Book 14 Chapter 49 - Will

The insufferably arrogant Di Choufei who always had powerful confidence, believed everything was within his own control, moreover had just reached the peak of Central Continent City’s authority, at this time, felt that his body began to twitch endlessly.

He didn’t want to die.

However, Lin Xi wanted him to die.

That was why regardless of how his body twisted about, there was no way he could struggle free from under Lin Xi’s foot. The only difference was that it spread that pile of dung even further across his face.

In the streets and on the roofs, those subordinates dressed in bright red armor, loyal to Di Choufei, when they saw the general they normally admired the most humiliated like this, their bodies began to tremble, yet no one dared step forward further.

Today, Lin Xi already became a god of slaughter in Central Continent City.

There were already too many heads that exploded within this street, red and white brain matter flooding their sight. They knew that before a heavy armored army or other Sacred Experts hurried over, they definitely had no chance of killing Lin Xi.

Lin Xi equipped with Big Black, was definitely unmatched in the State Master level.

They didn’t wish to see Di Choufei’s head explode like a melon, directly dying under Lin Xi’s feet either.

The carriage that hurried over from Star Seizing House arrived in front of Lin Xi.

The street began to shake.

The light snow on the roofs began to fall.

Upon seeing the scene of Di Choufei under Lin Xi’s foot and hearing the sounds of the distant heavy cavalry army, a red-armored Central Continent Army high ranking officer released a fierce shout filled with killing intent. “LIn Xi, you actually dare act this disgraceful?”

“If I am not mistaken, you are Zhong Chigui… Zhong Family’s disciple from outside the family. As Di Choufei’s dog, you originally had no right to continue living in this city, yet you still dare appear before me?”

Lin Xi calmly looked at this Central Continent Guard high ranking officer who was berating him, laughing and saying this.

When he had just heard Lin Xi utter his name, before he even heard the following words, this Central Continent Guard high ranking officer knew that he was wrong. The sinister and fierce expression on his face completely turned into horror. With a loud cry, he directly jumped off the carriage, flying backwards.

However, to only wake up at this type of time, for Lin Xi, this Zhong Family outer disciple was already too slow, his skills in recognizing the situation a bit too poor.

The instant Zhong Chigui’s body left the carriage, a black thread already descended upon this carriage.

The carriage split apart.

Zhong Chigui’s forehead also split open.

When Lin Xi had just finished his words, Zhong Chigui’s corpse already landed on the ground, blood splattering all over the ground.

Leng Qiuyu’s figure appeared from within the cracked carriage.

Even if the Shadow Sacred Expert hurried over promptly to save her, she was still unconscious from an excessive use of soul force.

Lin Xi was dressed in red priest robes.

Leng Qiuyu was also dressed in red wedding clothes.

One was a handsome tall and straight young man, the other a young lady who was even more beautiful than this Yunqin city’s most beautiful flower, all of this together made this seem like a scene of bride kidnapping.

However, no one felt like this atmosphere was charming and gentle, there was only sorrow.

Lin Xi began to release light.

He released radiance.

Pure light flowed out from his fingers, landing on Leng Qiuyu’s body.

Leng Qiuyu’s eyes opened.

She saw Lin Xi who was smiling in her direction, his smile solemn and stirring. She began to weep.

“We still have many more things to do.”

Lin Xi didn’t speak too much, only looking at her and calmly asking, “Do you want to personally kill him to get revenge for Li Kaiyun, or do you want me to help you directly kill him?”

When these words sounded, all of the officials and high ranking officers’ bodies became completely ice-cold.

Leng Qiuyu didn’t say anything, only walking towards Lin Xi and Di Choufei.

An archery master on a distant roof whose eyes were always locked onto Lin Xi couldn’t help but shift his attention to Leng Qiuyu. His fingers loosened slightly, an arrow about to leave his hands.

However, in this instant, Lin Xi only gave his direction a look.

Then, that archer died.

It was because in this entire Central Continent City, there were no archery masters more powerful than him.


Many people screamed miserably.

