Book 15 Chapter 35 -Darkness Gemstone

Lin Xi’s eyes shifted towards this Fiend Race archer who challenged him.

This was a long haired handsome youngster who was especially neat and tidy, giving off a feeling of almost being obsessed with cleanliness.

Every single strand of hair fell vertically in a supple manner. Even if his hair wasn’t bound, just allowed to fall behind his head, it still didn’t get messy in any way.

His skin looked like it had been washed several times, his fingernails trimmed extremely carefully. There wasn’t a trace of filth to be seen from the corners of his clothes.

An extremely refined, openwork light green longbow hung from behind him.

This young Fiend Race archer’s image completely matched the elven archer in Lin Xi’s imagination.

Following the other party’s gaze, Lin Xi’s eyes swept over the half bow case exposed behind him, understanding that this Fiend Race archer named Chi Mang should have guessed at his identity as an archer from this bow case. Moreover, it was likely that he felt a bit of dissatisfaction towards Chi Su talking in such friendly terms with him, feeling like a clansmen being too close to an outsider Yunqin cultivator will make Yunqin cultivators know too many things about Green Field City and Ancient Witch Forest.

“You now already know about your own past… will you still treat them as your fellow clansmen?” Lin Xi didn’t immediately reply to this Fiend Race archer who challenged him, instead quietly asking Nangong Weiyang next to him.

Nangong Weiyang frowned. She gave Lin Xi a look. “Whether I like them or not, I was born here, so they are my clansmen, this fact cannot be changed.”

“Honestly speaking, your temperament really is too different from ordinary Yunqin people. These clansmen of yours instead share a bit of similarity.” Lin Xi quietly laughed, giving the exceptionally fierce and stern Fiend Race archer’s green eyes a look, quietly saying, “Look, their eyes are just like pure green gemstones, all emotions clearly reflected. Regardless of how different these clansmen of yours think from us, when I see these pure eyes, I really cannot find the fighting intent to give them a vicious beating within me…”

Nangong Weiyang said in a seemingly uninterested manner, “If you are willing to fight then fight, if you don’t want to then don’t. I won’t feel hurt or feel bad, I don’t need you to straighten anything out with me. What are you speaking so much nonsense with me for?”

Lin Xi who was directly seen through chuckled in embarrassment. Only then did he shake his head gently, looking at this Fiend Race archer. “All competitions wil exhaust quite a bit of soul force, so I feel like there is not much of a need. We can just learn from each other when we face the enemy.”

The handsome Fiend Race archer didn’t expect Lin Xi to reject him so directly.

His brows furrowed, sizing Lin Xi up for a long time. “Do these Yunqin cultivators really feel confident because of their strength, or are they deliberately mystifying things?” He couldn’t help but ask Chi Yuyin at his side quietly.

Chi Yuyin didn’t even turn her head. “There is no need to fret. We will find out soon.”

Apart from Chi Mang and Chi Su, the other two Fiend Race cultivators didn’t say anything from start until now.

Only, regardless of whether it was that Fiend Race young lady who seemed to be about the same age as Chi Xiaoye, only a bit shorter than Chi Xiaoye, no weapons visible on her, or if it was that Fiend Race man who grew a full beard, their eyes both clearly flickered with doubt and suspicion towards Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang.

Even though these Fiend Race experts all felt like there was definitely reason behind the three wise ones’ decision, they still didn’t believe that outside Yunqin cultivators would be of greater use than them in Ancient Witch Forest.

Chi Su who sensed the clear displeasure of his clansmen was too ashamed to remain too close to Lin Xi, pulling open a bit of distance from Lin Xi and the others.

Their journey thus became a bit gloomy.

Fortunately, the four day journey wasn’t too far with the speed of these Immortal Butterfly Flowers. When the afternoon sunshine began to turn a dusky yellow, while Lin Xi was still sizing up the green arrows exposed on that handsome Fiend Race archer Chi Mang’s back, Chi Yuyin at the very front already began to descend.

They already arrived at Ink Crystal Jungle.

Stalks of strange, sky reaching giant trees that didn’t seem to have any tree bark and vine-like plants that were concentrated like spider webs firmly stuffed up this jungle, making it so that all those who descended here felt an inward fear.

A fragrance that was exceptionally powerful, to the extent where it even made Lin Xi feel a bit dizzy filled this jungle.

“This is the fragrance from Myriad Flower Stream, the strongest within it is from the Burning White Flower. It will easily make one feel unwell, so you all need a bit of time to adjust.”

When she saw Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s expressions, Chi Xiaoye immediately took the initiative to explain.

“According to what you said before, Myriad Flower Stream is still extremely far from this place. The fragrance here is already so intense, then just how strong is it in Myriad Flower Stream?” Lin Xi felt like this type of fragrance even made him feel a bit nauseous. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows as he asked.

