Book 14 Chapter 44 - Vengeance

Central Continent Guard’s camp, Di Choufei calmly listened to the reports of several high ranking military officers.

Even though during these days, he never left the camp, through the reports of his trusted aides, he clearly understood that during these past few days, despite Lin Xi never clearly saying that he was the one who harmed Li Kaiyun to death, almost all of the common people in Central Continent City already believed firmly that he was precisely that shameless traitor.

“Should we bring esteemed grandfather and grandmother into the camp?”

A square faced high ranked officer had just reported Tang Wei’s events in front of Di Manor, his brows furrowed, full of a worried expression as he asked Di Choufei.

“There is absolutely no need.”

Di Choufei shook his head in ridicule. “Hu Zhe, you are also someone who has worked under me since I was a military officer in Dragon Snake Border Army, how could your mind be disturbed instead at this time? Did you forget that when fighting the enemy, you cannot be led by the nose, but should rather take the initiative to win by a surprise move, instead be the one to lead the enemy by their nose?”

“Things like prestige and reputation, when used too excessively, will easily completely squander away one’s past accumulation. As long as I don’t pay him any attention, as long as I continue to remain in this seat, as time goes on, those people will doubt their previous judgment more and more, feel like there is no way I am the one who sold out Li Kaiyun.”

“The truth doesn’t matter, because as long as time is stalled for long enough, the truth will naturally be erased under the passage of time. No one will argue about it anymore.”

Di Choufei laughed in self-confidence. “He could only do these things, in the end not daring to openly disregard Yunqin law, always doing things on a small-scale, unable to start any truly big affair.”

“In the end, he isn’t that Principal Zhang who entered Central Continent City in the past.” Di Choufei put away his smile, saying with mockery, “In the end, he isn’t a unrivaled Sacred Expert who could overwhelm all of Central Continent City with Big Black.”

Early in the morning.

Lin Xi left Wind Song Tavern once again.

He ordered two bowls of tofu pudding with Fang Du at a shop in front of the tavern, copying the most popular way of eating this in Central Continent City. He ordered two deep-fried breadsticks from a stall across the street, ripping them into small pieces and adding them to the tofu pudding, slowly eating it all.

Fang Du’s appetite wasn’t that great, but Lin Xi wasn’t satisfied, he ordered a few more stuffed flat breads, and then ate a few deep fried radish cakes, only then did he send Fang Du back to the tavern. Afterwards, just like before, with the large metal chest on his back, he slowly walked along Central Continent City’s time-worn stone path.

His gait was light and slow, still as if he was out for sightseeing, walking a bit, looking around, eating some stuff, acting just like a tourist.

However, everyone knew that he was getting revenge.

The wind blew. Light snow scattered down from the skies.

While looking at the sparkling specks that scattered down from the sky, Lin Xi recalled Heaven Ascension Mountain’s Ten Fingers Ridge, he thought back to Half Snow Gray Plains… He thought about Green Luan Academy, about many people who should die and who shouldn’t have died.

He followed Vermilion Bird Avenue, seeing all the trash that was piled up in front of Di Manor’s entrance. There were useless broken bricks, rotten vegetables and food leftovers.

When he saw the trash piled up in front of Di Manor, thinking about Central Continent City’s simple and clear love and hate, Lin Xi’s heart felt a bit of warmth.

“Only, this is still not enough.”

He shook his head. Then, under this lightly snowing weather, he suddenly really wanted to drink.

As such, he ordered a gourd of Central Continent Baijiu. He carried it in his hands, drinking while making his way into an alley to the side.

The strong alcohol traveled along Lin Xi’s throat like a line of fire, burning in his stomach.

However, his heart felt even colder, his depression also becoming colder.

“Endless wine to drink at my side, endless songs of separation to sing. A blade that cannot get any rest, a building that cannot be climbed. Endless blood of heroes flowing, endless heads of enemies to take…”

However, many people heard Lin Xi’s clear, cold, and resounding song.

Many people stopped the things they were currently doing, looking towards the direction where the singing came from. They all vaguely felt that Young Sir Lin was about to do something.

Within the alley was a tall old locust tree.

His toes tapped against this old locust tree. As if he was walking on flat ground, he walked up along this old tree’s trunk, the old locust tree shaking slightly, as if it was being tickled.

Di Manor’s entire courtyard was visible from the top of the old locust tree.

Lin Xi finished the last three gulps of alcohol within his gourd, and then opened up the large metal chest on his back.

The instant the large metal chest on his back was opened, once again, a powerful aura surged into Central Continent City’s ice-cold skies. Many cultivators who were still closely watching his every move felt their entire bodies instantly became ice-cold.

Lin Xi hung the gourd next to him, on one of this old locust tree’s branches. Then, without stopping at all, the soul force within his body surged, Big Black’s three strings moved.

Two streaks of black lines appeared in the snow scattering skies.

It was as if two black cracks were added to the heavens.

The two black lines descended into Di Manor’s back garden.

At the very back of the back garden was a horse stable.

The horse stable had two extremely clean old horses with extremely bright fur.

