Book 15 Chapter 14 - Finally Goodbye

The earth trembled slightly.

A wave of tremendous aura disrupted all of the original wind currents between heaven and earth, making the world seem as if there was an invisible giant drum that was fiercely struck.

The dark red masked stern high ranking officer knew what this powerful vital energy fluctuation represented. His fingernails stabbed into his own palm, blood trickling outwards, yet he still didn’t shed a single tear.

The strength of a Sacred Master already vaguely exceeded the boundary of this world.

Hu Chenfu who was seated under a canyon tree was extremely far from Gu Yunjing, but he could still sense this irregular fluctuation in the air.

He clearly also understood what this signified.

With the most solemn expression, he paid his respects in the direction this aura was released from, sending off this empire’s most venerable general. Then, he seriously said the words ‘until we meet again’.

Lin Xi and the others were comparatively even further from Gu Yunjing.

The traces of enemies would forever be changing. Gu Yunjing and the others were always trying to track the enemies’ whereabouts as well. That was why he didn’t even know where Gu Yunjing, Hu Chenfu and the others’ exact whereabouts were.

However, he still also sensed the sudden dryness in the spring winds. Then,both him and everyone at his sides sensed that there seemed to be countless wind currents tearing through the air like arrows.

All of their expressions changed.

“Why are there such powerful vital energy fluctuations?” Qin Xiyue looked into the distant skies in shock, unable to help but say this.

Jiang Xiaoyi nodded with an unpleasant expression. “Even when Wenren Cangyue took action with all of his strength that time in Jadefall City, there was still no chance of matching this type of aura or power.”

Gao Yanan thought of something, a solemn expression appearing in her eyes. “This can only be a Sacred Master.”

“It’s Great General Gu?”

Qin Xiyue saw the expression in her, Lin Xi and Zhantai Qiantang’s eyes, also understanding something, her breathing suddenly stopping.

“The phoenix flies from the southern sea to the north, not stopping unless there is a parasol tree. I wonder if the phoenix in this type of legend is arrogant, or if it is because an existence like itself already finds association with other birds and beasts beneath itself.” Zhantai Qiantang released a light sigh. “Someone with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s status, if he wishes to enter Yunqin, he would definitely want to enter with the stance of a conqueror, to gloriously reach the greatest heights, he definitely wouldn’t secretly descend like a thief… that is why he definitely wouldn’t come here. Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elders aren’t Sacred Masters either, which is why no one would expect that Great General Gu is also a Sacred Master. That is why Great General Gu dares intercept Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s path alone.”

Lin Xi thought about the many times when he and that white haired general stayed together. He thought about how this elder who had defended this empire his entire life was ultimately convinced by him, about how in the end, he used this type of glorious and meaningful way to leave this world. He felt a bit of happiness, but also a bit sentimental.

“Killing Wenren Cangyue, making the empire he loves, willing to give up protecting and to head down the right path is precisely the best memorial offering for him.” He said quietly.

Hu Chenfu stood up.

The moment he was waiting for also already arrived.

An imperial carriage appeared at the entrance of this valley.

This imperial carriage that was normally used by the emperor when he traveled had many flame-like patterns added to it, indicating that the person inside was even more venerated than the emperor.

Together with the slaves that pulled the carriage at the front, the cultivators at the side whose skin, because of the smoke and some medicines in Purgatory Mountain, became a bit yellow, pale white, even turning blue, everyone knew what kind of existence was sitting in this imperial carriage.

These things were all obviously detrimental in concealing one’s whereabouts, contrary to the objective of the one in the imperial carriage. 

However, just like what Zhantai Qiantang said, the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the carriage precisely didn’t care about those under him exhausting so much energy. It was because he believed that with his identity, even if he was doing something secretive, it had to be with this type of ostentation, he had to enjoy the same exquisite food as usual, had to enjoy the same luxuries as normal. As for trouble, that was something those below had to worry about.

In his eyes, the people of this world only existed to serve people like him to begin with.

Moreover, because of the vital energy fluctuations just now, something that only a Sacred Master could release, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was a bit inwardly shaken. As such, this troop moved even slower than usual.

“Hu Chenfu?”

The instant he entered this valley and saw Hu Chenfu, the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the imperial carriage released a somewhat shocked voice.

“Your eyesight isn’t bad.” Hu Chenfu chuckled. “We already sent one on their way just now. Now, it is my turn to send you to the afterlife.”

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the imperial carriage not only had several imperial canopies lining the outside of the carriage, covering his body and face, even if it was inside the carriage, there was no way of seeing his body and appearance even though he didn’t use soul force fluctuations or black flames at all. It was because his hair was extremely long, long to the point where it covered most of his face, winded about his entire body.

This existence whose appearance alone made others feel fear immediately wanted to leave this place.

