Book 15 Chapter 37 - Trap

“What kind of bow is this?”

The eyes with which Chi Mang looked at Lin Xi already became completely different. He was certain that in the hidden darkness, those Green Radish Spirits who prepared to ambush them already withdrew in alarm, most of this because of the aura released by this soul weapon in Lin Xi’s hands.

This type of aura and the arrow radiance that didn’t leave any traces also left him in reverence and shock.

“This is Big Black, our Green Luan Academy’s most powerful soul weapon.” This time, Lin Xi didn’t need Chi Xiaoye’s translation, also able to tell what Chi Mang was asking about.

“Your eyes can disregard the darkness, you can see these things in the darkness?” The eyes of the shortest Fiend Race young lady who held several Moon Flowers also began to become filled with respect.

“I can only see a bit further than you all.” Lin Xi looked at this Fiend Race young lady whose build was about the same as his younger sister Lin Qian, but was clearly extremely brave, full of a good impression as he said, “It is just like many of your unique cultivation methods, I merely cultivated a type of cultivation method that could improve my sight.”

“Please forgive my doubt towards you from before.” After a bit of hesitation, Chi Mang looked at Lin Xi, seriously apologizing. “If we really fought, I might have already died under your arrow radiance before my arrow was even fired.”

Lin Xi admired these Fiend Race cultivators’ frankness and bluntness. He looked at Chi Mang who looked identical to the elven archer in his mind, about to say some words that could make their relationship  better. However, right at this time, his brows suddenly furrowed. His eyes moved past Chi Mang and the others, staring into the depths of the cave ahead.

“What’s wrong?”

Chi Yuyin also couldn’t help but ask.

Since Lin Xi already led many battles, already naturally possessing the qualities of a high ranking officer, together with the ability he displayed, Chi Yuyin, this fierce Fiend Race young lady whose first impression of Lin Xi was extremely poor, also formlessly began to respect Lin Xi’s opinions.

Lin Xi’s expression became a bit more grave.

He took a few steps forward. He walked in front of Chi Yuyin and the others, reached out his hands, and then spoke quietly with his brows locked together. “There are some things that are rather large that are heading in our direction.”

“Large figures?” Chi Yuyin’s hands also landed on the hilt of the blades at her legs, saying vigilantly, “You can see them?”

“Not yet.” Lin Xi shook his head. “However, I am sure that they are much larger than these Green Radish Spirits. It is because I can feel these things’ movements, the effects on the wind streams here.”

“You can sense such fine changes in the wind?”

Chi Mang’s respect immediately became a bit greater. Even though he didn’t know that Green Luan Academy Windstalkers received all types of training regarding wind flow, as an archer, he understood extremely clearly what kind of uses being able to clearly sense even such slight changes in wind flow brought.

“Even if they are the most formidable Green Radish Spirits, they shouldn’t be enough to trap our clansmen.” A trace of a resolute expression flashed past Chi Yuyin’s eyes. She said with a heavy voice, “It might precisely be these things that are larger than Green Radish Spirits that trapped our clansmen.”

After saying this, she continued forward.

Lin Xi immediately followed her. All of them understood the meaning of Chi Yuyin’s words. For them, if they wanted to save their clansmen, then they had to at least understand clearly just what kind of thing exactly it was that trapped those clansmen cultivators. As for how they were going to find out what it was, only if they truly got closer and saw these things, would they have a chance of knowing.

While holding several Moon Flowers, Chi Shan who could illuminate more than ten meters of space quickly arrived at the very front of the troop. Lin Xi also unknowingly arrived at her side, walking with her side by side.

Even though in some places where the stalagmites were extremely concentrated, Lin Xi and her would get extremely close, Chi Shan understood that this Yunqin cultivator wanted to protect her, which was why she formlessly produced a bit more of a favorable impression towards this young Yunqin cultivator.

After moving for more than ten li of distance, the sharp crossed fang-like stalagmites suddenly disappeared.

Inside this type of dark cave that was covered in all types of side roads, more than ten li of path was already extremely far. If they didn’t have the trail left behind previously by those Fiend Race cultivators, if they wanted to completely explore this dark cave, who knew how much time that would take.

Lin Xi subconsciously raised his palm upwards, making a military order meant for the Yunqin troop to stop advancing.

The changes in the wind produced from the movements of those massive figures had already disappeared for a long time, but now, these wind currents appeared again, and he could sense them even more clearly… This type of feeling was just like someone standing in front of a ventilator, blocking the cold wind that came out.

This type of feeling made Lin Xi certain that these massive bodies were already extremely close to them.

Without the slightest hesitation, his left hand reached forward. A streak of pure and extremely dazzling light quickly extended outwards, instantly illuminating everything several hundred meters in front of him.