Two holes suddenly appeared on the horse stable’s roof.

When the sparkling and translucent fine snow scattered in from the holes, the two black lines fell on the heads of the two old horses with incomparable accuracy.

Then, these two old horses’ heads exploded like gourds filled with bright red alcohol.

The tremendous power continued to descend, ripping through the two old horses’ necks, and then their bodies. These two old horses’ crushed flesh and inner organs scattered everywhere, filling this stable.

The one closest to the horse stable was the first to react to what happened. A bitter scream sounded from this Di Manor personnel.

This mournful scream was just like the opening gongs and drums to a great play.

This winter day early morning’s silence was instantly shattered.

The originally incomparably quiet and cold alley was instantly filled with all types of sounds, filled with endless commotion.

Endless footsteps sounded, quickly making their way through the alley.

Lin Xi rubbed his somewhat cold hands. He calmly exhaled, and then put away Big Black, fluttering down from the tall locust tree.

A cultivator dressed in Martial Sector official robes was the first to appear in this alley. Then, when he saw Lin Xi’s calm appearance, this Martial Sector cultivator’s steps suddenly stopped, he was only overwhelmed with shock as he looked at Lin Xi and the big metal chest on Lin Xi’s back.

Even more people gathered at the two ends of this alley.

The sound of heavy armors rumbling like a tide sounded.

A Central Continent Guard civilian dressed high ranking officer already received a report from Di Manor’s people, learning that the two old horses Di Choufei brought back from Dragon Snake Mountain Range, the ones he viewed as his dear friends, had been instantly shot down just now.

This high ranking officer, apart from feeling shock and anger, felt increasing coldness within him.

He knew that Lin Xi definitely obtained the information regarding these two old horses. However, he still couldn’t imagine how even from so far away, in this type of situation where it was completely impossible to see the two horses inside those stables, how Lin Xi could still complete this guaranteed slaughter.

Liu Xueqing walked up to Lin Xi, saying angrily, “I know Sir Lin has worked as an Enforcer before, so you must understand Yunqin law extremely well, understand how to exploit it. However, using personal spite to coerce public opinion, and then using your current actions, these are not the actions of a noble individual.”

When faced with Liu Xueqing’s anger, Lin Xi instead shook his head, saying quietly, “Sir Lin, I have never viewed myself as a noble person. I am only Lin Second[1].”

“Going crazy after drinking alcohol, accidentally firing an arrow, breaking through some roofs, killing two horses, but luckily no one was injured, according to Yunqin law, this should be a punishment of a few silvers.” After a slight pause, Lin Xi said with a smile, “Perhaps it's best if Sir Liu gives Sir Di a call, because I am not sure if he wants to ask me for the punishment silver in front of my face.”

Liu Xueqing became even more angry, but he forcibly endured his rage. His expression was a bit ashen as he spoke with a suppressed voice, speaking with a voice only him and Lin Xi could hear, “I already did my best to send your message to Leng Qiuyu, I only wanted you to act with a bit of propriety, to not fall to the level of being known as someone who bullied the old and weak.”

“In this city, I’ve seen many things I wished to see, and heard people talk about some useful principles… Time will prove everything. When one sees no shame in their heart, there is no need to think about anything else at all, they only need to do the things they need to do.” Lin Xi gave Liu Xueqing a look, remaining silent for a moment before quietly saying, “According to the news I received, Di Choufei and Leng Qiuyu will complete their marriage the day after tomorrow. Where is Leng Qiuyu? Since you have already told Leng Qiuyu the truth, why is this marriage still continuing as scheduled?”

Liu Xueqing looked at Lin Xi. “Leng Qiuyu and Leng Zhennan are both in what was originally Imperial Palace’s Priest Hall. His majesty has given the decree, bestowing Leng Qiuyu with the title of Sky Martial Princess, taking her as his adopted daughter, granting her this wedding. I passed on the message through that decree issuing official.”

“That is why putting it simply, there are only three possibilities. Leng Qiuyu knows about this, but still wishes to get married, Leng Qiuyu isn’t willing to get married, but had her movements completely restricted, or that official lied to you.” Lin Xi narrowed his eyes slightly. “Since it is a marriage of important ministers, there is no way they will carry it out in the dark where no one can see. Where will the great wedding be held?”

Liu Xueqing quietly looked at Lin Xi, remaining momentarily silent.

“By now, you should have some understanding towards me at this point. Moreover, you should know that even if you don’t tell me, I also have ways of knowing where this great wedding is going to be held.” Lin Xi looked at Liu Xueqing, calmly saying, “This type of great wedding is one I absolutely must attend. Moreover, I can guarantee that I won’t harm the innocent.”

“Tell those officials and military elders to not scheme anything against me, to not try to stop me… Otherwise, I will do some things that are even more extreme than today.” Lin Xi turned around under the fine snow. “If you truly wish for Central Continent City to be peaceful again, the best method is to advise Di Choufei to stop hiding in his camp, to come and talk things out with me.”

1. Second can be used as relatively modern slang for calling people slow, a softer criticizing word

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