Book 14 Chapter 45 - Gazing Towards Her Husband

It was still snowing.

After snowing for two whole days, Central Continent City was covered in varying depths of white color, making this grand and magnificent ancient city look even more beautiful, as if it was an ink landscape painting.

Lin Xi still walked slowly along Central Continent City’s streets, still carrying the big metal chest on his back, just that he was no longer wearing his previous green cotton-padded jacket, but rather his priest robes.

The dazzling red, under the contrast of the white snow, looked especially dazzling.

All of the Central Continent City civilians felt like this day, for Lin Xi, seemed to carry a special meaning.

Today was indeed not an ordinary day.

Lin Xi walked in Central Continent Imperial City’s direction.

There were currently rows of troops inside Central Continent City.

These troops were also all a dazzling red color.

Inside a dark red palanquine among the troops, Leng Qiuyu was also dressed in the most dazzling crimson wedding clothes, her lips touched up, looking even more dazzling than the world’s most tender and beautiful flower.

The bright red colored wedding clothes were covered in layer after layer of phoenix patterns. The gemstones and pearls made her look more beautiful than ever before.

Putting on wedding clothes, this was originally supposed to be the time when a woman’s beauty blossomed the most.

The clothes were red and the snow was white.

Behind Lin Xi was a long string of faint and deep footprints.

Behind the neat and orderly troops were even more footprints.

In this Central Continent City that already possessed countless miracles, these two trails of footprints seemed to intersect.

However, there were people who didn’t wish for these two lines of footprints to meet.

A man dressed in gray clothes appeared in front of Lin Xi.

The gray clothes this man wore were clearly woven out of extremely fine metal threads, but they seemed to suck in the surrounding light, making this man appear a bit hazy even while in the middle of the white snow, a bit faint, as if he was a faint gray shadow. However, there was a type of faint aura that accumulated in his body, making him seem like a mountain, a mountain those of the world couldn’t see the peak of at all.

When the nine layers of curtains descended, after the true Autumn Sacrifice happened, this type of people in Central Continent City already became extremely few. That was why Lin Xi only gave him a look, immediately knowing the identity of this gray clothed man.

However, he didn’t stop, as if the Shadow Sacred Expert[1] in front of him was empty air, and he was going to move right through this air.

This Shadow Sacred Expert moved his hand slightly.

There was no flying sword that flew out, but as his five fingers extended, the snow on the ground gathered in five fine snow pillars, blocking in front of Lin Xi like prison gates.

“The road ahead has been sealed off, passing through is not permitted.” He first looked at Lin Xi, and then at the big metal chest on Lin Xi’s back, saying with this an ice-cold voice filled with disdain.

Lin Xi stopped. He gave this powerful Sacred Expert who worked at the emperor’s side a look, calmly asking, “Why is passing through not permitted?”

The Shadow Sacred Master said indifferently, “When the princess is getting married, those without fixed duties are to remain five li away.”

Lin Xi gave the layers of roofs behind the Shadow Sacred Expert a look. “This is precisely the purpose of conferring her the title of princess?”

“Even if you have brought back some contributions for the empire, even if Priest Hall has given you this type of glory, if you mock the emperor’s intentions, I can convict you of treason right here.” This Shadow Sacred Expert said coldly.

Lin Xi thought for a bit, and then chuckled. “I heard that your sword was even smashed apart by Wen Xuanshu’s people? Did you get injured at all?”

The Shadow Sacred Expert raised his head coldly, looking at Lin Xi. “Even if I have injuries, I can still kill you.”

Lin Xi gave this Sacred Expert a look, becoming quiet.

While looking at Lin Xi who became silent, this Shadow Sacred Expert spoke out in mockery, “I advise you to save your energy. Even if you do exert yourself to release some sounds, the people inside the troop still cannot hear anything, the sounds of festivities will cover everything. Perhaps you can issue me a challenge and fight against me, even though regardless of whether you win or lose, you similarly have no chance of crossing over.”

Lin Xi didn’t pay the Shadow Sacred Expert’s words of mockery any attention at all. He only calmly thought about a certain problem.

Finally, he seemed to have set his resolution. He raised his head. His hand slowly landed on the big metal chest behind him, as if he wanted to open the big metal chest and take out Big Black.

When he saw these actions, the expression of mockery in this Shadow Sacred Expert’s eyes became even stronger.

However, right at this time, Lin Xi’s movements instead suddenly stopped, his eyes looking into the distance.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s brows furrowed slightly.

In the direction Lin Xi looked towards, there was an extremely tall building.

That building was called Star Seizing House, an extremely famous scenery viewing building in Central Continent City, open for all of the tourists in Central Continent City to visit. In this type of weather, one should be able to see a larger half of Central Continent City from there.

Right now, the red troop that left from the palace already approached this building.

Meanwhile, at this time, the Shadow Sacred Expert sensed even more clearly than Lin Xi that the direction of the sounds of festivities didn’t change, yet that red troop stopped nearby that building.

Lin Xi’s hands pulled back from the big metal chest.

There was a slight smile that suddenly appeared on his face, a smile that seemed relieved from a burden, a smile of gratification.

This type of smile made the Shadow Sacred Expert feel a mysterious strangeness.

