Book 15 Chapter 24 - Time

A dark robed man walked through Central Continent City’s night scene streets.

His head was always lowered, as if he was counting just how many pieces of limestone he walked over. He didn’t walk all that fast, but his perception was especially powerful, so when there were people walking over from the distance, about to see him, he would have already entered another street ahead of time.

That was why even though the early evening Central Continent City when lanterns were first starting to be lit was still quite lively, not a single person noticed this gray robed man along the way.

He was like a ghost that walked through Central Continent City. Only, his body released a type of innate arrogant and unyielding aura.

He stopped outside a minister’s official residence. Even though there weren’t any special auras in his perception, there were many patrolling soldiers around this residence, in some high points not far out were some military night sentries who were still vigilant. As such, this gray robed man’s movements were also extremely careful, using up almost an hour before he made his way through this residence’s courtyard walls, stealthily moving to the side of a study that still had its lights lit.

After waiting even more patiently in the shadows of the study for a long time, when that official inside the study seemed like he had some matters that required him to leave, the instant he crossed the study’s entrance and pushed open the door, only then did this gray robed man silently arrive at the entrance with a stance even more nimble than a leopard cat, silently arriving at the entrance. He reached out a hand, clutching this official’s throat, and then moved into the study. Only after he lightly closed the study’s door did he whisper quietly by the ears of this official who couldn’t utter a single sound, “Sir Liu, do not make a sound, I am someone from Green Luan Academy.”

The body of this official who was restrained suddenly shook, but then gradually relaxed.

Under the candlelight’s illumination, the shock in this official’s eyes gradually faded, his expression becoming exceptionally upright and firm, full of righteousness again. This was precisely Yunqin’s important statesman Liu Xueqing.

When he sensed Liu Xueqing’s cooperation, this gray robed man loosened his grip. He took half a step to the side, and then nodded his head in greeting.

By borrowing the candle flame, Liu Xueqing saw the appearance of this gray robed individual, saw the arrogant and unyielding expression that looked like everyone owed him tens of thousands of silver. Liu Xueqing forcefully swallowed his saliva to ease the pain at his throat, but there was a wave of coldness that swept through every part of his body. “You are Green Luan Academy Self Defense Department’s sword controlling Sacred Expert Xu Shengmo?”

“Apart from me, who else is there that can strut right into an official residence like yours without being discovered by anyone?” Xu Shengmo felt extremely proud of his ability to arrive before Liu Xueqing without using any soul force, without being sensed by any cultivators. However, when he said this in high spirits, he instead suddenly thought back to how when it just began snowing last year, Lin Xi unleashed a great slaughter in this city. This immediately made him feel a bit speechless, made him unable to help but curse inwardly in great irritation.

“Even if you are a Sacred Expert, if you are discovered by someone in Central Continent City, you might not necessarily be able to escape.” Liu Xueqing suppressed his voice. He looked at Xu Shengmo and asked, “Why have you sought me out?”

“I am only in charge of passing on a few words from that Lin Xi brat.” Xu Shengmo clenched his teeth, saying this with an unkind expression.

Liu Xueqing couldn’t understand Xu Shengmo’s expression. His mood also became heavy, he didn’t want to think deeper into it. With a heavy voice, he asked, “What words does Lin Xi have for me?”

“Purgatory Mountain will allow Great Mang and Yunqin to negotiate peace. After a few days, Great Mang will officially send their emissaries into Yunqin. At that time, Central Continent CIty will hear about this information.” Xu Shengmo looked at Liu Xueqing and said, “Lin Xi wanted me to tell you that even though everyone wishes for this war to end, for Green Luan Academy, this is Purgatory Mountain taking a step back for even more in the future. Purgatory Mountain will completely use this type of peace negotiation to send large amounts of cultivators into Yunqin in the open.”

“Right now, Green Luan Academy might no longer have the ability to stop Purgatory Mountain’s cultivators.”

“This time’s peace negotiations were brought up by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, which is why they will definitely be carried out. Lin Xi said that he doesn’t know whose side you will stand by, but he knows you will definitely do what is favorable for Yunqin. That is why in a situation where Great Mang will definitely do everything they can to satisfy Yunqin’s conditions for peace negotiation, he hopes that you can demand for a few more things. This can bring more benefits for Yunqin, and it can also stall for a bit of time.”

After Xu Shengmo continuously spoke these sentences, he directly said, “Alright, I’m done.”

“Great Mang wants to start peace talks?”

Liu Xueqing’s eyes finally became completely covered in shock.

He took a deep breath, doing his best to calm himself down a bit. “Lin Xi is certain that the peace negotiations will succeed? Even if our requests are extremely severe?”

Xu Shengmo gave him an expressionless look, and then said coldly, “Even though I am not Lin Xi, I reckon that if I am not an idiot, then these words precisely mean for you to bite a huge chunk out of them. Then, if the enemy isn’t willing, then just slowly wear them down, stall for as much time as possible.”

Liu Xueqing became quiet.

Xu Shengmo didn’t say anything else. He turned around, lightly pushing open the study’s door, and then walked out.

