Book 14 Chapter 40 - Waiting

Lu Miedi and Guan Yong looked at Lin Xi from atop the city gate towers. Even though they were all born after Yunqin Empire was established and they didn’t experience the age when Principal Zhang walked into Central Continent City with Big Black on his back, when they watched this scene of Lin Xi walking into Central Continent CIty with a big metal chest on his back, they were also extremely shocked.

“Don’t think, just directly speak. What are you worried about inside right now?” While watching Lin Xi make his way through the stream of people, Lu Miedi turned around slightly, looking at Guan Yong beside him and asking this.

Guan Young’s face fell, quietly saying, “I am worried that he will die in Central Continent City.”

“I feel the same.” Lu Miedi narrowed his eyes. “The thoughts that are appearing in our minds are precisely the voices from deep within us. That is why right now, regardless of who his enemy is, our hearts believe that we are standing at his side.”

Guan Yong’s breathing became a bit rushed. “Should we stop him?”

“How?” Lu Miedi said coldly. “We don’t even know what he came into this city to do, so how do we stop him? Moreover, what kind of statuses do we have in this city? How can we be the ones to stop him?”

There were some things, especially those at the front lines many soldiers knew about, that were impossible to hide.

That was why most of the soldiers only didn’t know Lin Xi’s exact whereabouts, but they already knew that because of the betrayal of a certain military department, Yunqin Empire’s front lines lost an outstanding young high ranking officer, while the Sir Lin Xi they all respected lost one of his closest friends.

Even if Lin Xi’s mood was extremely calm, not much different from an ordinary guest who came to admire Central Continent City, the big metal chest on his back was eye-catching, the city gate guards able to tell that he was a cultivator from a single glance.

Most of the soldiers already roughly knew Lin Xi’s appearance through some story depictions and pictures. That was why not long after, as Lin Xi made his way through the people, when he was still a dozen or so meters from the City Pass Inspection, all of the Yunqin soldiers around the city gates already knew his identity.

When this type of young war deity, this type of commander who didn’t have any official position in the army truly appeared before their faces, these soldiers who were normally extremely grave and stern all mysteriously felt like sobbing..

This was a type of shocking and indescribable emotion.

All of the soldiers around the city gate began to head towards Lin Xi who was walking into the city gate corridor. Their walk was solemn and respectful, as if they were showing him a type of radiant military salute.

Lin Xi bowed his head slightly to return the greeting. He placed the large metal chest he carried in front of him, opening it, accepting the routine inspection.

The instant the big metal chest was opened, a mysterious and unfathomable burst of heaven and earth vital energy surged by the city gates, making many people within the city feel that aura from more than sixty years ago again.

The ordinary people within the city gates also became shocked.

After the initial confusion of only feeling that Lin Xi was different, and then finally to the reactions of these city gate guards, many people began to react. “It’s Sir Lin Xi! It’s Sir Lin Xi?” Cries of alarm sounded one after another, starting to sound by the City Gate Pass, these voices surging like a tide.

All of the travelers who entered and left the City Gate Pass, the merchant company’s merchants, and ordinary civilians couldn’t believe it. That person who they had only heard of in stories actually appeared before their eyes in the flesh?

In that instant, because they were too shocked, feeling like all of this was too unreal, most of these people stood in place, in a complete stupor. There was actually no disturbance produced.

When the legendary soul weapon appeared before them, the streaks of profound runes and deep color revealed, it was as if an endless amount of past events and miracles poured over, making it completely impossible for them to breathe.

Yunqin always only inspected people, weapons would only be registered when one passed through. They didn’t restrict people bringing in all types of weapons.

Under Lin Xi’s initiative, this type of routine inspection was quickly completed.

Lu Miedi and Guan Yong on the City Gate Pass didn’t stop Lin Xi. This city gate… was thus opened up for Lin Xi. No one was going to stop Lin Xi from entering Central Continent City.

However, Lin Xi who had cleared all customs didn’t immediately enter the city, only calmly standing behind the city gate checkpoint, standing in front of the giant city gate building.

All of the people who had already recovered from their shock began to get a bit closer, wishing to see the hero in their hearts a bit more clearly.

However, their footsteps instead stopped again.

Right at this time, two officials began to walk over from behind the city gate with large steps, welcoming Lin Xi.

These two officials wearing green and purple official robes were both extremely young. However, one of them had a rhinoceros horn belt, while the other had a green jade belt. All of the people in Central Continent City knew that this represented that even the lower of the two officials’ rank was major third rank.

“It’s Sir Liu!”

Someone among the crowd recognized that the major first rank young official was a Yunqin statesmen, Inspection Division’s Chief Inspector Liu Xueqing.

As for the other major third ranked young official, no one recognized him.

Only Lin Xi recognized him.

“Wang Buping, long time no see.” While looking at the young official who greeted him respectfully from the distance, Lin Xi revealed a smile, taking the initiative to speak first.

The past umbrella craftsmen, under Lin Xi’s recommendation, became Jiang Rui’s student, now already an Enquiry Historian. When he saw Lin Xi’s calm smile, he instead became momentary speechless, emotions surging within him.

