Book 14 Chapter 46 - This is Truth

This red troop that appeared last in Central Continent City came from a certain camp within Central Continent City.

Since they saw Star Seizing House from the distance, also seeing the most dazzling and beautiful flower currently blooming in Central Continent City, this troop also rushed forward extremely urgently.

As long as they converged with the troop that came out from the Imperial City, then no ordinary people could gather within five li.

However, at this time, there was someone who didn’t allow this red troop and the troop who stopped in front of Star Seizing House to gather.

The sky already didn’t have any snow.

There was snow swept about deep in the alleys.

Lin Xi walked out from the fine fluttering snow, letting the big metal chest behind him fall heavily onto the ground, stopping this festivities troop that set out from Central Continent City’s camp.

The troop stopped.

Di Choufei was precisely at the very front of this bright red troop.

He wore metal armor that was shockingly also red. The horse beneath him was also an extremely large and tall red horse.

The subordinates behind him also all wore dazzling red leather armor.

There was wind that swept up the fallen snow, blowing in front of Di Choufei’s face.

Di Choufei narrowed his eyes slightly.

If they were to say that Lin Xi’s goal was to anger him, then without a doubt, Lin Xi already did it.

He was already furious to the extreme.

Lin Xi who was standing in the way was only looking at his horse, as if this was an undisguised reminder that the two old horses he viewed as his comrades were killed by him.

Meanwhile, what Leng Qiuyu did right now also allowed him to understand that Leng Qiuyu only wished for him to understand that even if he could see her, he couldn’t obtain her at all.

She wanted him to personally see this scene.

She only wanted to use this type of method to bring him the deepest humiliation.

Under the clear sky above the white snow below, there were definitely many people who saw this dazzling flower fluttering above. From this day forth, there would definitely be some news spread, stating that Leng Qiuyu would rather jump off a building and sacrifice herself for love, destroy herself indiscriminately, than be his wife.

If the wedding still hadn’t been carried out and Leng Qiuyu died, this wasn’t much. However, in this type of situation where everyone in the city already knew that this type of marriage was going to be carried out, Leng Qiuyu still used this type of the most intense method to retaliate, this was precisely the greatest shame that could be inflicted onto him.

Di Choufei was already furious to the point where his face also couldn’t restrain his ice-cold killing intent.

However, he still told himself that he had to control himself, he told himself that as long as he didn’t act rashly, Lin Xi was definitely going to be the loser.

He took a deep breath and then slowly raised his head, not saying anything.

A horse hurried over along the main street.

The one on the horse wore Inspection Division official clothes, his face a bit purple because of the winter day’s harsh coldness. It wasn’t Liu Xueqing, but rather Lin Xi’s old acquaintance, Wang Buping.

Since the words Lin Xi spoke that day by the city gates were already extremely thorough, during these days, Wang Buping never appeared before Lin Xi.

Lin Xi turned around. He looked at Wang Buping who came alone, a hint of gratification appearing in his eyes.

He also still didn’t speak.

Behind Wang Buping’s horse, a bright red colored moving figure appeared on this main path.

This was a soldier dressed in red armor.

This soldier’s horse riding skill was clearly far above Wang Buping’s. Even though it sped over from far behind Wang Buping, it was going to quickly overtake him.

When he was a hundred or so steps from Lin Xi, this soldier looked at the unmoving Lin Xi, not daring to proceed further anymore. He got off his horse, kneeling down on one knee and reporting, “Sir Qiu has rescued the princess. Princess has used too much soul force, she is temporarily unconscious, but it definitely won’t affect the wedding.”

The instant this soldier got off his horse and spoke, a faint gray figure appeared on the road Wang Buping was on.

This faint gray figure looked like he was moving idly, but the distance between him and Wang Buping was also continuously pulled closer.

When they heard the voice of the one who came to deliver a report, and then saw the Shadow Sacred Expert rushing over from the distance, expressions of joy appeared in the eyes of many red-armored subordinates beside and behind Di Choufei.

“You finally decided to stop hiding in your shell like a turtle?”

However, Lin Xi instead spoke at this time.

He didn’t seem to care about this soldier’s report at all, only calmly looking at Di Choufei and saying in mockery, “Perhaps you wish to use your marriage with Leng Qiuyu to serve as a way of dealing with my counterattack?”

“It is just a pity that you are seeking your own humiliation.” Lin Xi’s voice became more and more cold. “A toad like you will forever be a toad. How could you be a match for a heavenly swan?”

Under Lin Xi’s ice-cold words of mockery, Di Choufei’s sharp brows tilted upwards, his long black hair slowly fluttering in the wind.

“Accusation though assumption is but an extremely stupid thing.” He coldly looked at Lin Xi. “Do you have proof?”

Lin Xi looked at him and said, “You went out to trouble Tang Ke… for me, this is already enough.”

A vicious glint flashed past Di Choufei’s eyes, but he instead began to laugh with even more confidence. “Only, this cannot serve as proof at all, moreover, you cannot change anything. Even your closest brother’s woman will be married off to become my wife.”

“Sir Lin!”

Right at this time, Wang Buping already arrived behind Lin Xi. He got off his horse, staggering a bit, releasing a rushed voice.

Lin Xi revealed a smile, nodding his head in return.

