Book 14 Chapter 39 - Sixty Years Ago, Sixty Years After

Above the endless yellow sands flew two Divine Wooden Flying Cranes.

Only, on the backs of these two Divine Wooden Flying Cranes, there were two yellow leather tents, making it so that these two Divine Wooden Flying Cranes looked a bit strange, and their flying speeds were also much lower than ordinary Divine Wooden Flying Cranes.

The one controlling the Divine Wooden Flying Crane at the front was Gao Yanan. The one on the same Divine Wooden Flying Crane as herself was only her father, Grand Secretary Zhou.

“The emperor has issued the decree to marry Leng Qiuyu to Di Choufei.”

Grand Secretary Zhou lowered the small scroll in his hands, looking at Gao Yanan and slowly saying, “Apart from this, the military hasn’t investigated anything else? They should know that they have to give Lin Xi and Green Luan Academy an explanation.”

Gao Yanan shook her head in a grave manner. “Great General Gu has already established a special investigation team, but all clues have been cut short. Now, the only thing that is certain is that the interference definitely came from Central Continent City. Moreover, when something happened to Li Kaiyun, Leng Qiuyu was already being prepared to be transferred back to Central Continent City first. The source of the transfer came from Leng Zhennan.”

Grand Secretary Zhou’s brows furrowed slightly. “That is why there is still no way of knowing if it was Leng Zhennan, Di Choufei, or someone else.”

Gao Yanan remained silent for a moment. “I do not know if he can find out or not, but I know that he will definitely get revenge for Li Kaiyun.”

Grand Secretary Zhou remained silent for a moment, saying in an extremely simple manner, “Central Continent City has Ni Henian.”

“I know. He also knows.”

Gao Yanan looked into her father’s eyes, quietly saying, “That is why I did not follow at his side. Only if we are not in Central Continent City, will he not feel any burden.”

Grand Secretary Zhou looked at Gao Yanan, he looked at the different radiance in Gao Yanan’s eyes, knowing that his daughter already truly grew up. She was no longer just an outstanding Green Luan Academy student, one of the empire’s most talented cultivators, she was now also a wife.

He released a light sigh. “Only, you don’t know what exactly he will do either.”

Gao Yanan nodded. Li Kaiyun’s figure appeared in her head again. She began to feel pain inside, pain for Li Kaiyun, pain for Leng Qiuyu, for Lin Xi’s suffering.

“I don’t know what he will do, but I know that he won’t disappoint us.” She said this quietly and affirmatively.

The sun rose.

It was currently Yunqin’s morning Imperial Court session.

All of the officials who had gathered in the throne room were currently incredibly excited.

It was because several breaths ago, Martial Sector’s Vice Sector Head Feng Qianhan had already announced a piece of news. Tangcang’s Divine Elephant Army has already publicly declared to have surrendered to Yunqin, now loyal to Yunqin’s emperor.

This was especially the case with the high ranking members who truly understood Tangcang Divine Elephant Army’s strength, they even more so understood what this piece of information signified.

Previously, during the many years Tangcang’s Holy Mother Empress Dowager remained in rule, Tangcang’s Divine Elephant Army always remained in a suppressed stance. That was why even though the Divine Elephant Army’s methods of nurturing divine elephants already obtained shocking breakthroughs, the Divine Elephant Army’s scale was still suppressed within a certain range. Right now, even though the Divine Elephant Army was almost entirely wiped out in Sanskrit Passage, by becoming part of Yunqin’s army, under Yunqin’s powerful national force’s support, their strength would definitely increase explosively.

As for whether or not the Divine Elephant Army would be a threat to Yunqin after they reach a large scale, the people weren’t all that worried. Compared to Tangcang, Yunqin was entirely different. Tangcang’s many sandy regions aren’t suitable for ordinary cavalry to travel through, the transport of goods is also an issue, so that was why they were extremely suited to fighting in the desert region. Moreover, the Divine Elephant Army who could use the desert plants as food was extremely hard to control. However, there wasn’t any desert in Yunqin’s borders, ordinary cavalry not experiencing much restrictions. Yunqin had an abundance of cavalry troops and cultivators. In the eyes of these officials, even though the Divine Elephant Army were tigers, they were tigers that had already left the mountains and arrived on flat land. These types of tigers also feared hunters.

This was especially after this Autumn Sacrifice chaos calming, most officials’ reverence and admiration towards the emperor already reached a blinding degree. In their eyes, it was to the extent where the issue of the emperor ending up being unable to suppress the Divine Elephant Army didn’t even exist.

RIght now, the Yunqin Emperor on the golden dragon throne was currently looking at a memorial to the emperor.

On this memorial pass from Civil Sector, there was a plan book, as well as the possible assessment Civil Sector and Internal Affairs Sector might have towards this plan book. There was also commentary on the deeper influences after the contents were carried out.

“National debt, good idea.”

“Right now, the public purse’s silvers are tight, the front lines, disaster relief, we need money everywhere… by issuing bonds for the people to purchase, we can obtain silvers. This is indeed a good idea.”

“Having the people purely offer donations is something most people aren’t willing to do, it is no different from adding taxes, but this is led by a merchant company like Auspicious Virtue, they will know that as long as Auspicious Virtue can last until next autumn, then they would be able to return this silver. Auspicious Virtue, this type of merchant company has pivotal uses in stabilizing the current political situation and in the transport of goods. Even if it is for the sake of adjusting to popular will, what must be protected should be protected. Right now, if we only use the name of the public purse, not obtaining silvers from elsewhere, at that time, the interest is paid by Auspicious Virtue, the common people receive tangible benefits, they will then praise the royal court. Moreover, since you all have already assessed that doing this will allow Auspicious Virtue to make it past this disaster, then in the future, when there is a need to assist similar merchant companies, we can also adopt this type of method. It is indeed an extremely beneficial and good idea.”

