Book 15 Chapter 5 - Spring’s Killing Intent

In Purgatory Mountain’s history, there had never been anyone who could survive in Sky Devil Prison Plains for this long, nor had there ever been anyone able to bring out a completely intact soul weapon from within Sky Devil Prison Plains.

Purgatory Mountain began to erupt into an uproar. Five figures who were entirely wrapped within smoke and black flames, appearing exceptionally massive, came out of their dwellings one after another.

Zhang Ping who originally already had his loyalty tested was brought before them, once again ingesting large amounts of unique Purgatory Mountain medicines.

That single wheeled metal puppet whose strength was equivalent to a Sacred Expert and Zhang Ping surviving for an entire winter in Sky Devil Prison Plains made these Purgatory Mountain Great Elders all excited to the extreme, but at the same time, they had to make sure that Zhang Ping didn’t hide anything.

These Purgatory Mountain Elders who were entirely wrapped within thick smoke and black flames surrounded Zhang Ping, obtaining a confession from Zhang Ping just like before.

They carefully recorded the control method and diagram Zhang Ping told them about for this metal puppet, and they also recorded the cultivation method Zhang Ping spoke of.

Then, they left Zhang Ping, heading towards Purgatory Mountain’s highest palace.

Zhang Ping was abandoned in this vacant palace hall that was used for interrogation.

The instant these five Purgatory Mountain Great Elders left this palace, the originally vacant eyes of Zhang Ping who was lying on an ice-cold bed immediately became filled with a lot of indescribable and complicated emotions.

Zhang Ping thought of the last time he received this type of medicine[1].

He thought of Chang Jingxiang’s body, thought about that violent rain, about Purgatory Mountain’s feast.

However, those painful things were just like these medications, no longer able to produce any effect on his body.

His heart seemed to have become just as ice-cold and hard as his ten fingers.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who bathed in the precious throne’s red light slowly raised his head.

Happiness and a deeply moved expression appeared within his dignified eyes.

He finally managed to wait for what he needed.

He had already been waiting for too long.

Central Continent City was this world’s most lively, most bustling city.

As early as ten years before Yunqin was established, this was already the case.

Central Continent City had the best food, the most lively marketplace, the prettiest women.

That was why he obviously also really liked Central Continent City, wanting to take a look at it.

As early as ten years before Yunqin Empire was established, he also already felt like he could ignore all Yunqin cultivators, that he had the power to enter Central Continent City.

However, what was regretful was that a middle-aged man with Big Black on his black entered this city.

Then, this middle-aged man and that empire both became his enemies.

That middle-aged man and the experts behind him finally left this world one after another.

He finally waited until the opportunity he wanted.

As such, there was no way he wouldn’t feel deeply moved.

“Give him the cave of that broken legged trash.” He raised his head, ordering the five Purgatory Mountain Great Elders.

The five Purgatory Mountain Great Elders obviously understood why the patriarch felt so happy and moved, they obviously also understood the meaning behind his words. When they thought about that disciple, about how just because he brought back something that could make the patriarch feel happiness and moved, he could actually already be on equal level as them, they felt incomparable anger inside.

However, they didn’t dare reveal the slightest hint of defiance or protest, to the extent where they didn’t dare let a single wisp of surging smoke leak out from within their bodies.

“Purgatory Mountain needs strength.”

“Only people of your level can come into contact with some of Sky Devil Prison Plains’ secrets.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s mood was extremely good, which was why he actually spoke a few extra words of indifferent explanation.

After saying this, red radiance erupted within the palace. He stood up from his throne.

Whenever there wasn’t war, in the eyes of ordinary Yunqin people, this entire world seemed extremely calm.

No one knew that Thousand Sunset Mountain was still occupied by Great Mang, but because of Lin Xi and Green Luan Academy’s affairs and because the war in the past year was too miserable, that was why Yunqin who revered martial spirit didn’t even really discuss when they would recapture Thousand Sunset Mountain.

Yunqin officially entered spring.

Even the winter jasmine already withered, yet the last bit of spring chill still didn’t disappear.

In Rudong City’s military division, Meng Bai who was dressed in a set of black cotton padded robes worked while forgetting about everything else, looking over the documents piled up on his table like a mountain.

He wanted to study medicine in the academy to begin with, wishing to obtain some skills to support himself, and then the best situation would be to just live out the rest of his life in a position like an Imperial Physician, just continue like this until he died. Not being able to enter Medicine Department, but instead entering Internal Study Department also seemed not bad for him. However, after the series of events that previously played out, he instead already changed the way he thought inside. Moreover, Vice Principal Xia and Green Luan Academy also entrusted him with a new life, discovering that his talent was more suited to a place like Ailao Rear Peak, and not Internal Study Department.

After this entire winter passed, after Yunqin Empire entered spring, the authority Yunqin Emperor possessed in Central Continent City became even more unparalleled. The young authoritative subject Xu Zhenyan’s inspectors also became like a viper, no holes they couldn’t enter. It could be said that in this entire massive empire, only South Tomb Province and Dragon Snake Mountain Range were places these viper-like investigators couldn’t get into.

Green Luan Academy’s power in the royal court suffered severe damage, while Green Luan Academy also needed to obtain some fast and reliable information from various channels.

That was why a youngster like him whose figure was a bit big and looked ordinary, actually shouldered many tasks.

