Book 15 Chapter 27 - Travelers In A World of Fairy Tales

The closer he got to this city, the more shocked Lin Xi became.

He saw that there were many sharp and tall towers in this city, as well as many wide domed, temple-like structures. These towers and temple structures’ surfaces were all green colored, a natural green color that was full of flourishing life force.

The feeling they gave off was that these structures were each a living plant.

However, these towers and temple-like constructs’ green surfaces all had streaks of various brightly colored patterns, these patterns were extremely similar to runes.

Apart from these gorgeous and mysterious buildings that seemed to be of one body, there were also large amounts of circular yurt-like structures hidden in the forest. These buildings were all crawling with vines, their heights different as they hung between the trees.

A river that looked natural winded about within the city, and then headed east. This river looked to be around fifty steps wide. A city gate was established where the river flowed out of the green city. Two reclining large trees served as a drawbridge, leading into the city.

When Lin Xi couldn’t help but want to ask Chi Xiaoye about those tower-like structures and temple-like buildings’ purposes, there were several dozen massive beast figures that began to walk towards the city gate entrance they were at.

These figures were incredibly slow, but they were also even larger than the Divine Elephant Army’s elephants, giving off a tremendous feeling of pressure that  immediately sucked all of Lin Xi’s attention.

Then, his eyes quickly became frozen, his mouth widened, as if he was about to swallow several chicken eggs at once.

“What in the world are these?”

This time, even Nangong Weiyang couldn’t help but ask in shock.

This type of strange beast looked just like a giant river snail from the distance, but when it got closer, it looked more like a dark green giant ship.

On the clearly extremely hard greenish black shell, there were many naturally growing gray colored and yellow colored patches, as if they were pieces of rotten wood.

The outer shell didn’t have any clear holes, so they couldn’t see if it had any limbs or if it had a soft body like a snail. However, they could see that the bottom of this rotten ship-like monster continuously flickered with rings of yellow radiance, so there was clearly fiend beast soul force at work.

“This is a Soul Residing Ship, a type of aquatic fiend beast from Ancient Witch Forest.” Chi Xiaoye nervously looked at these massive figures, quickly explaining, “When they are in water, they look extremely similar to past sunken ships. That is why when our clansmen didn’t understand in the past, all those who approached these things would be killed, so our clan’s past legends claimed that these were the souls of people who drowned that possessed sunken ships, always called them Soul Residing Ships. Seventy years ago, only then were the clansmen certain that this was a type of fiend beast. This type of fiend beast will shoot jets of water, the power no different from State Knight level cultivators. Their movement speed can only be considered similar to that of an ordinary person running, but the key lies in that their shells are too sturdy. Even if it is a State Master, without a formidable soul weapon’s assistance, it will be extremely difficult to cut through. On top of all of this, these things don’t even have hearts, so only if the soft bodies within are made into a complete mess, would there be a chance of killing them.”

“Wearing them down with endless patience will work too.” Lin Xi whose world seemed to have grown again sighed at his own lack of knowledge regarding this world. “If we got a few dozen of these Soul Residing Ships, then we might also be able to directly restrain the Divine Elephant Army.” He couldn’t help but turn around, saying this quietly to Chi Xiaoye.

“I am interested in everything here, I want to bring all of them with me.” Nangong Weiyang gave Lin Xi a look. “However, the key lies in if the other party are willing to let you bring them out.”

Lin Xi released an embarrassed chuckle. “You’ve spent too much time as a bandit leader, even the way you speak has become a bit like a bandit leader.”

Similarly, Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s arrival had also placed this entire city in a state of shock.

Many men and women who also had green eyes and green hair like Chi Xiaoye, called ‘Fiend Race’ by Yunqin Emperor in the military reports, came out in panic from within the winding vine buildings. Just like Yunqin cultivators, these ‘Fiend Race’ ordinary people were also full of fear towards unknown things.

They had never seen a Yunqin Phoenix with such a dignified outer appearance, golden radiance released in all directions, powerful soul force fluctuations released from its body as well.

On top of the several dozen terrifying Soul Residing Ships stood several dozen men and women dressed in dark green gowns, in their hands all types of strangely shaped blades, clearly already prepared for battle.

It was to the extent where a man whose long hair was a bit curled already had his white jade-like longbow and the golden arrow in his hands aimed at the basket’s rope.

Chi Xiaoye did her best to show her body from the basket, waving her arms. At the same time, there were some strange syllables released from her lips, an entirely different language from Yunqin language.

The ‘Fiend Race’ on the Soul Residing Ships immediately also released strange sounding syllables.

The expressions of shock and alarm quickly faded from these people’s faces, now replaced with curiosity and vigilance.

“We can have Ruirui descend.”

Chi Xiaoye turned around to say this to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi nodded. He looked at the Yunqin Phoenix and nodded his head, signaling with his eyes.

Ruirui immediately gathered its wings, falling like a meteor. When it was still a dozen or so meters from the ground, only then did it suddenly widen its wings. The ground surface rumbled, the fingernail-sized rocks were blasted out by the winds, releasing arrow firing chi chi noises in the sky.

The green eyed green haired men and women on the Soul Residing Ships all revealed expressions of shock.

A hint of pride flashed past the depths of Ruirui’s eyes.

