Book 14 Chapter 41 - True Great Undertaking

Liu Xueqing’s brows furrowed deeply.

He knew that the short haired youngster who previously bid his goodbyes to Lin Xi and then left Central Continent City was a Green Luan Academy student, another one of Lin Xi’s good friends, Tang Ke.

Lin Xi entered the city, but Tang Ke instead left the city. This type of move was just like Lin Xi’s excessive calmness, making Liu Xueqing feel even more uneasy inside.

The air in many areas around Central Continent City also suddenly froze.

The people gathered near the outside of the city gates saw Lin Xi and that carriage.

For some reason, while looking at the exceptionally calm Lin Xi, the people who didn’t understand the situation didn’t feel like Lin Xi was arrogant. This was especially after Lin Xi and Tang Ke shared a firm embrace and Tang Ke left, everyone felt like there was suddenly a type of exceptionally cold and sorrowful aura.

Right now, everyone in Central Continent City already knew that they won a great victory in the front lines, but they didn’t sense the slightest bit of joy of victory from Lin Xi. Everyone only felt like Lin Xi’s arrival in Central Continent City was going to be a huge affair.

In Yunqin, when a major event was carried out, it was called a major undertaking.

All of Yunqin’s capital already knew that Lin Xi was the only one with Divine General talent from Green Luan Academy after Principal Zhang. If someone like Lin Xi carried out a great undertaking, then it would naturally be a true great undertaking.

These were truly days where huge events were going to take place.

Everyone moved to the side on their own, opening up a path for that carriage to pass through and arrive in front of the city gates, arrive in front of Lin Xi.

The carriage’s door opened.

However, what no one expected was that the one who walked out from inside wasn’t a certain Green Luan Academy elder, but rather a heavily injured young soldier whose chest was wrapped in black military bandages, he even had to lean on a staff to barely walk.

There were some people who quickly recalled that among the small troop that was sold out, there was a young high ranking officer who survived, this young officer named Fang Du[1].

Fang Du saw Lin Xi who was standing in front of him, and he also saw the large metal chest on Lin Xi’s back.

His body began to tremble slightly, but his body instead slowly straightened, showing Lin Xi a military salute.

Lin Xi walked towards him. Neither of the two of them spoke a single word during this period of time.

However, without speaking any words, Lin Xi took the staff from Fang Du’s hands, lending Fang Du an arm in support.

“Your injuries are extremely serious, originally, you should have spent some time to slowly recover. However, there are some things I feel like I have to let you see. Let’s enter the city.”

After Lin Xi supported Fang Du, only then did he quietly say this. Then, he supported Fang Du, starting to walk into the city together with him.

Fang Du walked unsteadily. There was no way the two of them could walk that quickly.

The two figures, for this world’s most majestic city and the city walls one couldn’t see the end of, were still too insignificant. However, these two’s figures, in the eyes of some in the city, were exceptionally shocking.

Liu Xueqing whose stride was normally great and fast had to deliberately slow down, only then could he follow at Lin Xi and Fang Du’s sides.

“Do you need me to arrange for a place to stay for you?” He asked with a heavy mood.

Lin Xi shook his head. “There is no need.”

They already made their way through the long city gate opening, the warm sunlight of this winter day scattering down upon their bodies again.

However, from the moment they officially stepped on Central Continent City’s soil, Liu Xueqing could feel that there was a type of coldness coming from Lin Xi’s body, feeling as if they were a thousand li apart.

Liu Xueqing became silent once more.

Then, he stopped his steps, facing Lin Xi who clearly didn’t want anyone other than Fang Du to remain at his side, saying quietly with a heavy voice, “I will do my best to allow Leng Qiuyu to learn about what happened… However, I also wish to plead Sir Lin that regardless of what you do, to always keep Yunqin’s people in mind.”

Lin Xi calmly turned around, his eyes completely filled with a calm and indifferent expression. “Starting from Principal Zhang, Green Luan Academy’s stance has always been where it is most favorable for Yunqin’s people. Any choice I make will naturally be those that are most favorable for Yunqin’s people.”

Everyone in Central Continent City knew who the three individuals with the most authority in Inspection Division were.

Apart from Liu Xueqing and Wang Buping, the last one was precisely Xu Zhenyan.

Right now, Xu Zhenyan was currently sitting in an Inspection Division quiet side room. In this room, there were two other students from Green Luan Academy, Wang Ling and Zhou Tianshui. As early as when Xu Zhenyan took over the Heavenly Prison, Wang Ling and Zhou Tianshui already became Xu Zhenyan’s trusted aides. Meanwhile, at this time, Xu Zhenyan already became Central Continent City’s truly critical figure. These two were like vines around a tree, tightly wrapped around the tree that was Xu Zhenyan.

Similarly tightly wrapped around the big tree that was Xu Zhenyan, was the Religion Sector young official Nian Qingcheng who had also served him for a long time.

After some of Priest Hall’s priests were separated from Religion Sector, under Xu Zhenyan’s encouragement, Nian Qingcheng also became the youngest major third ranked official in Religion Sector.

