Book 15 Chapter 16 - Mistake

What other Sacred Experts could stop him?

When he felt the full force aura of Gu Yunjing, Wenren Cangyue already seriously considered this question.

Ever since he started Jadefall City’s chaos until now, Yunqin and Great Mang already lost too many Sacred Experts. There already weren’t many left.

Meanwhile, he also already walked quite far along the path of Sacred Experts. Grand Secretary Zhou couldn’t fight anymore, He Baihe died. Apart from Central Continent City’s Ni Henian who definitely wouldn’t appear here, he already couldn’t think of any other Sacred Experts who could stop him from killing in Xi.

East Forest’s number one sword Ye Wangqing couldn’t.

Green Luan swords master Xu Shengmo couldn’t.

Tong Wei who was recuperating in Green Luan Academy couldn’t either.

All battles were the same. Regardless of whether it was an ambush or being ambushed, talents were the root.

In Wenren Cangyue’s perspective, Lin Xi didn’t have enough people who could stop the Purgatory Mountain Great Elders who were currently heading over, he didn’t have anyone who could stop him.

Regardless of how elaborate their schemes were, without enough people, without enough strength, it was all empty words.

That was why even if he was forced to land and discovered that not a single Purgatory Mountain Great Elder came, he still had absolute confidence, firmly believing that he could kill Lin Xi instead.

Only, he discovered that he was wrong.

He forgot about one person.

He recognized Nangong Weiyang.

He remembered that when he launched his assassination on Changsun Wujiang in Jadefall City, this young Sacred Expert screamed fiercely with extreme rage.

Even though at the time, he was also a bit shocked towards this young lady’s power, all of Nangong Weiyang’s strength could still only cut a single chain of his.

In his eyes, Nangong Weiyang was still too weak.

Just like Xu Shengmo and those people, he believed that Nangong Weiyang, this type of Sacred Expert, wouldn’t pose any threat to him.

However, Nangong Weiyang’s strength was already enough to completely shatter his previous confidence.

There was only one possibility that would make him judge incorrectly.

This was that Nangong Weiyang’s cultivation speed was too fast, fast to the point where it far exceeded conventional reasoning.

Wenren Cangyue was precisely one of the cultivators with the best cultivation aptitudes in this world himself.

Nangong Weiyang’s cultivation speed was actually that much faster than even his!

In that instant, Wenren Cangyue’s confidence began to deteriorate. At the same time, thoughts of disbelief began to flood his brain one after another.

It was also right at this instant that Wenren Cangyue thought that her entire life seemed to be directly opposed to his. Every single major thing he did would always end up encountering this tender faced Sacred Expert he originally didn’t pay any attention to.

His assassination of Nanshan Mu ended up being ruined by her, Ghost Advisor instead ending up in her hands.

During his assassination of Changsun Wujiang, she was also there… Now, he wanted to kill Lin Xi, yet she was also here.

For many years, Wenren Cangyue had never felt the word regret. However, at this moment, a bit of regret instead surged within him.

He regretted not killing this tender faced Sacred Expert earlier.

All of these emotions happened in a fraction of a breath of time. It was to the extent where Lin Xi didn’t even have time to pull back Big Black’s strings again.

Wenren Cangyue’s Seven Planets Devil Sword’s aura instantly erupted.

On this flying sword, it was as if a devil eye that looked down on all living things opened.

There seemed to be many devil eyes opening in the air around the flying sword too.

When he released a light cough, wisps of blood coughed out from the corners of his lips, his Seven Planets Devil Sword and Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword completed the final intense clash.

During the previous countless clashes, it always seemed like Nangong Weiyang was using her own body to strike him, while he was always doing his best to avoid the attacks. Meanwhile, this time, it was as if he was instead using his own body to retaliate at full strength.

Originally, blood just began to flow out from Nangong Weiyang’s nose.

After this fraction of a second of time passed, all of her pores released endless bits of bloody mist.

Her flying sword spun backwards, losing control, turning into a shooting star that shot towards who knew what direction.

Wenren Cangyue’s flying sword still tenaciously stopped in the air.

His sword defeated Nangong Weiyang.

Only, his eyes were only filled with endless anger and disbelief, lacking the slightest proud expression.

It was because he didn’t have a choice.

He was forced to do this by Nangong Weiyang.

If he didn’t use this type of method to immediately decide victory and defeat, then there was no way he could have the extra room to deal with Lin Xi’s Big Black.

He was indeed still more powerful than Nangong Weiyang.

Only a wave of reverse flowing blood surged to his throat.

However, with a crack noise, his right knee released another cracking noise.

At this time, his right knee bones that suffered comparatively greater force completely snapped, unable to support his body.

He knelt down on one knee.

“Lin Xi!”

The instant he knelt down on a single knee, he erupted into a fierce and explosive shout!

“Do not speak any idiotic words like face me one on one.”

However, when he erupted into a violent roar, Lin Xi instead spoke with a calm and indifferent tone, “The only thing I am interested in knowing is when someone who wishes to prevail over the entire world is slowly crushed to death by a group of people they never attached much importance to, just what kind of feeling this brings.”

When Wenren Cangyue’s right leg shattered, with him kneeling down on one knee and roaring out, that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder whose entire body was wrapped within his hair also sensed something, suddenly raising his head.

