Book 15 Chapter 38 - Sea Fiend King

A string of rapid notes sounded from Chi Yuyin’s mouth, as if a real elf was singing.

Chi Su then frantically produced some seeds from the wolf teeth club, handing them to the shortest Fiend Clan member Chi Shan.

Chi Shan’s green hair began to flutter crazily behind her. There were even streams of air that began to rush outwards from her surroundings like sharp swords.

Stalks of black iron colored thistles and thorns that looked like steel began to grow out from the ground. In a breath of time, they already grew to the height of two people.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed.

Just from the soul force that rippled from Chi Shan’s body, he could sense that this seemingly most petite, extremely delicate Fiend Race young lady’s cultivation was actually even above his, a cultivator who was already close to the late stage of State Master level. Only, Nangong Weiyang already released her sword just now, so there was no way these Fiend Race cultivators didn’t know Nangong Weiyang was a sword controlling Sacred Expert. He didn’t feel like these three Water Ghost Spiders and the Green Radish Spirits were enough for these Fiend Race cultivators to be nervous to this degree.

What even more so made him feel that reality wasn’t this simple was that Chi Xiaoye didn’t immediately translate what Chi Yuyin said for him.

“Water Ghost Spiders have a bit of intelligence, but Green Radish Spirits are purely predatory, lack all intelligence.”

Only when Lin Xi turned around to look at Chi Xiaoye, did she recover from her shock, seriously and quickly saying to Lin Xi, “There isn’t much of a connection between Green Radish Spirits and Water Ghost Spiders. Normally, Green Radish Spirits should instead avoid powerful fiend beasts like Water Ghost Spiders, so there is no way this is a coincidence, that this type of pincer attack would form. According to our experiences regarding Ancient Witch Forest, the most likely result is that both of these species were restricted under an even more powerful fiend beast.”

“Those that can force these two types of creatures to obey them, in our knowledge, could only be a few types of fiend beasts. Meanwhile, these fiend beasts are all legendary sacred level existences.” Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, quickly adding this.

“There might be a fiend beast at the sacred level?”

Lin Xi immediately understood why these Fiend Race cultivators looked like they were facing a great enemy.

Sacred level fiend beasts were existences that normally only appeared in unknown lands to begin with anyway. The most crucial part was that just like how when Yunqin cultivators faced these Fiend Race cultivators, they would definitely suffer from not being used to its style of fighting. It is precisely because sacred level fiend beasts were even fewer in number than regular Sacred Experts, that was why cultivators understood even less about the fighting styles of these types of fiend beasts, making it even easier for them to get the worst of it.


A muffled noise sounded from the darkness behind the two old Green Radish Spirits.

The two Green Radish Spirits were originally frantically twisting about, releasing whining noises, even allowing Lin Xi to see that their ‘legs’ had vein lines different from ordinary Green Radish Spirits, as if they were growth rings that were exposed outside. However, after this muffled noise sounded, these two old Green Radish Spirits immediately stopped moving. As if they were shivering slightly, the green leaves on their upper bodies released rustling sounds.

Meanwhile, in the path up ahead, those three restless Water Ghost Spiders also clearly began to curl up shivering, stopping in place.

Boom! Boom!...

Muffled noises continuously sounded.

When the first noise sounded, it sounded just like there was a bass drum being struck in the distance. Then, when these sounds sounded continously, everyone already became certain that these were footsteps.

Just how heavy of a body was it that when they stepped on the ground, this type of huge noise would be created?

Chi Yuyin’s hands tightly gripped her own two short swords’ handles. She couldn’t help but turn her head towards Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi. Her palms were already completely covered in cold sweat. Just this type of footstep sounds alone already made her produce a powerless feeling.

However, what made her mind couldn’t help but surge with a certain type of emotion was that Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s expressions were both extremely calm.

The instant the first footstep sounded, Chi Shan’s expression already changed.

Her petite figure seemed to have become a giant ventilator.

Bursts of soul force flickering with light green radiance continuously poured out of her hands. Those steel-like thistles and thorns grew crazily, already completely filling up the amount of space illuminated by the Moon Flowers’ radiance.

The thickest part of the thistles and thorns already grew to the size of a child’s arm, the thinnest portion also at least that of a finger. The sharp thorns were all several inches in length, flickering with a heart palpitating cold radiance.

The footstep sounds became louder and louder.

They gradually changed, no longer like that of bass drum strikes, but rather more like giant pillars smashing into the earth.

The ground continuously shook, as if there was an earthquake.

Lin Xi who was calmly observing the darkness behind two Green Radish Spirits who didn’t dare move suddenly raised his hand.

Chi Yuyin and all of the other Fiend Race cultivators’ eyes were all drawn by Lin Xi’s movement. In the next instant, they reacted again, casting their gaze towards the place Lin Xi’s finger was pointed at.

A bit of fine radiance shone on Lin Xi’s fingertip, and then it instantly became greater, turning into waves of dazzling beams of light.

An erect figure that walked with a speed that wasn’t too fast or too slow appeared before everyone’s eyes.

This was completely a human figure, from the distance, it looked as if a person was walking here.

Only, even though this person’s hair was black, its body was covered in armor-like dark blue scales. Its hair and scales were all damp, as if its body was covered in something like catfish mucus.

