Book 15 Chapter 33 - A Different Feeling of Danger

The wise old man felt more and more embarrassed. After all, in a place like Green Field City, there normally wouldn’t be any deals. That was why in terms of haggling over price, any ordinary Yunqin businessman would be better than them.

“I will have Chi Yuyin explain the situation with those clansmen. She has formed a small troop with some other clansmen to rescue those trapped.” This old wise one directly changed the topic, forcefully shouting outside a few times.

A green eyed green haired beautiful woman quickly appeared in front of Lin Xi and the others.

The outfit of this young lady who looked only a bit older than Chi Xiaoye clearly seemed to be a bit different than the others in Green Field City.

The clothes she wore were woven out of some type of special dark green fiber, but it wasn’t the short gown or skintight type.

Her appearance was also a bit different, her long green hair braided behind her head, tied by her thighs were two sword pouches, two short swords inserted into them.

It was to the extent where even though her build wasn’t that large and tall, this type of unique soldierly, capable and experienced look instead immediately made Lin Xi associate her with a certain person from his past world. As such, he laughed and greeted this braided haired young lady, “Hello Lara.”

Chi Xiaoye naturally couldn’t understand Lin Xi’s words of nonsense, she only felt like Lin Xi was a bit absentminded before, hearing a name wrong, thus quietly reminding, “Her name is Chi Yuyin, not Lara. Her nickname in Green Field City is Violent Chi, the one who loves fighting against fiend beasts in Ancient Witch Forest the most out of all of the clan’s young people… Similarly, she is better at fighting than us.”

“Then isn’t she basically Chi Lara?” Lin Xi smiled even more proudly.

The fitted dressed Chi Yuyin who looked just like an oriental costumed Lara furrowed her brows, her hands unknowingly shifting to the daggers by her thighs.

She was originally one of the most warlike and strongest individuals in Green Field City. Even though she didn’t understand Yunqin language, she possessed intuition even sharper than a wild beast. Lin Xi’s jokes immediately stirred unhappiness and hostility within her.

Chi Xiaoye immediately became nervous, quietly explaining to Chi Yuyin, “The wise ones have accepted his recommendations, deciding to form an alliance with him. He will do his best to help you all rescue the trapped people. That is why Wise One Chi Pu came here to have you explain some concrete details.”

Chi Yuyin’s hands loosened from the light green blades, but she still didn’t conceal her expression of only looking at the three wise ones and Chi Xiaoye, using a tough voice to say, “Five of our clansmen went missing in Ink Crystal Jungle. Through the markings they left behind, we are sure that they are trapped within an underground cave. That underground cave is accessible from all sides. We do not know if they discovered something or if they purely wish to explore inside. However, judging from following probing, we are certain that there are traces of Green Radish Spirits.”

“What are Green Radish Spirits?” As he listened to Chi Xiaoye’s translations, Lin Xi used a voice only he and Chi Xiaoye could hear to ask by Chi Xiaoye’s ears.

Chi Xiaoye knew that Lin Xi couldn’t be assessed through normal reasoning, which was why she also didn’t think about why Lin Xi knew many things even she didn’t know, but didn’t know about something everyone knew. She also didn’t bat an eyelid as she explained by Lin Xi’s ears, “It is a type of man-eating plant in Ancient Witch Forest, half man half vine. Its leaves are similar to ordinary green radishes, but the feet shaped root systems can allow this type of plant to move quickly. They can use some vine binding or root stabbing methods to kill their enemies, also possessing strength similar to Yunqin’s Soul Master level cultivators.”

“Unknown lands are precisely unknown lands…” Lin Xi was a bit stunned, sincerely sighing in admiration, “Even flesh eating plants have this type of individuality.”

“Ask her where the dangers lie in my stead.” Then, he turned around to look at the three Fiend Race wise ones, smiling as he said quietly to Chi Xiaoye, “If Green Radish Spirit, this type of thing is also considered a fiend beast, it is only a Soul Master level fiend beast. Why would it make your clan feel as if you were facing a great enemy, to the extent where these wise ones even thought of asking for our help?”

Chi Xiaoye immediately looked at Chi Yuyin, translating Lin Xi’s words.

Chi Yuyin also immediately replied with a stiff voice.

“What did she say?” This time, Lin Xi didn’t hear Chi Xiaoye’s simultaneous translating, a bit startled as he turned to look at Chi Xiaoye. However, he instead saw that Chi Xiaoye’s entire face was covered in shock.

“That underground cave has always been suspected to be a burial room for some of the cultivators consecrated as stone statues in Ancient Witch Forest. The interior is open from all directions, yet the inside is in eternal darkness. Even if it is the light of a Lantern Flower that is brought in, it can only illuminate several dozen steps of distance, so it is extremely easy for enemies to ambush us.”

“Chi Zhu is among those five clansmen.”

Chi Xiaoye snapped out of her daze, first translating Chi Yuyin’s two sentences, and then added two sentences in an extremely quiet voice.

“The aura of the Green Radish Spirits isn’t any different from ordinary vines. Some Green Radish Spirits who have grown for a long time have vines and roots that reach over a hundred meters.”