It wasn’t because of fear, it was rather because he saw himself as someone with much more status than Hu Chenfu who had previously similarly sat behind layers of curtains for many years. He didn’t want to take even the slightest risk, even if this battle would only make him lose some hair. However, at the same time, he recalled Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s orders, recalling that broken-legged piece of trash.

He immediately realized that he couldn’t withdraw like before. As such, he began to roar in anger.

Anger because of the anger Purgatory Mountain Patriarch showed on that throne, because of Hu Chenfu who blocked in front of him.

He extended the scepter in his hands towards Hu Chenfu.

The middle-aged slim man at his side who always appeared humble raised his head.

weng noise sounded.

A small black and red sword began to burn like an ignited piece of charcoal, floating in the sky.

All of the remaining Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators completed preparations for battle.

Great Mang’s total population couldn’t compare to Yunqin at all. That was why Great Mang’s Sacred Experts were much fewer in number than Yunqin’s to begin with.

Because of Devil Transformation and their body cultivation techniques, Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Experts were also far fewer than Green Luan Academy’s.

This was also one of the reasons why even though Purgatory Mountain had a terrifying number of State Knights and State Master level Divine Adjudicators, to the extent where many of them were cultivators who had cultivated Devil Transformation, they still didn’t dare take the risk and enter Yunqin.

However, this didn’t mean that Purgatory Mountain didn’t have Sacred Experts.

This even more so didn’t mean that Purgatory Mountain who didn’t specialize in flying swords didn’t have sword controlling Sacred Experts.

Under the escort of a group of high level cultivators, when a sword controlling Sacred Expert faced a similar leveled opponent, even if he wasn’t a match, there wouldn’t be any dangers to his life. Moreover, he would definitely exhaust a large amount of the enemy’s soul force.

Hu Chenfu didn’t have Gu Yunjing’s powerful strength. However, when facing this Purgatory Mountain flying sword that suddenly rose, his eyes instead looked behind this fleet.

He never thought that he could stop this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s advance through his strength alone.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder and the one Gu Yunjing intercepted weren’t tracked down by themselves, but rather by Hu Piyi[1].

Hu Chenfu could also only roughly determine what these two Purgatory Mountain Great Elders’ itineraries were.

Now, Hu Piyi also already appeared in his line of sight.

A man whose face was covered in scars walked out from behind this Purgatory Mountain troop.

On his feet was a pair of the sturdiest straw sandals, but they were now already worn through, his toes exposed.

However, his firm and unswerving expression, as well as the aura on his body made the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the imperial carriage begin to feel true fear. He finally woke up, realizing that this wasn’t a battle they just happened to run into, but rather a carefully calculated ambush.

“Who are you?!”

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder whose long black hair even wrapped around his entire body shouted with a loud voice.

None of the Purgatory Mountain cultivators next to the imperial carriage dared act rashly. Even that burning flying sword stopped, not flying out out of fear of affecting Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s questions, hence bringing punishment onto themselves.

“This child is unfilial, I’ve disappointed your respected self.” Hu Piyi’s firm and unswerving eyes revealed countless complicated expressions. He didn’t reply to this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s words, only showing his own father a bow of respect.

Hu Chenfu looked at his son, the youngest son who he placed the highest hopes on, yet he betrayed himself and all of Hu Family. His expression flickered, and then he slowly said, “The things you have done before have left me disappointed, but this matter didn’t make me disappointed.”

After a slight pause, he gave Hu Piyi another deep look, saying, “I hope that from today forth, you will not disappoint me anymore.”

“You are Hu Piyi.”

The Purgatory Mountain Great Elder in the imperial carriage suddenly realized his identity, and then he felt like he was humiliated. As such, he began to scream with a shrill voice, “It’s just two Hu Family individuals, what are you all still waiting for?! Could it be that you all are waiting for me to take action first?”

“There has never been the reasoning of elders fighting first in a fight. Help me get rid of these useless troops first.” Hu Chenfu said to Hu Piyi.

A bit of glistening teardrops could be seen in Hu Piyi’s eyes.

He didn’t say anything else.

A streak of silvery-white sword radiance shot out from his leg.

At the same time, that slim Purgatory Mountain sword controlling Sacred Expert released a muffled low shout. Then, his small sword flew straight at Hu Piyi’s face!

The instant these two sword radiances displayed their brilliance in that valley, Lin Xi raised his head.

Dark clouds appeared in the skies.

These were groups after groups of vultures, these vultures covering much of the sunlight.

“We finally meet again, Wenren Cangyue.”

Lin Xi’s eyes narrowed, these ice-cold words sounding from his mouth.

His hopes had been fulfilled. Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s secret plan didn’t lack Wenren Cangyue after all.

After being separated for so long, this most ambitious and ruthless individual who was etched into his memory finally truly appeared before his face again.

1. Previously in charge of the invasion of Great Mang. He was blamed for the army’s defeat and disappeared after Meteor City’s battle B11C37

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