Book 15 Chapter 36 - Powerful Archer

“They are still alive!”

The Fiend Race young lady whose build was the most petite, in her hands a few shining moon flowers, released a low cheer.

However, immediately afterwards, she turned around to say somewhat gravely towards Chi Yuyin, “They already don’t have many dandelion seeds left.”

Lin Xi saw quite a few white dandelion seeds land on the trees and rocks.

These white colored dandelion seeds were all like pompons, the size of a palm. Such large dandelion seeds were indeed extremely eye-catching, not easily overlooked by passing cultivators.

Lin Xi saw that some dandelion seeds already began to germinate, growing slightly purple colored stems, only then did he understand that these Fiend Race cultivators most likely judged from the most recent white dandelion seeds’ numbers that the number of dandelion seeds in the hands of their clansmen inside were already few. Right at this time, the stern faced Chi Yuyin said, “We are going in.”

Without waiting for any reply from Lin Xi and the others, she already rushed into the even darker cave.

Most of the Moon Flowers’ radiance was absorbed, the inside seeming even more hazy, as if there was a thin layer of clouds that scattered down the moonlight.

Lin Xi and the others who followed behind Chi Yuyin saw that this cave’s four walls’ ordinary mountain stone also had quite a bit of black crystals embedded. This type of black crystal that absorbed radiance were like tiny tunnels of darkness, making the atmosphere here even more stifling and tense.

Layers of sharp shadows quickly appeared ahead.

“We need to head down and walk.”

Chi Yuyin’s voice quickly sounded, sounding a bit empty as it echoed through this place.

Those sharp figures were all stalagmites, intercrossing like fangs. Even with the size of the Immortal Butterfly Flowers, it still didn’t look like they could fly inside.

“It seems like this is also for the sake of preserving soul force.”

Lin Xi muttered to himself.

He could tell that Chi Yuyin already exhausted quite a bit of soul force, her body continuously releasing faint green light. It seemed like controlling the Immortal Butterfly Flowers was just like controlling Divine Wooden Flying Cranes, needing a continuous amount of soul force infusion.

Chi Yuyin and the others clearly didn’t have any intentions of discussing the rescue operation with Lin Xi. Lin Xi also happily remained idle, not thinking anything, only following behind these Fiend Race cultivators, looking at the massive and deep dark caves like a tourist.

There were already continuous side roads that appeared. Chi Yuyin and the others were clearly following some traces left by their clansmen, not revealing any hesitation when choosing their path forward, their speed of advance extremely fast.

Apart from those sharp stalagmites that were like giant blades, Lin Xi didn’t see any signs of man-made carvings.

This type of place, was it really like what these Fiend Race individuals suspected, the tombs of ancient cultivators existing inside?

Chi Yuyin and Chi Shan who were walking at the very front suddenly stopped.

Right now, they didn’t utter any sounds, but everyone already knew why these two did this.

In a fork in the road up ahead, under the Moon Flower’s hazy radiance, six walking figures suddenly appeared.

“Green Radish Spirits.”

Lin Xi widened his eyes in shock, these three words immediately appearing in his head.

The first feeling those six figures gave him was that they were six large radishes that were standing on the ground. However, these ‘radishes’ were walking, the upper half of their bodies covered in large, lush green leaves. Their lower halves were ash green colored, looking just like legs that were covered in many strips of clothes.

These Green Radish Spirits clearly didn’t expect to suddenly encounter so many cultivators here.

They seemed to have a natural sense of danger. In this instant, these six Green Radish Spirits actually all released strange high pitch girly screams.

These sounds were produced from the friction between their leaves and vines while their bodies twisted intensely.

Many long whip-like vines shot out from beneath their feet. Some quickly crawled along the ground, some instead climbing onto the rocks above, making their way through the sky as if spears were thrown.

 There were many rustling noises that sounded. A lot of the tough rock surfaces had deep marks left in them from the thrashing of these vines, stone powder continuously scattering down.

Lin Xi’s hand subconsciously moved towards the bow case behind him. However, in this instant, he stopped moving.

It was because at this time, he saw that Chi Mang who previously challenged him already calmly raised the longbow in his hands.

This entirely openwork green longbow that looked like it was sculpted from Central Continent City’s finest ivory flickered with a lot of slightly yellow radiance, as if there was an expanse of yellow field flowers that suddenly blossomed.

Six air piercing noises sounded at the same time.

Lin Xi noticed the way in which this Fiend Race archer used his bow… Apart from his right hand’s thumb, all four of his other fingers pulled back the bowstring side by side, an arrow between each of his two fingers.

This meant that this Fiend Race archer fired three arrows at once, so six arrows only needed two rounds of firing.

The four fingers all pulled back the bowstring, for an archer, this was one of the steadiest ways to release an arrow. However, Lin Xi noticed that not only did this Fiend Race archer ensure stability, his six arrows each locked onto a Green Radish Spirit with incomparable precision.