“Chi Zhu is a cultivator in our clan who has obtained the nickname ‘Jungle Hunter’. Only those who have killed more than ten vicious State Master level fiend beasts can have this type of title. Her soul force cultivation is at the peak of State Master level.”

Lin Xi immediately completely understood.

Moreover, regardless of whether these extremely deep and grand underground caves had anything to do with ancient cultivators’ remains, the traits of the Green Radish Spirits made it so that any cultivators who entered this world of darkness might be suddenly impaled by roots from underground.

Chi Xiaoye, this type of cultivator whose race was called the Fiend Race by Yunqin Emperor, her fighting style and the methods she had were entirely different from ordinary cultivators.

Just like how Gao Yanan and Lucky possessed the ability to condense extreme cold vital energy, these cultivators who could control plants in this world they were familiar with, their strength would even more so be a level higher than on the surface. In Yunqin, a cultivator at the peak of State Master level from this place might even have a chance at contending against an ordinary Sacred Expert, let alone in this Ancient Witch Forest.

Even Sacred Expert level power could be suppressed here, this was enough to speak of the dangers of this type of underground cave.

“You all are certain that those clansmen are still alive?” After remaining silent for a bit, he spoke quietly by Chi Xiaoye’s ears, “Do not say that I am being too harsh, but if I purely treated this as a military mission, if those clansmen have already died, then it would absolutely not be worth putting even more people in danger.”

Chi Xiaoye slowly nodded her head. She said some things to Chi Yuyin, and then explained quietly to Lin Xi, “Apart from leaving behind a trail, our clansmen will also carry some special dandelion seeds. These dandelion seeds are extremely light, even a bit of wind can scatter them everywhere, and then they will quickly germinate. This type of dandelion is similarly bred in our Green Field City, they will die after two weeks in Ancient Witch Forest, only able to continue growing in Green Field City. However, when this type of dandelion seed is seen outside, or perhaps if we see dandelion seeds that have already germinated, then we can be certain that our clansmen already encountered danger… This is a special rescue signal used by our clan when our people enter Ancient Witch Forest. Through the degree of maturity of these dandelion seeds, we can deduce when they flew out. The newest dandelion seeds outside the underground caves were released not long ago, and we can still see more dandelion seeds fly out, proving that there are at least some clansmen who are still alive.”

After a slight pause, Chi Xiaoye who was already familiar with Lin Xi’s endless curiosity then took the initiative to quickly add, “The reason why we don’t use butterfly or insect like signal methods is because almost all fiend beasts and fiend beast like plants are flesh-eaters. Many spiders will prey on bugs, but not a single thing is interested in this type of dandelion.”

Chi Xiaoye already explained in such detail that it couldn’t be any more clear.

“This cave located in Ink Crystal Jungle, how far is it from this place?” Lin Xi only furrowed his brows, and then seriously asked Chi Xiaoye.

Chi Xiaoye looked into Lin Xi’s bright eyes and said, “It is to the west side of Myriad Flower Stream. If we set out from here to Ink Crystal Jungle, it will take approximately four days.”

“Since your clansmen are still alive, this is also a precondition to our contract of alliance with your clansmen, so there’s no time to lose. We will depart immediately.” Lin Xi nodded his head and said to Chi Xiaoye, “Tell this to Chi Lara, thank her for the information. However, there are too many variables in four days, so we can let Ruirui bring us there. Tell her that I apologise, but with Ruirui’s strength, we can only bring the three of us, so we can just go ourselves. Their rescue small troop can wait for our news, or hurry over soon after.”

Chi Xiaoye was already used to not thinking too much about Lin Xi’s words. This time, she didn’t even think before directly translating Lin Xi’s words to Chi Yuyin.

However Lin Xi quickly saw that Chi Yuyin’s expression of looking at him was just like that of Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s veterans looking at new recruits, moreover an extremely idiotic new recruit. At the same time, Chi Yuyin replied with a line of clear disdain.

“What did she say?” Lin Xi asked Chi Xiaoye in confusion.

Chi Xiaoye’s expression also became a bit strange. She quietly answered, “She said that Yunqin cultivators aren’t the only ones who possess mounts that can fly.”

Lin Xi immediately broke out in a bit of sweat, revealing a bitter smile as he looked at Chi Xiaoye. “Your clan also has mounts that can fly? Then why didn’t you warn me ahead of time?”

Chi Xiaoye helplessly said, “I forgot.”

“What an idiotic conversation.” Nangong Weiyang’s face was expressionless. Her lips moved slightly, saying quietly in an extremely serious manner, “Being heard might make you seem even more stupid… If you say a bit more, who knows if those three wise ones will change their minds.”

Lin Xi laughed. He stood up and stretched his body as if there was no one there.

“Everything is fake, only successfully saving people is real.”

“Let’s go, bring me over to take a look at your mounts.”

He looked at Chi Yuyin who looked at him full of disdain, showing her a smile and making a ‘please’ gesture.

The other party’s expression of questioning and disdain made him think back to the first time he arrived at Dragon Snake Mountain Range, when he first served as Sheep Point Field Mountain Patrol Officer.

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