Book 15 Chapter 2 - After I Die

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane descended upon this Self Defense Department mountain peak.

Lin Xi returned to Green Luan Academy.

He showed Vice Principal Xia a bow of respect. He looked at the ground beneath his feet, breathing in the fresh air, his heart flooded with a type of indescribable emotion.

He never thought that it would be this long before he could return to this place again.


Vice Principal Xia looked kindly at Lin Xi and Leng Qiuyu, gently saying this.

An Keyi stared blankly for a moment. She expected Vice Principal Xia’s first words to be something like you did extremely well, but she didn’t expect Vice Principal Xia’s first words to instead be these.

Lin Xi understood Vice Principal Xia’s meaning.

In this place, he could sense Jiang Yu’er[1] and Li Kaiyun’s auras even more clearly, as if in a certain corner of his line of sight, Li Kaiyun and Jiang Yu’er would rush out at any time. In this place, he felt more relaxed than ever before, yet every breath brought him indescribable pain.

Only, he had already served as East Scenery City’s commander, so he knew that Vice Principal Xia who was like the patriarch forever shouldered more things than him.

“Living will forever be more difficult than dying.”

While looking at Leng Qiuyu next to Lin Xi, Vice Principal Xia didn’t speak any excessive words of consolation. He only looked at her, saying this.

Leng Qiuyu’s eyes became blurry. Tears flowed from her eyes, but she forcefully nodded her head.

“I have already held on for many years, I am already too old. Too many of those elders in Central Continent City have left as well. Even though it is a bit too fast… It must be all of you who bear this responsibility.” Vice Principal Xia smiled, saying this in a gratified manner.

Lin Xi and An Keyi raised their heads at the same time. The two of them picked up a type of heart trembling information from Vice Principal Xia’s words.

While looking at Lin Xi and An Keyi’s eyes, Vice Principal Xia gently said, “I indeed do not have much time left, which is why I had to have you come back, pass over some things to you.”

Even though he understood this type of reasoning, when he heard Vice Principal Xia personally speak these words, Lin Xi looked into his wise and turbid eyes, overwhelmed by grief, momentarily unable to speak.

Vice Principal Xia’s eyes were instead extremely calm. He looked at Lin Xi, speaking as if he was talking about things regarding someone else. “Before I die, and after I die, this world will become greatly different.”

“This doesn’t have too much to do with the emperor.”

While looking at the silent Lin Xi, as if he knew Lin Xi was thinking in the wrong direction, he shook his head, slowly explaining, “Ever since Yunqin was established, Green Luan Academy’s greatest enemy has always been Purgatory Mountain.”

These two lines still left Lin Xi confused. However, he knew that every single sentence Vice Principal Xia spoke was extremely important. As such, he nodded his head, only seriously listening.

“The most critical part lies in the Sacred Master level, in this cultivation realm.”

Vice Principal Xia revealed a smile and said, “It is because in the world of cultivators, cultivating to Sacred Master level really is too difficult. Even if it is a Divine General like you whose cultivation advances at lightning speed, perhaps becoming a Sacred Expert within ten years, once you reach the Sacred Expert level, you might use up three times the time. It can be said that in this word, there are only four places where Sacred Masters have a chance of appearing in.”

“Green Luan Academy, Sanskrit Temple, Purgatory Mountain and Central Continent City.”

After a slight pause, Vice Principal Xia looked at Lin Xi and said, “It is just like how our Green Luan Academy has pill medicines that can greatly shorten cultivation time, only these three places with abundant resources have a chance of creating a Sacred Master. Otherwise, the cultivators of other places, before they reach the Sacred Master level, they would have already died of old age.”

“There was one important reason why Principal Zhang chose Green Luan Academy in the past. It was precisely because he felt that being in Green Luan Academy could allow him to become a Sacred Master.”

“This world’s Sacred Masters are too few, but in the ancient records of cultivators, there is another reason why there are almost no recordings of those at the Sacred Master level.” Vice Principal Xia said with a smile, “It is because compared to Sacred Experts, Sacred Masters instead have a greatest weakness. All Sacred Masters naturally do not wish for this weakness to be announced to the world.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed deeply. “Weakness?”

“This weakness is precisely the weakness of all cultivators.” Vice Principal Xia nodded.

Lin Xi thought of a certain possibility, his breathing stopping momentarily. “Your respected self’s intention is that it is the bodies of us cultivators?”

“Your guess is correct.”

Vice Principal Xia chuckled and said, “Ever since the empire was established, the bodies of cultivators haven’t undergone much changes, our power has mainly originated from soul force. The bodies of Sacred Masters and Sacred Experts wouldn't be any different, but the soul force will become more and more powerful… This type of change will make it even harder for the bodies of cultivators to endure their own power. Before soul force rushes out of their body, they will easily first tear apart their own body to shreds.”

“One would instead not be able to easily take action against others, instead become a bomb that might explode at any time?” Lin Xi looked at Vice Principal Xia in disbelief, asking this.

Vice Principal Xia nodded, saying gently, “Principal Zhang has said before that this is originally a reasoning that is quite easy to understand, perhaps a natural law of this world. It is because this world will always be restricted somewhat, that there is no way one’s power could grow limitlessly. If this happened, this world wouldn’t be able to tolerate them.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath, nodding his head. “It is just like how a brook has no chance of producing a large fish of over a hundred jin.”

“This is precisely the reasoning.” Vice Principal Xia laughed, and then shook his head. “However, this cultivation realm isn’t that simple either. It is because those who have cultivated to the Sacred Master level definitely won’t be reconciled to exploding themselves whenever they took action. That is why when State Masters faced Sacred Experts, they would control their soul force at the Sacred Expert level, slowly exhausting their opponents to death, or they would control their own soul force above the Sacred Expert level, suffer a bit of damage themselves, but not to the extent where they would die themselves.”