The unique soul force radiance on its body formed a faintly discernible halo underneath it, as if an expanse of water was continuously rippling.

Its body was also about the same height as an ordinary person. It had this type of body, yet when every single step was released, there was this type of heavy noise, it even more so gave off a type of absurd feeling and powerful pressure.

“Sea Fiend King!”

Several rapid cries of alarm sounded, but only Chi Xiaoye alone used Yunqin language. That was why Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang naturally only focused on this voice.

“Sea Fiend King? What kind of fiend beast is it?”

Lin Xi immediately asked.

When it involved a battle against a sacred level opponent, not a single bit of soul force could be wasted. Before they gained some understanding regarding this fiend beast, neither him nor Nangong Weiyang had any plans to make any rash moves.

“It is a humanoid fiend beast that can condense water currents out of nothing, moreover fight in this manner. We do not know the rest either, but our Green Field City doesn’t have anyone who has encountered this type of fiend beast, or perhaps all those who have encountered this type of fiend beast have all already died without our knowledge.” Chi Xiaoye looked at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, replying.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Right at this time, three sounds of arrows tearing through the air sounded.

Three green arrows shot towards this Sea Fiend King like streaks of electricity.

Right now, Sea Fiend King already passed the two entirely shivering Green Radish Spirits. Moreover, this Sea Fiend King had water vapor swirling all around its body, so for an archer like Chi Mang, this was already the best timing.

Three bursts of fiery light erupted on Sea Fiend King’s body at the same time.

The Sea Fiend King actually didn’t evade these three arrows at all.

The three arrows directly became three dark red fang bearing octopus-like vines, attaching themselves to Sea Fiend King’s body, and then quickly began to burn.

One blast even directly reached Sea Fiend King’s face.

The instant the fiery light ignited, Lin Xi could clearly see that Sea Fiend King’s facial features weren’t all that different from an ordinary person, nor were there any scales on its face. Only, on its deathly pale skin, there were streaks of bluish black blood vessels, these seeming a bit like cultivators who carried out Devil Transformation.

Chi Mang’s second round of green arrows also already left his hands. However, in this instant, his breathing instead stopped, his green eyes also rapidly contracting.

The flames burned, but couldn’t leave behind any trace on Sea Fiend King’s body. These flames declined at an incomprehensible speed, quickly weakening. It was as if the octopus plants were about to die, about to fall off of Sea Fiend King’s body.

Chilliness also continuously surged within Chi Yuyin’s mind.

She understood the full powered firing of Chi Mang clearly. Even if we disregard the power of the Fire Thistle Radishes that activated under his soul force, the impact of Chi Mang’s three arrows already carried the power of a speeding carriage.

However, this Sea Fiend King didn’t evade or dodge. When this type of power smashed into its body, its body actually didn’t even stagger.

Just how powerful of a creature was this?

“I still haven’t carried out soul merging[1].” When facing this terrifying fied beast, at this moment, Nangong Weiyang’s voice was still just like before, calmly and seriously telling this to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi thought for a bit, and then nodded. Then, he quietly said to himself, “I don’t know if I can still carry out a soul merging.”

Chi Su who was holding the wolf tooth club-like strange vessel felt his entire body dripping with cold sweat, but when he heard Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi’s conversation, he completely sank into a state of shock and perplexity.

Judging from Nangong Weiyang’s intentions, it seemed like they wanted to use this type of fiend beast to carry out soul merging? …That was why she wanted Lin Xi to not beat this Sea Fiend King to the point where it couldn’t carry out soul merging anymore?

This fiend beast was naturally already powerful to the extreme, its power obviously enough to move the hearts of any Yunqin cultivator who could cultivate soul merging.

Only, when facing this type of fiend beast, could it be that what she was thinking about was only soul merging, not feeling the slightest bit of fear that she might be killed by this fiend beast instead?

Chi Wu just could not understand this.

Right at this moment, the Sea Fiend King suddenly raised its head.

In its cold and gloomy eyes, the three arrows that previously landed on its body didn’t exist at all. The only thing in its eyes were two lights that suddenly appeared.

A streak of ice-cold sword radiance.

A streak of black light that drew an arc through the air.

A wave of terrifying heaven and earth vital energy fluctuations suddenly rippled in the darkness. An expanse of dark blue splashes blocked the flying sword that was currently flying towards the inside of its left leg. The sharp and quickly flying flying sword made contact with the similarly gentle looking splash, but instead released an ear splitting noise.

The Sea Fiend King’s body staggered slightly.

Nangong Weiyang’s eyelashes jumped.

Right now, the Sea Fiend King’s body was still evading to the left.

It similarly took a step forward like before, but its body produced countless afterimages.

At this time, rows of afterimages began to tremble slightly, making it hard for even Chi Xiaoye to realize which one was its real body.

Precisely at this time, that streak of dark arrow radiance landed on those afterimages.

1. When a cultivator reached State Knight level, they could use a soul merging cultivation method, having a chance to extract a young fiend beast’s power into their own soul force. If the merging of the soul was successful, when one attacked with all of their strength, it would be equivalent to being supported by a soul merged fiend beast’s power. B8C23

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