Book 15 Chapter 17 - Finale

The gap between the perception of a State Master level cultivator and a Sacred Expert level cultivator was who knew how vast.

Things that seemed extremely slow in the eyes of Sacred Experts, in the eyes of State Masters were fast to the point where they couldn’t even catch a trace.

However, during Lin Xi’s battle against Wenren Cangyue, this most basic and simple principle of the cultivation world was overturned.

While shouting violently, after Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword sent Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword flying, it carried terrifying streams as it flew towards Lin Xi.

He obviously wouldn’t admit that he lost.

He definitely refused to believe that he would die here.

He obviously wanted to kill Lin Xi.

However, with a boom noise, a wave of power erupted from Big Black, once again smashing straight into his flying sword.

The white streams around the Seven Planets Devil Sword were completely scattered.

The flying sword moved through the black flowing light, as if it was a fish swimming against the current.

Right at this moment, Lucky’s power erupted.

Under repeated battles, Lucky already matured greatly. It was already extremely strong.

The aura surging around its body actually formed several streaks of intense black flames, swaying in the air as if they were giant tails. Right now, it really did look like Yunqin’s legendary bringer of misfortune.

However, this misfortune could only be Wenren Cangyue’s misfortune.

All of its power condensed into a single sparkling and translucent icicle in front of its body, an icicle that didn’t seem to play any tricks.

At this time, Gao Yanan released a furious roar.

She had always been extremely beautiful.

However, at this time, the feeling she gave off was just like a truly angry Frost Giant.

Terrifying cold winds and ice accompanied her furious roar, flying about crazily outside her body, making her figure seem incomparably massive, making her furious roar seem especially great.

The flying ice and snow covered that sparkling icicle in front of Lucky’s body.

This sparkling icicle turned into a giant ice sword. Under her furious roar, it fiercely smashed into Wenren Cangyue’s Seven Planets Devil Sword.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword stabbed into this giant ice sword. It was firmly trapped by the ice vital energy, sealed within!

It was as if hell flames were burning within the eyes of the kneeling Wenren Cangyue.

His right hand suddenly reached out, his two fingers forming a sword, and then pressed forward.

zheng noise sounded.

The noise released between the flying sword and ice was completely that of metal striking each other.

One end of the frozen longsword suddenly fractured. The Seven Planets Devil Sword struggled free from just this single gap.

It was also right at this time that an indigo blue longsword thrusted out fiercely, hacking into the Seven Planets Devil Sword that had just left the sealing ice.

Wenren Cangyue was this world’s most powerful sword controlling Sacred Expert. The Seven Planets Devil Sword was also Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful flying sword.

That was why the flying swords of ordinary Sacred Experts might not be able to break free from that sealing ice at all, yet he only needed an instant.

However, the flying sword that was originally fast like lightning, even its traces couldn’t be locked down on, was instead struck non-stop, again and again.

This made it so that his Seven Planets Devil Sword no longer seemed to be one of the fastest flying objects in this world, but rather looked more like a fish that was completely trapped in a net.


Zhantai Qiantang’s longsword and Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword collided, releasing two giant bell clashing like noises.

Rings of visible sound waves rippled through the air.


Right at this time, Wenren Cangyue’s other knee also released an ear-piercing fracturing noise.

This leg of his also completely snapped at the knee.

Wenren Cangyue’s body that seemed like it was cast from steel suddenly sunk, kneeling down onto the ground.

The instant his knees completely snapped, unable to support his body, kneeling down, a pu sounded. A blast of bloody mist also sprayed out of his mouth.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword flew out diagonally in the air. Only when it was close to landing on the ground did it finally hover in the air.

Wenren Cangyue’s kneecaps were shattered, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t move.

Roiling soul force poured out of his body, smashing into the blood dyed ground, propelling his body backwards.

Behind him was that Devilmask Dove.

However, right at this moment, a metal splitting stone rupturing phoenix cry that could similarly feel its owner’s anger and sorrow, hence feeling extreme rage, dropped down from high up in the sky like countless transparent longswords.

The forest began to tremble.

Even the mountain rocks seemed like they were going to split apart.

Wenren Cangyue raised his head ruthlessly in anger. He saw that there was a golden phoenix in the sky, one that was currently releasing dazzling radiance.

He began to laugh viciously like he was crazy.

He knew that this was Lin Xi telling him that he couldn’t escape.

Lin Xi didn’t immediately use Big Black again.

“This is the ending you deserve.”

He only looked at Wenren Cangyue who stopped, saying this, and then he also began to release great radiance.

Streaks of light that were pure to the point where they seemed holy carrying a certain type of solemn and intense light shot out from Lin Xi’s body.

A transparent bridge of light linked up between him and Nangong Weiyang.

The radiance on Lin Xi’s body poured out steadily into Nangong Weiyang’s body.

“This is precisely Radiance, this is Sacrifice[1]. This is the faith that makes many Yunqin people not hesitate to give up their lives to protect their beloved country and families. However, even though you are a Yunqin citizen, you wish to personally destroy this beautiful faith, which is why this is your despair.”

Lin Xi didn’t want to waste any more words with Wenren Cangyue. However, at this time, he instead naturally spoke these types of words.

It was because he thought to himself that many people died for the sake of this scene.

