Book 14 Chapter 47 - Wrath

“Sir Lin!” Wang Buping released a heart splitting lung tearing shout, his voice echoing deep through the alley.

Why did he dare do this?

How could he do this?

Everyone felt like this scene before them wasn’t real.

He killed in the middle of the street, moreover the one he killed was a high ranking military officer! He did this in front of many officials and Yunqin soldiers, he actually killed a high ranking member of the army!

Previously, whenever Lin Xi did anything, the impression he gave off was that he definitely wouldn’t disregard Yunqin law. However now, he instead directly publicly killed a high ranking military officer!

Violating the law with violence, disregarding the law, this was originally something many people in Yunqin wished to see Lin Xi do.

However, right now, when Lin Xi truly did this, since it was completely outside everyone’s predictions, everyone who saw this scene began to feel their hearts go numb.

In that instant, even that Shadow Sacred Expert’s body became slightly sluggish.

Lin Xi’s actions were the same as two allied countries publicly ripping apart their contract of alliance, no difference between them at all.

This meant that Green Luan Academy and Central Continent Imperial City completely broke off all relations!

This type of significance was too shocking.

The Shadow Sacred Expert wasn’t the emperor, he couldn’t immediately make a decision in the emperor’s place. When seeing the sudden changes that took place, he had to use a bit of time to think things over.

However, Lin Xi didn’t stop or show any sluggishness. All of his movements flowed naturally like water.

“Sacred Experts are indeed formidable, but a Sacred Expert like you, compared to the Sacred Experts I saw in East Scenery City, isn’t even worthy of carrying their shoes.”

Lin Xi said indifferently to the Shadow Sacred Expert.

When his voice had just sounded, his fingers already moved Big Black’s three strings.

In the perception of cultivators, an expanse of black color suddenly appeared in the skies above Lin Xi’s head.

The Shadow Sacred Expert released a fierce roar.

The light green flying sword flew out of his sleeves, quickly spinning about in his surroundings.

Then, Big Black’s attack didn’t immediately descend like he imagined.

He turned around, only seeing an extremely thin streak of black light draw a huge arc through the air. It flew a massive radius in the skies behind him, drawing out an unimaginable black streak.

Many elders in Central Continent City saw this unfathomable black thread, their bodies unable to help but tremble.

Right now, Lin Xi already rushed at Di Choufei.

Di Choufei also released a fierce shout. A ringing noise sounded from his red sword scabbard. A silvery-white longsword left the scabbard, entering his hands.

There were several subordinate officers who immediately rushed over, and then a muffled pu noise sounded.

A wave of even more terrifying white frozen stream was released from the small black paw within Lin Xi’s sleeves. These subordinates immediately turned into white snow sculptures. Then, sharp ice blades cut deeply into their bodies. The blood that gushed out was frozen, changing from bright red to a snow-white color.

Lin Xi moved the three strings again.

Black light rushed through the opening in the Central Continent Guard high ranking officer statues, shooting towards Di Choufei’s body.

The air around Di Choufei warped. Only when this streak of black light was about to make contact with his body, did he sense exactly where on his body this streak of black light was aiming at.

The longsword in his hands looked like it was used for carving, slicing upwards with a reverse grip, the sword body blocking the black light aimed at the back of his head with incomparable accuracy.


He blocked Lin Xi’s strike, but the black light’s tremendous power still pressed his longsword fiercely against his lower back.

There were immediately several dozen cracks that appeared on the red armor on his back.

In this instant, Di Choufei’s expression turned snow-white.

He finally understood Big Black’s true power.

Even if Lin Xi was only a cultivator who had just reached the State Master level, and even if he himself was a cultivator who was already extremely close to Sacred Expert level, this attack Lin Xi released through Big Black was still something that was almost impossible for him to block.

Meanwhile, Big Black’s power wasn’t only limited to this.

That unimaginable long black thread in the sky seemed to have already completed a full circle, now appearing in front of him!

Lin Xi’s first strike actually wasn’t aimed at the Shadow Sacred Expert, but instead at Di Choufei!

This first strike actually arrived even slower than the second!

Di Choufei already didn’t have time to block this strike, so the soldiers behind him also had no chance of blocking this strike. However, in the end, there was still a Sacred Expert here.

The perception and reaction speed of a Sacred Expert were far greater than those of a State Master level cultivator.

In the eyes of Sacred Experts, some scenes would appear extremely slow.

When he was certain this black line wasn’t aimed at him, this Shadow Sacred Expert already released a furious roar. His thin light green flying sword tore through the air, blocking in front of Di Choufei.

An explosive zheng noise sounded.

This thin flying sword, in a fraction of a breath of time, completed several cuts, completely cutting apart this black thread’s power.

After cutting through this black thread, this thin light flying sword seemed like it still wasn’t finished, deciding it might as well just aim at Lin Xi’s throat!

