Book 15 Chapter 13 - Bury You Under This Spring

“The scenery here isn’t bad.”

Gu Yunjing laughed and said.

The dark red masked stern faced high ranking officer was just like before, standing at his side.

They were standing on a hill.

The fields before them were covered in golden colored oilseed flowers, some white walled, black tiled small villages surrounded by these flowers. There was a river that winded around the hills, as well as raincoat dressed fishermen fishing in the river.

This was indeed quite a beautiful scene, a beautiful scenery.

Only, the grave and stern high ranking officer didn’t reply.

It was because the mound they were standing on was full of graves, covered in yellow paper, tall pine and cypress trees growing.

Very few people would choose to enjoy the scenery while standing in a gravesite.

Gu Yunjing looked at the distant hills, feeling a certain type of aura, knowing that the one he was waiting for was already crossing over those hills. As such, he turned around to give the stern high ranking officer at his side a look, saying with a smile, “I knew Lin Xi would think of this method.”

The dark red masked stern high ranking officer normally treated Gu Yunjing with extreme respect, as if he was his nephew. However, when he heard Gu Yunjing’s words at this time, he instead suddenly felt a mysterious emotion. He gave him a look, a bit upset as he said, “This is such a huge matter, if you wanted him to do this, then you should have just directly told him, yet you didn’t. If Green Luan Academy had more people, they would definitely think of this method, but you… why is it that the older you get, the more you have a childish temper?”

Gu Yunjing didn’t get angry, instead laughing a bit, even happier. He really was like a child as he stretched out his body, saying with a smile, “Humans ought to be more like children when they grow old to begin with. This is especially the case after these old things have finally come. I already know that what I have to do is just this, there is no need to worry about all of the other random matters. During this period of time, the last few decades, for me to be more like a child when I am happiest and most relaxed is also quite the normal thing.”

The stern high ranking officer knew that what Gu Yunjing said was real. At this type of time, he also felt a bit of shame towards having emotions he shouldn’t. As such, he lowered his head, becoming quiet.

“I’ve really troubled you in taking care of me, this old man these few years.”

Gu Yunjing laughed, patting this stern high ranking officer’s shoulder. “This time, it’s finally not you who needs to fight, but instead me. From today onwards, you finally don’t have to follow me every day… you can go and do some things you want to do.”

The stern high ranking officer had long become someone who only shed blood, didn’t shed tears. That was why even though he clearly understood that these were words of parting, even though he had always viewed Gu Yunjing as a master, as a father, he still only remained silent, not a single teardrop falling.

“After one dies, they are only a bowl of dirt, the same for all, emperors and rulers alike.”

Gu Yunjing smiled, nodding towards the mounds all around them. “The old are bound to die anyway. Being able to die with meaning, this is a happy thing in itself.”

The stern faced officer still didn’t say anything. He bowed, showing him a bow of respect, and then hugged him.

Gu Yunjing laughed like a child again. “I am quite satisfied with the scenery here. You can just bury me here.”

The stern faced high ranking officer’s body went rigid. He wanted to say something, but Gu Yunjing already saw through his thoughts, shaking his head with a smile, “I’ve already fought a lifetime’s worth of battles, could it be that you still want me to always lead brothers into war even after I die? Just let me have a bit of peace, don’t tell me any nonsense like I should be buried in Central Continent General Cemetery or something like that.”

The stern high ranking officer no longer persisted with it, hanging his head and saying, “Understood.”

“The emperor is red-blooded, after I die…” Gu Yunjing continued to explain followup matters. After he said this, he suddenly felt like something wasn’t right. He shook his head again, saying with a smile, “Actually, whether or not I die doesn’t really matter. If I don’t die, it’s not like he won’t interfere with South Tomb and Dragon Snake over here. It seems like he had no plans of letting me live to begin with. That is why shouldn’t continue to be like me, pretend as if you didn’t see those decrees. Those Black Flag Army brothers were gathered by me and you together… we can’t just let them go back to farm or be killed off. Lin Xi and our Black Flag Army have some shared karma to begin with. After I die, just leave the Black Flag Army to him. Consider it this senior’s last hope and gift for him.”

The stern faced high ranking officer replied ‘understood’ again.

“Alright then.” Gu Yunjing smiled in an extremely satisfied manner. He turned around to give the distant hills a look. “I’m going.”

The stern high ranking officer didn’t say goodbye.

He only showed Gu Yunjing’s rear figure a military salute, this military salute flickering with an exceptionally solemn and stirring radiance.

Gu Yunjing’s figure made its way through the golden oilseed flower fields, walking towards the distance.

A black carriage crushed the leaves along the mountain path as it advanced.

In the carriage’s surroundings, there were several dozen black clothed cultivators whose bodies were a bit yellow and pale from constantly being within a certain environment.

Their hair seemed to be pressed by something for a long time, appearing a bit lopsided, these hairstyles somewhat laughable.

However, the auras these black clothed cultivators released were all extremely powerful.

