Book 15 Chapter 18 - Your Era Has Already Ended

Everyone’s expression would change completely when they sensed the true threat of death.

Even Nangong Weiyang who already began to calm down when she felt that Wenren Cangyue already reached the end of the road still completely changed her expression.

Even in her perception, Wenren Cangyue’s attack was like an erupting volcano.

Even the most powerful cultivator wouldn’t be able to survive if they stood at the center of an erupting volcano.

This was Wenren Cangyue’s true ultimate trump card.

She refused to believe that after Wenren Cangyue was crushed under their mutual destruction power for so long, he could still release such domineering and terrifying power.

Zhantai Qiantang didn’t dare believe it either.

However, he sensed a wave of familiar energy from this insufferably arrogant aura.

He remembered something, only feeling even more fear. His body began to tremble continuously.

Lin Xi also didn’t expect that Wenren Cangyue who was already forced to the end of his road would still be able to release such inconceivable power.

In this instant, his expression also changed, at the same time also recalling something.

His fingers originally already landed on Big Black’s three strings, he was prepared to send all of his power into Big Black.

However, when facing Wenren Cangyue’s sword, he instead let go of Big Black.

He silently raised his head, calmly and coldly looking at Wenren Cangyue’s attack.


Wenren Cangyue screamed viciously, as if he went completely mad.

Because of his anger and pain, because he had to pay the price for this sword, his face warped. His lips that were originally red like blood also became deathly white.

This sword was like a shooting star in the sky, like a massive divine warship moving through the sky. It released endless rumbling noises, smashing towards Lin Xi.

This sword’s power, aura and speed could all be said to be unrivaled.

Even if it was an existence like Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, he might still suffer some severe injuries.

No Sacred Experts could block this sword.

Lin Xi had no chance of enduring the power of this type of sword.

In Wenren Cangyue’s eyes, Lin Xi was already inevitably dead.

As for what kind of consequence he had to face after he killed Lin Xi, he already didn’t think about it.

Right now, he who had been completely forced to this point only wanted to kill Lin Xi.

However, when facing this sword, Lin Xi instead only lowered Big Black, widening his hands.

As if he was carrying a bright moon, he embraced this loudly rumbling flying sword.

When this insufferably arrogant Seven Planets Devil Sword was still a few zhang from his body, the soul force that pervaded his entire body was released at full force, not even a single shred left behind.

This wasn’t Zhong Cheng’s Bright Moon Hammer[1].

He only made all of the soul force within his body surge at the fastest speed possible.

At this moment, his entire body seemed to have become a wind blowing machine. Meanwhile, the soul force that was released from his body condensed into a beam, aiming at the skies above his head ahead of time.

At this moment, the Seven Planets Devil Sword flew to that point.

In this extremely brief moment, in that extremely tight bit of space, a wave of strange muffled noise sounded.

Wenren Cangyue’s viciously roaring instantly stopped.

Lin Xi’s soul force rushed towards the Seven Planets Devil Sword like a stream. Then, it frantically poured into the Seven Planets Devil Sword’s runes, as if it wanted to forcibly squeeze out some of Wenren Cangyue’s soul force, to seize this flying sword.

In a brief instant not even Sacred Experts could react to in time, previously precisely anticipating and locking down onto the other party’s flying sword, and then pouring in one’s own soul force, this was something no cultivator could do.

Yet right now, Lin Xi did it.

However, if he wanted to seize this sword, it was still impossible.

It was because if he wanted to seize the other party’s flying sword, the only way was if your soul force was more powerful than the opponent’s.

Even if Lin Xi completed Devil Transformation, even though he instantly released all of his soul force, he still had no chance of contending against Wenren Cangyue’s power.

According to normal reasoning, this type of confrontation was equivalent to a tug of war between two individuals whose strength wasn’t on the same level at all. The opponent could firmly control the flying sword again in an instant, and then kill him.

However, there still wasn’t a trace of fear to be seen in Lin Xi’s eyes.

The moment his soul force poured into the Seven Planets Devil Sword, when a strange muffled noise sounded, the Seven Planets Devil Sword’s body began to crack, it began to break apart.

Endless wisps of terrifying power erupted and scattered in the air, forming streaks of visible sonic booms.

An explosive chi noise sounded.

A small fragment passed through Lin Xi’s left shoulder and through his priest robes, blasting open a thumb-sized bloody hole in his left shoulder. The powerful force brought Lin Xi back two steps.

Bone shattering splitting noises also sounded from Lin Xi’s shoulder, as if there were many bone fractures that extended along the inside of Lin Xi’s body.

However, Lin Xi was still standing steadily.

His body began to shrink, the power of Devil Transformation disappearing. He began to become extremely weak. Large amounts of sweat poured out from his body.

His expression was extremely pale.

However, as if he had completely forgotten about all the pain, he began to laugh.

He laughed continuously.

Wenren Cangyue’s hand that previously reached towards the sky already fell.

He first looked at the Seven Planets Devil Sword that already disappeared, and then at Lin Xi who was still standing well. His eyes were filled with indescribable perplexity.

Pu pu pu pu…

Some rupturing noises sounded from within his body.

Bursts of blood erupted from his tattered clothes.

He knelt down onto the ground.

