Book 15 Chapter 28 - Fiend Race Wise One

Chi Xiaoye who had long grown tired of these things didn’t have half the novelty or desire for knowledge like Lin Xi.

“You’ll see for yourself soon.”

Her eyes didn’t even shift to those towers, only looking at her clansmen nearby that were familiar or unfamiliar, casually explaining, “These were built by the joint effort of some people in the clan. They can help Sky Jade Wasps reproduce together, which will produce a lot of honey. The Sky Jade Wasp’s honey is not only an excellent source of food, the smell can also drive off poisonous insects and reptiles.”

“So they are just giant beehives?” Lin Xi was stunned again.

“The Sky Jade Wasps’ flight speeds aren’t much slower than flying swords.” Chi Xiaoye said, “If there are any people or formidable fiend beasts who enter Green Field City, angering these Sky Jade Wasps can also be a method to face them. The number of Sky Jade Wasps in a single Wasp Tower is extremely terrifying, even formidable cultivators will be whittled down to death.”

Lin Xi who was at Chi Xiaoye’s side, while walking through this city that didn’t have a single brick, became incredibly curious again, continuously asking, “They aren’t much slower than flying swords… then even if they smash into the body, it will be like being struck by an arrow… Do they sting? Are they poisonous?”

“The poison is quite strange, it isn’t fatal, but will make one start to swell. If you are stung by several dozen Sky Jade Wasps, your entire body will start to inflate, swelling until you become slick and glossy, perhaps not even be able to move.” Chi Xiaoye said.

Lin Xi was a bit stunned, “Then wouldn’t you really become a pig head filled with air?”

Chi Xiaoye had been away from home for a long time. Moreover, because of Lin Xi’s matter and the fate of all of Great Desolate Swamp’s Cave Barbarians, her mood was extremely heavy. However, when she heard Lin Xi’s words at this time, she couldn’t help but start laughing as well, unknowingly relaxing a lot.

They were walking on the carpet-like grassy road… or perhaps it should be said that there weren’t any roads in the city at all. Since there was soft grass everywhere, Lin Xi quickly saw the Wasp Tower in Green Field City clearly.

“Is this alive?”

“Some kind of large tree was hollowed out, and then these Sky Jade Wasps built their nests here?”

“If you want honey, you just have to come here to gather some yourself?”

When they got within thirty meters of this Wasp Tower, Lin Xi, this curious brat, couldn’t even shift his eyes away.

He saw that the body of this tower covered in vermilion red, purple, blue, and all other types of colors was completely tender and soft, the feeling it gave him just like the skin of water celery.

There were many holes in the ground four or five meters around the base of the tower, the beehives exposed all white colored. They looked like toothpaste that was being squeezed out of the holes. Only, these beehives that were exposed outside of the tower were exceptionally hard, just like stalactites in a cave.

The first feeling this gave Lin Xi was that this was an incomparably massive stalk of chinese cabbage, the inside filled with giant stalactites, drawn on its surface were many runes of different colors.

What made this type of strange feeling even stronger was that the Sky Jade Wasps that flew over the top were entirely white, their bodies giving off a fine jade-like soft white radiance. They were only the size of an infant’s fist, but their flight speeds were indeed extremely astonishing just like what Chi Xiaoye said, leaving behind a streak of white light wherever they flew past like streaks of flying swords.

By the hard white nests exposed at the bottom of the wasp towers, amber like sparkling honey would drip out from time to time, gathering into diagonally inserted large bowls like leaves.

This honey released a type of sweet and unctuous smell. It couldn’t travel very far, but lasted an extremely long time.

“This is indeed alive, its name is Fragrant Radish Tree Tower, the inside empty to begin with. This type of tree tower is not only a shelter from wind and rain, it can also extend the lives of the Sky Jade Wasps. Youngster, what you said is indeed correct. The people in Green Field City only need to come here themselves and take some if they want this honey.”

An aged and gentle voice sounded behind Lin Xi.

At this time, when Yunqin language that Lin Xi understood suddenly sounded behind him, moreover not Nangong Weiyang or Chi Xiaoye’s voice, it was definitely extremely terrifying.

Lin Xi jumped. When he turned around, only then did he see that an elder whose beard was bound with a thin vine was currently quietly sizing him up.

This elder’s complexion was a bit waxen yellow, a bit of vague green added in. His green hair and beard seemed a bit like dried wild grass.

This elder lacked all powerful auras, but the key laid in that this elder’s aura was too peaceful. If he closed his eyes, in Lin Xi’s perception, he might be no different from a tree.

If this type of person was hidden in the forest, then there was no way he could detect him ahead of time.

Lin Xi also saw that those green eyed green haired men and women on the giant Soul Residing Ships already all stopped, remaining not far around this elder.

“Your respected self knows Yunqin language?”

Lin Xi first unconsciously said this, and then he reacted, bowing and saying respectfully, “Your respected self should be one of the wise ones in this city?”

“Yunqin youngsters, you all can interpret it this way.” The elder smiled as he looked at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang. “You all can call me Chi Pu. As the only Yunqin cultivators who were able to come here in the last century, could you tell me your names?”

“Lin Xi.” Lin Xi spoke his own name, and then turned his head to look at Nangong Weiyang.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed, as if she was thinking about something, but she still said her own name. “Nangong Weiyang.”

“In the past, our clan had a wise one who said that even if a single one of these Sky Jade Wasps was released into Ancient Witch Forest, there is still a chance that this Sky Jade Wasp will appear before us again. It is just like the vital energy and runes of this world, these Fragrant Radish Tree Towers and Sky Jade Wasps, everything is actually connected. The things you’ve experienced are just like changing the trajectories of some things, and then these trajectories, perhaps after a long time, might return to you.” This beard-tied elder smiled as he looked at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, and then he looked at the Fragrant Radish Tree Towers, saying this in a deeply moved manner.

For Lin Xi, these words seemed to be thinking a bit too broad and profoundly, which was why he was momentarily a bit stunned, not knowing how to continue off of this.

“How about we head into my house for a chat.” This Fiend Race elder revealed a smile. He pointed towards a temple-like building that was not far from this Wasp Tower and said, “I will help alleviate some of the puzzlement in your minds.”

Lin Xi felt like this Fiend Race elder was indeed quite like a wise one, but even more like a cult scammer.

However, as a curious brat, moreover as someone who had some requests, Lin Xi immediately obediently followed him, moreover, he quickly asked that wise one in a consulting manner, “Is this also a type of tree tower?”

“It is not.”

The Fiend Race elder seemed to be able to see through what Lin Xi was thinking. He chuckled, and then put away his smile, saying seriously, “These are Green Field City’s roots.”

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