The front lines didn’t experience any great battles.

The army seemed extremely calm.

However, Meng Bai’s face mysteriously became pale.

From some completely irrelevant, seemingly extremely ordinary piece of information, he keenly sensed a terrifying aura.

Right now, the reports in his hands were merely some provisions transport and reserve storage reports.

Right now, the snow that accumulated on Thousand Sunset Mountain had already completely melted, most of the roads already suitable for military equipment to move through. The front lines began to fight again, while the rear supplies definitely wouldn’t fall behind.

That was why even if Yunqin Empire didn’t plan to launch an attack, they must begin to guard against Great Mang Army’s offensive.

However, these reports regarding military equipment allowed Meng Bai to vaguely deduce that Central Continent City didn’t have any intentions to increase their reserves

It wasn’t that they didn’t have the ability to prepare additional reserves, but rather that there was completely no intention to do so.

It wasn’t just South Tomb Province’s front lines.

Not even the Yunqin troops outside Four Season Plains had any intentions of increasing battle reserves.

This could only prove that Central Continent Imperial City didn’t wish to fight. Not only did they not wish to fight in South Tomb Province, moreover, they temporarily didn’t even want to continue attacking Green Luan Academy. Then what was Central Continent Imperial City waiting for?

Central Continent Imperial City didn’t wish to fight, but how could they be sure that Great Mang wouldn’t take this opportunity to launch an attack either?

Meng Bai silently thought to himself, his fists clenching together the more he thought about it, the sweat in his palms seeping deeper.

He flipped through more reports and materials, frantically sketching on a sheet of white paper.

There was no clear or concrete proof, but the intuition he had in his mind became stronger and stronger… Central Continent Imperial City seemed to have reached a type of tacit agreement with Great Mang.

The sweat on his forehead became thicker and thicker, his hands and feet becoming more and more cold.

He knew that he had to find some clues… or else Green Luan Academy and Lin Xi might be placed in unprecedented danger. It was because this type of tacit agreement could only be directed at Green Luan Academy and Lin Xi.

Night time.

A burst of dog barks suddenly sounded on Turtle Edge Mountain.

Then, more and more dog barks sounded. After seizing Turtle Edge Mountain, Nangong Weiyang brought over quite a few sharp eared dogs from Yunqin. These dogs were normally even more vigilant than humans. Not only did they have excellent hearing, they could see further as well.

Everyone discovered that these raised dogs were all barking crazily towards the sky.

However, even when these dogs stopped barking, none of the guards in charge of watch on Turtle Edge Mountain noticed anything strange.

There was a small flame that was suddenly lit in the wilderness not far below Turtle Edge Mountain.

Zhantai Qiantang and Nangong Weiyang sat next to this fire.

Wind noises descended from above. Two Divine Wooden Flying Cranes glided down.

Lin Xi, Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan, Qin Xiyue, Hua Jiyue and Leng Qiuyu, these academy youngsters climbed down from the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes that just arrived.

“Long time no see.”

Lin Xi spoke these well-worn but ought to be treasured words, patting Zhantai Qiantang’s shoulder.

Zhantai Qiantang looked at him and Gao Yanan, saying with a laugh, “Not being able to participate in your great wedding truly is a bit of a regretful thing.”

Lin Xi smiled but didn’t say anything.

“This time, I still have to give you my gratitude again.” Zhantai Qiantang instead put away his smile, seriously offering his thanks.

Lin Xi obviously knew that Zhantai Qiantang wasn’t doing this on behalf of himself, but rather for those Great Mang soldiers. He gave the wrinkles at the corners of Zhantai Qiantang’s eyes a look and said, “You even seem to look a bit older.”

“The things I have to worry about really are a bit too many. If I didn’t have Great General Gu’s care, even if Chi Xiaoye helped draw some of the army’s attention… there is still no way this place would be that calm.” Zhantai Qiantang looked at Lin Xi with a bitter smile. “War has allowed me to learn many things. The things that you have done in Central Continent City have also made me constantly mull over a problem.”

Lin Xi was a bit shocked as he looked at Zhantai Qiantang, asking, “What kind of problem?”

“I was thinking that no matter what, we should still at least set up a flag. If there are still Thousand Devil Nest cultivators like Shi Qian left, then Great Mang definitely still has other people like this. However, they don’t know what I am doing, nor do they know where I am.”

Zhantai Qiantang looked at Lin Xi and said, “I want to at least give them some hope.”

“This is precisely what I need to discuss with you.” Lin Xi exchanged a look with Gao Yanan and the others, starting to laugh.

“No one understands Great Mang better than you and Shi Qian, which is why I want to have you and Shi Qian bring us into Great Mang.” Lin Xi looked at this slightly stunned Zhantai Qiantang, continuing to seriously say this.

Zhantai Qiantang was completely speechless.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows also furrowed. “You are heading to Great Mang?”

Lin Xi looked at her and Zhantai Qiantang, nodding his head. “We have already received the news we were waiting for. There are two extremely important things we must receive, absolutely nothing wrong can happen along the way… Also, we must seize the moment. Purgatory Mountain is already about to research something that can deal with the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes. I want to seize this opportunity before they can restrict the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes… when the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes can still ensure our safe departure to do some more things in Great Mang.”

1. B12C32

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