Book 14 Chapter 48 - Overthrow

Di Choufei thought of a certain possibility. The soul force within his body surged crazily, wishing to remove the yellow sand that appeared in his body.

However, the soul force in his body seemed to be devoured by the yellow sand, and then turned into even more yellow sand.

Lin Xi began to laugh.

Ever since the moment he received the news about the front lines, he couldn’t breathe. Only at this time did he finally feel like he could truly breathe again.

His hand let go of his end of Big Black.

The instant Big Black moved through the air, his fingers moved along the three strings again.

In this instant, the numerous military cultivators behind Di Choufei released cries of horror. They didn’t know what Di Choufei was currently experiencing, they were only shocked at the speed in which Lin Xi’s soul force surged.

Quite a bit of blood from the Shadow Sacred Expert’s own fingers flew at his face. Right now, he could only just barely move his own flying sword.

He could sense the shocking changes happening to Di Choufei, at the same time, he was sure that Di Choufei already couldn’t stop this strike from Lin Xi.

However, Lin Xi’s strike still didn’t rush at Di Choufei.

A black line rose from Big Black, as if it drew out a scar between heaven and earth. It drew out a giant radius again, no one knowing when it would return.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword frantically shook within the ice. The sparkling pillar of ice began to release a heart shaking cracking sound, producing streaks of cracks.

Lin Xi turned around.

Di Choufei wanted to move, but all of his strength already went up in smoke during this extremely short amount of time.

The longsword in his hands was heavy to the point where he could no longer hold it.

His body was still continuing forward in midair. When Lin Xi turned around, Di Choufei’s longsword already fell from his chest.

His body passed Lin Xi’s.

Lin Xi stood behind him, one hand holding Big Black that was falling backwards in the air, one hand landing behind Di Choufei.

Di Choufei was now his shield. He held his body just like one, rapidly charging at the Shadow Sacred Expert.

crack noise sounded. The Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword finally struggled free from the ice, quickly flying out from within the biting cold white air.

When facing this flying sword that was rapidly approaching his back, Lin Xi only laughed, showing the Shadow Sacred Expert a smile of provocation, and then he moved the three strings again.

A black thread shot straight at this Shadow Sacred Expert without any regard for the flying sword behind him.

In this instant, in the skies behind the Shadow Sacred Expert, the giant black thread arc that was fired previously also shot towards his back.

Lin Xi’s attack was full of the most viciously cold and fierce aura, as if saying: If you wish to kill me, then exchange for it with your own life.

For this Shadow Sacred Expert, this instant was full of a deadly temptation. As long as his will moved, Green Luan Academy’s Divine General would be killed by him, his name would also definitely be circulated through Yunqin’s stories, recorded in history.

However, Lin Xi was carrying out a ruthless revenge that already threw caution to the wind, while he was a consecrator in the royal court. He wanted even more beautiful prospects, which was why he feared death.

He couldn’t think through why Lin Xi could grasp timing even better than a Sacred Expert. The instant the dark night arrived in front and behind him, his heart suddenly contracted. Cold sweat poured out along his skin like a fountain. His hands were both extended outwards, releasing soul force with everything he had, forcibly calling back the flying sword aimed at Lin Xi even faster than the black threads.

Pu pu pu…

Sonic booms sounded in the air continuously.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword also continuously released explosive sounds, almost breaking apart.

When the two black threads already pressed against him until even his head was starting to deform a bit, at the most dangerous moment, his flying sword that was already on the verge of breaking apart forcibly cut apart all of these two black threads’ power.

Victory and defeat were also decided within this life and death instant.

Only, this type of choice, this movement, made this Shadow Sacred Expert’s body shake continuously, the veins on his fair forehead popping.

Lin Xi still laughed in a provocative manner, the unmatched confidence on his face something this Shadow Sacred Expert couldn’t understand at all.

Lin Xi released a light cough, but there was no blood coughed out this time.

However, it was instead the Shadow Sacred Expert who released a pu sound, releasing a blast of bloody mist from his mouth.

Many elders in Central Continent City saw this scene from many different directions.

All those who were cultivators understood extremely clearly that if  this Shadow Sacred Expert hadn’t been previously injured, and if Lin XI didn’t have the assistance of a powerful fiend beast like Lucky, then he might not necessarily have been able to defeat this Shadow Sacred Expert.

However, the scenes of the battle that played out one after another, the black threads that were precise to the extreme instead allowed all of them to be fully certain that Lin Xi was precisely a Divine General just like Principal Zhang.

The reason Big Black was powerful and terrifying wasn’t only because of its power itself, but also because of its master.

Only a Divine General could truly bring out Big Black’s greatest potential.

Big Black together with a Divine General, this was what was the most powerful combination.

The Shadow Sacred Expert began to quickly retreat.

He could sense Lin Xi’s intentions, which was why his body drifted to the side, giving Lin Xi a path to continue forward.

The anger of being defeated by an opponent he looked down on, the disbelief he felt towards his opponent’s actions, as well as the fear of death tangled about this Sacred Expert’s head, momentarily prevented him from uttering any sounds.

Lin Xi didn’t continue to chase after this Sacred Expert whose injuries weren’t light.

He had more important things to take care of, he had to save a bit of soul force.

There were sounds of arrows and weapons tearing through the air.

“If you all wish to die, I can help you accomplish that desire.”

Lin Xi jeered with a bit of disgust, to the extent where he didn’t even turn around, as if he had eyes on the back of his head.

Streaks of arrow radiance flew out from in front of him.