In the air, Hu Piyi’s flying sword also already clashed with that burning Purgatory Mountain flying sword countless times.

While blocking this burning flying sword, his flying sword even used the openings to kill seven Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who rushed to his side.

His body also already had four or five areas that continuously dripped with blood.

When that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the imperial carriage suddenly raised his head, a hair stabbed out from within the imperial carriage, landing on the head of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator closest to the imperial carriage.

This Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator didn’t even have time to release a single miserable cry before his head was ignited, releasing surging smoke and black flames.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder didn’t release any sounds.

All of the Purgatory Mountain cultivators around the imperial carriage understood his intentions.

Even that sword controlling Sacred Expert began to tremble in horror.

All of these Purgatory Mountain cultivators screamed as they erupted with all of their soul force.

Hu Piyi pursed his lips, feeling powerlessness.

Even if spending these two years in Great Mang instead increased his cultivation somewhat, the enemy still had a similar level Sacred Expert. The previous battle already pushed him to his limit. Right now, these Purgatory Mountain cultivators attacked with an even more ferocious stance, so he definitely couldn’t stop them all.

Hu Chenfu still didn’t take action.

The key laid in that the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder within the imperial carriage still didn’t take action.

However, right at this moment, an expanse of black mist that was even thicker than the smoke around that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body suddenly descended from one side of this valley’s mountain cliffs.

It was as if a true dark night completely surrounded Hu Piyi, Hu Chenfu and all of these Purgatory Mountain cultivators, including that imperial carriage.

The cultivators outside the imperial carriage discovered with horror that they couldn’t even see past a few meters in front of them.

This type of thick black smoke was not only hard to get rid of, it even seemed to possess extremely powerful interference on one’s perception.

They couldn’t see Hu Piyi, couldn’t sense Hu Piyi’s flying sword.

Endless rustling noises sounded in their ears, as if there were countless snakes swimming about underground.

“Dark Priest!”

In this darkness, someone cried out in horror.

Then, someone heard the sound of blood flying out beside them.

“Courting death!”

The Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the imperial carriage spoke again.

He stood up from the imperial carriage.

Regardless of whether it was a Dark Priest or a different cultivator, in his eyes, they were all ant-like existences.

Moreover, his ears were more sensitive than anyone else’s to begin with. He already vaguely heard Wenren Cangyue’s voice, able to vaguely sense Wenren Cangyue’s danger and his own danger.

That was why he already didn’t have the patience to continue waiting.

The instant he stood up, all of the hair wrapped around his body completely drifted outwards.

When more than ten meters of hair extended outwards in all directions, it was an extremely terrifying scene.

However, what was even more terrifying was his body underneath the hair.

There were no clothes on his dried and shriveled body, instead, it was crawling with countless fingernail-sized beetles that released faint green phosphorescence!

All of these beetles attached to his body flew outwards.

The Purgatory Mountain cultivators closest to him released miserable screams. When these beetles ran into their bodies, holes directly appeared one after another.

Under this storm of beetles, their bodies directly turned into corpses filled with holes. Even the soul weapons on them produced sparks when the beetles ran into them, producing cracks.

This was no different from when a true devil king descended upon this world.

Even the black smoke that surrounded everything was dispersed by this storm of beetles.

This valley seemed to have become a true hell.

Everyone was moving out of the way, trying to get as far away from this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder as possible.

However, Hu Chenfu who had been watching Hu Piyi fight all this time with his hands down instead revealed a fierce laugh, crazily charging towards this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder released roaring sounds of mockery.

The flood-like green beetles instantly passed through Hu Chenfu’s body.

Hu Chenfu’s body instantly became a corpse covered in countless holes.

However, the instant the countless beetles passed through his body, Hu Chenfu instead domineeringly raised his head and his hand.

In his hand was a dark green dagger.

This dagger was only the length of a finger, looking just like a long tooth.

His hand was also covered in countless holes.

This dark green dagger was revealed.

At this time, Hu Chenfu had already died.

“Jia Blue Dagger!”

However, Purgatory Mountain Great Elder instead roared out in fear as if he had gone mad.

Hu Chenfu didn’t waste a single hint of soul force in resisting the bugs. All of his soul force completely poured into this dark green dagger covered in many sapphire colored fine runes.

Right now, this dark green dagger began to release dazzling sapphire radiance.

When this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder began to wail as if he went crazy, this dagger that completely couldn’t be understood through the reasoning of the modern cultivation world completely melted, turning into a blazing hot line. It locked onto Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s fleeing body, and then with speed unimaginable even for Sacred Experts, pierced into this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s heart with incomparable accuracy.

The blazing blue thread pierced through that withered body, impaling the heart. Every single pore in Great Elder’s body released sapphire colored blazing metal streams.

Immediately afterwards, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body completely disappeared, turning into scattered ashes.

Hu Piyi began to sob silently.

Only now did he understand that Hu Chenfu had him go first only because he wanted him to live. Hu Chenfu only wanted to use himself to complete this mutual destruction assassination.

From the very start, Hu Chenfu already planned to take this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder down with him.

When Hu Piyi began to silently sob, Lin Xi looked at Wenren Cangyue who knelt down on one knee, starting to move the three strings again. Meanwhile, Gao Yanan and Lucky behind him began to pour out all of the power within their bodies without holding back at all.

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