Book 15 Chapter 9 - Have to Trust

Yunqin Emperor might be someone who many Great Mang people and Purgatory Mountain’s people didn’t recognize.

However, there was one person’s portrait that almost every single person from Purgatory Mountain had seen before.

For quite some time, Purgatory Mountain sent out many people to chase after this person. In the end, this person safely escaped from Purgatory Mountain and many Great Mang cultivators’ encirclement, even killing many of Purgatory Mountain’s Divine Adjudicators and other Great Mang cultivators, becoming a shadow that loomed over many Great Mang cultivators’ hearts.

The aged Divine Adjudicator instantly recognized Lin Xi, moreover recalling many things regarding him.

“Kill him!”

Then, his body became a meteorite that moved backwards at a terrifying speed. Within a fraction of a second, he arrived at the side of the young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator whose body was penetrated by eight chains. His hand landed on his shoulder, bringing this young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s blood drenched body with him, both of them continuously rushing backwards.

When facing Lin Xi who possessed the drug that could restrain Devil Transformation, this aged Divine Adjudicator didn’t have any confidence in facing him. That was why he instantly made the most correct decision, directly fleeing.

The eight Purgatory Mountain red robed Apostles also instantly knew who Lin Xi was.

A Purgatory Mountain Apostle, because of extreme fear, instinctively activated Devil Transformation, his body under the red robes rapidly swelling.

However, he also immediately realized that Lin Xi had the Devil Transformation suppressing drug. The devil blood and soul force surging through his body suddenly became a bit sluggish, battering about his body, rushing into some meridians they originally shouldn’t have.


A mouthful of black extravasated blood shot out from his mouth.

His body began to fester rapidly, staggering before falling down.

A red robed Apostle who successfully cultivated Devil Transformation, in a situation where Lin Xi didn’t even take action, directly died from a failure to carry out Devil Transformation.

Lin Xi’s body released dazzling pure radiance.

Pure light that was countless times more bright than midday sunlight immediately made these Purgatory Mountain Apostles close their eyes in horror. However, they discovered that the radiance Lin Xi released was much more powerful than that of Yunqin Priests they were used to.

Even after closing their eyes, they still sensed intense pain, tears of blood flowing from the corners of their eyes.

At the same time, there was a sharp and clear noise that sounded from outside the courtyard.

This sound was as if an emerald green flower silently bloomed, but also as if someone made their way through the deep alleys while carrying a long blade.

These Purgatory Mountain Apostles released miserable cries at the same time.

Wisps of blood began to flow out from their ears.

Even before Lin Xi’s ‘good morning everyone, I hope all of you have been well’ completely disappeared, these Purgatory Mountain apostles already became blind and deaf.

Lin Xi’s eyes landed on these Purgatory Mountain Apostles’ bodies. He didn’t pay attention to the rapidly retreating aged Divine Adjudicator.

At this time, there was a sword hole that suddenly appeared on the courtyard wall.

An indigo blue longsword blocked in front of this aged Divine Adjudicator.

The aged Divine Adjudicator released a fierce shout, his hand surging with fiery light, directly using his five fingers to grip this longsword’s body.

Crimson flames covered this longsword, extending towards the chains it was connected to.

Fiery light also appeared on the chains.

In this instant, two waves of different flames erupted. The wall this longsword pierced through crashed downwards. Zhantai Qiantang’s body smashed through the collapsing wall, pulled flying in.

The aged Divine Adjudicator’s eyes narrowed slightly. His body continued to fly forward, his five fingers still on the longsword’s body. When he moved them forward, it was as if the sword became a burning hammer, smashing fiercely into the incoming Zhantai Qiantang.

Right now, in terms of pure strength, Zhantai Qiantang actually still couldn’t compare to this Purgatory Mountain Elder.

However, Zhantai Qiantang’s face didn’t reveal the slightest bit of shock, instead starting Devil Transformation.

It only took an instant.

The moment the burning sword handle approached his body, his body already swelled to nearly double the size of this aged Divine Adjudicator’s.

His hand that had twisting blue and black blood vessels on it held the burning sword hilt.

The aged Divine Adjudicator released an unimaginable scream, a visible air stream shooting out of his mouth, blasting Zhantai Qiantang’s face. The flames that erupted from his hands became even stronger, still rigidly gripping Zhantai Qiantang’s longsword.

However, this type of deadlocked state only continued for a fraction of a second.

Zhantai Qiantang’s Devil Transformation still continued.

A light rip noise sounded. Zhantai Qiantang’s sleeves were torn apart by his thick arms. Even greater strength rushed at the sword hilt.

The aged Divine Adjudicator’s fingers were snapped as easily as dried sweet potato sticks. The burning longsword pierced through his body, sending him flying out backwards again.

A grim faced Great Mang cultivator appeared at Lin Xi’s side.

When facing the first red robed Apostle who approached Lin Xi, several fine chains rushed out afterwards, yet arrived first, stabbing into this red robed Apostle’s body.

This red robed Apostle’s body twisted in a strange manner. The red chain in his hands smashed fiercely into the body of another red robed Apostle behind him, directly smashing in his adam’s apple. Then, the chain wrapped around his neck, sending that red robed Apostle’s body flying.

The radiance on Lin Xi’s body long disappeared.

He pulled out the longsword on his back with a reverse grip, stabbing it towards the third Purgatory Mountain Apostle who rushed over.

This Purgatory Mountain Apostle didn’t dodge. In his perception, the chain in his hands should be able to penetrate Lin Xi’s body before Lin Xi’s sword reached him.

However, his breathing instantly stopped.

Lin Xi’s longsword carried a vibrating noise, leaving Lin Xi’s hand. With speed that was more than double that of his thrust, it passed through this Purgatory Mountain postle’s necAk.

