Book 15 Chapter 15 - Grim Battle

At the center of the flock of vultures was a giant owl shaped fiend beast.

Its face was just like a devil mask that had many watercolor strokes added to it.

Some things had outwardly fierce appearances, but were instead actually docile.

However, these Devilmask Doves just happened to be the type that were outwardly fierce, their temperaments even more fierce.

To Yunqin’s east, there was a small town called Tree Hoard Town. All of the town’s residents and those passing by were completely killed, the town itself turning a giant outdoor cemetery. It was to the extent where some troops who set out to investigate no longer returned. When many cultivators and an even greater army arrived, only then did they discover that what occupied this town for more than twenty days and even killed over a thousand people wasn’t a plague nor was it bandits, but rather just a single Devilmask Dove who was chasing who knew what prey, but just ended up arriving at this border area town.

Right now, this Devilmask Dove at the center of the vultures was still fierce and malevolent, to the extent where the surrounding vultures were all terrified, remaining several dozen meters from it. However, it didn’t dare defy that iron cast figure on its back in the slightest.

On its neck was a black and red ring, inside of it embedded sharp teeth that could be tightened. The other end of the chain connected to this ring of sharp teeth was precisely in that iron cast figure’s hands.

This ring could tighten at any time. When the sharp teeth dug into its neck, it could even directly cut its entire head off.

Those who could control demonic things naturally gave off an even greater feeling of power.

Wenren Cangyue who stood on its body precisely appeared exceptionally callous and ruthless.

A fine black scar suddenly appeared between heaven and earth.

It was as if an invisible giant blade suddenly hacked out from below, carrying terrifying power, cutting open a rift in the sky.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows that were dark like ink rose like two blades.

In his perception, this fine black scar was precisely a descending dark night.

Immediately afterwards, he released a fierce shout. The damaged Seven Planets Devil Sword flew out from his sleeves, flying out countless zhang, smashing into the silently approaching power.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword released an ear-piercing grinding noise in the sky.

Sparks flew in all directions.

Countless vultures cried as they split apart, feathers and flesh raining down from above.

Wenren Cangyue’s eyes suddenly became even brighter.

A chain swept out from his sleeves..

Only an explosive noise could be heard. A dark golden long metal arrow was smashed into countless metal shreds by his chain, drawing out endless bright lines within the crazily sweeping winds.

The tip of Wenren Cangyue’s toes tapped against a certain part of the Devilmask Dove’s back.

The Devilmask Dove released an unpleasant ghost howling scream, starting to rapidly descend.

Wenren Cangyue was forced down.

From the moment he sensed the heaven piercing earth ripping wave of Sacred Master aura, he already vaguely had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

Meanwhile, when these two streaks of arrow radiance rushed over, he already completely understood that their plot against Green Luan Academy instead already became a carefully calculated ambush from the enemy.

He knew that only the academy’s Big Black and Little Black could fire these two streaks of arrow radiance.

Even if he had a mount like the Devilmask Dove, even if he blocked these two arrows’ joint attacks, he understood clearly that in a situation where the other party had these two archery masters, if he continued to remain in the air, the only result was being shot down.

He was forced to land.

The result of being forced to land meant that he had no chance of running. He could only face the enemy’s carefully prepared ambush.

Only, his expression was still grim and tough, as if cast from steel, an expression of mockery instead appearing.

He was confident and powerful.

This was especially the case after he obtained the Spirit Benevolence Pill. Now, he was like someone who was forced to crouch down, but stood back up again… Right now, his confidence and the power coursing through his body were even greater than before.

He indeed didn’t expect that they would instead actually enter Lin Xi’s ambush.

He didn’t expect a Sacred Master to appear either.

However, he understood clearly that after that Sacred Master killed so many Purgatory Mountain cultivators, there was absolutely no way he would survive.

He also understood extremely clearly that Yunqin only had so many powerful cultivators.

That was why even if he entered an unfavorable situation, he still possessed tremendous confidence in killing Lin Xi instead.

“I didn’t plan to give you much time to begin with. Since you have delivered yourself over, then I’ll just kill you along the way.”

He looked at the place where the second arrow was fired from, coldly thinking this inwardly.

Lin Xi looked at the Devilmask Dove that rapidly flew through the sky like a shooting star, calmly nodding towards Bian Linghan at his side.

Starting from now, for him, what they had to do was extremely simple. They only had to smash all of their soul force onto Wenren Cangyue’s body.

Bian Linghan’s three fingers moved along Big Black’s three strings.

The soul force within her body and the power of the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid poured completely into Big Black’s three strings.

In this instant, many scenes appeared in her head as well.

She thought about Jiang Yu’er who stopped breathing at her side, thought about Meng Bai who jumped off the cliff.

That year in Jadefall City, Lin Xi also faced the threat of death after Changsun Wujiang and Jiang Yu’er died, entering the deepest unconscious state. That was why the scenes that were deeply etched in her memories were even greater than Lin Xi’s. It was to the extent where even Lin Xi who was constantly lingering about the brink of death, in a coma, was one of the unforgettable things in her mind.

She really missed the countless tents by Summer Spirit Lakeside.

She missed the time all of them gathered around that fire in Green Luan Academy.

