Book 15 Chapter 31 - My Best Skill is Cheating

“What you all say is correct.”

Lin Xi thought seriously to himself, and then he raised his head to look at these three Fiend Race wise ones who were watching him and Nangong Weiyang attentively. “Only, according to what you all say, you all wouldn’t interfere with any clans… are you not scared that if I live here, I will slowly convince your clansmen? I am a Yunqin Priest, are you all not scared that your clansmen’s way of thinking will be slowly changed by me?”

“I could see the radiance of wisdom in your eyes from the very beginning.” Fiend Race old wise one used a magnanimous expression like that of looking at a mischievous child to look at Lin Xi, shaking his head while saying, “Moreover, you could even make Chi Xiaoye trust you, bring you here, so there is even less reason for me to doubt your abilities. However, will you have enough time?”

“A powerful Yunqin cultivator like yourself, if you didn’t end up encountering the trickiest problems, why would you cross such a great distance over Ancient Witch Forest to seek out our help?”

After asking these two questions in return, this Fiend Race old wise one looked at Lin Xi, calmly explaining, “Moreover, I still believe that the people in the clan will adopt a shunning attitude towards you all.”

Lin Xi remained silent for a moment, and then he smiled radiantly. He looked at these three Fiend Race wise ones who received the respect of everyone here and said, “Your intention is that before I convince you all, there isn’t much of a chance of convincing them, so I can freely try to convince them?”

The three Fiend Race wise ones all began to smile as well.

Tht Fiend Race older woman with a tree staff in her hands spoke a few more words Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang couldn’t understand. Chi Xiaoye helped Lin Xi quietly translate, “She said that the difficulty of this really is too great, advising that it is best if you don’t waste precious time and instead try to think of some other methods.”

“That uncle could even persuade a mandarin duck, he could even bring Big Black back to Yunqin, why is there no chance that I will be able to convince some wise elders?” Lin Xi put away his smile. He looked at these three Fiend Race wise ones and said seriously, “From a certain perspective, Nangong Weiyang’s parents died for this place. For the sake of letting all of you live just like how all of the clansmen here lived before, that was why they carried out this type of self banishment, bringing Nangong Weiyang with them out of here. In Yunqin, this type of self-sacrificing people will be greatly revered, they will be full of glory. However, in reality, you all are letting them down, letting down Nangong Weiyang. Now, their payment, your falling short, could it be that it cannot even exchange for a bit of help from all of you? You all believe that Ancient Witch Forest is your natural barrier, but there is no harm for me to remind you that the Great Desolate Swamp and the the Cave Barbarians in Great Desolate Swamp are similarly your natural barrier.”

“Perhaps they have received some help from your clansmen for many years, which is why they revere all of you as deities. While defending the Great Desolate Swamp they rely on, it is also equivalent to protecting all of you.” Lin Xi’s voice became a bit more serious. “I do not believe that Ancient Witch Forest’s protection is as strong as them, they respect all of you, protect all of you only because you all helped them before.”

Under Lin Xi’s words, the three Fiend Race wise ones’ expressions became serious.

“I believe that what you said is correct, even though your words carry a bit of a threatening feeling.” After remaining silent for a moment, the Fiend Race old wise one looked at Lin Xi, saying with a sigh, “Only, Yunqin people and Great Desolate Swamp’s Cave Barbarian tribes are different. Yunqin people are even more complicated than them, and also more powerful.”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows gradually furrowed.

This wasn’t because of her past. Her nature had always been different from most people, and also stronger than most people. When some things happened, the amount of disturbance it would cause her would be comparatively much less, the problem of her past was only equivalent to solving one of the confusions in her heart, alleviating a matter that had always gnawed at her mind. She only felt like she was more suitable for Yunqin and the outside world, feeling a bit of dislike for this place she was born in.

Right now, her brows were furrowed only because she felt like this matter was hard to take care of.

She just couldn’t think of any way to convince these three Fiend Race wise ones.

Moreover, her perception was more powerful than Lin Xi’s, which was why she could sense a certain aura in these three Fiend Race wise ones’ bodies… This type of aura felt extremely powerful even to her. This was especially the case when she felt that this type of aura seemed to be able to seep into the temple-like structures at any time, it could even travel to even more places within this city. This made her sure that outside, she and Lin Xi might be able to deal with these three Fiend Race wise ones, but in this city, she and Lin Xi are not these three Fiend Race wise ones’ opponents at all. Convincing them through force was completely impossible.

She felt like Lin Xi was wasting time, that he might as well look around in Ancient Witch Forest, perhaps he would be able to obtain some useful things there. She even wondered if the past Principal Zhang also obtained Brother Ming and Big Black from Ancient Witch Forest. It was because a soul weapon like Big Black could only appear from an unknown land. Moreover, many records stated that because of Purgatory Mountain’s strength, Principal Zhang never went into the Devil Plains behind Purgatory Mountain. During his many years in the academy, he never crossed Heaven Ascension Mountain Range. This meant that the unknown lands he explored could only be the world behind Great Desolate Swamp or Sanskrit Temple. Meanwhile, compared to the endless sand behind Sanskrit Temple, Ancient Witch Forest seemed to be a place that had a higher chance of having Brother Ming and Big Black.