After spending quite a bit more time to walk out of this courtyard, leaving this street, only now did Xu Shengmo whose body was now completely relaxed touch the sweat on his forehead. With a light curse of disdain, he said, “Actually better at pretending to be aloof and indifferent… Lin Xi, this is clearly a matter of life and death, yet you actually only left behind these words for Liu Xueqing? You could have at least said a bit more…”

Green Luan Academy learned about the peace negotiations much earlier than Central Continent City.

Liu Xueqing thus became the one who, apart from Green Luan Academy, knew about the peace negotiations earlier than anyone else in Central Continent City.

Yunqin Emperor naturally received the information much earlier than other influential figures.

The second day after Liu Xueqing heard that Great Mang was about to officially carry out peace talks, Yunqin Emperor also became aware that this matter was about to happen.

Then, the first thing he did was to enter Imperial City’s Gentle Peace Palace.

Inside this Imperial City’s most secluded palace that even already grew many weeds lived a single person, a person who might be the most powerful person in Central Continent City, or even all of Yunqin now.

Yunqin Imperial Court Great Consecrator Ni Henian.

Yunqin Emperor left all of his attendants and followers outside the palace. Then, he entered Gentle Peace Palace alone, walking deep inside, into the room where Ni Henian cultivated.

It was now already early summer, Central Continent City’s winds already brought a bit of dryness that made one perspire.

However, Ni Henian’s cultivation room was even colder than Central Continent City’s winters.

It was because this was an ice house that used cold jade as the walls, within it piled large chunks of cold ice.

While looking at Ni Henian who was seated on the cold jade bed, frost even gathering by his brows, Yunqin Emperor remained quiet for a moment, and then he said, “Is it useful?”

Ni Henian raised his brows, giving him a look, his expression as if no different from looking at an ordinary Sacred Expert. He nodded and said calmly, “It can at least slow down the body’s functions considerably, grant me a lot of time.”

Yunqin Emperor didn’t get angry, only calmly looking at him and asking, “How long?”

“Many years.” Ni Henian said casually.

When he heard that there wasn’t a set deadline, this reply that seemed too casual and arrogant, Yunqin Emperor still didn’t get angry. He became silent for a moment, and then he raised his head slightly, saying with a heavy voice, “The Spirit Benevolence Pill was indeed given to Wenren Cangyue by me.”

Ni Henian gave Yunqin Emperor a look. He didn’t reply. There weren’t any clear fluctuations in the expression in his eyes either, as if he didn’t hear the words Yunqin Emperor just spoke.

“Purgatory Mountain will negotiate peace talks with this Emperor.” Yunqin Emperor’s brows moved slightly upwards, continuing.

Ni Henian’s brows now rose slightly, his eyes flickering. The white frost on his brows released a sound like metal.

“This emperor wishes to hear your respected self’s opinion.”

Yunqin Emperor took a deep breath, his tone becoming a bit more fierce. “Your respected self should understand that whether peace is negotiated or not, this emperor must make a decision after hearing your opinion.”

Ni Henian gave Yunqin Emperor a calm look “You’ve already cooperated with Purgatory Mountain before, already made Green Luan Academy your enemy. Don’t tell me there is still a chance to turn back?”

Yunqin Emperor’s expression became a bit uglier. “This emperor was only considering the method that had the highest chance of defeating Green Luan Academy, that was why I gave the Spirit Benevolence Pill to Wenren Cangyue and not to Great Consecrator.”

“You are mistaken.”

Ni Henian slowly shook his head. “I have never believed that the Spirit Benevolence Pill would bring me much changes. Since I don’t care about the Spirit Benevolence Pill, then you do not need to apologize to me regardless of who you gave it to.”

Yunqin Emperor was a bit stunned.

“You coming to meet with me alone was also because you wanted to make a gamble, wishing to see if I will produce any changes in my attitude towards you. You also understand that by cooperating with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, it is just like leading the wolf into the house, you understand that only I alone am the power in your hands that has a chance of dealing with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s power.” Ni Henian looked at Yunqin Emperor with his unfocused ash colored eyes, calmly saying, “However, during these years, you should have also understood who your enemy is. I do not mind at all, what I care about is only what I pursue. I have always pursued going beyond Sacred Expert level, truly becoming the most powerful person in Central Continent City. Now, I have already achieved this. The path ahead of me… The only enemy whose cultivation level is higher than mine, more powerful than me, is Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.”

“You fear that I will have some objections towards your choices, that I won’t help you deal with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch?”

The corners of Ni Henian’s lips revealed an expression of ice-cold mockery. “There is no need for you to worry about this… because if I am going to leave this world, the only chance will be when I face him.”

Yunqin Emperor’s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression returning to one of coldness and dignity.

He showed Ni Henian a slight bow of respect.

“Great Consecrator, your respected self’s name will forever be left in the annals of Yunqin history.”

“If your respected self needs anything, you may take whatever you need from the Imperial City.”

After coldly and respectfully saying these sentences, Yunqin Emperor thus carried even greater confidence, leaving this place happily.

Ni Henian didn’t speak again.

He slowly closed his eyes, even his breathing seeming to stop. However, in this icehouse’s cold weather, there seemed to be many wisps of vein lines, as if there were countless runes linked to his body.

The ice-cold expression at the corners of his lips didn’t disappear, instead growing wider like ripples.

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