“If you don’t want Leng Qiuyu to die, it is best if you immediately hurry to Star Seizing House.”

The instant this Shadow Sacred Expert’s brows couldn’t help but furrow deeply, he heard Lin Xi speak.

His eyes flickered intensely.

Lin Xi looked at him. “Do not forget that I am a Divine General. You have no way of knowing where Di Choufei’s two horses are under that locust tree, just like you have no way of foreseeing what kind of thing will happen.”

“I don’t know what you are still hesitating over? I have already told you, but you don’t dare head over to provide aid… this guilt will precisely be yours to shoulder. You are scared that I am going to seize this opportunity to charge past? Do not forget that you have already told me that it has been sealed off. If I still trespass, then I am violating the rules, this is something you all precisely wish to see happen. Moreover, I can tell you that you have to act extremely quickly, or else you won’t make it in time.”

Lin Xi laughed at that Shadow Sacred Expert in ridicule.

It was previously this Shadow Sacred Expert that continuously mocked him, but now, it was instead him who mocked this Shadow Sacred Expert.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s face became extremely gloomy. He continuously released several cryptic and indescribable fierce shouts, releasing several orders.

At the same time, his body turned into a streak of an extremely fast shadow, rushing in Star Seizing House’s direction with speed hard to make out through the naked eye.

Leng Qiuyu was currently ascending the building.

 Everyone thought that she didn’t know about Li Kaiyun’s death, they thought that she already accepted her parents’ arrangements.

It was just like how she said that this was her last request before getting married, that she wanted to climb Star Seizing House and see the southern scenery for a bit, that she was just going to recall that short budding romance, that she was going to sever away the last bit of her feelings as a Green Luan Academy student.

After all, for most people, a girl from an influential family like her must think about the benefits for her family, she must give up many things.

She had always been confined within what was previously the Imperial Palace’s Priest Hall. The only one she had contact with before was precisely Leng Zhennan.

After Li Kaiyun died, no news could enter the newly renovated Imperial Palace, no news could enter her hands.

However, no one expected that the imperial decree granting her the title of princess hid the truest information.

It was just like how the classes regarding the psyche taught in Green Luan Academy said, there were two types of spies that were the most terrifying, the first was one without any emotions, someone who already forgot all seven emotional states and six desires, the best at acting, and the other type were those who didn’t plan to survive after carrying out their task.

Leng Qiuyu wasn’t a spy who was best at acting.

But when she saw the hidden message in the imperial decree, her heart already died.

That was why she performed this play even more beautifully than the best spy.

Right now, in the eyes of all of those at her side, including her mother, a beautiful upper-class woman who possessed fifty to sixty percent likeness, she only carried a bit of hidden bitterness, a young lady who had a bit of reluctance.

Apart from Shadow Sacred Expert who was currently moving towards Star Seizing House at the fastest speed possible, no one felt like there was anything off with her.

It was because she was a cultivator.

If she learned of the truth and knew of Lin Xi’s arrival in Central Continent City, what she should do the most, could only be getting revenge together with Lin Xi.

If cultivators wished to kill themselves, it was extremely easy. It wasn’t as hard as it was for an ordinary person at all.

No one knew that she only wished to put on these marriage clothes once, she only wished to wear them for Li Kaiyun.

No one knew that this most beautiful moment of her life was only because of that person who hugged her while bawling his heart out on the battlefield[2].

She reached the highest point of the building.

She could see a larger half of Central Continent City, able to see far into the south.

The clear sky after snow was a deep azure blue.

Only, the air up here was a bit cold.

Then, she thought that the blade that pierced Li Kaiyun’s body must have also been extremely cold, the earth that buried Li Kaiyun must also be extremely cold.

She put on these wedding clothes for him. Her own beauty, however, was something he would never see.

Then, she began to weep.

In this instant, all of the soul force in her body completely erupted backwards.

Under a cry of alarm, her very own mother who would often think about her while she was on the battlefield, that noble madam, was also flung out backwards by the soul force that exploded, smashing into the wall behind her.

Meanwhile, her body was like the most dazzling flower, flying into the sky ahead, throwing herself towards this world she previously carried countless longings for, this world that carried countless dreams for her.

Leng Qiuyu used this type of method to realize a young lady’s dream, and then show her loyalty afterwards.

She sacrificed herself for Li Kaiyun, jumped off the building to commit suicide.

Star Seizing House was extremely tall.

Many people, near and far, saw this most dazzling blooming flower.

When the cries of alarm sounded on Star Seizing House, those who saw this outside didn’t even have time to release any sounds of shock.

The Shadow Sacred Expert was still a hundred steps from Star Seizing House.

In this instant, he released a fierce shout. A new, faint green thin flying sword carried a crazy gust of wind as it flew out from his sleeves, roaring outwards.

Right at this time, some cultivators who stopped Lin Xi under his orders didn’t know what they should be doing.

It was because Lin Xi was already moving again.

His steps were extremely fast, but he didn’t move directly towards Star Seizing House, but rather towards Star Seizing House’s east side.

There was originally already a red troop that appeared on the main street near Star Seizing House’s eastern path.

Right now, this red troop’s speed of advance also suddenly accelerated.

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