The soul force within his body had also already been completely used up. He forcefully sealed up his own injuries, but this strike brought him many new injuries.

Right now, he was already a cripple who couldn’t use any of his limbs, his entire body paralyzed.

He knelt on the ground, unable to move at all.

“The ability of Divine Generals is precisely foresight?”

He was in disbelief as he looked at the laughing Lin Xi with blank eyes, saying this with a hoarse voice.

Lin Xi didn’t reply to his words.

The feeling of getting revenge on a great grudge felt extremely great.

However, the figures of Changsun Wujiang and Jiang Yu’er who appeared in his mind instead made his smile become a bit gloomy.

“Li Ku’s sword?”

He looked at Wenren Cangyue, only unable to help but say with ice-cold mockery, “Who would have thought that you comprehended some of Li Ku’s cultivation methods… Turns out this was your deepest secret, no wonder you always dared to cooperate with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, this was the reason why in the future, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch cannot just deal with you carelessly… only, it is a pity that you have no future. A pity that the amount of time you spent cultivating this sword was too short, a pity that you didn’t dare grant me too much more time. Your sword is indeed extremely powerful, just that it is a pity it is too powerful, even the Seven Planets Devil Sword cannot endure this much power.”

Under Lin Xi’s ice-cold mockery, Wenren Cangyue began to truly return to reality. He saw that he was at the end of his road, despair and unwillingness fully gripping his body and mind.


“Why is it that even though I am already this powerful, that I still lost?”

“Could it be that I have to shoulder all of this? I only wanted to become one of the nine elders, but the emperor…”

He began to mutter to himself. Then, his voice grew louder and louder, becoming crazy howling.


Lin Xi released a fierce shout, saying with a cold laugh, “Turns out even the most ruthless and ambitious hero, when they truly face death, they are still no different from an ordinary person, they will also become pitiful creatures.”

“We have a common enemy!”

Wenren Cangyue who was insufferably arrogant, ruthless, cold, and confident to the extreme, at this time, seemed to have become the most simple ordinary person.

The greater one’s ambitions were, the more their desires weren’t fulfilled, when they reached their moment of death, the more they won’t be able to remain calm, the more they wouldn’t want to die, the more suffering they would feel.

Wenren Cangyue looked at Lin Xi in pain, saying, “I can help you deal with the emperor… I am the one who knows how to fight battles under the sky best, I can serve as your trusted advisor! I still have a lot of power in my possession.”

Lin Xi only gave him a look.

There were no words. Just Lin Xi’s gaze alone made Wenren Cangyue recognize Lin Xi’s refusal.

“Why?!” Wenren Cangyue screamed in pain.

“It is because no matter what one does in this world, in the end, it is just to make themselves feel at ease.” Lin Xi raised his head. He no longer looked at him, instead looking at the clouds flowing through the skies. “If you don’t die… When I think about those who died because of you, I wouldn’t be able to feel at ease.”

Jiang Xiaoyi raised the green spear in his hands.

Even his firm and persistent face had some tear stains.

All of these Green Luan Academy youngsters’ frantic toils during these two years were for the sake of killing Wenren Cangyue.

For the sake of killing Wenren Cangyue, who knew how much effort they put in, how much suffering they experienced. If he still allowed Wenren Cangyue to live, then he would even begin to doubt his own life.

In the end, what supported the advance of Green Luan Academy and themselves was still faith, and not some external strength.

He prepared to impale Wenren Cangyue’s body, lifting him up.

“Let’s kill him in a different place.”

However, Lin Xi instead stopped his movements. “There is someone who will really wish to personally see him, really want to personally kill him.” Lin Xi looked at his eyes and said, “Killing him in a different place will bring even greater use.”

Jiang Xiaoyi and the others’ hearts mysteriously trembled.

All of them knew that the one Lin Xi was talking about was Meng Bai, the Meng Bai who bitterly hated his own timidness, who no one had any idea what he was thinking when he jumped off that cliff.

That fatty who many people looked down on who wasn’t by their sides, but was always fighting together with all of them.

Wenren Cangyue understood Lin Xi’s intentions.

If he was killed in front of many Yunqin people, it would bring back greater commotion, change even more things.

He didn’t want to die like a dog, be slaughtered like a criminal before the masses.

He roared in suffering.

However, he was already a completely paralyzed cripple, he couldn’t change this result at all.

The completely expressionless Shi Qian walked up to his side[2].

For Shi Qian, Wenren Cangyue was also his greatest enemy.

Without Wenren Cangyue, Li Ku might not have died. The true Thousand Devil Nest wouldn’t have been destroyed.

“Your era has already ended.”

He seriously and coldly said these words to Wenren Cangyue. Then, several fine chains entered Wenren Cangyue’s body.

Lin Xi watched Shi Qian carry Wenren Cangyue, walking towards him.

He saw that everyone around him was extremely tired, all of them carrying some injuries.

However, there was satisfaction in everyone’s eyes, carrying things that left him indescribably moved.

There were oilseed flower petals that fluttered over from the distance, landing on his body.

There seemed to be a brave and heroic aura within the warm breeze.

However, everyone felt extremely peaceful at heart.

1. A one strike technique, all in

2. Li Ku’s disciple from Thousand Devil Nest

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