The noise within the city walls completely disappeared, becoming quiet.

Lin Xi who had always created miracles in South Tomb Province’s frontlines suddenly appearing here was already a big deal in itself. Meanwhile, now, even Inspection Division’s important figures appeared, this made the people who just happened to be here feel like this was definitely no small matter.

“Inspection Division’s Liu Xueqing, I pay my respects to Sir Lin.” Liu Xueqing made his way through the long city gate passage. He quietly walked up to Lin Xi, showing him a sincere act of respect.

Lin Xi sincerely returned the greeting. When he looked at this Yunqin statesmen, his expression produced an ambiguous expression. “I have always admired Sir Liu.” He gave Central Continent City behind Liu Xueqing a look, slowly saying, “Only, I also feel like the one who should appear before me right now shouldn’t be Sir Liu.”

Liu Xueqing’s grave expression became slightly rigid, saying with a sunken voice, “It does not concern me whether there are others who should or should not come, but I believe that I should come. I wish to ask, Sir Lin, by entering Central Continent City, what do you wish to do?”

“I enjoy directness.” Lin Xi chuckled. Under this winter day’s sunlight, his smile became more and more cold. “By entering Central Continent City, what else could it possibly be for?” He smiled, replying quietly in self-mockery, “It is naturally quite the well-worn affair, track down the main culprit, get revenge.”

“Do not tell me to give you a bit of time, or to hand the investigation of the criminal to the military or Judicial Sector, don’t waste my time like this.”

While looking at Liu Xueqing who was about to speak, Lin Xi then calmly said, “I came extremely slowly, I already gave the military and Central Continent City enough time. I have already waited for a very long time, but even now, when I have finally arrived, not a single person has given me an explanation.”

Liu Xueqing slowly nodded, saying quietly, “Many people in the royal court wish to help Sir Lin, just that we must know what exactly Sir Lin is preparing to do.”

“Sir Liu, I previously said that I admire you quite a bit, but the things you are saying to me right now are indeed a waste of words.” Lin Xi shook his head, saying with a smile. “No matter how you guys continue to advise me, Green Luan Academy’s internal strife has already happened, many people still died. Do you all not feel like if this continues, Green Luan Academy will disappear from Yunqin? The one who came right now is you. I obviously know that you still care about Green Luan Academy, but many people who should be here aren’t here, so perhaps many believe that without Green Luan Academy, Yunqin will still be perfectly fine, or maybe even that without Green Luan Academy, perhaps it will be even better.”

Liu Xueqing took a deep breath. He looked at Lin Xi and quietly said, “I am worried that you will do something too extreme in Central Continent City, I am worried for your safety in Central Continent City.”

“I obviously didn’t come to kill.” Lin Xi smiled again. He looked at Liu Xueqing and said, “Could it be that in your eyes, I look like someone who came to kill?”

Liu Xueqing remained silent for a long time. Then, he raised his head, looking at Lin Xi who, because he seemed overly calm, instead increased the feeling of unease within him. “What can I help you with?”

Lin Xi also became silent for a moment, and then said, “If you truly wish to help me, then, help me first tell Leng Qiuyu the truth… After she returned to Central Continent City, who knows where she was placed by Leng Zhennan. I do not wish for her to be directly forced to marry Di Choufei before she knows the real situation.”

Liu Xueqing gave Wang Buping who was standing next to him a look, nodding his head.

Lin Xi nodded his head in thanks.

He still didn’t move, only calmly standing there.

While looking at the larger and larger crowd that had gathered both inside and outside the city gates, Liu Xueqing’s brows unknowingly furrowed slightly. However, before he spoke out, Lin Xi already knew what he was thinking, saying quietly, “Of the people I am waiting for… one came.”

Liu Xueqing sensed where Lin Xi’s eyes were looking, suddenly turning around.

He saw a short haired young man with a traveling bag on his back, walking over under the sunlight. Behind the young man followed an ordinary faced young married woman.

The short haired man wore the simplest rough clothes, his figure a bit stooped.

This seemingly ordinary youngster walked up to Lin Xi. He didn’t say anything first, only like battlefield brothers, they first gave each other a firm embrace.

“Only when I arrived in Swallow Descent Town, did I find out you were transferred to Central Continent City’s workshop, and only then did I find out you got married as well.”

After their embrace, Lin Xi looked at this short haired youngster and the ordinary faced married woman at his side, saying with a smile.

The young woman’s face became a bit red, lowering her head in bashfulness.

The short haired youngster didn’t say anything, only giving Lin Xi another hug.

“Right now, I am extremely happy… just go, this will make me feel a bit more at ease.”

Lin Xi said this by the short haired young man’s ears, forcefully patting this short haired young man’s back.

The short haired young man and Lin Xi separated, leaving Central Continent City, slowly disappearing from Lin Xi’s line of sight.

There was a carriage that instead slowly arrived along the official path the short haired young man departed from.

Lin Xi’s brows jumped slightly. He quietly spoke to Liu Xueqing beside him. “Another one of the people I was waiting for has come.”

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