Book 15 Chapter 34 - Unending Unknown

Even though he already knew that the cultivators here were completely different from the cultivators in Yunqin for a long time, when he saw the flying mounts Chi Yuyin spoke up, Lin Xi still couldn’t help but feel greatly shocked.

It wasn’t some fiend beast bird of prey that he and Nangong Weiyang imagined at all, but rather several purple flowers which looked like swallowtail butterflies. Their long and soft, white and purple interweaving root systems were just like the tails of swallowtail butterflies, gently swaying in the sky.

The massive flower petals released a type of fresh and clean delicate fragrance, as if they were a certain type of orchid.

Lin Xi curiously looked at these giant flowers that floated in front of him, and then he realized why these giant flowers could float in the sky.

Regardless of whether it was the dreamlike soft flower petals or the swallowtail butterfly long tail like roots, there were many transparent gaps, the inside of it full of a type of light purple substance, most likely something lighter than oxygen, thus allowing these dreamlike flowers to float in the air.

“These are Immortal Butterfly Flowers.” There was a bit of shock in Chi Xiaoye’s eyes as well. She quietly explained to Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, “These are strange flowers that fly in Ancient Witch Forest to begin with, they grow through continuously absorbing rainwater from the air.”

“Everything here has continuously reminded me that the world of cultivators is forever endless, that it has diversity of all forms and colors.”

Lin Xi was just like when he entered Green Luan Academy for the first time, saying this with a heartfelt sigh. Then, he looked at Chi Yuyin seriously and asked, “Only, I don’t really understand. Since you all have this type of thing, why is it that Chi Xiaoye still needs to walk through Ancient Witch Forest?”

This time, Chi XIaoye didn’t make any mistake, directly answering him, “Just like how only few people can have fiend beast companions, we only have a few clansmen with high enough cultivation, able to communicate with this type of Immortal Butterfly Flower.”

“She doesn’t seem to have reached the sacred level yet?” Lin XI then gave Chi Yuyin a look. Then, he whispered to Nangong Weiyang at his side.

Just like before, Nangong Weiyang directly replied without much emotions, “Peak of State Master.”

“For cultivators outside, then this is already just as hard to deal with as ordinary Sacred Experts. No wonder she has this type of look.” Lin Xi secretly snickered.

Chi Yuyin couldn’t understand what Lin Xi and the others were saying. Her first impression of Lin Xi wasn’t good, but Lin Xi’s words and actions were always flowing with confidence… This type of confidence was something Lin Xi formed through the past years, after continuously facing suspicion and mistrust like that of when he first entered Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Army, yet he made those who doubted him instead feel admiration one after another.

This type of naturally flowing confidence was extremely gentle, not like an unfounded arrogance or a lack of restraint, this more or less making quite a bit of the unhappiness within her mind disappear.

“Only, if this outsider begins to point and order around, instead causing more problems, when the time comes, I will definitely give him something to see then.”

Chi Yuyin secretly shot Lin Xi a look, and then reached out her hand, a wisp of soul force pouring out from her fingertip.

Several wisps of light that were hard to see with the naked eye flowed into the root system of the Immortal Butterfly Flower. This Immortal Butterfly Flower that originally floated in place released a soft and gentle purple radiance. Then, while remaining close to her back, several soft feelers winded around her waist, bringing her into the air.

It was as if a pair of dreamlike butterfly wings grew behind her, turning her into a giant beautiful butterfly.

“Now she really does look like a flower goddess.”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but give this a thumbs up, saying this in sincere admiration.

Regardless of whether it was Yunqin or Great Mang’s cultivators, soul weapon and armors mostly gave off an awe-inspiring and cold feeling of slaughter. However, all of this only gave off a type of beautiful, natural, and dreamlike feeling.

Chi Yuyin didn’t feel any gratefulness, looking down from above, full of heroic spirit as she looked at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, saying calmly and coldly, “Yunqin’s cultivators, we have already completed all of our preparations. When can you all depart?”

Lin Xi saw four or five green eyed green haired men and women who were similar to Chi Yuyin walk over. They seemed especially full of fighting spirit compared to the rest of Green Field City.

“Any time.” He gave these seemingly extremely young Fiend Race cultivators a look, and then turned his head to give the three Fiend Race wise ones a look, saying this extremely simply.

“Ink Crystal Jungle is a place I have been to more than once, so they advise that I lead the troop.” When Chi Yuyin heard Chi Xiaoye’s translation, she patted the sword hilt by her legs, and then said in a domineering manner, “Chi Xiaoye, tell them that I advise them to listen to all of my proposals in Ink Crystal Jungle, to not act without permission. Otherwise, if it interferes with the rescue of our clansmen, I won’t act politely.”

“If you ended up encountering misfortune in Ink Crystal Jungle while trying to rescue our clansmen, passing away… ”The old Fiend Race wise one whose beard was tied, after a bit of hesitation, still said, “I will still help all of you prepare a set amount of Law Essence Vine leaves, allowing your friends in Yunqin to possess quite a bit of giant lizard mounts.”

Lin Xi who was about to set off almost tripped headfirst.

He didn’t even formally set out yet, why in the world would you speak such ominous words?