Lin Xi’s eyes calmly landed on this faint sword figure.

In the eyes of any cultivator, the amount of time it took for the flying sword to fly through the air was already naturally enough for Lin Xi to pull Big Black’s strings. Only, with Lin Xi’s perception, he definitely couldn’t keep up with this flying sword’s speed. However, in this instant, everyone then recalled that Lin Xi wasn’t an ordinary cultivator, the reality was that he was a Divine General.

A black thread suddenly took form in the sky, cutting into the faint shadow’s figure.

The faint green sword shadow cut into the zither string like a black thread, but it also shook in the air, trembling a bit.

In this instant, half of Lucky’s body appeared from within Lin Xi’s robes.

It still looked extremely cute, but right now, there was no confusion in its black eyes, only anger and sorrow.

It was because it could sense Lin Xi’s deepest anger and sorrow.

Lucky released a fierce scream.

It released all of its accumulated power without holding back at all.

Endless transparent crystals were released from its mouth and two black claws.

Bits of faint blood also flew out of its mouth.

The light green flying sword instantly became covered in ice. In this breath of time, it became an ice sculpture frozen in midair.

The Shadow Sacred Expert released a muffled groan. His right hand’s fingers reached out, his soul force surging out, pouring into this world.

In this instant, Di Choufei also released a fierce shout, the horse under him starting to charge crazily.

Regardless of whether it was Lin Xi or Lucky’s strength, they were both far above his predictions. However, he was still a general who had experienced countless battles in Dragon Snake Mountain Range, as well as a cultivator who understood how to fight extremely well.

In his eyes, he already saw an opportunity to kill Lin Xi.

After taking just a few steps, the red horse below him already died.

The air around the horse’s head suddenly became white, as if it charged into an invisible extremely cold space.

The instant the horse’s head turned white, Di Choufei already rushed into the air.

The soul force that erupted from within his body made it so that his body seemed like a rock that flew out from a Stone Catapult Cart.

At the same time, the longsword in his hands was like a long river, flying out from his hands, shooting towards Lin Xi’s chest.

Di Choufei still wasn’t a Sword Controlling Sacred Expert, but just through Immortal Academy’s Great River Throwing sword Strike, it was already not much different from a flying sword.

Even so, the red High Priest robes on Lin Xi’s body still couldn’t be penetrated, only deforming under the sword’s force, quickly caving inwards[1].

This sword was just like a long rod, wishing to send Lin Xi’s clothes completely into his body.

Lin Xi’s brows jumped.

In this instant, his body should have flown backwards, sounds of flesh tearing and bones breaking should have sounded from within him.

However, the part of his body that was struck by the sword tip seemed to have become a piece of steel.

He used his own body to forcibly stop this sword, his fingers moving the three strings again.


Once again, the black thread extended through the air.

However, his strike didn’t aim at Di Choufei who was already extremely close to him. This black thread only shot out in a nearly perfect straight line, instantly arriving between the Shadow Sacred Expert’s brows.

This Shadow Sacred Expert now used all of his strength to make his flying sword break out from Lucky’s ice. He suddenly sensed the dark night that shot between his brows, his expression instantly changing to horror. The soul force that was being poured into his flying sword was instantly cut short, instead converging towards his fingertip.

His two fingers formed a sword, intercepting the black line aimed between his brows.

The black thread scattered.

His fingers were like tofu, cut off.

Two fine spurts of blood gushed out from his broken fingers.

Several ice sculpture-like Central Continent Guard high ranking officer corpses laid in front of Lin Xi.

The instant this Shadow Sacred Expert had his two fingers cut off by Lin Xi, Di Choufei already rushed through the air. His right hand clasped a sword hilt, sending all of his momentum and his body’s weight into this sword.

Lin Xi coughed out a mouthful of blood. His body began to continuously slide backwards on the snowy surface.

At this time, a wave of soul force that he had stored had just flown out from between his palm and fingers, he didn’t have time to transfer soul force yet. However, his expression was still calm. He swung his arm, swinging Big Black like a black axe, smashing towards Di Choufei’s head.

Di Choufei’s eyes narrowed slightly.

His left hand also reached out, pressing against the edge of Big Black.

Big Black’s unique heavy and powerful aura made it so that the instant his hand made contact with it, it was as if a type of flaming passion was ignited within him.

Big Black, for any cultivator, was something that possessed indescribable shock and allure.

Big Black stopped between Di Choufei and Lin Xi’s hands, the two each holding one end, one in midair, the other sliding backwards on the ground.

Lin Xi coughed out another mouthful of blood.

Blood began to appear from the clothes covering his chest, but his eyes instead revealed a type of expression that made Di Choufei’s entire body begin to turn rigid.

It was precisely at this time that Di Choufei felt as if his throat became extremely dry, dry to the point where it seemed to be full of endless yellow sand.

1. B12C26

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