the three Water Ghost Spiders become a bit faster.

The three extremely terrifying Water Ghost Spiders’ hairs and mouths all already released surging white clouds of smoke.

This type of smoke had extremely fine particles, and it could merge into the wind just like sugar in water.

The one who charged the fastest was still the Yunqin Meteor Sky Phoenix[1] that looked like it was made of pure gold.

The three Water Ghost Spiders who possessed good fighting instincts watched this golden fiend beast fall into the mist they released. However, their eyes instantly congealed.

They could make even more powerful fiend beasts fall unconscious in the venomous cloud, but it didn’t do anything to this golden fiend beast!

The golden body directly tore through the cloud, arriving in front of them, its body carrying an exceptional iron-blooded aura.

The three Water Ghost Spiders stood up in alarm, all of their long legs that didn’t seem to have joints smashing towards this golden Yunqin Meteor Sky Phoenix like falling hammers. However, right at this time… cold frost arrived.

Extreme cold instantly swept over.

All of the white colored venomous clouds and all of the fine granules it contained were frozen in the air, turning into layers of ice crystals.

Biting cold air rushed close to the ground, battering against these three Water Ghost Spiders’ bodies.

These three Water Ghost Spiders’ bodies quickly became pale, their movements also visibly becoming sluggish.

The golden Yunqin phoenix already leapt upwards with great tacit coordination, the cold stream rushing right beneath its feet, not affecting it in the slightest.

The three Water Ghost Spiders’ soul force already surged. They frantically resisted the invasion of cold air, still wishing to strike Ruirui above. They lifted up their long legs, crazily lashing upwards.

Right at this moment, Chi Xiaoye also already smashed through the countless crystals, appearing before them.

The bright moon-like disc rose into the air like a real bright moon, smashing into these Water Ghost Spiders’ legs.

Waves of bone crushing and frost rupturing noises sounded.

The golden Yunqin phoenix completed an extremely difficult horizontal jump. Its sharp golden claws drew out long gashes along the Water Ghost Spiders’ underbellies, almost slicing these three Water Ghost Spiders’ abdomens completely into three parts.

Right at this moment, when Chi Shan who seemed extremely heroic throughout this entire battle already became weak, that mushroom that was flickering with alluring green radiance seemed to have become like endless fine sand. It scattered out from her hand, the scene extremely dreamlike.

The aged Sea Fiend King’s tide finally rushed forth.

Every single azure raindrop suddenly accelerated.

Nangong Weiyang released a muffled groan. In just a breath of time, her flying sword smashed into the thousands of raindrops, releasing continuous teeth numbing strikes.


Lin Xi who was still in his devil transformed state[2] released a low fierce shout. His body flew out backwards, one hand grabbing the clothes of the falling Chi Shan as he withdrew with her in tow.

Everyone was retreating.

Chi Yuyin was behind everyone else, the two short swords in her hands flicking with golden radiance.

After forcefully continuously deflecting several dozen water droplets that aimed at Lin Xi and Chi Shan, blood already began to flow out from the corners of her lips.

Only, she forcefully shut her lips, soul force instead pouring out from her body with even greater intensity. Golden daylily shaped light began to fly out from the two short swords, almost condensing into tangible manner, continuously flying into the air, smashing into those falling raindrops.

Everything on the ground began to fall apart. The mountain stone and those crisscrossed web-like thistles and thorns were smashed to pieces under the raindrops’ impact, and then smashed into powder by the power released by the raindrops.

She already did everything she could.

However, in the end, she was still only a State Master level cultivator who was close to the sacred level, unable to contend against true sacred level power.

She didn’t hesitate to pay the price to cover Lin Xi and Chi Shan’s bodies, but already couldn’t completely cover her own body.

A raindrop fiercely smashed through her right shoulder like a flying sword.

Her body that was retreating like a speeding carriage suddenly froze, smashed fiercely into the ground by the tremendous power, her legs even releasing light fracturing noises.

A blast of bloody mist erupted from her shoulder.

It was just a single drop of water, yet it already created a terrifying infant fist sized bloody hole on her shoulder.

In her perception, several more drops of rainwater fell towards her.

Everyone behind her was already several zhang from her. During this type of time, not being able to block several raindrops, unable to quickly retreat, meant death.

However, right at this time, a pure and bright streak of light surged from behind her, pouring into her body.

Her breathing stopped, but her body that originally already stopped began to retreat again.


The aged Sea Fiend King took a step forward, looking at all of the people struggling under its attack. It didn’t believe that these people who were already in imminent danger could block a second attack.

Energy streams were released alongside this roar. A ring of ocean tide like vital energy surged next to it, clearly about to be released.

However, right at this moment, many green lights began to appear around its body, on its skin and on its scales.

Stalk after stalk of green colored mushrooms flickering with radiance began to directly grow from its body!

Its breathing also stopped. That stream of energy in its throat was also suddenly cut short.

It sensed the countless waves of power corroding. Under its perception, these mushrooms’ extremely fine roots were sucking away the power within its body, even breaking down its soul force.

It sensed danger. The soul force within its body frantically surged towards its skin, instantly battering these flickering mushrooms like a tide.

However, these fine mushrooms that were originally only the size of sesame seeds didn’t immediately fly away and rupture, instead instantly growing. Palm-sized mushrooms sucked at its soul force, extremely terrifying as they covered its entire body surface.

Only after another breath of time were these mushrooms flickering with fluorescence crushed by its great power, turning into ashes.

A stream swept through its body.

This aged Sea Fiend King stood still in a panicked state.

Chi Yuyin, Lin Xi and the others already rushed out of the passage it was facing, instantly vanishing from its line of sight.

It gave that Sea Fiend King who was lying in front of it unconscious, even its breathing only faintly discernible a look, and then released an unimaginable crazy scream.

1. Principal Zhang named the phoenix-like creatures they discovered in Meteor lake the Meteor Sky Phoenix B11C26

2. Demon Transformation lasts for a certain amount of time. After that time is up, the user’s body ends up in a weakened state

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