Book 15 Chapter 30 - Rejection

Lin Xi first entered a state of absolute shock, and then he suddenly felt a mysterious heartbrokenness. He looked at Nangong Weiyang who was still calm, and then couldn’t help but look at Lucky who stuck its head out of his sleeves again.

He thought about Lucky who had just been born by Great Desolate Swamp’s mud lakes.

In the eyes of Yunqin’s people, Lucky was also a mutant.

Lin Xi understood. All mutants normally wouldn’t experience good fates.

“This is impossible.”

He couldn’t help but look at these three Fiend Race wise ones, forcefully shaking his head. “Even if she is some type of mutant, how could she possibly not look even a bit like you all? Even her hair and eyes aren’t green, instead looking more like Yunqin’s people.”

The Fiend Race older female wise one who held a tree staff couldn’t help but continuously speak a few pleasant sounding but cryptic words.

The elder sighed. “Wise One Chi Wan said that what you said is indeed correct, but it is precisely because it is impossible… this is like a lion suddenly being born among cats, thus making all of our clansmen begin to feel fear.”

“However, if we are going to talk about what is completely impossible, there are also countless other possibilities.” After a pause, this Fiend Race elder whose beard was tied by a thin vine slowly and helplessly said, “Ancient Witch Forest has countless things we do not understand either, after all, it has countless remains, runes, and some plants we cannot possibly understand. No one knows what kind of thing triggered this type of change. However, regardless, this type of karma instead appeared.”

Nangong Weiyang thought silently for a bit. She raised her head and looked at this Fiend Race elder, asking seriously, “There has never been any Yunqin cultivators who came here before?”

“There has not.” The Fiend Clan old wise one could see through Nangong Weiyang’s thoughts. He looked into her eyes, similarly serious as he replied, “You cannot doubt your parents’ loyalty to each other.”

“Alright then.” Nangong Weiyang nodded and said, “Since I became a mutant in your clan, then what did you all do? You banished my parents? Or tried to kill me?”

“These types of things will not appear here.”

The three aged Fiend Race wise ones all shook their heads. It was still Fiend Race old Wise One Chi Pu who spoke, slowly and clearly explaining, “You’ll understand if you ask Chi Xiaoye. Even though most of our clansmen live here, all of our clansmen, from the moment they can live independently, are independent individuals. Whatever they wish to do, no one will interfere. Not even parents will interfere. We do not have any separation of caste, everyone is allowed to do what they wish to do freely, no one will order another person to do anything.”

“No one would banish your parents, or try to kill you.”

This Fiend Race old wise one used a wise and loving gaze as he looked at Nangong Weiyang, saying quietly, “It is just like what I said before, our clansmen all greatly fear change. I have also said that from the moment you were born, all of our clansmen felt fear, including your parents.”

“Your parents did not wish for all of the clansmen to live in fear. They didn’t want your appearance to bring this place any fear either.”

“Thus, they made their decision to bring you out of here, to take a look outside.”

The inside of this temple-like building became quiet once more.

It was because the Fiend Race old wise one already explained extremely clearly, while Nangong Weiyang was also already thinking to herself.

“Then, my parents left this place. What happened afterwards, do you all not know?”

After remaining silent for a long time, Nangong Weiyang raised her head, looking at this Fiend Race old wise one and asking.


This Fiend Race old wise one nodded his head gravely. He gave the cloth wrapped longsword on Lin Xi’s back a look, and then looked at Nangong Weiyang’s eyes. “This continued until today when I arrived before you all, simultaneously sensing two familiar auras.”

“The sword he carries belongs to my parents?”

Nangong Weiyang turned around, giving the longsword on Lin Xi’s back a look, continuing to ask.

The Fiend Race old wise one replied quietly, “It was your father’s sword. This was something he obtained when he cultivated in Ancient Witch Forest… This is an extremely unique soul weapon longsword. Its runes can hold soul force firmly, the soul weapon longsword most suitable for Yunqin’s sword control I have ever seen. They named this sword Spirithorn.”

Nangong Weiyang’s expression still didn’t show many changes, but her hands began to tremble slightly.

“That is why my parents might have encountered some cultivators in Great Desolate Swamp, and then died in battle. Later on, I was discovered by Green Luan Academy’s people, thus rescued?” She lowered her head, looking at the green floor while asking quietly.

This Fiend Race old wise one could imagine what Nangong Weiyang was feeling. He looked at this tender faced young lady who, after being separated for many years, already became a Sacred Expert, now returning to her birthplace, still nodding his head. “Perhaps the cultivators outside have never seen green eyed green haired cultivators like your parents before, instinctively facing them like enemies, or perhaps they desired what your parents carried… among these, there are also endless possibilities.”

Lin Xi suddenly felt that the longsword on his back became extremely heavy.

