Book 15 Chapter 11 - Your Time, My Time

This thin medicinal crystal had a chance of bringing tremendous power, but it also had a chance of bringing death.

The world didn’t have any rivers that were completely the same, there were similarly no cultivators with the exact same constitutions.

Even if it was twin brothers who were born in the same hour, even if they ate the same things growing up, no one knew what kind of different possibilities would evolve.

Even if there was only an extremely small difference in constitution, even if it was just a minute difference in the absorption of medicinal strength and endurance, this tiny difference might be the difference between life and death when Devil Transformation medicine’s medicinal strength erupted.

If this piece of demonic crystal that melted into the blood was described as a devil king, then even if it was the cultivators of Purgatory Mountain who had already successfully cultivated Devil Transformation, they still only knew that this devil king is extremely fierce, there was no way they could be sure whether this devil king would first viciously devour the heart or the spleen, the lungs, livers, or kidney. Meanwhile, when the medicinal force erupted in a certain place, that organ unable to endure the force and starting to fail, then at that time, no one could change the conclusion of death.

There was no way to foresee it, no way of diluting or stopping it through soul force. This made it so that in the end, what one had to rely on when the Devil Transformation medicine entered the body was still luck.

If the spread of the medicinal crystal’s force went rather smoothly, not causing any fatal damage to the body, then this Devil Transformation’s cultivation would succeed. If the medicinal strength didn’t disperse well, then that would be the end of the road, life forfeit.

This reasoning was simple and cruel.

It was completely putting up your own life for a great gamble. It was either death or greater life.

Even if it was a disciple who had undergone Purgatory Mountain’s careful selection, the ratio of life to death was always one to ten.

However, for Lin Xi, this medicine crystal that represented great death and only a bit of life instead seemed like a delicious piece of candy from Purgatory Mountain.

“Green giant, green giant…”

He only calmly said this line of nonsense, and then stabbed this medicine crystal into his own flesh.

His skin’s blood vessels began to gradually swell, as if countless blue and black runes began to crawl all over his body.

Then, the black and blue colors slowly faded, becoming a light indigo color under the skin that was hard to detect.

While Lin Xi was cultivating Devil Transformation in a small Yunqin town, Zhang Ping was also cultivating.

Thousand Devil Nest’s Devil Eye Flower reached its most important time of harvest this year. After the fresh flowers fell, the brittle and tender stems, leaves and green fruits that had just formed not long ago would be cut, placed into iron pots and heated.

The ones who heated these stems, leaves and fruits were all extremely skinny, skin wrapped around bones like walking corpses. However, all of these slaves seemed to be in extremely good spirits, their stimulated expressions seemingly releasing sparkling green color.

Zhang Ping was in Thousand Devil Nest’s oldest cave.

This cave that originally had many totem-like wall carvings helped Thousand Devil Nest’s earliest generation of cultivators.

After Li Ku died, this cave was set ablaze by Li Ku’s Thousand Devil Nest followers, destroying some of Thousand Devil Nest’s exquisite cultivation methods indiscriminately. All of the wall paintings in this cave already disappeared. There were only streaks of deep grooves on the scorched black walls.

Fine wind streams began to stir about outside Zhang Ping’s body.

The soul force in his body flowed extremely intensely, the degree of intensity enough to make any cultivator feel extreme pain.

However, his expression remained extremely cold and detached, as if this type of pain was happening to someone else, as if it had nothing to do with him.

His left hand began to continuously shake, as if he wanted to eliminate some type of terrifying thing from his body through this hand.

A wave of terrifying heat finally surged from his hand. The air in the entire cave shook, countless streaks of vital energy gathering towards his hand with speed that was hard to imagine even for Sacred Experts.

A streak of fire that released scarlet red radiance formed in his hands like a bamboo shoot.

The cave wall near him was only affected by the hot air, yet it suddenly released splitting noises, once again producing several cracks.

His right hand moved towards this flame.

The flame didn’t burn his right hand to ashes, instead flowing along his right hand, as if there were countless fine passages at the center of his right hand.

His face distorted.

As if he couldn’t endure this type of power at all either, his body began to stagger. His left hand landed on the cave wall that was burnt pitch-black.

With just a single press, the mountain rock that was solid like iron had five deep holes made by his fingers.

Wenren Cangyue was in the mountains.

In the mountain forest behind him were more than ten small military tents. Resting in those black colored tents that looked old, but were still sturdy, were all of the last of his most loyal Sky Wolf Guards he brought out from Jadefall City.

After being seriously injured in Harmony Splendor City by He Baihe’s Celestial Sword, and then defeated in Meteor City, some of the halo that surrounded his existence seemed to have receded.

He was no longer an undefeated war god.

Moreover, he was already seriously injured. Not only was he no longer the most powerful Sacred Expert, he already began to deteriorate ahead of time. There was already no way he could take another step. That was why when those Great Mang people faced him, they were no longer as respectful and fearful as before.