His head flew.

The remaining four Purgatory Mountain apostles released screams of despair at the same time.

Zhantai Qiantang who completed Devil Transformation already arrived behind them.

Their bodies broke at almost the same time, destroyed under their own Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation.

Zhantai Qiantang’s body began to shrink. Regardless of whether it was the beginning or the end of Devil Transformation, it was extremely painful. However, ever since he left Great Mang King City, only now after he slaughtered these normally high and mighty Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators to his heart’s content, did he truly feel a bit more relaxed and carefree.

Foul smelling sweat and blood began to flow from his body. He began to cough lightly in fatigue. He looked at Lin Xi, starting to laugh.

Lin Xi understood what Zhantai Qiantang was feeling.

After saying ‘good morning everyone, I hope all of you have been well’ and then slaughtering these Purgatory Mountain experts in such a fast and fierce manner, it seemed to be quite like a certain classical scene in the stories he read before.

Only, he didn’t laugh.

While looking at the young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who was held in Zhantai Qiantang’s arms, his body just like a broken sack, he mysteriously felt a bit of worry.

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator looked extremely pitiful, extremely miserable.

His eyes were completely filled with an expression of fear and helplessness. He couldn’t utter any sounds, blood flowing out from the corners of his mouth as he breathed heavily, landing on his chest.

Beneath his blood-soaked clothes appeared the outlines of an iron case.

At this time, Qin Xiyue walked over from behind Shi Qian[1].

The after effects of intense soul force surging still remained around her body, the shaking air made the corners of her clothes and hair flutter about, making her seem even more refined and beautiful.

She looked at Lin Xi’s side profile, also looking at the extremely pitiful and dying young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator.

Unknown as to why, her mood also began to mysteriously tremble. However, the moment her pretty brows rose slightly, she saw Lin Xi’s face become just as calm as usual.

The iron case was directly removed by Zhantai Qiantang and opened.

Inside of the iron case was a piece of cold jade that released chilliness. Inside of the cold jade was a piece of indigo blue rhomboid shaped medicine crystal that flickered with stirring radiance.

Zhantai Qiantang nodded towards Lin Xi, closing the iron case and placing it into Lin Xi’s hands.

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator finally understood what exactly happened to him. A whimpering noise suddenly sounded from his mouth, his body starting to shake.

Then, he also reached his final moments.

His eyes were widened, but they already lost their radiance.

The dry firewood in the storage room was all brought out. After the cellar cover was opened, an even stronger chilliness rushed out through the roof.

Lin Xi was stunned.

Zhantai Qiantang, Shi Qian, and Qin Xiyue were also all completely stunned.

The cellar was extremely deep, extremely large.

The things inside weren’t armor pieces or metal ingots, but rather piles of dark green, yellow speckled ore.

There was a lot of ore. If all of it was removed, it might fill up an entire room.

Lin Xi’s expression slowly became serious. He showed this cellar a grave military salute.

Showing a military salute to this completely empty cellar might seem a bit laughable and unintelligible, but the radiance flickering in Lin Xi’s eyes, at this time, was exceptionally moving.

Zhantai Qiantang and Qin Xiyue also understood clearly why Lin Xi did this.

It was because the metals needed to refine the set of armor they needed were definitely extremely precious for Purgatory Mountain as well. That was why this Yunqin spy couldn’t obtain processed metal, only able to complete their mission in this type of manner. If they slowly removed some ore from the original caves, this would indeed be a bit simpler than removing refined metal from Purgatory Mountain’s secret storerooms, and also comparatively much safer. However, if they wanted to transport over this amount of ore and gather all of it in one place, just how difficult and dangerous of an affair was this?

Let alone even though they didn’t know the name of this Yunqin spy, Lin Xi heard from Zhang Ping that this Yunqin spy’s life was already sacrificed.

Qin Xiyue silently looked at this cellar piled high with ore. After hesitating for a long time, she still raised her head, saying, “Lin Xi, I wish to discuss some things with you alone.”

“What is it?” When Zhantai Qiantang and Shi Qian walked out of this rear courtyard, Lin Xi asked while looking at her.

Qin Xiyue was avoiding Lin Xi’s eyes a bit, her head lowered as she pointed at the cellar. She quietly said, “There is just too much ore… with our current ability, there is no way we can bring it all back to Yunqin in time.”

Lin Xi nodded. He calmly looked at her pretty brows and said, “That is why I could only think of a single crazy method.”

Qin Xiyue asked, “What kind of method?”

Lin Xi answered, “We might as well just return this batch of ore into Purgatory Mountain’s hands. Zhang Ping is an outstanding Natural Arts Department student, his status in Purgatory Mountain now already high and remote, Purgatory Mountain also has the world’s best craftsmen and workshops… Purgatory Mountain might not have predicted that the armor Green Luan Academy wishes to use to deal with them would instead be made in their Purgatory Mountain.”

“However, this is indeed extremely dangerous.” Qin Xiyue raised her head, saying a bit coldly “Even though Purgatory Mountain’s people are all enemies, when you looked at the young Divine Adjudicator who was used just now, you definitely also worried for Zhang Ping’s safety. You should understand extremely clearly that spies often experience huge psychological problems.”

“I know.” Lin Xi nodded. He looked at her and quietly said, “But we must trust him, and we can only trust him.”

“It is because all of us, especially you, might very well be the sole hope in his heart.”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi continued to say quietly, “If not even us and not even you believe in him, then he might truly no longer be the original Zhang Ping anymore.”

“I also hope that he won’t change.”

Qin Xiyue remained silent for a moment. She nodded her head, quietly saying this.

1. Core disciple of Thousand Devil Nest who was loyal to Li Ku

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