The power of these streaks of black light wasn’t extremely shocking, but they were completely silent, no traces to be found, possessing astonishing speed.

The Central Continent Guard cultivators who rushed out from behind him, coming from the streets at both sides, had their foreheads and necks penetrated with incomparable accuracy.

Red and white blood and brain matter scattered across Central Continent City’s white snow.

Wang Buping sat down on the ground.

His mouth was opened, yet no sound came out.

What he didn’t wish to see the most instead finally happened before his face, yet he was completely powerless to change this result.

Lin Xi unleashed a great slaughter in Central Continent City.

Slaughtered in all directions.

“How could you dare…”

Right now, the only one who spoke out towards Lin Xi from the blood dyed streets was instead Di Choufei who was already captured in Lin Xi’s hands.

A wave of medicinal force was shoved into Di Choufei’s body by Lin Xi through soul force.

This wasn’t Quicksand’s antidote[1].

There were only three doses of antidote for Quicksand. Right now, Lin Xi only had a single dose of Quicksand antidote left on him. Once this dose was used up, no one would dare use Quicksand again in this world. A poison like Quicksand, would thus be destined to disappear from this world.

However, the medicinal force Lin Xi sent into Di Choufei’s body could at least allow Di Choufei to live a bit longer.

“Bring Leng Qiuyu out, or else I will immediately kill him!”

Lin Xi’s ice-cold voice sounded on the blood dyed streets.

Most people still didn’t dare believe the scene before their eyes, feeling like everything wasn’t real. However, no one doubted these words now that he already unleashed a slaughter.

That red troop in front of Star Seizing House, under panic and chaos, had several high ranking officers quickly send a carriage over.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”

Only at this time did Lin Xi’s gaze finally land on Di Choufei’s body.

He coldly looked at Di Choufei, narrowing his eyes and saying, “In the end, it was still only you all who felt like I wouldn’t dare.”

“Turns out you had long prepared to do this. Previously, everything you did… Using prestige, public anger, killing my horses, these were all to make people feel like you were only playing around with the laws’ loopholes, to make others feel like you wouldn’t dare. It was just to make me dare leave the camp, just for the sake of meeting me.”

These words, for the current Di Choufei, seemed extremely long.

That was why after Di Choufei spoke these words, he began to cough, coughing out bloody suds, coughing out many dried granules that were like yellow sand.

“If I didn’t do this, how could killing you go so smoothly?” Lin Xi coldly at Di Choufei, “When fighting a battle in the army, your goal should be precisely to make your enemy make the wrong judgments… What, falling from your highest point, falling when you possessed great authority, falling from another’s scheme, the feeling of being killed, doesn’t it feel marvelous?”

Di Choufei first coughed, and then began to smile.

His smile and Lin Xi’s smile carried entirely different feelings… It was a smile full of bitterness, full of despair, full of resentment.

“You’ve gone mad…” He was like a madman, yet he instead called Lin Xi mad. He looked at Lin Xi, saying while laughing, “By doing this, even if you could leave Central Continent City alive, so what? It is equivalent to you overthrowing the law your Green Luan Academy established yourself, the faith that was established, the reverence that was established. Starting from today, you and Green Luan Academy will forever fall from glory towards Yunqin’s dark side.”

“You’ve thought a lot. Who would have thought that you would still think too much while facing death.”

Lin Xi said coldly with mockery, “However, talking a bit more with a dying enemy is indeed quite the happy thing. Thank you for thinking so much for me and Green Luan Academy… but this will forever only be your thinking.”

“I never thought the same as the people of your world to begin with. Could it be that winning a battle and killing enemies doesn’t rely on strength, but instead on the faith you all speak of?”

Lin Xi slowly raised his head, looking at the long street in front of him, at the skies above this street.

“You all need some things to cover your crimes, using deceit to obtain trust and glory. However, I do not… That is why all of you believe that without proof, I wouldn’t dare do anything. My thoughts are actually much simpler than all of you. Regardless of whether there is proof or not, you and the emperor are both my enemies. Could it be that I need proof to kill my enemies?”

“I don’t need to give you an explanation at all. Time will prove everything. Everyone will listen to their own hearts, the people will make their best choice.”

“Faith and law, these aren’t things that can be used by people like you all… Even if it is like you said, all of it has been overthrown by my very hands. In the future, after killing all of the enemies like you, I can naturally reestablish it.”

“There is no harm in me telling you this.”

Lin Xi looked at Di Choufei who felt more and more madness and despair, saying indifferently, “While walking around Central Continent City for so many days, I’ve thought things over even more than you. By killing you, there will at least be another use… In this city, the emperor still has many enemies, they also need to watch my actions. By killing you, it is equivalent to raising a flag, they will naturally know what they need to do… From Yunqin’s establishment until now, Jiang Family, Zhong Family, their people, could it be that their people really can be easily completely slaughtered just like that? Do you really think that with my instigation alone, I could easily make it so that not a single stalk of cabbage could enter your manor?”

“What the emperor relies on the most is his so-called Sacred Son of Heaven title he received from above. I really am looking forward to seeing just what kind of result will appear when the prestige Principal Zhang and Green Luan Academy had built up for so many years truly clashes with a certain type of faith in this world.” After saying these things, Lin Xi no longer gave Di Choufei any time to speak.

He threw Di Choufei into the snow in front of him, a foot stepping on Di Choufei’s face, burying his face into the snow on top of a pile of dung that came out of who knew which house’s dog.

1. B9C37

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