When they heard ‘good idea’ from Yunqin Emperor, all of these Civil Sector officials already knew that the emperor was extremely satisfied with this memorial. Putting it into action might not be an issue at all.

“Jin Jiuling, normally, I have not seen anything outstanding from you. Who would have thought that when it rains, it pours, that you came up with this type of memorial. It seems like I’ve underestimated you.” Sure enough, immediately afterwards, Yunqin Emperor looked at a gray eyebrowed, extremely nervous Civil Sector middle-aged official. “Since it was you who offered this plan, then you will be the one to put this plan into action. You’ve already spent quite a few years in your current position. Even though your performance has been mediocre, there haven't been any issues, so it is time for you to rise a bit. You can stay in Trading Relations Office for a bit first.”

When they heard the emperor speak these worlds, most of the officials in the royal court all revealed expressions of shock and envy in their eyes. The emperor’s intention was naturally to have Jin Jiuling fill in the spot of Trading Relations Envoy. This was directly promoting Jin Jiuling from minor fourth rank to major third rank, three whole levels of promotion. Moreover, according to the emperor’s intentions, if he did this well, there would be even more opportunities for promotions.

What amazing the world with a single brilliance? For Jin Jiuling, this was completely ascending straight to heaven in the royal court.

Jin Jiuling continuously expressed his thanks to the emperor and spoke praises of long live, but his back was covered in a layer of fine sweat. He only thought inwardly how could I possibly come up with this type of idea? This plan was something Flourishing Heights’ master Cheng Manying brought into his hands, but it obviously came from the hands of Auspicious Virtue’s Great Shopkeeper. He was only a white faced watermelon.

After a dozen or so more memorials, there was nothing left to report, so all of the officials withdrew.

The mood of Yunqin Emperor who walked from the throne room to the Imperial Defense Study was extremely good, his slim face even producing a hint of a rarely seen smile.

He obviously knew that Lin Xi was currently heading towards Central Continent City.

Only, winter arrived, the front line situation had already temporarily calmed. The Divine Elephant Army officially belonged to him, now adding another share of powerful military strength into his hands. Auspicious Virtue, this type of merchant company also helped him deal with quite a bit of the terrible mess. From here on out, those provinces’ situation would slowly stabilize. Yunqin Empire that was originally already a bit beaten into disorder… this world’s most powerful empire was currently slowly returning back to the right path, returning into his complete control.

Lin Xi, through what qualifications could you bring this Central Continent City, bring this world threat?

There was precise information confirming that Vice Principal Xia didn’t leave Green Luan Academy.

The local army that had already set out from Mountain Yin Province had already completely sealed up Four Seasons Plains’ entrance.

Some powerful cultivators who were moving through South Tomb Province were already roaming about South Tomb Province’s front lines.

Lin Xi didn’t seem to have any great power he could count on.

All signs seemed to point that things were extremely unfavorable for Lin Xi.

Even the carriage he rented was only an ordinary carriage.

Just a cultivator like him, what kind of threat could he possibly bring to Central Continent City, to the truly great figures in Central Continent City?

As time went on, more and more people who didn’t see Lin Xi reveal any strength felt like Lin Xi, who was heading to Central Continent City right now, didn’t make a wise decision.

However, as time went on, this carriage that continued at a speed that wasn’t too fast or too slow, just calmly moving under this Yunqin winter, got closer and closer to Central Continent City, finally officially arriving at Central Continent City’s nineteen city gates’ main southern gate.

This travel worn old carriage lined up in the queue for entering the city.

This was also the first time this ordinary driver who drove all the way from East Forest Province came to Central Continent City. When he looked at this Central Continent City whose limits couldn’t be seen from a single gaze, this ordinary driver’s eyes were completely filled with shock and astonishment.

The carriage curtains behind this middle-aged peasant-like ordinary driver opened.

Inside the carriage, Lin Xi calmly raised his head, sizing up this world’s most majestic city.

This was also the first time he came to Central Continent City.

In front of this giant city he couldn’t see the end of regardless of whether he looked left or right, both him and this carriage seemed just like ants.

“This truly is an extremely massive and majestic city!”

With a voice only he could hear, he said this. Then, he walked out from the carriage, expressed his thanks towards this driver, thanking for his considerations along the way, and then told him that they were going to separate here.

Then, he continued forward, heading towards the city gates.

While sizing up this majestic city he was seeing for the first time, many people from different places were also watching him from the distance.

Among the people who were watching him from afar in the city, some of them were extremely old elders.

These elders had experienced the chaos ten years before Yunqin Empire was founded. Right now, in their eyes, Lin Xi’s expression was extremely ordinary, his figure alone seemed a bit lonesome. However, everyone saw that he was carrying a large iron chest on his back. That was why all of these elders began to tremble inwardly, their sight playing tricks on them. It was as if they were currently seeing the past Principal Zhang enter this city.

More than sixty years ago, with Big Black on his back, Principal Zhang entered Central Continent City.

Now, more than sixty years later, with Big Black on his back, Lin Xi entered Central Continent City.

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