Book 3 Chapter 7 - Clean Heart

For Lin Xi, the academy was extremely peaceful, while he himself was quite busy. Ever since he was suddenly informed by Xu Shengmo that he had Braveslayer aptitude, he would continuously repeat an arduous cycle, becoming completely beaten, recovering, completely beating himself up again, and then recovering again… 

Early in the morning, in the rocky valley, it was precisely his Braveslayer special training.

Xu Shengmo had his side to Lin Xi, saying with a cold and mocking tone, “You must be feeling quite pleased with yourself.”

Lin Xi became momentarily distracted. “I don’t understand what Teacher Xu is referring to when you say pleased with myself?”

Xu Shengmo frowned, revealing an expression of disgust. “Apart from fulfilling the five instances of five emblem achievement, what else do you have that is worth being complacent over?”

Lin Xi revealed a faint smile, saying, “I do indeed feel a bit pleased with myself.”

“I advise you to put away this complacency, not to mention that you aren’t the only one who fulfilled the five successive five emblem withdrawal achievement. Do you really think this means that you are strong?” Xu Shengmo turned around, his eyes filled with disdain as he looked at Lin Xi, saying coldly, “You were just lucky, not encountering any true powerful opponents. If you were truly fighting on the battlefield, the number of those in the training valley who could kill you, is definitely higher than twenty. Do not fool yourself into thinking that just because you obtained a point of course credit, breaking into the initial Soul Knight cultivation, that you can look all pleased with yourself in front of me. For ordinary cultivators, having a bit more or a bit less strength is completely insignificant. You can even more so throw away any thoughts of changing my opinion of you! With your aptitude, someone of your nature, it’s completely impossible for you to become a Braveslayer.”

Before waiting for Lin Xi to say anything, Xu Shengmo pointed towards where the vest armor and anklets had previously been placed. “Since you already broke into a pitiful initial Soul Knight cultivation level, then from today onwards, you’ll add that as well.” Immediately afterwards, he didn’t want to give Lin Xi even one more look, turning around and leaving.

“Teacher Xu, then what if I keep continuously obtaining five emblem achievement rewards? What then?” Lin Xi didn’t get angry, curling his lips, asking with a smile while looking at Xu Shengmo’s back figure.

Xu Shengmo released a cold snort, thinking to himself... with your pitiful strength, you even want to continuously obtain five emblem achievements? Moreover, even if you could do it, so what… moreover after that woman’s blood flowed in Rudong City, who knows just what kind of changes would even happen?

His heart was full of contempt, but because of his hidden predictions on this matter, as well as the loathing he felt towards Lin Xi, he wasn’t willing to utter even a single word to Lin Xi, directly leaving without even stopping for a split second.

Lin Xi saw the new item Xu Shengmo threw on top of the rock.

It was a pair of arm weights, only, these weights were made of black steel, a bit too big, and also a bit too heavy… after putting them on, even raising his hands to wipe off his own sweat was difficult, the difficulty of walking increasingly significantly.

In the evening, within the mountain forest behind the seven-colored Medicine Valley bamboo building, bowstring vibrating noises continuously sounded.

Tong Wei crazily fired arrows without being even the slightest bit short of breath while coldly saying to Lin Xi and Bian Linghan who were keeping up with difficulty, “Lin Xi, your movements today are way too slow.”

Pfft. Lin Xi blew away a drop of sweat that landed on the corners of his lips, and then his movements became a bit faster. When he drew the bow, shooting several arrows with all his strength again, he stretched out his fingers a bit. What left him a bit inwardly shocked was that the energy stream in his dantian seemed to have divided into fine wisps, entering his arms, producing a unique type of shaking.

Even though this type of unique trembling from his blood vessels didn’t help the soreness of his arm and fingers, this type of feeling was still extremely wonderful, making Lin Xi feel as if his arms and fingers’ flesh was becoming more and more sensitive.

“Could it be the result of those stances he told me to practice?”

Lin Xi became a bit absent-minded. He couldn’t help but recall the yoga-like stances the elder in the old-fashioned robes taught him in the training valley.

“Can it be that because my expectations towards him are too high, which is why my disappointment is also magnified?” Tong Wei looked at the clearly already utterly spent Lin Xi, also momentarily entering a state of silence.