This was especially the case after Vice Principal Xia passed away, even his most loyal subordinates began to worry if he would be killed like a dog, or sacrificed by some type of sinister scheme.

It was because they understood extremely clearly that Purgatory Mountain needed Wenren Cangyue’s strength, which was why they kept him alive, granting him the ability to do almost whatever he pleased in Great Mang. It was to the extent where they could tolerate him killing Purgatory Mountain’s elite disciples.

However, if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already decided to personally make an appearance in this world, personally intervene, then Wenren Cangyue who was already no longer that powerful might already appear a bit dispensable in Great Mang.

Wenren Cangyue looked at the abandoned meadow without any traces of human life, at the mountain forest that was painted a deep green by deep spring. He sorted out his hair that was blown all over the place by the mountain wind, and then tied it up with a strip of silk.

A bit of grizzled hair appeared on his temples, as if some willow wadding landed there.

Ever since ancient times, famous generals were like beauties, what was most sad was precisely seeing white hair.

His injuries were extremely serious. If he used soul force with all of his strength, some of the hidden injuries in his body might erupt at any time.

The most crucial part was that now that his body was no longer as robust as before, many areas where he was previously injured from past battles, areas he didn’t feel anything in before, now also began to show signs of slight illness.

If he couldn’t use all of his strength, then his strength already greatly declined.

In the past, even when facing two to three Sacred Experts, he could escape unscathed, perhaps even completely kill them. However now, perhaps even a single Sacred Expert could make him suffer fatal injuries again.

Vanishing from the world’s stage, for someone like Wenren Cangyue, this was the most grievous thing.

Only, right now, Wenren Cangyue’s figure still seemed like it was cast from iron, his expression still powerful and confident.

Just what was it that could make this great general who had already fallen to this state still feel powerful and confident?

When the Sky Wolf Guards in the tent were wiping clean their own armor and war blades, while looking at that figure at the mountain peak, all of them couldn’t help but inwardly think this.

Suddenly, the bodies of these Sky Wolf Guards who removed their armor, currently resting, all went taut.

They saw another figure appear on this mountain peak.

“This is what his majesty had me bring you.”

The one who slowly appeared before Wenren Cangyue’s view and didn’t have much dust on his body, was a yellow robed cultivator. This cultivator who looked like he had just arrived on this meadow as well arrived in front of Wenren Cangyue, expressionlessly producing a jade case, placing it into Wenren Cangyue’s hands.

When he saw that this yellow robed cultivator’s long blade flowed with a thunder aura, Wenren Cangyue nodded his head. He didn’t say anything, accepting the jade case and opening it.

Then, he smiled.

He smiled to the point where the expressionless yellow robed cultivators’ face gradually turned pale, his smile making him recall this general’s terror when he was unmatched in Yunqin.

Then, this Thunder Academy cultivator who previously didn’t show any greetings lowered his head, not daring to stop here, withdrawing and leaving.

Inside the jade case rested a vermilion colored pill medicine.

This was a Spirit Benevolence Pill.

This was the gift the late emperor gave Changsun Jinse on his one-month old birthday.

This type of ancient pill that had already disappeared from the world of cultivators could make him powerful again, make his body no longer deteriorate. Its only side effect was that it would make his cultivation aptitude a bit inferior.

He was already extremely strong.

Moreover, he was still young.

As long as he had this type of pill medicine, he wouldn’t lack time.

Even though he knew that someone like Ni Henian definitely needed this type of pill medicine badly as well, he felt like Yunqin Emperor would definitely deliver this pill medicine into his hands. This was especially the case after Yunqin Emperor sent the Divine Wooden Flying Crane’s runes into his hands.

It was because with Ni Henian alone, it wasn’t enough to stop Purgatory Mountain.

After Green Luan Academy disappears, Yunqin Emperor must have strength that could stop Purgatory Mountain.

To bestow the pill medicine the late emperor gave him as a gift onto someone who betrayed him, moreover someone who caused the deaths of countless Yunqin people, this seemed like something completely impossible.

However, reality turned out just like how Wenren Cangyue predicted. Yunqin Emperor precisely did this.

It was because he was originally a crazy person to begin with. It wasn’t just to make Green Luan Academy disappear from Yunqin forever, his ambition was the entire world.

“After letting this flame burn too greatly, in the end, how will you clean everything up?”

Wenren Cangyue laughed, swallowing this pill medicine, an expression of mockery appearing on the corners of his lips.

Then, he thought about those enemies that died under his hands, thought about how their efforts still came to nothing. He felt endless power in this world surge towards his body, to the extent where he became even more powerful than before.

He then thought about Lin Xi who caused his defeat in Meteor City.

“I still have a lot of time, but your time is instead almost up.”

He laughed coldly. The wild grass around him was destroyed by his killing intent, snapping stalk by stalk. “I have already said that I wouldn’t give you the time to become a Sacred Expert.”

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