Leng Qiuyu raised the sword Lin Xi offered her.

“Medicine… medicine… medicine…”

At this time, Di Choufei’s consciousness already began to become blurry, just like that Great Mang Sacred Expert, out of his life’s final reluctance, he wanted the antidote, also beginning to mutter these unclear words.

Yao… yao… yao, check it out…”

As such, Lin Xi also began to sing.

He smiled, singing this rap no one in Central Continent City understood.

These two times weren’t the only times he sang this, but in his entire life… Or perhaps his two lives, there was not once when he sang in such a grieved manner, with such sorrow, with such joy, letting his hatred dissolve.

Lin Xi sung a song no one could understand.

The longsword in Leng Qiuyu’s hands was brought down on Di Choufei’s head.

In this instant, the air in all of Central Continent City froze.

“You really want to destroy this entire empire, the empire that was established by Principal Zhang and the late emperor?”

A staggering figure approached Lin Xi.

This was Liu Xueqing.

At this time, before other Sacred Experts hurried over, the only one who dared approach Lin Xi was an upright subject like him.

He clearly rushed here quite urgently, the official uniform he wore covered in filth from slipping on the ground and falling.

His face was filled with extreme anger and disappointment, as if a type of dream had been ruthlessly destroyed.

“It isn’t me who wishes to destroy Yunqin.”

However, when facing this upright subject leader who also seemed to have gone mad, Lin Xi only nodded his head towards the distant snow covered True Dragon Mountain, saying calmly, “It is the one in that mountain who wishes to destroy Yunqin.”

“If you still have a brain, then please think to yourself just how many of all these years of tolerance from Green Luan Academy and from myself, he has gotten in return.”

He was completely ruthless, looking at Liu Xueqing as if he was rebuking him. “After I leave, what you need to think about clearly first is if everything you are doing is for the emperor, or if it is for Yunqin.”

The incomparably pale faced Liu Xueqing looked at Lin Xi, the excessive grief and despair even making his voice sound extremely empty. “Would you… even be able to leave Central Continent City?”

“You have to understand that it isn’t just me. Vice Principal Xia and all of Green Luan Academy’s people wish for me to bring you away from this city. It was because of you and Li Kaiyun that we are going to war against the emperor. You cannot tell us to just leave you here.”

Lin Xi didn’t reply to Liu Xueqing, only looking at Leng Qiuyu, seriously and quietly saying, “The teachers in Ailao Rear Peak have already carefully made countless deductions… even if this world already has weapons that can stop the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes, they still have absolutely no chance of stopping us from leaving Central Continent City.”

Leng Qiuyu began to weep loudly.

She sobbed until her entire body was shaking a bit.

Her family members were all in Central Continent City, but only when she saw Lin Xi, heard Lin Xi talk about Vice Principal Xia, about Green Luan Academy’s lecturers, did she feel as if she met her true family. At this time, all of the grief and sorrow that was accumulated within her burst forth again.

While looking at this lonely young lady dressed in wedding clothes, Lin Xi thought back to the fire he lit under Green Luan Academy’s Medicine Department Freshman Dormitory.

He thought about the bashful Li Kaiyun, about how he stood in front of this female student who was as cold as ice, telling her that if possible, to pay a bit of attention to Li Kaiyun’s situation.

His body also began to tremble slightly.

His eyes looked towards the skies above.

A streak of golden light appeared in the skies.

A metal penetrating stone splitting true phoenix cry rang out above.

Many people in Central Continent City raised their heads towards the skies in shock.

All of them saw that a golden phoenix was currently crying in anger and grief, carrying endless streaks of golden radiance as it descended from the skies.

A snow-white faced Central Continent Guard high ranking officer looked at the golden phoenix that descended towards Lin Xi. While looking at Lin Xi’s red robes, he knew that both him and everyone else overlooked a detail.

Ten years before Yunqin was established, when Principal Zhang entered Central Continent City with Big Black for the first time, he wasn’t alone. There was a mandarin duck, as well as a qilin.