He wasn’t a part of the four-membered Heaven’s Core, and as such, he didn’t know about the grand arrangement of Vice Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan. He also didn’t know that apart from him, Xu Shengmo, and An Keyi, Lin Xi also obtained the academy protector Luo Houyuan’s teachings. During these past few days, Lin Xi’s archery precision already became a bit greater than even Bian Linghan’s, Tong Wei believing this to be the result of extreme bitter training when Lin Xi returned, thus allowing him to reach his current level. As such, Lin Xi’s current disappointing appearance was something he couldn’t really bear to criticize, instead feeling a bit helpless... It was because no matter how accurate one’s archery became, the power of his arrows would never be as powerful as those of a windstalker like Bian Linghan. This was why what he asked of Lin Xi was even more harsh than Bian Linghan, not only demanding higher precision, but also a faster firing rate. It was because Bian Linghan might kill her target with a single arrow, while Lin Xi might need several arrows to break through the enemy’s defenses. Meanwhile, when faced with powerful opponents, one had to be extremely fast and precise, only by instantly firing several arrows in quick succession would there be any use.

Even though Lin Xi’s performance left him a bit dissatisfied, making him feel a bit of disappointment, he still saw Lin Xi’s effort. This made him feel even more unresigned, not willing to just let this go, which was why he became even more strict.

“Again!” That was why he didn’t give Lin Xi too much time to breathe, shouting with a stern voice, “If your fingers cannot draw the bow, then just imitate the way I run while shooting, the stance in which I hold the bow… hurry, follow with everything you have!”

Xu Shengmo and Tong Wei’s views on teaching and personal conduct were completely different, which was why while Xu Shengmo was harsh because of his complete dislike, even loathing of Lin Xi, Tong Wei cared about Lin Xi, having high expectations of him, and that was why he was strict.

Even though he knew that the two individuals’ strictness brought great benefits, moreover, Lin Xi not being bothered by Xu Shengmo’s uncomfortable way of thinking, instead happily doing these things, enduring two types of extremely harsh training in one day… truly left him bitterly abused.

That was why when he changed into his ‘Silver Fox’ black armor like usual, entering the training valley, while standing in a quiet area, unknown just what kind of dangers were lurking in the forest, Lin Xi couldn’t help but feel a bit of a headache.

Early in the morning, when he heard Xu Shengmo’s words, he was still giddy at the thought of making this teacher’s expression become ugly once more by obtaining more five emblem achievements. However, when he stood in the mountain forest now, he discovered that under the daily abuse of two special classes, there wasn’t much soul force left at all. Even if he could defeat an opponent or two, it might not be enough for him to enter the Direct Spear Strikes Trial stone temple to cultivate.

“I wonder where Teacher Luo is. When I am about to leave, I’ll mention my wish to meet with him to the lecturer who guides me out. I wonder if this will do anything…”

While stepping on the thick dried leaves, Lin Xi quietly began to think about the issue with his arms trembling strangely. However, right at this time, his brows suddenly frowned, his body turning around.

A black-armored student wielding a pair of swords appeared behind him like a ghost, standing less than twenty steps from him.

“It’s you?”

When he saw the symbol on the other party’s chest, Lin Xi instead laughed in a relieved manner, as if a load was taken off his mind. “What a coincidence… Perfect for returning a favor. Here.” After nodding towards this dual sword wielding black-armored student, he just directly ripped off a golden pentagon emblem, throwing it over.

When he saw the other party stand there in a stupor, not even picking up the pentagon emblem, Lin Xi couldn’t help but look strangely at this Rose Flower symbol student who he was already quite familiar with, asking, “What’s wrong?”

“Actually, it isn’t that much of a coincidence.” Jiang Xiaoyi swallowed a gulp of saliva with difficulty, took a deep breath, and then while looking at Lin Xi, said with a bitter laugh, “I’ve been roaming around this training valley the entire time, looking for your traces. Today, I also searched through a larger half of the training valley, which was why finding you isn’t all that strange.”

Lin Xi looked at Jiang Xiaoyi with a puzzled expression. “Why are you looking for me? Also, last time, why did you go so far to help me… you said you don’t know either, but this doesn’t seem to be a reason.”

“That was the truth, at the time, I indeed didn’t know why I helped you. However, afterwards, I carefully thought about it.” Jiang Xiaoyi couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at Lin Xi, but he still didn’t say the reason, instead asking another question in a bit of a meaningful manner, “Do you know, in the academy’s recordings, during these twenty years, just how many Braveslayers have emerged in total?”