“I know that you want to show off a bit, this way is indeed extremely cool, but you have to think a bit about the passengers’ feelings too…”

Lin Xi helplessly rubbed his stomach, feeling a powerful wave of nausea as he said this quietly.

Ruirui immediately lowered its head in a bit of shame.

When they saw how close Lin Xi and Ruirui were, the expressions with which the green eyed green haired men and women on the Soul Residing Ships looked at Lin Xi immediately became different again.

A middle-aged man whose hair was braided immediately said a few things to Chi Xiaoye.

“What are they saying?”

Lin Xi who could only tell that they were talking about him couldn’t help but lower his voice and ask Chi Xiaoye.

Chi Xiaoye didn’t look at Lin Xi, quietly saying, “They are asking if you are a Drifter.”

Lin Xi asked strangely, “What is a Drifter?”

“It is equivalent to the Spiritual Sacrifice Priests you all speak of.” Chi Xiaoye said. “For us, those who can become companions with fiend beasts with exceptional intelligence and powerful strength are also extremely rare, similarly revered by the people.”

Only now did Lin Xi understand. When he was just about to ask if the ones on these Soul Residing Ships could also be considered drifters, his sleeves moved. Lucky stuck its head out. Its dark black eyes looked at those incredibly massive giant Soul Residing Ships, also becoming filled with an expression of disbelief.

When the green eyed green haired people on the Soul Residing Ships saw Lucky and then sensed the aura from Lucky’s body, their expressions immediately changed again. They whispered to one another, releasing waves of sounds Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang couldn’t understand.

This time, even without Lin Xi asking, Chi Xiaoye already explained quietly, “They are saying that you are actually a dual companion drifter. Drifters who can have two fiend beast companions are extremely rare, because different powerful fiend beasts often bear hostility against each other, they cannot live with each other at all.”

Lin Xi nodded his head, saying quietly, “This is easy to understand.”

Even more green eyed green haired men and women walked out of Green Field City, curiously and vigilantly sizing up Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang.

Lin Xi also discovered that all of these ‘Fiend Race’ men had tall and slender builds, while the women were mostly petite and exquisite, a bit more so than normal Yunqin women. However, regardless of whether they were male or female, they seemed exceptionally gentle and beautiful, as well as powerful.

Elegance and power, these two seemingly entirely contrary things instead coexisted in the bodies of this ‘Fiend Race’.

If we were to say that previously, when the many Green Luan Academy lecturers and professors Lin Xi saw by Summer Spirit Lakeside gave him the feeling of a type of immortal sword saga, then this place, this green city, really gave him a type of dream-like and fairy-tale feeling.

Chi Xiaoye and the clansmen on the Soul Residing Ships began to quickly converse.

The unique syllables sounded just like the rustling of tree leaves mixed with that of windchimes.

“I have already told them our intentions for coming. From here on out, we will enter the city, and they will bring all of you to the clan’s wise ones.”

After chatting for a bit, Chi Xiaoye turned around to look at Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, saying seriously, “Unless you can convince the wise ones, there is no way there will be clansmen who are willing to help you.”

Lin Xi stared blankly, “What are the wise ones?”

“They are the ones with the highest prestige in the clan, those who are publicly acknowledged to hold extremely high wisdom. They are often elders who have cultivated for an extremely long amount of time.” Chi Xiaoye looked at the giant ships that turned around, indicating for Lin Xi to follow her while quickly explaining, “Just like the great predecessors your Yunqin speaks of… Previously, I already told you that this place is different from your Yunqin, as well as Great Mang and Tangcang. We don’t have any governing at all, no laws. Everyone freely lives among the trees here, doing whatever they wish. Apart from a division between older and younger, there is no higher or lower status at all. However, once there is a major event, the clansmen will always consult the opinions of the wise ones.”

“Even if you all don’t have any requests, even if you just made it through Ancient Witch Forest and just happened to stumble into our territory, this is also a huge matter, you will similarly be brought before the wise ones. It is because most of our people have never seen any outside cultivators since birth.” After a slight pause, Chi Xiaoye added.

Lin Xi realized something. “They are just like spiritual leaders.”

Chi Xiaoye’s brows furrowed, thinking to herself for a bit. “You can interpret it like this.”

While passing through the city gates, Lin Xi saw that the Thorn Poison Trees at his sides were twenty meters or so in height. Not only were they filled with fruits that were a bit larger than dates, they had many vines hanging from them like banyan trees. When Lin Xi looked at them, their vines actually swayed gently despite there being no wind blowing at them.

This even more so made Lin Xi feel as if he was a traveler who accidentally entered a world of children’s fairy tales.

After entering the city, Chi Xiaoye’s mood clearly became even more moved, her shoulders continuously trembling slightly.

Many people greeted Chi Xiaoye from the distance. Only, because of the natural feeling of rejection towards Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, these types of cultivators who they never saw before, there weren’t any people who would walk up to them.

“What are the uses of those tower and temple-like structures?”

Lin Xi seized the time to ask while looking at the gorgeous, mysterious and profound structures.

“The tall ones are Wasp Towers. The temple-like buildings are the residences of the wise ones.”

“Wasp Towers?” Lin Xi’s brows couldn’t help but furrow, confused as he looked at the countless gorgeous and mysterious towers in the city.

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