Counting Chi Yuyin and Chi Xiaoye, Green Field City’s rescue team had a total of six Fiend Race cultivators.

Lin Xi, Chi Xiaoye and Nangong Weiyang were still carried by the golden Yunqin phoenix, while the other five Fiend Race cultivators each had an Immortal Butterfly Flower, flying through the air like dreamlike and beautiful giant butterflies.

These Immortal Butterfly Flowers’ flight speed actually also had the speed of ordinary birds. Lin Xi could tell that the air streams behind these Immortal Butterfly Flowers had faint water vapor drifting about, this allowing Lin Xi to easily understand that these Immortal Butterfly Flowers were relying on the accumulated water release to propel them through the air.

He guessed that after flying for a set amount of time, this type of Immortal Butterfly Flower had to make a stop, just like a car at a gas station, it needed to acquire a set amount of water.

Along the way, Chi Yuyin still remained extremely cold, flying at the very front and leading the way, almost not conversing with Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang in the slightest.

However, this wasn’t the case with all of the rescue team’s members.

Among them, there was a young man whose face was slightly round, he always remained the closest to Lin Xi and the others. Lin Xi could see shyness and desire for knowledge from this seemingly most kind young Fiend Race cultivator’s eyes. As such, he took the initiative to smile towards this Fiend Race cultivator, asking, “What’s your name?”

“I am Chi Su.”

“You know Yunqin language?” When this youngest Fiend Race cultivator spoke, Lin Xi was shocked.

This slightly round faced young Fiend Race cultivator smiled bashfully. “I am Wise One Chi Pu’s student, I learned Yunqin language from him.”

“Then I cannot say anything bad about Chi Yuyin anymore.” Lin Xi said a bit regretfully.

This Fiend Race cultivator named Chi Su stared blankly, but immediately afterwards, he could tell that Lin Xi was only joking from Lin Xi’s smile. As such, he also laughed. “If you really want to, I can hide it from her.”

“All of you volunteered for the rescue on your own?” Lin Xi chuckled, directly changing the topic. “It isn’t that I am doubting your abilities, but the more people that come, especially formidable cultivators like Wise One Chi Pu, the higher the chance of your clansmen’s survival. However, your small rescue team doesn’t even seem to have any cultivators at what our Yunqin calls the sacred level, why is that?”

Chi Su replied extremely politely, “It is because Wise One Chi Pu has even greater use for our Green Field City than the rest of us. If something bad happens to them, then Green Field City will suffer extremely great losses.”

Lin Xi stared blankly, and then he reacted. “It is because those temple-like buildings need the infusion of their power?”

“It can be interpreted this way.” Chi Pu seemed to be confused whether he should discuss things deeper with Lin Xi or not. After a bit of hesitation, he continued, “As for not sending even more people over, this is because there are only two cultivators who can control the Immortal Butterfly Flowers, only able to control this amount. The other two cultivators who can control Immortal Butterfly Flowers just happen to be cultivating deep in Ancient Witch Forest, unable to hurry back in time.”

Lin Xi was inwardly moved. “These Immortal Butterfly Flowers were actually only controlled by two people… Apart from Chi Yuyin, who is the other one?”

Chi Su’s face flushed red in embarrassment, saying quietly, “The other is me.”

Lin Xi stared blankly. He patted his forehead. “I really am too stupid. If the other one isn’t you, how could you possibly always remain so close to us.”

Chi Su felt even more embarrassed, saying, “How could anyone who could make Wise One Chi Pu and the others feel astonished, someone who carries even more knowledge than them, be stupid?”

“Everything here has made me feel a sense of novelty, made me feel more and more like I know too little about the world.” Lin Xi laughed. “I am really happy to meet a friend like you. Do you have some interest towards the outside world as well? If this is the case, we can chat a bit more, I can tell you some things about the outside world and you can tell me some things about your side here.”

Chi Su’s red face became filled with the radiance of excitement, nodding his head earnestly. Perhaps in his opinion, the knowledge he could obtain from a Yunqin cultivator like Lin Xi might be even more genuine than that of someone like Chi Xiaoye who went outside for a bit, more authentic. However, his way of thinking might perhaps also have quite a bit backing it. After all, a cultivator like Chi Xiaoye had only continuously fought against Yunqin soldiers, not truly living in places like Yunqin or Great Mang Empire.

“What kind of soul weapon are you carrying on your back?” Lin Xi’s eyes landed on this excited Fiend Race youngster’s back.

The soul weapon on Chi Su’s back was covered by the Immortal Butterfly Flower’s petals, but its extremely rough and wild outlines could still be clearly seen.

“A spiked club?” Lin Xi asked with a bit of curiosity.

Chi Su’s face was red, about to shake his head.

Right at this time, a Fiend Race cultivator not far in front of him turned around to look at Lin Xi, speaking a few words in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing.

“He asks if you are an archer? He says he wishes to compare in archery skill for a bit, learn from each other in this way.”

Chi Xiaoye immediately spoke quietly to Lin Xi, “He is Chi Mang, an archer from our clan who has always cultivated alone in Ancient Witch Forest.”

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