Lin Xi’s brows jumped, immediately becoming on guard. He shook his head, saying, “I do not know. What are you trying to say by bringing this up?”

“There are a total of fifteen in the academy’s public records. These fifteen, there isn’t a single one of them who isn’t a war god in our empire. Among them, the most famous one is General Situ from Jadefall Border Army. His most outstanding feat is the capture of an enemy camp, the utter defeat of an enemy army of twenty thousand with just three hundred men, in this battle alone, the number of formidable experts slayed by him alone totaling twenty-seven. The least outstanding one is Zhou Fulong who fell in Thousand Sunset Mountain, but in that battle, he killed three commanding generals!” Jiang Xiaoyi already sensed a wave of heat surging in his chest. He looked at Lin Xi, quietly, yet seriously asking, “I suspect that you might be able to become a Braveslayer in the future.”

Lin Xi immediately became a bit speechless. If it wasn’t for Jiang Xiaoyi and himself already meeting a few times in this training valley, he would have definitely suspected that this was someone Xu Shengmo purposely sent to test him and deduct course points.

“Your rate of progress is too fast, and you give me an extremely unique feeling.” Jiang Xiaoyi looked at the quiet Lin Xi, himself also becoming quiet. He then seriously said, “However, I know that even if I am correct, you most likely won’t admit it. In reality, the reasoning was something I already understood last time. Because Braveslayers are all heroes, of the fifteen Braveslayers that are publicly recorded, only three of them haven’t sacrificed their lives for our country… what I was thinking back then should be that future heroes are naturally still worthy of my complete adoration and respect… the senior brothers and sisters I admire, Senior Zhou Fulong and the others, are people who I will never have the chance to meet.”

The vigilance Lin Xi felt completely disappeared. He quietly looked at Jiang Xiaoyi. Even though there were silver threads covering his face, preventing him from seeing Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes, he knew that this student with the Rose Flower symbol on his chest, definitely had an expression just like his good friend Li Kaiyun, pure, upright, and clean.

“The reason I found you was also because I wanted to see just how far your strength has developed, see if my judgment is correct or wrong.” Jiang Xiaoyi looked at the calm and quiet Lin Xi. He picked up the golden pentagon emblem in front of him, and then with a bit of confusion, he said, “However, based on your performance last time, even if you want to return me a favor, you would at most help me defeat an opponent. Why would you directly throw me an emblem?”

After a bit of hesitation, Lin Xi still honestly replied, “Because I don’t have much soul force left. When I saw you, I decided I might as well not waste any soul force. That way, I can still properly train behind the yellow perimeter walls.”

“What? Do you always train inside there?” Jiang Xiaoyi looked at Lin Xi in shock.

Lin Xi’s expression was a bit strange. “I’ve been going almost every day recently. Why are you so surprised?”

Jiang Xiaoyi looked at Lin Xi, saying, “Many of us students have already discussed among ourselves that even though the trials behind those yellow walls are useful, whenever we go all out there, we might have to rest several days before we can recover, unable to even participate in the training valley. However, if we don’t go all out, don’t become injured, then it won’t really bring much benefits, so we came to the conclusion that before our cultivation reached sufficient levels, the benefits received from only being able to face the trial once every few days might not even be comparable to facing other students each day in the training valley, even if we still have the remaining strength to fight a few more opponents, fight a few more battles each day. That is why after we entered once or twice, we all decided to temporarily stop, only going back after we increase our strength a bit more.”

Lin Xi began to mutter a bit to himself. When he thought about his first miserable experience, only then did he somewhat understand. Towards ordinary students, what Jiang Xiaoyi said was indeed quite reasonable. When he saw Jiang Xiaoyi’s clear desire for a reply, after some hesitation, Lin Xi still said, “I am a bit special.”

Jiang Xiaoyi stared blankly for a moment, finding it a bit hard to react in time. However, he then couldn’t help but laugh, also tacitly understanding not to ask anymore. Instead, he just looked at Lin Xi expectantly, saying, “Can I follow you and take a look? For better or for worse, I’ll be able to see how you cultivate, see if I can learn anything… also, along the way to the yellow perimeter wall, if anyone appears, I can help you to keep them in check, save you the waste of soul force.”

Lin Xi laughed and said, “Sure, why not.”

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