Countless beautiful scenes, scenes that could never happen again, as well as countless scenes that were not good, deeply etched in her memory, all of this completely turned into killing intent and hatred, condensing into this single arrow.

The skin on her entire right arm split apart, blood dyeing her entire sleeves red.

Wenren Cangyue’s pupils instantly contracted. The Seven Planets Devil Sword released a chi noise, screaming fiercely as it hacked towards his back.

At the same time, two waves of soul force surged from beneath his feet, instantly pushing the Devilmask Dove beneath him a few meters to the side.

After only hearing a single rumbling noise, the endless lights and shadows vanished. The Seven Planets Devil Sword tenaciously made its way through layer after layer of mist and fading black radiance, the small sword was just like a giant shield as it blocked all of the space behind Wenren Cangyue.

However, in this instant, the chain connecting Wenren Cangyue’s hand to the Devilmask Dove snapped.

The Devilmask Dove fell diagonally to the ground.

Wenren Cangyue smashed into the ground from several dozen meters in the air like a meteor, landing even earlier than the Devilmask Dove.


Wenren Cangyue’s legs stepped on the ground.

His military boots split open.

The ground began to cave in with him at the center. Dust flew everywhere, earth and stone releasing layers of splitting noises as they were crushed.

His knees buckled slightly.

Bone fracturing noises sounded from his knees as well.

The power of Bian Linghan’s arrow was enough to pose a threat to him. For the sake of not letting his Devilmask Dove mount die under the clash of power, he landed in this type of manner. In a situation where his legs didn’t have enough soul force released from it, his knee bones couldn’t help but produce some cracks.

Only, there wasn’t even a hint of an expression of pain on Wenren Cangyue’s face.

His body still looked like it was cast from iron, not trembling at all.

He knew there was no way he wouldn’t be injured at all in today’s battle.

Meanwhile, for someone like him, true power would forever be his soul force.

That was why from the very start of this battle, he already adopted the combat method of using his own body to bear some damage, instead preserving his soul force as much as possible.

Only an expert who was as cold and confident as him could adopt this type of fighting style.

The moment he landed, Wenren Cangyue saw Lin Xi and the others clearly. “It is just you all, yet you want to kill me?” He looked at Bian Linghan’s blood dyed sleeves, also seeing Zhantai Qiantang, Lin Xi and the others, saying this with a sneer filled with mockery.

“Who would have expected that your injuries have already recovered, already able to use soul force.” Lin Xi furrowed his brows, saying this in a similarly sneering manner.

Wenren Cangyue rarely wasted his breath with words. However, when he faced Lin Xi at this time, he wasn’t in a rush to make a move, only narrowing his eyes as he said, “You will definitely be extremely disappointed.”

“Since you already came here, whether or not you have recovered from your injuries doesn’t matter much.” Lin Xi calmly shook his head. “The one who will be disappointed will definitely be you. You will be disappointed, wondering why no Purgatory Mountain Great Elders hurried here… There is no need for you to stall for time either. Those Purgatory Mountain Great Elders will never be able to come.”

“Even if no one comes, I can still similarly kill you.”

Wenren Cangyue said with a cold laugh.

The instant this voice sounded, his Seven Planets Devil Sword released a terrifying rumbling noise, turning into a flying whirlpool, rushing at Lin xi.

Right now, there were over four hundred steps of distance between him, Lin Xi, and the others.

Under this type of distance, most ordinary sword controlling Sacred Experts couldn’t control a flying sword at all.

What he excelled at the most was close quarters sword dao. However, at this moment, his flying sword directly crossed four hundred steps of distance, shooting at Lin Xi.

He was always the Sacred Expert best at fighting in this world. Under this type of distance, in this situation where Bian Linghan already couldn’t fight and the others had no chance of reaching him, it was equivalent to a one on one clash between him and Lin Xi.

However, the instant his flying sword flew out, his brows that were thick like ink suddenly furrowed.

A streak of ice-cold sword radiance carried an unequalled aura, flying out from the forest behind Lin Xi.

In this instant, Lin Xi pulled Big Black’s three strings.

An explosive boom noise sounded.

The black light smashed into the Seven Planets Devil Sword with incomparable accuracy.

Meanwhile, in the next instant, the loud noise didn’t immediately stop, instead continuing without end.

It was because even though no one knew how Lin Xi could accurately hit the Seven Planets Devil Sword that exceeded the limits of his perception, after slowing the flying sword a bit, that extremely cold sword radiance already intercepted the Seven Planets Devil Sword, clashing who knew how many times in this single breath.

Moreover, every single strike of that ice-cold sword radiance was released at full strength.

This type of clash was completely like a sword controlling Sacred Expert using their own body to smash into the body of the other sword controlling Sacred Expert.

Wenren Cangyue released a light cough, a bit of blood flowing out from the corners of his mouth.

All of the leaves in the forest were completely smashed apart by the surging sword energy and vital energy, revealing Nangong Weiyang’s figure.

Nangong Weiyang was also bleeding from the nose. However, her expression was instead serious and calm, as if she was a private school student who was seriously copying homework.

Wenren Cangyue could adopt a manner of fighting that risked his body to preserve soul force, so she could naturally also do the same.

Meanwhile, when she also adopted this type of combat style, Wenren Cangyue already couldn’t preserve his soul force at all.

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