Any one of them were enough to be existences people looked up to from afar.

However, they were next to this carriage, still like petty and low ants.

There were no troops that escorted this black carriage.

It was because this black carriage’s movements required absolute secrecy. Moreover, even if there was a heavy cavalry army numbering over a thousand, when facing these individuals and that carriage, the only ending for them was death.

Suddenly, these powerful and low status black clothed cultivators all stopped.

Their expression became extremely grave, the auras on their bodies starting to continuously surge. Their black clothing began to turn a bit, revealing the bright red color within.

“In the past period, you all have lost many cultivators. Now, so many more cultivators have died. Your Purgatory Mountain’s cultivators, perhaps they’ve already more or less been killed off?”

A grand voice filled with an iron-blooded aura suddenly sounded from within the quiet mountain forest.

Before the voice completely faded, Gu Yunjing’s figure appeared on the forest slope.

For the sake of not affecting his own soul force’s surging, Gu Yunjing only wore ordinary rough hemp clothes.

There were even some oilseed flower petals on his head.

He didn’t wear a single thing on his body, not carrying a single weapon.

A Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator felt fear, but the heat released from the black carriage behind him granted him tremendous courage. As such, he opened his mouth, wishing to release a fierce shout.

Only, he couldn’t even utter a single syllable.

The moment he opened his mouth, wishing to speak, an oilseed flower’s petal flew out from Gu Yunjing’s snow-white hair, piercing through this Divine Adjudicator’s throat through his open mouth, and then brought crushed flesh with it as it came out through his neck.

All of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators understood that the reason this elder didn’t bring any weapons was because he didn’t need weapons at all.

His powerful soul force was his most powerful weapon.

“Gu Yunjing, who would have expected that the one to come would be you… My Purgatory Mountain indeed doesn’t have many disciples left… Only, could it be that you believe you are my opponent, that you can kill all of them in front of me?”

A voice carrying a strong Great Mang southern accent sounded.

The entire carriage instantly became like a furnace that just had its fire lit, roiling black smoke pouring out from every single crack in the carriage.

An exceptionally large and tall figure warped within surging smoke walked out from within the carriage.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder wrapped within black smoke needed people to wait upon him, and now, the number of Purgatory Mountain disciples was indeed already becoming fewer and fewer, more and more difficult to replenish. That was why when he spoke those words, he decided to personally take action and kill Gu Yunjing.

All of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators around the carriage understood his intentions, inwardly feeling joy. They all knelt down in fear, almost kissing the earth this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder stood on.

The aura around this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body became greater and greater, the black pillars of smoke reaching higher and higher like endless volcanic ash, scattering down from the sky.

However, Gu Yunjing instead laughed like a child, smiling extremely happily, extremely complacently.

“You need to be a man of your word, don’t go back on them now.”

His first words were actually words of wagering like a child’s.

Then, he continued, “I know that none of you are ordinary Sacred Experts, that it was just that the Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t allow you all to become existences like him.”

“Also, did all of you separate because you all have some things to take care of, or are you all scared that you’ll be discovered if you all are too close to each other… Or could it be that the cultivators in your Purgatory Mountain are all utterly self-centered, wishing the others would just die off, that the shorter the amount of time you spend together the better… However, regardless, in the end, you are only one person. If you had two people here, I wouldn’t be your match. If there is only one person, I can bury you in Yunqin soil, treat you as spring fertilizer.”

The extremely massive Purgatory Mountain Great Elder within the black smoke suddenly became quiet, inwardly feeling a bit uneasy.

Gu Yunjing smiled, walking forward.

After just a single step, the aura outside his body began to surge, as if there were countless sets of heavy transparent armor and weapons that took form.

His body seemed to have suddenly become even larger than the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, as if the entire world suddenly had a hole smashed into it.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s hand that previously gripped the scepter went rigid, starting to tremble.

“How is this possible?!”

“How could you possibly have crossed the Sacred Expert level?!”

In this instant, this greatly respected, normally extremely arrogant Purgatory Mountain Great Elder released a scream of fear.


“Stop him!”

“Kill him!”

Just now, he even said that he was going to personally kill Gu Yunjing. All of those Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators already knelt down, waiting for him to display his strength and kill Gu Yunjing.

However now, all of these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators were stunned. They heard this Great Elder tell them to sacrifice their lives.

“Cowardly old thing, it’s about time you passed on.”

Gu Yunjing looked at this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s cowardly appearance, now starting to laugh.

In this instant, the soul force within his body was released without any restraint.

His hair flew together with the yellow flowers.

Inside the hair appeared countless wisps of blood.

Countless wisps of blood flew out from within every wrinkle.

All of these wisps of blood, together with the power he released, formed a massive blood spear in front of him.

The spear thrusted out.

All of the horrified Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who had just stood up had their flesh and bones smashed apart. Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who was frantically fleeing backwards was struck by this spear, all of the black smoke and flames blasted away. In this instant, his body turned into countless dried bones, scattering across this Yunqin spring scenery.

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