Book 15 Chapter 40 - First True Cooperation

After saying this, her flying sword didn’t thrust deeper into the wound of this Sea Fiend King that looked like it was suffering from a stroke, but rather directly returned straight to Chi Shan who was right in front of the Sea Fiend King.

Drop after drop of viscous blue and black blood trickled down from the sword.

Sea Fiend King’s blood released a wave of thick foul smell that was ten times worse than foul smelling fish. However, the thin flying sword didn’t even shake off the sticky foul smelling blood on its surface, instead remaining completely still, remaining in a fully defensive stance of alert.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even tighter.

He gave up on sensing any dangers. When Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword returned that quickly, even adopting a defensive stance, he still took half a step forward, also blocking in front of Chi Shan. Then, his body began to release great radiance, sending wisps of pure light into Nangong Weiyang’s body, forming a bridge of light between the two of them.

This was tacit understanding that had formed between Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang from continuously fighting together.

No one asked Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang what happened.

Because of the radiance Lin Xi was currently releasing, everyone could see extremely far.

They saw that the Sea Fiend King who was seriously wounded by Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi staggered about as if he suffered a stroke. However, the originally dry cave suddenly became moist. Many small water droplets condensed on the mountain rock, dripping down, as if it was starting to rain.

Following a sphere of faintly discernible blue light flame, another figure appeared before everyone’s line of sight.

A hint of a bitter smile appeared on the corners of Lin Xi’s lips.

It wasn’t because of the pain from releasing the radiance, but rather because he recalled something: even if a powerful individual only stood there, even if he didn’t do anything, everyone would still know he was powerful.

This was another Sea Fiend King.

Only, compared to the previous Sea Fiend King that appeared, this new Sea Fiend King that appeared looked extremely old, its black hair looked like rotten iron threads, the scales on its body seemingly covered in several layers of dried aquatic grasses, full of the great changes of time.

While walking, there were no sky shaking sounds, but the aura around its body became more and more majestic.

In the blue halo beneath its feet, there was always a layer of transparent surging ripples, as if enduring its weight, making it seem like it was drifting on water, every single step saving quite a bit of strength.

“What do you think?”

Lin Xi took a deep breath, doing his best to squeeze out the powerful feeling of pressure from his mind, at the same time quietly asking Nangong Weiyang at his side.

“Chi Yuyin and the others aren’t weak. We might be able to kill these two Sea Fiend Kings, but there might be casualties.” Just like her usual mutant self, Nangong Weiyang only seriously replied.

Since the situation was dire, almost simultaneously, Chi Su translated Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s words for Chi Yuyin and the others.

“We will hold up the rear.” Almost immediately, Chi Yuyin gave Chi Mang a look, and then said to Chi Shan, Lin X, and all of the others. “You all leave first.”

Even without Chi Su and Chi Xiaoye’s translations, just from her current fearless and decisive expression, they knew that she already felt like this rescue operation couldn’t be continued, that they could only do their best to let some people escape.

“If there are two Sea Fiend Kings, then there might be a third, rounding up a whole family.” However, Lin Xi instead shook his head, turning around to give Nangong Weiyang at his side a look. “We might have a better choice.”

“What better choice?” Nangong Weiyang was still like a student who earnestly consulted a teacher, calmly and seriously asking this.

“Even if there is no third Sea Fiend King, only these two… there are still two Sea Fiend Kings and other fiend beasts. I do not feel like Chi Yuyin and those clansmen can survive through their own strength.” Lin Xi looked at the old Sea Fiend Kings who looked extremely similar to a father and son, quickly saying this.

Nangong Weiyang already understood his intentions, nodding her head. “Alright, we will first rendezvous with her clansmen.”

Chi Yuyin, Chi Mang and the others also understood Lin Xi’s intentions in an extremely short amount of time.

There were no Sacred Experts among the Fiend Race cultivators here. If they could still survive until now, then there was a high chance that they obtained some things left behind by an ancient cultivator. Meanwhile, at the limits of the passage behind them, those flames of light that were continuously flickering also made Lin Xi’s speculations seem even more realistic.

“The regenerative abilities of fiend beasts are far greater than those of cultivators like us. This Sea Fiend King might still have a chance of recovering its power.” Right at this time, Nangong Weiyang looked at Lin Xi again, seriously saying this.

“That is why we must kill this Sea Fiend King before leaving.” Lin Xi said.

Chi Yuyin’s hands gripped the handles of her blades again. She made an important decision inside, looking at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang. “We can listen to your orders, cooperate with your movements.”

Nangong Weiyang nodded, but then immediately looked at Lin Xi, shaking her head, saying extremely simply, “We cannot kill them… There are two, it is perfect for two people to merge souls. If you can merge with a fiend beast soul, it will be useful.”