That gray colored figure was already a hundred steps behind Lin Xi, standing at that red-armored soldier’s side.

“If you die, then you cannot accomplish anything. You will only be a dead toad.”

Lin Xi turned around to look at Di Choufei. “Dying after you climb to the highest point, I reckon this will bring even more pain.”

“He won’t die.” The Shadow Sacred Expert’s chest rose and fell intensely. Just now, he used soul force in too rushed of a manner, this making it so that it was a bit hard for his body to hold on. He looked at Lin Xi coldly and said, “If you do not hurry and leave, ending up up being hit by his highness and the princess’ sacred carriage, then who knows what will happen.”

“Please move aside a bit for me.”

A troop captain at Di Choufei’s side expressionlessly moved forward.

This oval faced troop captain’s entire body gave off an iron-blooded aura. The expression he used to look at Lin Xi was like one of looking at a dog standing in the way.

This was an undisguised expression of provocation. However, Lin Xi still remained extremely calm.

He gave this high ranking officer who had also previously spent some time in the border army a look, slowly saying, “You are Hu Zhe? The highest ranked officer in Central Continent Army’s Military Intelligence Department? Perhaps the deaths of more than ten Yunqin soldiers, this type of affair was something you had quite the contributions towards.”

Hu Zhe coldly said, “I do not have time to waste on you.”

“Very good.”

Lin Xi nodded. He turned around to look at Shadow Sacred Expert behind him whose entire face was filled with disdain, instead starting to laugh coldly. “You have always been extremely arrogant in front of me… looking at me just as if you were looking at an ant that can be crushed at any time. When you spoke to me before, you couldn’t help mention killing me every other sentence. Do you think that you can kill me, while I cannot kill you? I believe that all of you have always wanted to know why I took my time coming to Central Continent City, delaying more than twenty days along the way? I reckon that all of you also wish to know what I have been doing during these twenty or so days of time… Right now, I can tell all of you the answer.”

Lin Xi didn’t hear anyone answer him.

He only spoke these words. Regardless of whether the other party replied, if they wanted to hear or not, regardless of the expressions of those around him, after he said this, he immediately closed his eyes.

Di Choufei, Hu Zhe and the others’ eyes all couldn’t help but narrow.

It was because they indeed weren’t able to investigate what Lin Xi spent more than twenty days of time doing.

The expression of the Shadow Sacred Expert whose face was full of disdain suddenly became cold, his brows furrowing.

The aura of Lin Xi’s body quickly became one with the entire world.

Meditation amidst the battlefield!

In just a single instant, Lin Xi already directly entered meditation cultivation. This was something only a cultivator who had experienced countless battles, something very few cultivators could do.

Not even this Shadow Sacred Expert could do it that quickly, to directly enter meditation cultivation in this type of situation.

Meanwhile, in this blink of an eye, everyone sensed that the aura from Lin Xi’s body was rising with astonishing speed.

bo noise sounded.

The air around Lin Xi’s body trembled slightly, as if an eggshell was cracking.

All of the cultivators here sensed that in this instant, the soul force in Lin Xi’s body carried out a shocking upgrade.

This was a breakthrough!

The disdain in the Shadow Sacred Expert’s eyes finally completely disappeared, his expression instead turning grave.

Soul force cultivation, for any cultivator above the State Knight level[1], was a process of accumulation over an extremely long amount of time. There was no one who could break through immediately whenever they wanted to.

The current changes happening to Lin Xi could only prove that during those twenty days or so of time, he had always been cultivating bitterly… The only reason he used up more than twenty days of time extra was to allow his cultivation to reach the pinnacle of State Knight level, to raise it until it was only a last spurt away from State Master level.

He merely wanted everyone to feel that he was only a State Knight level cultivator.

However, in reality, he was already a State Master level cultivator!

Apart from Wang Buping, Hu Zhe who was closest to Lin Xi suddenly felt an abnormal heart shaking feeling of terror.

It was unknown if this type of terror came from Lin Xi’s sudden increase in strength, or if it came from Lin Xi’s body releasing ice-cold killing intent.

Lin Xi opened his eyes, releasing a chuckle.

His smile carried joy, yet it also carried a certain kind of fatigue.

During these days, his cultivation was extremely bitter, even more bitter than back then after he left Jadefall City, the cultivation back then something not even Nangong Weiyang could do.

Now, it was finally time for him to carry out a true great undertaking.

His hand landed on the big metal chest.

Big Black fell out from the big metal chest, entering his hands.

A small black claw reached out from his robes’ sleeves.

A white colored stream of cold frost directly covered Hu Zhe’s face.

Countless ice fragments scattered about. At the same time, what scattered out were the blood and crushed bones of Di Choufei’s loyal subordinate!

Before he could even release a grunt, Central Continent Army’s major second ranked officer, Military Intelligence’s Sir Hu Zhe, was killed by Lin Xi in front of everyone, turning into a corpse whose head burst like a watermelon.

Everyone stared at the frozen chunky blood scattered all over the ground, all of them at a loss for words, because none of them believed the scene before their eyes.

1. Fourth cultivation level - 1. Soul Knight, 2. Soul Expert 3. Soul Master 4. State Knight 5. State Master 6. Sacred Expert 7. Sacred Master

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