Chi Yuyin and the other Fiend Race cultivators didn’t understand Yunqin military orders, but the instant Lin Xi’s body stopped, they also already unknowingly stopped.

As the streak of light extended from Lin Xi’s hands, they quickly saw that there was a five or six meter tall arched stone cave entrance near them.

The inside of the entrance was extremely level, completely like an artificially cut giant path. At the end of this giant path was a similar cave entrance, a bit of orange-red radiance flickering within it.

In front of where this mysterious radiance was vaguely released, deeper inside the wide passage, appeared three huge figures.

These were three giant spiders that were close to three meters tall.

However, the upper bodies of these three spiders were also vaguely humanoid.

Their upper bodies were slightly stooped, to the extent where they also had two arms and long hair.

Only, their long hair was sticking to their backs, as if they were rotting seaweed.

Their bodies also flickered with watery radiance, clammy, as if they were corpses that had been soaked in water for a long time.

Their appearances were a bit different from their dark blue bodies, deathly pale, their two eyes instead flickering with deep green radiance.

“Water Ghost Spiders!”

These three creatures whose bodies carried blood, closer to Yunqin’s traditional definition of a fiend beast, dispelled all of their party’s doubts towards this artificially made path and mysterious radiance. Chi Xiaoye’s nervous voice immediately sounded. “These are fiend beasts with State Master level strength!”

“Chi Su!”

Chi Yuyin suddenly released a fierce shout.

Chi Su who was following behind Lin Xi instantly reacted, a bit embarrassed as he removed the weapon on his back that always left Lin Xi curious in a bit of a flustered manner.

Only now did Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang see clearly that this thing Chi Su carried was indeed just like a light purple wolf teeth club. Only, on the very top of this thick club, there weren’t any sharp thorns, it was instead covered in small holes.

This spiked club-like object was just like the tree staff in the hands of that Green Field City wise one, its material giving one a coral-like feeling, moreover swirling with unique vital energy.

A wisp of soul force poured out from Chi Su’s hands, into this thing. Then, Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang saw that there was a light red colored, soybean-like seed that fell out from one of the holes in this object.

“This is the seed of the Sobering Flower, hurry and place it into your mouth to avoid being poisoned by the Water Ghost Spider’s venomous mist!”

Chi Su quickly divided up one pill per person, at the same time quickly saying this to Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang.

Nangong Weiyang didn’t say too much, directly throwing the faint red seed into her mouth. At the same time, her brows furrowed, only now did she realize that this thing Chi Su carried seemed to be a type of vessel for storing all types of seeds.

The largest full-bearded Fiend Race cultivator continuously released a few rushed sounds.

Chi Xiaoye quickly translated for Lin Xi. “These Water Ghost Spiders’ brains are in their abdomen, and there are a total of seven hearts. That is why its seemingly humanoid upper body is only for decoration, even if they are destroyed, it wouldn’t do anything to it. The main focus should be in the abdomen of the lower body. It doesn’t release any spider webs, but it will spray out a venomous cloud. The Sobering Seed cannot ensure absolute safety, so we should hold our breaths as much as possible. This is a close range fighting fiend beast, every single leg’s strength exceptionally powerful. Moreover, these spiders’ leg joints are extremely strange, they can twist at will, so there is no way of knowing which direction they are attacking from. They fight completely different from normal close range cultivators and fiend beasts.”

Chi Shan produced a few more moon flowers in her hand.

She could tell that Lin Xi’s radiance needed to exhaust a large amount of strength, which was why she did her best to throw out these Moon Flowers in her hands onto the path ahead.

Lin Xi nodded. His extended hand landed on Big Black, about to be the first to move.

Right now, even though it was still rather far from those three Water Ghost Spiders, with Big Black, he could still launch an attack.

However, in this instant, his eyes suddenly flickered intensely.

With a chi noise, the cloth wrapped longsword suddenly shattered all of the cloth, flying out from his back. It fiercely stabbed beneath Chi Yuyin’s feet like a falling star.

Right at this instant, Nangong Weiyang also seemed to have sensed something immediately after. A streak of extremely cold sword radiance flew out from her sleeves, stabbing deep into the earth beneath Chi Shan with even greater speed.

Chi Yuyin, Chi Shan and the others didn’t know what was happening at all, only subconsciously jumping, evading to the side.

When the sword radiance had just landed on the hard ground, the calm ground suddenly shook.

Following heart shaking cries from the distant darkness, two vines that looked exceptionally sturdy rushed out from the ruptured ground. Yellow green juice spurted out from their front ends, clearly cut apart by Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s swords.

“These are old Green Radish Spirits!”

Chi Mang who held a light green longbow turned around in horror. He looked towards the darkness behind him. The area that released screams was over two hundred steps from where they were!

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