Lin Xi remained silent for a bit, and then said, “Alright, we will do our best to make it so that this Sea Fiend King cannot recover from his injuries for quite some time.”

“If we face this old Sea Fiend King, my flying sword might be restrained.” Nangong Weiyang still didn’t show much extra emotions as she said, “You deal with this old Sea Fiend King, I will continue dealing with the injured one.”

Not a single one among Chi Yuyin’s group of Fiend Race cultivators believed Lin Xi could deal with this old Sea Fiend King, even if it was only holding him back for an instant for them to escape. However, Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi’s calm conversation contained a type of iron-blooded aura, actually preventing them from producing much thoughts of retorting.

“Ruirui and Lucky will move with you to kill those three Water Ghost Spiders as quickly as possible.” Lin Xi then said to Chi Xiaoye.

When he heard these words, Chi Su immediately couldn’t help but look at him, asking, “Then what do we need to do?”

“We are going to launch an all out attack.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath and then chuckled. “You all will lay out a defense with all your strength. Our protection… will be placed in your hands.”

During this short time they used to converse, that aged Sea Fiend King already arrived at the side of that Sea Fiend King who suffered brain damage.

It reached out a hand to support the staggering Sea Fiend King, not immediately taking action against Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang.

The three half human half spider like Water Ghost Spiders in the tunnel all knelt down on the ground in extreme fear, as if they were kowtowing.

There was an even more damp breeze that blew over.

Those two old Green Radish Spirits who were shuddering suddenly collapsed, as if they were tomatoes that were cooked mushy, bursting apart, turning into a pool of rotten paste.

This was a type of formless pressure.

However, right at this instant, this aged but extremely powerful Sea Fiend King instead raised its eyelids, looking at Lin Xi who was still talking a breath ago.

Lin Xi already began Devil Transformation.

While speaking to Chi Su, he directly activated Devil Transformation.

Under the aged Sea Fiend King’s needle-like pupils, Lin Xi’s figure quickly grew larger. Before it could figure out just what kind of changes were taking place, Lin Xi released a somewhat painful low roar, pulling Big Black’s three strings.

His soul force covered his entire body densely to begin with, the speed of release exceeding all cultivators in this world apart from Gu Xinyin. His current devil transformed body even more so turned his body into this world’s fastest vessel of soul force output.

There were no wind sounds at all.

Instead, an expanse of darkness already surrounded the aged Sea Fiend King.

The instant Lin Xi began Devil Transformation, Chi Yuyin and the others still only felt shock, not knowing whether the changes happening to Lin Xi’s body were good or bad.

When the three-tailed Lucky made its way out from Lin Xi’s divine robes, Chi Xiaoye also decisively crazily running towards the three Water Ghost Spiders, they all understood that it was already time for all of them to go all out.

Two short swords that were entirely deep green, the blades instead covered in golden flower ring-like runes appeared in Chi Yuyin’s hands.

The instant these two short swords were pulled out, she released several rapid fierce shouts. Her entire figure rushed forward, just like a shield blocking in front of Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang.

Chi Su’s hands were trembling. Under the pouring of his soul force, a bit of firefly-like green fluorescence flew out from the strange vessel in his hands, entering Chi Shan’s hands. In this instant, this petite young lady whose body was blocked behind Lin Xi also released an unimaginable shrill roar.

It was as if she wanted to release all of the pain and power produced by her soul force through this roar.

Her body really was a bit too delicate.

While reckless surging soul force made her body seem like an even greater ventilator than before, her dark green robes fluttering about, it even made her body float into the air, floating up a few feet.

Fine bloody mist fluttered within her robes.

The blood that poured out from her skin actually carried a bit of a sweet scent.

This type of wild and fearless fighting stance completely didn’t lose out to a fearless Yunqin high ranking officer.

Her attack clearly gathered both Chi Su’s and her own power.

This was also a type of fighting style unimaginable for Yunqin cultivators.

However, there were no thistles and thorns like plants that crazily extended. There was only a green colored mushroom flickering with alluring fluorescence that appeared in the palm of her hands.

When this strange, entirely shining mushroom appeared in her hands, a dark blue curved moon shaped water blade already formed at the top of the aged Sea Fiend King’s head, cutting into the arrow radiance Lin Xi released with incomparable precision.

At the same time, Nangong Weiyang’s sword radiance descended upon the back of that Sea Fiend King who still didn’t have any fighting strength.

At this moment, the aged Sea Fiend King only did a single thing to deal with Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

It placed its right hand over the back of that Sea Fiend King’s head, blocking the wound beneath its ear.

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