The friendship he and Nangong Weiyang shared, as well as Nangong Weiyang’s fate, that is why it felt exceptionally heavy.

Even though he was also a tourist who didn’t belong to Yunqin, after he woke up in Deerwood Town, there were parents and a younger sister who accepted him. However, ever since the moment Nangong Weiyang could think for herself, what she faced was an ice-cold Imperial Palace.

Lin Xi suddenly understood why Nangong Weiyang had her current personality… In that world without much human warmth, without much secular world liveliness, Nangong Weiyang really might only have happy or unhappy, these two especially clear emotions.

He turned around to look at Nangong Weiyang, wondering if he should return the sword on his back to her.

However, at this time, Nangong Weiyang instead seemed to have completely thought things through, her entire figure already becoming calm again.

“You all have told me about my past.” Nangong Weiyang already looked at the three Fiend Race wise ones, starting to speak again. “However, you also spoke about quite a few other things. When you said that all things have cause and effect, what did you mean there?”

“If he didn’t obtain this longsword, if it wasn’t because you had some vague memories towards this sword, towards Great Desolate Swamp and this place, you all might not have appeared with Chi Xiaoye here today.” The Fiend Race old wise one looked at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, saying gently, “Some things related to us here, in the future, will lead to more things related to us here. Even after many years, there is still a chance that it will produce some changes here.”

“We always believed that all of us, regardless of how high our cultivation levels are, compared to Ancient Witch Forest, compared to this world, we are still insignificant, like ants walking beneath a giant mountain. If this giant mountain collapses, then the ants would be crushed to death, lacking all ability to resist. Moreover, no ants would know when the giant mountain would collapse, or what kind of actions would ultimately lead to the collapse of this giant mountain.”

“You all have also seen that all of the clansmen here all love and enjoy this type of peaceful lifestyle.” The Fiend Race old wise one sighed as he looked at the vines blocking the entrance, at the sunlight that seeped in through the cracks. He looked at everything outside. “That is why we felt like in order to maintain the current lifestyle, maintain the current Green Field City, the best way is precisely to not change.”

“To not experience any changes.”

“I have seen the radiance of wisdom from your eyes.” The Fiend Race old wise one turned around to look at Lin Xi, slowly saying, “That is why you should understand that what will make us experience changes here is not only possible intruders, but also some ways of thinking that are different from our people here.”

“All changes must start from a change in thinking.”

Lin Xi was always listening in a grave and serious manner. He understood the intentions of these Fiend Race old wise ones. “You all indeed wish to continue as before… However, what I do not understand is that among the clansmen here, there really aren’t any bad people? You all do not have laws here, do not interfere with the actions of anyone, then how can you stop the evil deeds of bad people?”

“This is something quite natural.” The Fiend Race old wise one looked at Lin Xi, explaining, “If there is a person who none of the clansmen like, all of them staying far away, he will naturally know what he did wrong.”

“However, there are also people like Chi Xiaoye who have crossed Ancient Witch Forest.” Lin Xi’s brows furrowed. “Even though it sounds wonderful, a harmonious coexisting country of elfs, it also sounds extremely similar to a pond of dead stagnant water.”

“There will obviously be people who wish to go out and take a look.” The Fiend Race old wise one said with a smile, “We also have clansmen who have tried to make their way through Ancient Witch Forest, to the extent where they even use grass juices to cover their hair and eye color, hiding their own cultivation and abilities before going out. However, almost all those who go out are unable to endure the ugliness and disputes outside, thus wishing to return to their homeland. In our eyes, this is also a type of mind cultivating process… In reality, I have also had this type of experience, just that all of us who come back are especially careful not to mention things of the outside world here, all of us will work harder to preserve everything here, work even harder to protect our natural defenses, keep Ancient Witch Forest unchanged.”

“The people here are all like hermits who shun the world.” Lin Xi thought for a bit. He raised his head to look at the three Fiend Race wise ones. “That is why you all believe that by offering me some help, helping me establish a giant lizard mount army, this will also bring some changes to this place, which is why you all will refuse to provide this type of help? To not permit the people in the clan to help me nurture Law Essence Vines?”

“This is merely the opinion of the three of us.” The old Fiend Race wise one looked at Lin Xi with his eyes carrying wisdom. “We will not interfere with the decisions of others.”

“However, your opinions are equivalent to the opinions of everyone else here.” Lin Xi’s brows furrowed. He looked at these three Fiend Race wise ones and said, “It is because your clansmen will believe what you all say is correct, wishing to comply with your opinions.”

“What you say might perhaps be correct.”

The Fiend Race old wise one didn’t beat around the bush, nodding his head. “Only, if our positions were switched and you were the one left with this choice, you most likely wouldn’t wish to be involved in the wars of the outside world either.”

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