Only using the gap between the fingers and position on the bow to adjust the destination, moreover able to accomplish this on the first try, separately locking onto three targets… Even though those three targets were close together, this type of archery skill had to have been practiced an untold number of times, already enough to be described with the word astonishing.

This was a rapid firing archer.

Lin Xi inwardly set this definition towards this Fiend Race archer.

It was because this type of archery skill could clearly fire at three different parts of the opponent, completely the same as firing three arrows when another archer could only fire a single one.

If this was on the battlefield, if there was this type of rapid fire archer that worked with himself and Bian Linghan, then apart from formidable Sacred Experts, they could kill whichever enemy high ranking officers they wanted to kill.

All of this flashed past Lin Xi’s mind the instant the air shattering noise sounded.

Immediately afterwards, he was a bit stunned.

What Chi Xiaoye told him and Nangong Weiyang before wasn’t wrong at all. These Green Radish Spirits indeed had ability equivalent to Soul Master level cultivators.

This type of ability didn’t only refer to their offensive power, but also to the enemy’s reaction speed.

When facing the incoming six green arrows, every single Green Radish Spirit released an even more piercing scream. They all released an even thicker vine from within their heads’ green leaves, sweeping through the arrows with incomparable precision.

Thud! Thud…

Muffled striking noises suddenly sounded, echoing through the dark cave.

These voices were just like the sounds of the sturdiest wooden planks striking a type of leather.

The green arrows’ power didn’t seem to be enough to disregard this type of strike. However, there was no sign of the arrows snapping or being swept flying.

The instant these vines swept into the arrows, these green arrows suddenly shone, changed color, and then spread out, becoming spheres made of over ten dark red roots, becoming a strange plant, resembling of an octopus.

Immediately afterwards, pu pu noises sounded continuously.

Every single unfolded arrow became a plant, actually like octopuses, directly sucking onto these Green Radish Spirits’ upper bodies.

The octopus feet like dark red roots fiercely dug into these Green Radish Spirits’ bodies.

These Green Radish Spirits released an even crazier scream. All of the vines that were extended were retracted, frantically trying to tear off these ‘dark red octopuses’.

However, there was even more radiance released in the darkness.

Regardless of whether it was the spacious leaves that were green to the point where they seemed like they flowed with oil, the two leg-like thick gray green roots, or the retracted vines, whenever they made contact with these dark red roots, they were all scorched black, and then began to produce fiery light, starting to burn.

The six green bodies frantically squirmed under the fiery radiance, but they just couldn’t twist free. The flames began to burn more and more fiercely. In the end, a larger half completely burned to ashes, only two legs which looked like wooden stumps still burning and releasing smoke.

While looking at this scene, Lin Xi’s expression became a bit complicated.

How was this still a rapid fire archer?

He already began to imagine the scene of a cultivator having this type of ‘octopus’ fired at their face.

“These arrows are all plants?”

He couldn’t help but look at Chi Mang who withdrew his arrow, seriously and humbly asking, “If this lands on the bodies of cultivators like us, would it start burning too?”

Chi Mang’s brows furrowed, but because of the radiance Lin Xi previously released, as well as the humble and moderate expression he held, after a bit of hesitation, he still said, “These are Fire Thistle Radishes. They can instantly suck up large amounts of water and grow, in the end releasing flames. Its seeds are precisely in the flames’ smoke. Unless it is metal, it should be able to burn everything else.”

“What a formidable soul weapon… moreover, it should be a special soul weapon only cultivators with special aptitudes like all of you can use.” Under Chi Xiaoye’s simultaneous translation, Lin Xi sincerely spoke in praise, continuing to ask for guidance, “If ordinary arrows are used, do these Green Radish Spirits have any areas that will be comparatively more fatal?”

“The center.” Chi Mang clearly also wanted to see Lin Xi’s archery. He looked at Lin Xi and said, “The place where the Green Radish Spirits’ legs are linked… If an arrow can cut them open from that location, directly splitting the Green Radish Spirit in half, then the Green Radish Spirit will die.”

“What peculiar plants.”

Lin Xi gave the burning smoke a look. He shook his head, and then opened the bow case behind him.

Chi Mang’s brows were instantly raised.

Chi Yuyin who never turned around all this time also sensed something, turning around to look at Lin Xi.

These Fiend Race cultivators didn’t understand why Lin Xi would open up his bow case at this time.

Lin Xi smiled calmly. He reached out his hand, moving Big Black’s three strings.

Screams of alarm suddenly sounded in the distant darkness.

Chi Yuyin and the others’ expressions immediately changed.

Chi Shan threw one of the moon flowers in her hands with all of her strength, throwing it into the darkness like a torch.

As the light advanced, these Fiend Race cultivators saw that there were at least fifteen or sixteen Green Radish Spirits who were twisting about in alarm, rushing further back into the darkness like a tide.

There was one Green Radish Spirit that stood in place motionless, the vines that were extended had all fallen to the ground without moving. There was already a large hole in the middle, it was completely split in half.

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