Right now, this high-spirited young Religion Sector official knocked on this side room’s doors, and then pushed open the half opened door, entering.

“Lin Xi has already entered the city.”

“Sir Liu and Sir Wang went to meet him. Tang Ke already resigned from his position, he brought his wife with him, leaving Central Continent City.”

“Lin Xi also waited until a seriously injured front lines high ranking officer returned, it was precisely Fang Du, the sole survivor from Li Kaiyun’s small troop.”

After closing the door with a turn of his hand, Nian Qingcheng quietly reported to Xu Zhenyan.

Xu Zhenyan rubbed his lower chin, a bit of a beard already growing there. He didn’t bother shaving it either, so this made him look a bit older than his age.

“I will call in sick and first leave Central Continent City. All of you, during these days, if you are going to act, act properly. Don’t interfere with anything before Lin Xi officially enters Central Continent City,.” He quickly raised his head, looking at Nian Qingchen and the other two, saying this.


Wang Ling, Zhou Tianshui and Nian Qingcheng exchanged a look, all of them confused.

“It is because I am scared of Lin Xi.” Xu Zhenyan said calmly, saying this extremely directly, and then continued, “Right now, everyone believes Lin Xi doesn’t dare act recklessly in Central Continent City, but I understand him… If he dares act recklessly, then even if he understands that there is no connection between me and Li Kaiyun, he definitely wouldn’t act too politely, he wouldn’t feel like killing me would be too troublesome.”

“Watching drama is naturally something good, but if the people watching unexpectedly get cut down by a blade from an actor, then that would truly be stupid.” Xu Zhenyan said coldly. “Either way, in his eyes, I have never truly been anyone, just like an ant. Whether or not he will crush this ant will only depend on his mood.”

Wang Ling, Zhou Tianshui, Nian Qingcheng, these three young officials’ faces all became extremely strange. There was a type of ice-cold fear that began to slowly appear.

“Could it be that you think he really will act crazily without any proof?” Zhou Tianshui couldn’t help but look at Xu Zhenyan, asking this.

“When doing anything, in the end, we have to speak with some kind of reason, right?” Wang Ling couldn’t help but say this with a slightly pale expression. “Getting revenge for Li Kaiyun is something that couldn’t be more natural, something that is reasonable, able to win the sympathy of everyone. However, if he unleashes a great slaughter without enough proof, then he is completely disregarding the law, changing the reasonable into unreasonable. Central Continent City will not tolerate a crazy person like him, his majesty will also seize this opportunity to act out. Even if he wants to take on his majesty as his enemy, he still has to win more sympathy and popular will first. How can he do this type of self destroying thing?”

“What you say is extremely reasonable.” Xu Zhenyan gave Wang Ling a look, expressionlessly saying, “However, all of you should not forget his nickname, no one knows if he will do anything unnecessarily ‘secondary’.[2]

After saying this, Xu Zhenyan got up and left.

It was to the extent where he didn’t even want to say a single word more, in a hurry to leave this city.

As time went on, all of Central Continent City knew of Lin Xi’s arrival.

However, all of those who personally saw Lin Xi, Fang Du and the others were all swept up in a strange type of emotion. No one knew what the Young Sir Lin they admired and respected was going to do, but what they were certain of was that Lin Xi was doing something that was extremely important for him.

That was why all those in the city who had the fortune of seeing Lin Xi tacitly agreed not to interfere with Lin Xi’s actions.

While walking through Central Continent City’s streets, Lin Xi became an ordinary person who wasn’t an ordinary person.

At noon, an entirely silver-armored Central Continent Guard high ranking officer walked into a Central Continent Guard Camp to the city’s west.

Inside this camp’s central military tent, this Central Continent Guard high ranking officer sat across from Di Choufei, reporting, “He has gone to Vermilion Bird Avenue, residing in Wind Tune Tavern.”

Di Choufei’s brows moved slightly upwards.

“He is living across from my residence?”

He quietly said this to himself.

“Does this count as being sure that it is me?” Immediately afterwards, his handsome face produced an ice-cold expression of ridicule. “Even if you live in the tavern right across from my residence, what can you do?”

“You don’t have to pay him any attention. Don’t let anyone go provoke him.”

Di Choufei laughed coldly. He raised his head to look at the Central Continent Guard high ranking officer in front of him. “As for Wind Tune Tavern’s boss, regardless of what kind of connections they have with Jiang Family, Zhong Family or Green Luan Academy, once Lin Xi leaves Central Continent City, make sure he won’t be able to have a good time in Central Continent City.”

The silver-armored Central Continent Guard high ranking officer didn’t say anything, withdrawing with a bow.

“I am in Central Continent Guard’s camp. Even if you live across the street from my residence, what will this do?”

“I won’t meet you, I’ll just pretend that you aren’t in Central Continent City. Don’t tell me that you are going to rush all the way into Central Continent Army to kill me?”

Di Choufei looked at the fluttering entrance curtains, inwardly thinking this with a bit of mockery.

1. Thunder Academy student who was a close friend of Li Kaiyun B13C15 

2. Lin Second - second can be used as relatively modern slang for calling people slow, a softer criticizing word

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