Book 15 Chapter 3 - Another Winter Passes

After the light snow passed, Central Continent City experienced another round of heavy snowfall.

It was almost the end of the year.

Within the Imperial Defense Study, on the ground in front of Yunqin Emperor’s dragon throne, kneeled more than ten high officials.

Yunqin Emperor slowly closed a secret letter. He looked at these influential figures who were kneeling on the ice-cold golden tiles, his cold gaze that carried a hint of mockery landed on the body of the military’s number two figure Feng Qianhan who had just finished his report.

“You only see the common people causing trouble in various lands, the military not showing any signs of rebellion is a good thing?”

He laughed coldly, “This emperor has ordered a hundred thousand soldiers to attack Green Luan Academy… South Tomb Province’s front line army still hasn’t been able to receive enough provisions, yet I have ensured that the hundred thousand troops at the foot of Heaven Ascension Mountain Range have an abundance of provisions, could it be that you believe all of Yunqin’s soldiers are idiots? When even the common people are causing trouble, how could they not be angry, not stir up things?”

Feng Qianhan lowered his head, inwardly shivering, not understanding the emperor’s intentions. He didn’t dare utter any sounds.

“The avalanche can only seal up the mountains temporarily, it cannot seal them up forever.”

Yunqin Emperor coldly looked at Feng Qianhan. “What this Emperor can rely on to defeat Green Luan Academy will always be this empire, it will always be this empire’s army. They naturally understand that if they wish to make this emperor their enemy, they will have to first deal with this emperor’s army.”

“That is why if it is too calm, it is instead dangerous. Underestimating the enemy too much is the same as following the path to one’s own doom.”

Yunqin Emperor slowly raised his head, saying expressionlessly, “Green Luan Academy’s power doesn’t only come from their cultivators on the surface. They only don’t want to use their hidden power, don’t wish to suffer some losses for no reason. When it is truly time to mobilize their strength, the number of traitors who will appear in those armies under this emperor is something unknown to begin with. That is why what you have to do isn’t rejoicing, but rather finding a way to clean out Green Luan Academy’s hidden forces in this Emperor’s place, give it your all to seize control over this Emperor’s army.”

“Xu Zhenyan.” Yunqin Emperor’s eyes landed on Xu Zhenyan to the side. “Di Choufei’s Military Governor position is now vacant. From today forth, you will be the one who watches over the transferring of Martial Sector, you will assist Feng Qianhan, do the things you should do.”

“As for the obstructions in forced labor and taxation of the people…” Yunqin Emperor’s eyes then landed on Leng Zhennan. “Things like anger are like drinking alcohol, it comes quickly, and it leaves quickly as well. This is especially the case for these ordinary common people. A momentary anger will often be drowned under life’s necessities.”

“When there is a common external enemy to direct anger against, when there is food to eat, these common people will still continue their ordinary livelihoods. If they feel like this Emperor has erred, this Emperor will admit my wrongs. Pass on a self imperial order in this Emperor’s place, all sectors’ expenditures will be cut a bit more, and then reduce some of the taxes… When this Emperor is already willing to admit my wrongs, could it be that they will still want to chase this Emperor down from the dragon throne?”

Yunqin Emperor began to laugh coldly and powerfully, “This emperor can also put on a performance.”

Feng Qianhan’s mouth produced a bitter taste. He looked at the feet in front of the golden dragon throne, thinking that this throne was indeed a monster that could completely change a person.

Dragon Snake Mountain Range and Great Desolate Swamp faced the coldest time of the year.

This was also when Dragon Snake Border Army was most dangerous and vigilant.

Several Scouting Guards made their way through the mist like demons, Dragon Snake Mountain Range in front of them, a provisions transport fleet following far behind them.

Suddenly, these scouting officers vanguard who were always holding their Brass Hawkeyes vigilantly, watching their surroundings, completely went rigid.

Within a wide low-lying ground, they saw large expanses of frozen corpses.

Several Scouting Guards used the reflected light of copper mirrors to stop the fleet behind them. When they quickly arrived in this thistles and thorn covered low-lying area, already standing in this sea of corpses, these Scouting Guards were immediately shocked to the point where they couldn’t utter any sounds.

They could tell that the ones who died all wore thin cotton-padded clothes, they were all soldiers.

Dragon Snake Mountain Range didn’t experience large scale snowfall yet during this time, which was why normally speaking, even soldiers who wore comparatively lighter clothes wouldn’t die from the cold like this in such large amounts.

With just a single look, they could tell that the number of soldiers who died here numbered at least five thousand, making it so that this place seemed like a huge battlefield.

However, there were no traces of battles, meaning that there was only one possibility. When these soldiers arrived here, their stamina originally already reached the limit.

Several shocked Dragon Snake Scouting Guards began to scatter, investigating these corpses and military traces. They quickly deduced that this was a Great Mang troop, moreover, there should be even more Great Mang soldiers who headed to a different place.

