Book 15 Chapter 26 - Green City

During Great Desolate Swamp’s summer, wind always blows from the south eastern direction.

While flying against the wind, Lin Xi, Chi Xiaoye and Nangong Weiyang already traveled for close to half a month.

Right now, not far from Lin Xi, one could already vaguely make out an exceptionally bright green color that formed a clear boundary with Great Desolate Swamp’s dark clouds. According to what Chi Xiaoye said, this was precisely the primitive forest her clansmen called Ancient Witch Forest.

When she saw her homeland become closer and closer, there was a layer of seriousness that was added to Chi Xiaoye’s face.

“What is that?”

Lin Xi stared blankly as he pointed at a pillar-like vertical protrusion in the greenery, asking this.

The scenery before his eyes truly was shocking.

For the sake of saving a bit of strength, borrowing a bit of the wind currents, the golden Yunqin phoenix Ruirui already flew extremely high up. However, the densely packed mist seemed to have sucked away all of the dust and moisture in the air, making the massive trees up ahead that were especially clear and bright seem to be right beneath his feet.

Just how tall were these trees?

Even those giant pines in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range couldn’t compare with the giant trees here at all.

These giant trees weren’t polar climate trees like those in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, but rather all exuberant trees from a tropical rainforest.

The most eye-catching was a strange green colored protrusion whose top was completely round, the feeling it gave him just like a massive cactus.

If it really was a cactus, just what kind of cactus could this over a hundred meters tall cactus be?

“That is a stone statue.” Chi Xiaoye looked at this familiar homeland scenery, her shoulders even starting to shake a bit, struggling to control her emotions as she explained, “Ancient Witch Forest has many stone statues like these, most of them holding flowers, grass or vines. There are male and female statues, but most of them are already damaged. Moreover, there are plants growing all over them, so they look just like giant pillars. It is just like your Yunqin legends, our clansmen also believe that these are the remains of ancient powerful cultivators.”

Lin Xi became even more shocked. “This is a true unknown land… If it wasn’t for you, all those who see this scene definitely wouldn’t think that this type of ancient forest still had the activity of cultivators like you, that there are still many more cultivators like you behind this ancient forest.”

“Compared to the other unknown lands your Yunqin speaks of, this Ancient Witch Forest cannot be considered too dangerous.” Chi Xiaoye said absent-mindedly while having a load on her mind.

“That is still only for those of you who have lived and cultivated in this Ancient Witch Forest since childhood, who know various plants like the back of your hand.” Lin Xi shook his head, saying with a bitter smile, “Otherwise, I refuse to believe that the Cave Barbarians wouldn’t wish to cross over and give this Ancient Witch Forest a look.”

Chi Xiaoye’s brows furrowed. She thought for a bit, and then turned to look at him, saying admittingly, “What you say should indeed be the case. Not only are there many fiend beasts with strength exceeding State Master level in Ancient Witch Forest , there are also many man eating plants that are even more terrifying than fiend beasts. With Ruirui’s current strength, it still needs to rest for two nights along the way, needs to use three days and three nights of time before we can make it through Ancient Witch Forest. If an ordinary cultivator went on foot, even if they knew the way, they would still need at least a month of time. Even if it were the powerful individuals among the Cave Barbarians, it would indeed be extremely difficult for them to last over a month here.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath of the extremely fresh air all around them, feeling a bit intoxicated. He couldn’t help but say a bit gloomily, “Even with this type of natural protective screen not even the Cave Barbarians could cross, your clansmen are still worried that helping outsiders will bring about huge changes?”

“People will forever be more terrifying than fiend beasts and those flesh-eating plants.” Chi Xiaoye said quietly, “Since my clansmen have thought this way, then they would definitely have a reason for thinking this way.”

“I seem to have seen these things before.” Nangong Weiyang suddenly said.

Lin Xi stared blankly. He followed her gaze, but discovered that her eyes were precisely locked onto that ancient sculpture he was looking at just now.

“Could it be that your birth really has something to do with this Ancient Witch Forest, or even Chi Xiaoye’s clansmen?”

After staring blankly for a moment, scenes from melodramatic soap operas immediately flashed past his brain. “Could it be that there were Yunqin cultivators who entered Ancient Witch Forest, became close to the cultivators here, and then gave birth to you? Then, they were not permitted to stay by the cultivators here, so they were chased all the way to Great Desolate Swamp? Chi Xiaoye, have you ever heard your clansmen talk about any females from the clan who eloped with outsider cultivators?”

Chi Xiaoye shook her head firmly. “If there were any, I would have told you long ago.”

“Then could it be that Nangong Weiyang’s parents came to investigate this place that is considered an unknown land for Yunqin? Then, along the way, there were some unexpected things that happened?” Lin Xi immediately began to play detective, starting to speculate in high spirits.

Only, in this type of situation where Nangong Weiyang couldn’t remember anything else at all, these speculations had no chance of obtaining any conclusive answers.

It was because there wasn’t any time to waste, which was why Lin Xi who constantly reminded himself that he was now just a tourist didn’t do any exploring. He only followed Chi Xiaoye’s instructions to take the safest path through Ancient Witch Forest.

After obtaining two nights of rare rest in a treetop hammock, Lin Xi finally approached his destination, the Green Field City Chi Xiaoye spoke of.

From the distance, Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang saw an extremely large circular city.

Apart from a giant green city wall, there wasn’t much of a difference between the inside of this giant valley-like city and outside of it, full of verdant trees.

What was different was that Ancient Witch Forest’s continuous hilly region came to a sudden stop here. This city was located at the very end of this hilly region’s trees. These trees weren’t as massive as those in Ancient Witch Forest, didn’t have any of the terrifying feeling as if a giant might leap out at any time.

When they got a bit closer, Lin Xi became even more speechless. He couldn’t help but look at Chi Xiaoye. “Are you really sure that you are not an elf that has materialized from the forest’s spiritual influence? Or maybe a druid?”

The reason why he couldn’t help but say this was because he already clearly saw that the city walls of this Green Field City were also completely formed from interlinked trees and vines!

“Now is not the time to talk about this type of nonsense.”

Chi Xiaoye’s face was extremely overcast. She bit her lips, pointed at the green city walls Lin Xi spoke of and asked quietly, “Do you see the dark brown large tree growing between the tree wall’s gap?”

“A date tree?” Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment. When looking at it from a distance, apart from feeling like it was too large, it was quite like a date tree. Moreover, the tree was full of red date-like fruits.

“Remember to not carelessly get within fifty steps of that tree.” Chi Xiaoye said with a heavy voice, “That is a Thorn Poison Tree. Under the power of our clan’s cultivators, it can instantly fire over a thousand fruits. The power of the fruits isn’t enough to penetrate a State Master level cultivator’s body, but the aura released by the fruits’ juices has numbing effects. Apart from Sacred Experts, normal cultivators’ bodies will easily become poisoned and turn rigid.”

“It’s that formidable?!”

Lin Xi’s face immediately sunk. “Isn’t this equivalent to having a large-scale military equipment every few dozen steps… Are you all preparing to go to war at any time? There are so many strange methods.”

“What a pity, there is definitely no way to relocate it, they can’t even be moved. Otherwise, on the battlefield, wouldn’t these be even more formidable than a few dozen Stone Catapult Carts?”

While Lin Xi couldn’t help but sigh in admiration, a strange flute noise already sounded.

It was clear that Chi Xiaoye’s clansmen also already noticed that they had uninvited guests.

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