Chi Xiaoye nodded. “There is a lot of pollens and poisons, these are also precisely why apart from Myriad Flower Stream also having many fiend beasts, even our clansmen rarely head over to Myriad Flower Stream even though we have confirmed that there are many plants in Myriad Flower Stream that we can use, to the extent where there are even some things left behind by ancient cultivators.”

Just like when he was in Dragon Snake Mountain Range, Lin Xi tore off a few pieces of black cloth to cover his mouth and nose. This made him feel a bit better.

“Places like Myriad Flower Stream should be considered an unknown place within an unknown place.” He thought of something, his brows furrowing as he quietly spoke to himself.

Right at this time, everything in front of his eyes suddenly became dark.

He unconsciously forcefully blinked his eyes, looking all around him in shock. Right now, they only just descended from the treetop, still twenty or so meters from the ground. The various short plants looked even more concentrated than outside, but there was no reason for it to be this dark when they only descended from this type of height, moreover didn’t land in those concentrated plants.

There almost seemed to be something on the ground that absorbed the light in this jungle.

Lights suddenly rose in front of the most petite Fiend Race young lady.

The white flowers in her hands that naturally released light were released. Then, their stalks continued to grow, making these shining, lotus flower-like flowers fall from her hands just like lanterns.

By borrowing these white flowers’ somewhat hazy light, Lin Xi saw a giant cave appear from the jungle not far in front of him. The fern-like plants that grew by the entrance were like a waterfall. Since the air by the entrance seemed a bit colder than in the forest, these fern-like leaves always had dewdrops that flickered like sparkling pearls, continuously flowing and falling down.

There were some banana-like plants by the entrance that continuously obtained appropriate amounts of irrigation, growing especially large and tall, making Lin Xi feel even more so like he was in a country of giants than when he saw the Traveler’s Root in Great Desolate Swamp.

Some of the rocks exposed outside of the entrance were black colored, flickering with a metallic radiance.

While approaching this cave, Lin Xi saw that there was quite a bit of black stone like this that flickered with metallic radiance.

It was precisely these rocks that had light absorbing abilities, which was why even though the light released from the flower in that Fiend Race young lady’s hands wasn’t weak, it still seemed a bit hazy in this forest.

For the sake of confirmation, Lin Xi’s brows furrowed, reaching out his right hand towards the nearest rock.

An especially bright and pure streak of light suddenly dispelled a large amount of darkness, appearing in this dark and secluded jungle, landing on that rock.

When this streak of pure light released from Lin Xi’s right hand landed on this rock, Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang both clearly saw that this rock became entirely shining, completely like some type of black crystal. Moreover, there were almost no rays of light that came out from the other end of this type of rock.

Radiance and temperature were both completely held within this rock.

This type of strange characteristic made Lin Xi immediately turn pale. He turned his head to ask Chi Xiaoye, “What kind of rocks are these?”

Lin Xi was shocked. The expressions with which Chi Yuyin and these Fiend Race cultivators looked at him already became clearly different.

To release light even more bright and pure than Moon Flowers from the tip of his finger, moreover clearly containing unique power, these methods were completely new for these Fiend Race cultivators.

Without a doubt, in this type of dark environment, especially in an even darker cave, this type of method would be extremely useful.

“This is precisely Yunqin High Priest’s Radiance?”

Chi Su’s eyes brightened. This Fiend Race youngster who was filled with a powerful desire for knowledge couldn’t help but speak out before Chi Xiaoye. “You are actually a Yunqin High Priest?”

“Indeed.” Lin Xi’s attention was already completely captured by this black crystal, his eyes not even leaving it. “Just what kind of rocks are these?”

“We call these rocks Darkness Gem. These stones aren’t hard, only able to naturally absorb light and some heat.” Chi Su was a bit hesitant as he looked at Lin Xi, gathering his courage as he asked, “These stones are everywhere in the jungle, this jungle also obtaining its name from it. Could it be that there is something strange about it?”

“The stone of another mountain can instead be studied like jade.” When he heard a reply that matched his suspicions, Lin Xi took a deep breath, saying with a bitter smile, “Your cultivation methods are greatly different from the outside world. This type of jadestone cannot be any more common for all of you, but for our Yunqin or Great Mang’s cultivators… Some crystals that possess clear vital energy characteristics are instead often excellent materials for making soul weapons.”

“Turns out it was like this.” Chi Su stared blankly for a moment, reacting.

The expressions of Chi Yuyin and the others at the very front suddenly became a bit more grave and stern. Both her and the other Fiend Race cultivators instead understood the hidden meaning behind Lin Xi’s words even more clearly.

The most ordinary things in Ancient Witch Forest, for the cultivators of the outside world, had a high chance of being extremely precious.

That was why if Ancient Witch Forest’s secrets were understood more and more by cultivators of the outside world, the allure of Ancient Witch Forest for cultivators of the outside world might be harder and harder to resist.

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