Nangong Weiyang’s body seemed to be burning up.

When she liked or disliked someone, she didn’t need any reason at all.

The first time she entered Jadefall City, entering the territory that belonged to this great general in the past, she already began to bitterly hate him.

However, when she faced him again and again, she suffered defeats repeatedly.

That was why Wenren Cangyue also became her greatest enemy.

Endless battle intent surged within her heart. Previously, she already couldn’t fight anymore, but now, she had the chance to fight again. The fighting spirit and hatred within her also finally made her release a great roar of anger.

In this instant, she finally felt what she had always wanted to feel… She realized what it was that she loved, what it was that she hated, as well as what friendship was exactly.

The ice-cold flying sword that fell amidst the rubble and underbush flew again under her furious shout, turning into a perfectly straight line, stabbing towards Wenren Cangyue’s chest.

The ice-cold sword radiance lit up Wenren Cangyue’s cheek, illuminating his eyes.

He released a fierce roar. The Seven Planets Devil Sword returned to three feet in front of him.

The two swords collided like mountains.

The ice-cold flying sword was sent flying again.

Nangong Weiyang fell backwards limply.

Wenren Cangyue’s Seven Planets Devil Sword also moved backwards, retreating into Wenren Cangyue’s hands, in the end unable to stop the retreating stance.

Following a crack noise, Wenren Cangyue’s right wrist also shattered.

Blood flowed out continuously from the corner of his mouth, dripping onto his clothes that were already ripped apart.

Many of the fine blood vessels in his eyes also ruptured from the intense soul force rippling, turning blood red.

His blood red eyes were filled with viciousness, malevolence and disbelief.

He already obtained the Spirit Benevolence Pill.

He already returned to being this world’s most powerful Sacred Expert.

In this world, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch should have been the only one above him.

Lin Xi and the others shouldn’t have been aware that he obtained the Spirit Benevolence Pill. However, even in this type of situation, he was still injured to this type of degree!

It was only Lin Xi and the other youngsters that forced him into such a sorry state.

Only, there still wasn’t any despair to be seen in his eyes.

“My only miscalculation is that I didn’t expect there to be anyone whose cultivation speed was much faster than my own. I underestimated her strength.”

He looked at Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi, laughing fiercely.

“However, even if this is the case, so what?”

“There is no way she can continue fighting.”

“Lin Xi, do you really believe that you can kill me with just this?”

These sounded just like the crazy words spoken by a dying man. However, while he laughed viciously, there was a vague blue and black color that appeared on his skin.

Within a mysterious rippling of energy, his body seemed to no longer be like flesh, but rather like leather armor.

This was Thousand Devil Nest’s Sealing Devil.

As the payment for coordinating with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch in Li Ku’s pursuit, Wenren Cangyue also obtained several Thousand Devil Nest cultivation techniques.

This type of cultivation technique was precisely an even higher level of the Thousand Devil Nest cultivation technique Lin Xi obtained earlier[ref]Demonic Body Technique B6C29[/ref] , its strength similar to using necrosis of the skin to seal off injuries, to not let the body’s condition worsen.

Even though by adopting this type of method, Wenren Cangyue would undoubtedly have even more serious internal injuries, completely squandering away that Spirit Benevolence Pill, at the very least, he could still continue fighting right now.

If he could fight, then he could avoid being killed by Lin Xi, and he could kill Lin Xi.

Wenren Cangyue laughed viciously. He felt like right now, Lin Xi should have felt fear, that he should be feeling regret.

However, his vicious laughter instead became more and more rigid, as if it was frozen on his face.

He discovered that there wasn’t a single expression of fear present, neither on the face of Lin Xi nor on those around him. Instead, an expression of mockery began to appear within their eyes.

“You can still fight, I can continue as well.”

“You seized some cultivation techniques from the hands of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who found them too disdainful to use, but I obtained what he attached the most importance to.”

Lin Xi began to smile.

His smile seemed especially cold and fierce, especially malevolent.

It was because he began Devil Transformation.

His body increased in size while Wenren Cangyue’s breathing stopped, filling up his sturdy and wide High Priest robes.

Lin Xi’s body blocked the sunlight in front of him.

At this time, the normally calm and cool-headed Lin Xi seemed like an avenging Devil King from the depths of hell.

Wenren Cangyue finally felt fear.

His iron cast body began to tremble.

There was something else that granted him absolute confidence from the very start.

Wenren Cangyue knew that right now, it was already time where he had to use that thing.

However, despite this, he still didn’t have a shred of confidence right now.

He only reached out his left hand that was still intact.

Then, it was as if a sword exploded in his body.

All of the bones and flesh in his left hand completely shattered. His entire left arm seemed to have become a hollow set of human skin.

A wave of terrifying sword energy that seemed to vaguely exceed the Sacred Expert level brought along countless crushed bone fragments, rushing out through his hollow arm, once again making this world erupt with terrifying vital energy.

This wave of sword energy instantly poured into his Seven Planets Devil Sword.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword also seemed to have surged with strength, facing the devil transformed Lin Xi.

1. These are the two methods Priest Hall taught Lin Xi. Sacrifice is a healing method from Priest Hall B12C29. Radiance is a type of offensive power B12C26

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