Book 15 Chapter 39 - Mutant’s Battle

A battle between cultivators, especially a battle between high level cultivators, might seem extremely ordinary in the eyes of ordinary people since life and death was usually decided in a fraction of a second of a breath of time. In the eyes of an ordinary person, it was often just a single sword strike, and then one side would fall, the battle thus concluded.

However, the higher the level of the cultivators who were spectating, the more they could sense the fireworks released during this instant, the more they could feel how horrifying the battle really was.

Chi Yuyin’s green eyes instantly became filled with endless brilliance.

She first fell fear towards the Sea Fiend King’s footsteps, then felt relaxed and calm again when Nangong Weiyang’s sword was released. Meanwhile, when this streak of black radiance landed on the expanse of shadows, she was once again filled with shock and confusion.

She was one of the most powerful cultivators of Green Field City’s younger generation, her soul force already reaching the peak of State Master level, which was why she was able to fully sense the horror of this instant. In her perception, the instant Nangong Weiyang, Lin Xi and the Sea Fiend King took action, there was an incomparably massive cold sword that rose in the surrounding world, an azure sea filled with giant crazy waves, as well as a darkness that was even darker than the surroundings.

When that flying sword that was actually extremely small, but appeared absolutely massive in her perception shot out, she could sense this ferocious sword intent stab into the deep sea and the crazy deep sea water smashing into Nangong Weiyang’s body.

At the same time, the Sea Fiend King’s body was still evading with a speed exceeding the limits of her perception.

In her perception, Sea Fiend King’s body also seemed to have merged into the deep sea.

That was why even though the exchange between Nangong Weiyang and this Sea Fiend King was equal, in reality, the Sea Fiend King still had some energy left over, using this to evade Lin Xi’s strike.

At the very least, in terms of soul force cultivation, this Sea Fiend King was still more powerful than Nangong Weiyang.

Only, Nangong Weiyang’s power also exceeded her expectations, already allowing her to reestablish her confidence, making her feel like her people, together with Nangong Weiyang, already had a chance of killing this Sea Fiend King, which was why she recovered her cool.

Even so, in her perception, that expanse of deep sea was immediately blasted through by the expanse of dark night.

Lin Xi’s streak of black arrow radiance smashed into the expanse of afterimages with incomparable accuracy, locking down on Sea Fiend King’s true location.

The black arrow radiance descended on Sea Fiend King’s left eye.

In Chi Yuyin’s perception, only when the black arrow already smashed down into the Sea Fiend King’s left eye, creating a tangible clash of vital energy, was she certain that Lin Xi’s arrow already struck its target. Only then did she feel shock and confusion towards Lin Xi, an archer whose soul force cultivation was still far from hers still being able to lock onto Sea Fiend King’s true location.

It was because Chi Mang, who was similarly an archer, already couldn’t sense the exact location of the Sea Fiend King, unable to attack.

However, in the perception of a sacred level existence like this Sea Fiend King, time flowed even slower.

In the instant before the black arrow descended onto its left eye, he even had time to give this arrow and Lin Xi a look.

Its pupils were extremely thin.

Thin like a needle.

The remaining white of its eye was a bluish white color, making its expression look extremely cold and sinister to begin with, exceptionally callous and powerful.

However, similarly, its eyes were filled with confusion and bewilderment.

It couldn't understand why Lin Xi’s arrow could lock onto its body either.

Even so, when facing Lin Xi’s arrow, it didn’t even close its eyes.

There was a layer of transparent vital energy that condensed on its bluish white eyeballs, just like a layer of transparent membrane.

The black arrow radiance fiercely smashed into this layer of transparent membrane.

An air exploding noise sounded.

The black arrow radiance seemed like a tangible metal arrow, starting to quickly break apart from the arrowtip, releasing countless fine granules that flew in all directions, stirring up crazy winds.

Sea Fiend King’s transparent membrane that covered its eye produced a layer of ripples, and then this transparent membrane slowly disappeared.

Its blueish white pupil didn’t even cave in at all, only a fine speck of blood appearing where the arrowtip struck, as if there was an extremely fine red pupil added to its eyeball.

In this instant, Nangong Weiyang also raised her head, giving the Sea Fiend King a look.

Her face was still calm like before, but her soul force instead already began to surge crazily, just like when she faced Wenren Cangyue, pouring into her thin flying sword.

Countless wisps of blood scattered out from her fingertips, as if forming a red flower whose petals were fine like silk.

In this instant, the thin flying sword that was originally quickly flying through the air, stabbing beneath Sea Fiend King’s right ear, suddenly shook and then accelerated again. A visible sound wave erupted behind the sword.

A shrill scream was released from the Sea Fiend King’s mouth.

Its soul force cultivation was even a bit higher than Nangong Weiyang’s, but it never expected Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword to suddenly reach this type of speed.

