Book 15 Chapter 10 - Race Against Time

A group of entirely black-armored Yunqin cavalry escorted several carriages, rapidly moving along the road.

Because of the continuous spring rain these past few days, this part of the road was especially muddy.

The brows of the black cloth masked Cavalry Army Yunqin high ranking officer in the lead gradually furrowed.

It wasn’t only because of the muddy water that continuously splattered onto his body because of those horses’ hooves, but rather because this was Rudong City. This official path was precisely where Rudong City Supervisor Li Qilong received Great Mang’s bribe, the place where an assassination attempt was carried out on the imperial princess.

From a certain perspective, that assassination attempt was the trigger for everything else that happened.

The emperor facing Green Luan Academy… Great Desolate Swamp’s disorder… Jadefall City’s chaos… Yunqin’s southern expedition… Thousand Sunset being lost… Meteor City being taken down… All of these things that left Yunqin tossed and turning were all the result of the assassination attempt that took place that year.

If this assassination never happened, would Yunqin Empire still have reached its current state?

Next to the official path was a tea shop.

After that assassination, this tea shop had long been abandoned. Some bamboo poles that supported the rain tarps were already broken, the rain corroded rain tarp also covered in holes of different sizes, dangling in the muddy water.

However, when this Yunqin cavalry fleet wasn’t that far from this abandoned tea shop, a yellow paper umbrella was opened in the half collapsed rain canopy, a thick-browed elder walking out from within.

The soldiers that were at the very front didn’t recognize this thick-browed elder dressed in dark green ancient robes.

Just from how the muddy water on the ground seemed to be moved aside by an invisible power, as if there were gray lotus flowers that continuously appeared between this thick-browed elder’s steps, yet not a single drop of muddy water could touch this thick-browed elder’s body, these soldiers immediately became nervous, making preparations for battle.

“An old friend has come for a visit, there is no need to be nervous.”

This was a voice that was aged and calm, yet filled with great power that sounded from the middle of the cavalry army.

The thick-browed elder who held the yellow paper umbrella looked at these Yunqin soldiers who clearly already recognized that he was a Sacred Expert, yet still didn’t show any alarm, only making preparations for battle. He nodded his head slightly, his dignified eyes revealing a hint of pride and praise.

However, he didn’t say anything, only making his way through these stern and dauntless Yunqin soldiers, walking towards the carriage where the voice came from.

The one in the carriage didn’t give out any more orders, only allowing this elder to approach, and then let the elder enter the carriage.

Inside the carriage, Gu Yunjing looked at this thick-browed elder, saying with a smile, “What kind of wind has brought Great Expert Hu here?”

“An evil wind.”

The thick-browed elder’s face fell, saying, “An evil wind that has never been heard of before.”

Gu Yunjing smiled and said, “How have these years been for you in Imperial City?”

The thick-browed elder looked at Gu Yunjing. “Even though I know you don’t have such intentions, these words of yours truly sound a bit like mockery.”

Gu Yunjing began to laugh.

In all of Yunqin, the only one who could speak to Gu Yunjing like this, moreover surnamed Hu, could only be Hu Chenfu whose age was a bit greater than even his own.

Everyone in the empire knew the name Hu Chenfu. Only, because he had always sat in the black gold carriage or behind the heavy layers of curtains, in these past few decades, not many Yunqin people have seen his face.

Hu Chenfu gave the dark red masked Yunqin high ranking officer at Gu Yunjing’s side a look, saying, “You even have him sit with you in this type of carriage, do you really not feel that it is a bit too crammed?”

Gu Yunjing naturally knew the intentions behind Hu Chenfu’s words, that he wished to discuss some things in private, but he still smiled, saying, “In the past two years, I didn’t need him to constantly remain at my side, but during these two years, I had no choice but to have him care for me like this.”

Just because of these words of self-mockery, Hu Chenfu’s body instead shook, an expression of shock filling his face. “Two years ago, you already…”

“It’s still not enough to catch Purgatory Mountain’s attention.” Gu Yunjing laughed complacently like a child. “Only, these old bones still have some use, so I might as well do what I can to keep them here for a few more years.”

When he heard this affirmative reply, the expression in Hu Chenfu’s eyes became a bit stronger. He entered a momentary silence.

Everyone thought that Gu Yunjing was only a Sacred Expert, he also believed that this was the case. However, who would have expected that two years ago, Gu Yunjing actually already entered this world’s highest level.

Originally, he believed that he had enough weight to meet Gu Yunjing. However, the weight of his words now already seemed to suddenly decrease considerably.

“You should understand why I came to seek you out.” Hu Chenfu remained quiet for a while, and then he said this.