That was why her brows furrowed, unable to help but turn towards Lin Xi. However, she immediately became a bit stunned.

It was because she saw the radiant expression that made one feel relaxed on Lin Xi’s face.

She was extremely familiar with this expression. This was an expression Lin Xi would only show when he thought of a method, when he had great confidence.

That was why she continued to remain silent, not telling Lin Xi to leave this place that made her unhappy.

“Sometimes, for the sake of protecting something that is more important than oneself, one will become unreasonable.” Lin Xi sensed her emotions, giving her a look, showing her a light nod. Then, he looked at the three Fiend Race old wise ones and said, “However, I thought of a way that might be able to convince both you and your clansmen.”

The three Fiend Race old wise ones all looked at Lin Xi in puzzlement. “What type of method?” The beard tied elder asked with a serious expression.

“Your clansmen all wish to hear your opinion because they trust your wisdom. They believe that you all know more than them, that you all have seen more things than them, that by following your guidance, it will be easier for them to avoid bringing disaster to this place.” Lin Xi gave the three Fiend Race old wise ones a look and said, “I do not doubt your wisdom, but no one will believe themselves to be the wisest ones in this world. Perhaps I can show that I have even better sight than you, even more wisdom, able to see even further.”

The three Fiend Race old wise ones all widened their mouths in shock.

The wise one who was followed by a giant green snail, her body also a bit like a snail, all of her movements a bit slow, even couldn’t help but speak out at this time.

Chi Xiaoye explained quietly, “She asked if you truly wish to do this? Even though she doesn’t doubt your wisdom, this will inevitably make others feel that you are a bit too arrogant and conceited.”

Lin Xi chuckled and said, “We’ll know if we try it out.”

The three Fiend Race old wise ones exchanged a look, quietly conversing among themselves, as if discussing if there was a need to do this, or perhaps whether they should give Lin Xi this type of opportunity.

Nangong Weiyang moved closer to Lin Xi, whispering by his ears with a voice only the two of them could hear, “You really have confidence?”

“Think for a bit, what is my greatest strength?” Lin Xi also used a voice only the two of them could hear to reply, “What I am best at is precisely not conforming to reason… No matter how formidable they are, no matter how much they know, that is only within their reasoning. However, with me, they cannot discuss reasoning at all.”

Nangong Weiyang thought to herself with her brows furrowed, feeling like it was indeed like what Lin Xi said. As such, she nodded, no longer saying anything.

“We believe that your words are groundless.”

Right at this time, the three Fiend Race wise ones already finished discussing among themselves. The beard tied elder seriously looked at Lin Xi, shaking his head and saying in rejection, “it is just like how you do not even know about the Wasp Towers and Sky Jade Wasps, even if you know more things than us, you should understand that the key lies in what is most suitable. Someone who knows very little about our clan and this Ancient Witch Forest has no way of being able to provide better guidance than us. That is why we believe there is no need to prove anything.”

When he heard these words that clearly didn’t give him a chance, Lin Xi still shook his head with a smile. “That is not necessarily true. Yunqin has a phrase called ‘raising one and inferring three’. Since I can understand that point, moreover, since I already came to this type of place, then I can start to understand and comprehend many things. This can also further prove that I have more wisdom than you three.”

“We can play a small game.” After a slight pause, Lin Xi looked at these three Fiend Race wise ones whose brows began to furrow, saying sincerely, “You all can ask me any question that you all feel only wise ones like yourselves will know, related to the Ancient Witch Forest here, and then write the answers you are thinking on your palms. I will also write it on my palm. At that time, we can see if the answers we wrote are the same or not.”

“This is simply absurd.” The Fiend Race wise one with the green snail next to her muttered unhappily with words Lin Xi could not understand.

“It seems like you really won’t give up on this matter.” The bearded old wise one furrowed his brows and said, “However, this is indeed quite simple. Alright, let me ask you then, why is it that every year during the summer, Mud Puppets will appear by Myriad Flower Stream’s east in large groups?”

Nangong Weiyang and Chi Xiaoye’s eyes both gathered towards Lin Xi.

This was a question that was completely unheard of. Even if it was Chi Xiaoye, she only knew that Myriad Flower Stream was a giant canyon by Ancient Witch Forest’s east, she never went there before. She only knew that there were many formidable fiend beasts there, but she had never even heard of anything called a Mud Puppet.

However, Lin Xi instead chuckled.

“Who in this world is better at cheating than me?”

He also used a voice only he could hear to happily mutter to himself.

At this time, he thought of the great entrance examination by Summer Spirit Lakeside, thus making his heart feel even more warmth. Moreover, no one in this world knew that as a Green Luan Academy heaven’s choice… he was only able to enter Green Luan Academy by cheating.

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