The instant it released a shrill scream, turning its head around, a streak of blue radiance appeared by its mouth.

It was as if a blue pearl was going to be spat out from its mouth.

A wave of boundless vital energy condensed behind its head. A streak of half-moon shaped azure water blade was about to form.

However, the instant before this azure water blade was completely formed, the tip of Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword already stabbed into this azure water blade.

A light shua noise sounded.

The azure water blade shattered into countless blue threads.

The thin flying sword stabbed through without stopping at all, coming out from the back of the Sea Fiend King’s ear.


Sea Fiend King’s body staggered forward a step, a depression suddenly appearing beneath its feet. Fine cracks began to extend in all directions like spiderwebs.

When she saw Nangong Weiyang’s sword thrust through the back of the Sea Fiend King’s head, Chi Shan was about to subconsciously release a cheer. However, right at this time, when the azure water blade shattered into blue threads, there was a blue thread that cut into the thistles and thorns forest in front of her. Under a string of golden sparks, metallic clanging noises continuously sounded, the thorns and thistles in front of her collapsed, only five or six crisscrossed thorns remaining in front of her.

Her expression instantly became snow-white, lacking half a trace of color.

Blasts of sparks also appeared on Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

Lin Xi’s brows also furrowed deeply, his expression suddenly becoming extremely grave.

A streak of water seemed to have surged from his body, suddenly condensing into a water sphere, pouring into Big Black in his hands.

Once again, a black arrow once appeared in this dark cave.

In this situation where he didn’t use Devil Transformation, he also already used up all of his strength.

His previous strike actually only left behind a speck of blood on this Sea Fiend King’s eye. When the power of his arrow smashed into the vital force the Sea Fiend King condensed, Sea Fiend King’s eye not only didn’t directly explode like a berry, it didn’t even warp much. This could only mean that the Sea Fiend King’s eye wasn’t as soft and weak as a normal cultivator’s, but rather sturdy to the extreme.

Meanwhile, Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword only stabbed several inches behind Sea Fiend King’s ear. When it rapidly withdrew from Sea Fiend King’s flesh, grinding noises were produced.

This could only mean that Sea Fiend King’s skin, flesh and bones might all be as sturdy as Yunqin’s highest quality fine metals!

That was why when Sea Fiend King took a step forward, releasing terrifying footstep sounds, it wasn’t because he was deliberately forcefully stepping on the ground, but rather since its body truly was as if cast from the highest level fine metals, heavy to the extreme!

If no further threats could be delivered to the Sea Fiend King, then Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword might even have a chance of being forcefully seized in Sea Fiend King’s palm!

The power of the flying sword already thrusted deeply into Sea Fiend King’s brain, already injuring some of Sea Fiend King’s brain meridians, making it a bit difficult for it to control its body’s balance. The point of bleeding on the left eye that was struck by Lin Xi was still enlarging, to the extent where it was starting to lose sight in that eye. However, its right hand was still incomparably steady, blue radiance swirling around it, grabbing towards Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

It was already sure that it could grab this flying sword.

However, right at this instant, a new wave of power appeared beneath its palm.

A streak of black arrow radiance stabbed beneath its palm just like a black chopstick.

Its palm shook, smashing aside this streak of black arrow light.

However, the power stored within this black arrow light made its body that originally already lost balance stagger even more.

It felt exceptionally angry.

It felt like Lin Xi who used these black arrow lights was just like an annoying fly.

However, it still felt like it could grab this flying sword.

It decided that it was going to kill the owner of this flying sword, and then kill that annoying Lin Xi.

However, Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword was once again outside of its expectations, even outside of Lin Xi’s expectations.

Nangong Weiyang was always a different species.

In Green Field City, she was a mutant from the moment she was born. In Yunqin, she was similarly a different breed.

This was the same for her fighting style.

Everyone thought that her flying sword wanted to withdraw, but her flying sword instead didn’t withdraw, instead, it wanted to push forward further!

When Sea Fiend King’s palm descended on nothing, this flying sword that pulled back, releasing dazzling sparks from the grinding friction, once again erupted with sound waves, thrusting towards Sea Fiend King’s wound again, fiercely stabbing in!

Once more, countless wisps of blood erupted in front of Nangong Weiyang’s body.

A lot of crushed and mushy flesh also blasted out from Sea Fiend King’s wound.

Sea Fiend King’s face instantly warped.

It frantically tried to control its body, but every single order its brain gave to its body seemed to be distorted. 

It still didn’t fall, but its body continuously staggered about, its palm also continuously swaying, yet couldn’t land on the back of its head.

Several Fiend Race cultivators’ eyes pulled back from Sea Fiend King’s body, shifting to Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi’s bodies, their eyes filled with deep respect.

“It still hasn’t ended yet.”

However, right at this time, Nangong Weiyang instead suddenly said this.

She looked at Lin Xi, as if these words were spoken for him.

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