Gu Yunjing looked at him, not replying.

“That Military Intelligence’s Green Luan Academy student has seen through the Imperial City and Great Mang’s tacit agreement. While passing the information to you, I also learned about this.” Hu Chenfu didn’t hesitate, continuing, “I want to know your decision”

“I am a Yunqin citizen.” Gu Yunjing looked into Hu Chenfu’s fierce eyes and said this.

Hu Chenfu was stunned.

“In this life, what I have been best at has only been in fighting battles. On other matters, it might be quite hard for me to make a decision.” Hu Chenfu’s expression instead made Gu Yunjing unable to help but chuckle. “Only, this matter is extremely simple for me. It is because in Yunqin, regardless of who is right or who is wrong, this is something related to Yunqin, our own matter. When people in a household fight, it is quite difficult for me to pick a side. However, when those outside wish to attack the people in this household, I will at least help my home fight those outside.”

The coldness and viciousness in Hu Chenfu’s eyes gradually disappeared. However, his brows furrowed. “Gu Yunjing, your way of thinking seems to have become quite different from before.”

“With age comes muddle-headedness, comes change. When a person is old enough, many of their ways of thinking will become different from before.” Gu Yunjing laughed like a child. “There was a youngster who told me to only care about the things before my eyes, to not care about what happens after. Considering how I already don’t have much sunlight left, that I won’t know anything once I close my eyes, I was able to accept many more things.”

“Your condition is even worse than mine?” Hu Chenfu’s brows locked even tighter together. “Could it be that taking that step truly requires such a heavy price?”

Gu Yunjing chuckled. “That is why I advise you, should you have the chance to take that step, you should just stop. After all, you are even a bit older than me… Also, if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch truly comes, I won’t have a chance to face him either. Those five old things blocking in front of him are already enough to force me to fight. Whether or not this step is taken, for old bones like me and you, it already doesn’t make too big of a difference.”

Hu Chenfu said, “Not doing something before your death isn’t your style… At the very least, you could get rid of one or two of those old things covered in black smoke.”

Gu Yunjing looked at Hu Chenfu and said, “In the end, if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch isn’t killed, there won’t be all that big of a difference.”

“That is why the ultimate reason that made you make this type of choice is still Vice Principal Xia’s death… Also because you believe Yunqin’s greatest threat is Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.” Hu Chenfu said coldly, “You believe that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch will leave Purgatory Mountain, that he will enter Yunqin.”

“People like us have too many enemies. However, someone like him who takes on the entire world as the enemy, is only him alone. He has lived for so long already, if one can’t even fight against the only enemy, then just how sullen would that be?” Gu Yunjing said, “I believe he wouldn’t give Lin Xi the time to grow up, the time to become an existence like Principal Zhang. He will definitely enter Yunqin, have a taste of the feeling of being at the absolute summit without a single opponent that could touch you.”

“What kind of tacit agreement do you believe Central Continent City and Purgatory Mountain have reached?” Hu Chenfu nodded, saying this with an ugly expression.

“The military intelligence I grasp alone isn’t enough at all.” Gu Yunjing looked at him and said, “Unless I can obtain all of Green Luan Academy intelligence, only then could I have a chance of realizing what exactly their agreement is. This is also the reason why I came here to meet with Meng Bai.”

“Have you considered…” When Hu Chenfu’s voice had just sounded, he immediately stopped. He was originally just speaking his mind, wishing to ask Gu Yunjing if he had considered by doing this, what kind of reaction Central Continent City would show.

However, as soon as these words sounded, he immediately realized that if all of the previous deductions were to play out, then Gu Yunjing already didn’t have to consider anything afterwards. It was because he just said that he would only care about the things before him, not about things after.

In Rudong City’s Military Department, the fat Meng Bai was still racing against time.

His cheeks were a bit swollen, eyes already a bit sunken.

During these days, he flipped through all of the military intelligence he could search through. It was to the extent where he even began to reference past military intelligence.

He didn’t realize that some top secret documents an official of his level originally had no chance of coming into contact with were also mixed into the reports sent in daily.

He was also unaware of the sound of the carriage carrying two elders entering the Military Department.

Right now, there was a man whose face was covered in scars currently walking in a certain Great Mang town. He had a carrying pole on his shoulder, selling the straw sandals he made himself.

Right now, Lin Xi was already in an extremely remote courtyard in Qiantang Province, looking at that azure medicine crystal that released an alluring radiance.

During this Yunqin spring day, every single component of the empire seemed to be racing against time, operating faster than before.

Lin Xi already completed all of the preparations to cultivate Devil Transformation. He now reached Devil Transformation’s most crucial step, the infusion of the devil medicine.

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