However, these low level soldiers just couldn’t understand why there would be this type of Great Mang troop who would cross such a great distance in this type of suicidal manner.

They had no way of knowing that this Great Mang troop was tied to an agreement between Lin Xi and Great General Gu Yunjing. They didn’t know that this Great Mang army came from Dragon Snake Mountain Range not to throw their lives away, but instead for the sake of living.

Within Turtle Edge Mountain’s many caves, there were several wood charcoal lit, food that was being cooked.

Zhantai Qiantang stood on a tower at the very top of Turtle Edge Mountain, surveying the south.

After losing twenty thousand Great Mang soldiers, he finally brought the remaining thirty thousand Great Mang ruined army back to Turtle Edge Mountain.

The cold air dyed his temples in a bit of frost. After just a month of time, the corners of his eyes already had several streaks of wrinkles added.

Lin Xi stood in that vacant area where the new students first gathered in Self Defense Department’s peak.

He wore the academy’s black robes.

There was even a ring of black cloth on his arm.

No one knew what kind of significance the ring of black cloth he wore carried. No one in Yunqin had this type of custom, but no one would stop him from doing this.

In this academy, no one would oppose anything he did.

A faint streak of yellow light descended from above.

Li Wu, Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan, Gao Yanan, Qin Xiyue and Hua Jiyue descended from the two Divine Wooden Flying Cranes one after another.

These youngsters also returned to the academy, gathering together again.

When they saw Lin Xi’s expression and the black cloth around Lin Xi’s arm, these youngsters who walked down from the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes all trembled lightly.

“Vice Principal Xia left?” Hua Jiyue spoke, asking this quietly.

Lin Xi nodded. “He left last night.”

Gao Yanan and the others all entered a state of silence.

This was a great person who possessed endless legends and glory, a huge umbrella that shielded Green Luan Academy. However, when he left, it was actually this tranquil and calm.

“Vice Principal Xia told me that after he leaves, there is a high chance that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch will enter Yunqin. From today on, it will depend on us.”

Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others, calmly and quietly saying this.

The corners of Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes were a bit damp. He raised his head to look at the peaceful and beautiful academy, inwardly thinking that if there was someone who wanted to destroy this type of beautiful place, then he would definitely go all out regardless of everything.

“What do we need to do?” He took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled, looking at Lin Xi and asking this.

“Zhang Ping is in Purgatory Mountain.”

Lin Xi didn’t first reply to his good friend’s question, instead first giving Hua Jiyue and Qin Xiyue a look. “Previously, I suspected he went to Great Mang… but I didn’t expect that he actually went to a place like Purgatory Mountain.”

Lin Xi’s expression made Qin Xiyue’s heart tremble, it also made Hua Jiyue’s expression become a bit more pale.

“Our Green Luan Academy has always been researching a set of armor. In a situation where there isn’t a Sacred Master to stop Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, that armor is what Vice Principal Xia believes to be the sole hope.” Lin Xi released a light sigh. “However, I believe that there is still another source of hope.”

Everyone understood Lin Xi’s intentions.

These youngsters in the academy all knew that from here on out, they had to endure the responsibility of completing this set of armor.

Only, when they thought about the power of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, Gao Yanan and the others still couldn’t think of the other hope Lin Xi spoke of.

“Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation.”

Lin Xi didn’t stop. “Zhantai Qiantang knows Devil Transformation’s cultivation method, we only need Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation medicine… If I can successfully cultivate Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation and possess Sacred Expert level strength, it will perhaps also be enough to neutralize Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s threat.”

“The number of our spies that could enter Purgatory Mountain originally wasn’t that many… furthermore, according to concrete information, there is now only Zhang Ping alone left.”

“He is someone who was assigned to carry out this mission by the academy. According to the information he previously sent back, he already has access to Purgatory Mountain’s highest level workshops.”

“However, it has already been over fifteen days since his last report.”

Lin Xi paused for a moment. He looked at Gao Yanan and the others. “Even though there is no news stating that his identity has been exposed, regardless of if something really has happened to him or not, we still have to do everything we can to contact him for the sake of this armor.”

When Lin Xi somewhat gravely thought about Zhang Ping’s safety, Zhang Ping was still struggling in that underworld.

He began to eat the things that made him want to vomit, starting to climb upwards again and again.

His body already recovered a bit.

His soul force made it so that his fingers could finally make some holes in the rock wall, making it so that his body could finally break free from the water, climb upwards.

However, this cave within the human face really was too deep.

Each time he exhausted all of his soul force, used up all of his strength and reached the highest point, he still couldn’t see the light above, unable to see the exit.

He howled in despair again and again, falling down fiercely into the water below.

The most terrifying thing wasn’t a powerful opponent, but rather this type of secluded and lonely despair.

In Purgatory Mountain, inside the divine palace on that highest volcano.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who bathed in fiery red light was also waiting.

He was waiting for the news that came back from Yunqin Empire, waiting for information from those disciples and slaves who were sent into Sky Devil Prison Plains.

This winter passed just like that.

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