Now, more than sixty years later, Lin Xi who entered Central Continent City with Big Black similarly had two companions, a Three-Tailed Black Foxcat and a Meteor Sky Phoenix.

A phoenix that many ordinary people could clearly see high up in the sky definitely wouldn’t be too small.

Right now, when this descending golden phoenix spread its wings, it also reached close to three meters in length.

In this instant, this Central Continent Guard high ranking officer knew that Lin Xi deliberately stalled for more than twenty days along the way, moreover, stalling another few weeks in Central Continent City wasn’t only to raise his cultivation to the bottleneck point, he was also waiting for this Meteor Sky Phoenix!

The legendary mature Meteor Sky Phoenix’s length could exceed seven meters. This Meteor Sky Phoenix was still considered a child.

However, compared to when it was in South Tomb Province, this Meteor Sky Phoenix’s growth was already too fast.

Only Green Luan Academy had a chance of making a fiend beast grow a bit faster than normal. That was why this Central Continent Guard high ranking officer knew… that this revenge wasn’t only Lin Xi alone going crazy, but rather that he had the support of all of Green Luan Academy, that it was the plan and will of all of Green Luan Academy!

The number of people in Central Continent City who were smarter than this Central Continent Guard high ranking officer numbered who knew how many.

That was why many people understood this reasoning.

When they thought about how a land that always stood aloof from worldly affairs now formally stood against this empire, everyone who understood felt extremely cold inside.

Lucky sensed its partner’s arrival earlier than all of these people, which was why it curled up at ease, falling into a deep sleep within Lin Xi’s sleeves.

A Yunqin phoenix who had continuously grown up amidst the flames of war descended with divine and dignified splendor.

Its two feet carried two golden bands.

Lin Xi and Leng Qiuyu bound themselves with these bands.

The golden phoenix once again released a mournful cry, rising into the air.

Even though it was no longer like an angry little bird, now looking more like a true phoenix, while carrying two people’s weight, it still felt rather strained while flying. However, it still flew extremely quickly.

Lin Xi’s hand moved to Big Black’s strings.

All of the cultivators on the street who wanted to take action went rigid.

Lin Xi’s red robes instantly swelled, fluttering about, looking like a red lotus in full bloom.

His soul force was already released with speed even more terrifying than when he faced that Shadow Sacred Expert and Di Choufei.

A black line swept out, covering half the sky.

In the distant Imperial City, on a Divine Wooden Flying Crane that had just risen not long ago, rapidly flying over, there were cries of alarm. There was boundless power that clashed with this black thread.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane itself couldn’t endure this type of clash of power, splitting apart piece by piece high up in the air.

Several cultivators began to fall from the Divine Wooden Flying Crane like rocks, fiercely smashing into Central Continent City’s roofs and streets, turning into several lumps of crushed flesh.

There were no Divine Wooden Flying Cranes that dared rise into the air again.

However, Lin Xi’s soul force still hadn’t been completely exhausted.

Dark night descended once more, shooting towards the Imperial City.

Since it was too far, this black thread already couldn’t pose any threat, to the extent where it was hard to maintain its accuracy.

However, with a hong noise, on a piece of city wall that originally still hadn’t completed repairs, it was as if it had been swept by a giant brush. A deep groove appeared on it, collapsing from above.

Everyone knew that Central Continent City still had more Sacred Experts.

It was to the extent where they still had someone like Ni Henian here.

Lin Xi was completely powerless to face them, which was why his only choice was to leave.

However, when they saw the black and gold radiance in the sky, many people even began to shiver inwardly, wondering if there was anyone who could stop Lin Xi’s entrance and departure?

Who even knew when he would return again?

The golden phoenix and Lin Xi departed further and further away from this blood covered street, ultimately disappearing from the eyes of everyone on this street.

This blood covered street only had Di Choufei’s ruined corpse, rotting and turning into sand.

Beside the corpse, there was also an opened large metal chest on the ground, looking like an opened mouth, laughing at everyone.

Those red clothed and bright red armored individuals now only felt like the red color they wore was a complete joke.

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