“Those who can become Sacred Masters are naturally cultivators with abundant experience in facing enemies. That is why from a certain meaning, even if Sacred Masters have this fatal weakness, they are still unmatched in this world.”

“Meanwhile, this weakness of Sacred Masters is precisely the reason why in terms of this world’s theory, cultivation realms above the Sacred Master level still exists. After all, even if it is me, if I conduct meditation cultivation, my soul force power can still continuously increase.” Vice Principal Xia gave Lin Xi a look, and then continued, “However, no one can say for certain if there will be a breakthrough beyond the Sacred Master level, if the body won’t just directly explode from being unable to endure the force. That is why even during all these years, cultivators higher than Sacred Master level have never appeared.”

“When a Sacred Master faces a Sacred Master, will the final result precisely be death for both?” Lin Xi realized the crux of the issue. He raised his head to look at Vice Principal Xia.

Vice Principal Xia looked at Lin Xi and said, “This is precisely why I have said that after my death, this world will be greatly different. If Sacred Masters were to truly fight to the death, the final result would definitely be mutual destruction. As long as one side wishes to go all out, the other party has no chance of escaping. Either the other party is killed, both sides explode in death, or one uses their full power to defend, and then their own bodies will explode. This sounds extremely laughable, but this is indeed the case in reality.”

Lin Xi said, “That is why not even Purgatory Mountain Patriarch has ever dared step foot into Yunqin?”

“This is also the reason why Purgatory Mountain Patriarch had to have Wenren Cangyue’s help in killing Li Ku. It is because a cultivator like Li Ku was abnormal within Sacred Experts. Without Wenren Cangyue, there was no chance of killing Li Ku before he suffered too much damage himself.” Vice Principal Xia looked at Lin Xi, saying gravely, “Moreover, I have said that after I died, this world will change greatly, but it isn’t just this simple… Even if Yunqin has a chance of producing Sacred Masters elsewhere, Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Master will also be a bit more powerful.”

“That is because Shentu Clan has Devil Transformation.”

“Indeed.” Lin Xi nodded his head heavily. “Their bodies, after Devil Transformation, can endure greater amounts of soul force, which is why if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch faces an equal level Sacred Master, he still has a chance of living.”

“Our Green Luan Academy has Glorious King Destroys Restraints, we have Brother Ming’s sacred radiance and Big Black. These are enough to grant Green Luan Academy’s Sacred Master an advantage.” Vice Principal Xia calmly looked at Lin Xi. “The reason why Gu Xinyin was sent to Tangcang was precisely in preparation for my death, for enough power to threaten Purgatory Mountain even after I die.”

Lin Xi already completely understood Vice Principal Xia’s intentions, saying with a bit of bitterness. “Your respected self at least wishes for Senior Gu Xinyin to become someone like Li Ku, but your respected self never expected Senior Gu Xinyin to be trapped in Tangcang for so many years.”

“No one can grasp all the variables.” Vice Principal Xia said with a light sigh of sorrow. “You should already understand how great of a significance you possess for the academy.”

Lin Xi remained silent for a moment. He asked, “How much time does Senior Gu Xinyin need?”

“Whenever you become a Sacred Expert, then it will be about time for him.” Vice Principal Xia also remained silent for a moment. “However, judging from many of Purgatory Mountain’s movements, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch won’t give all of you this much time.”

“That is why your respected self believes… that even Purgatory Mountain Patriarch will appear in the secular world, perhaps even appear in South Tomb Province?” Lin Xi looked at Vice Principal Xia and said, “This is what your respected self truly wishes to remind me about?”

“The emperor will wish to use us to deal with Purgatory Mountain, but as long as Purgatory Mountain Patriarch steps foot in Yunqin, he wouldn’t be focused on dealing with Central Continent Imperial City first, instead only dealing with you and Gu Yunjing.” Vice Principal Xia nodded. “The greatest enemy in his eyes could only be Green Luan Academy, which is why you have no way to escape.”

Li Xi couldn’t think of any way that could kill Purgatory Mountain’s Sacred Master who could slaughter all Sacred Experts. That was why he looked at Vice Principal Xia and quietly asked, “What can we do?”

“We are researching a set of armor.”

Vice Principal Xia looked at Lin Xi and said seriously, “If that day truly comes, perhaps a Sacred Expert who wears this armor still has a chance of forcing him off. It is because at that time, he will definitely be even more powerful than right now.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath. He looked at this single-armed elder under clear and cold light, speaking with a solemn voice as if he was swearing an oath, “I will do my all to first help the academy complete this set of armor.”

Vice Principal Xia smiled.

He slowly turned around, looking at the Heaven Ascension Mountain Range behind him.

“Purgatory Mountain has always been looking for a way that would allow one to surpass the Sacred Master level. Principal Zhang and all of us are similarly looking for these methods to exceed the Sacred Master level.” He looked at Lin Xi, and then added with a quiet voice, “This current world of cultivation completely lacks cultivators above the Sacred Master level. However, in some ancient texts, within the already annihilated world of cultivation, there were powerful existences that have exceeded the Sacred Master level. That is why the cultivation of cultivators will always be towards themselves, towards this world’s exploration. In those unknown lands, perhaps there will be some cultivation methods even more powerful than Glorious King Destroys Restraints and Sanskrit Hall’s cultivation methods.”

1. Medicine Department Student who was in killed in Jadefall City

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