Book 14 Chapter 37 - Disgrace

Within Yunqin Rudong City’s Military Intelligence Department, simplified reports and long military reports continued to rush back from the front lines like an unending stream.

Meng Bai’s main work in the Military Intelligence Department had already changed from just investigating if there were any errors in military orders a month ago to now deducing if the military intelligence that came was correct or not, if there was any information partial to the enemy, as well as starting to take over military transferring work.

Even though everyone’s impression of him in the military was still that he was too cowardly and gutless, his ability won over everyone’s respect. With shocking speed, he already became one of the front lines’ most important military counselors. Even though some of his plans and transferring seemed too ordinary and conservative, Yunqin military didn’t seek instant benefits, they only sought out cautious and dependable people. That was why if he continued to maintain this type of performance, he would inevitably seize an even more important position on the front lines.

When faced with the casualty numbers in the simplified reports, Meng Bai seemed to have already gotten used to it. Regardless of whether the numbers on the report represented the deaths of numerous loyal and brave Yunqin soldiers, no matter what kind of emotions he really felt inside, at the very least, his expression remained numb and calm.

A casualty report recording more than ten soldiers’ deaths entered his hands.

This type of number, when considering the entire war process, was already extremely small, but the instant he saw this report, Meng Bai’s chubby white fingers began to continuously tremble. His hands couldn’t even hold onto this thin piece of paper.

He began to quietly sob, sobbing until even his entire body seemed to be twitching.

The thin sheet of paper fell from his trembling hands.

South Tomb Province’s skies had already remained overcast for many days.

The moment this report fell from Meng Bai’s hands, as if the skies were in grief and indignation as well, fine snow finally began to scatter down.

A military priest who was just about to leave South Tomb Province raised his head towards the skies.

He was sure that this snow would continue for several days. At that time, most of South Tomb Province’s regions would be completely covered in pure white snow.

Only, this spotlessly white snow could cover the filth on the earth, but could it cover the repulsiveness and conspiring hearts of people?

This priest gazed at the snow scattering down from the sky, not saying anything for a long time.

Fine snow scattered down atop the military tents. The expressions of all of the Yunqin high ranking officers inside were furious and ashamed.

“Why was such a huge Great Mang Army able to discover Commander Li and the others’ whereabouts?! Why was this Great Mang troop able to infiltrate all the way to Meteor City’s southern shore?!”

A high ranking officer furiously and fiercely shouted. Because of his extreme anger, the joints on his hands became even whiter than the snow outside. This high ranking officer was Ceng Rou, one of the highest ranking officers in the entire southern army, the highest ranking officer of East Scenery City’s battle.

No one replied.

It was because everyone here knew the answer.

That was why their faces had expressions of anger and shame.

The transferring of troops and officers all came from the Military Division.

If there was a large scale transfer, when the numbers exceeded a thousand, perhaps it might draw Great Mang’s attention. However, a small troop of just a dozen or so men, one that had already withdrew into a region that was deemed safe by the military… to then be surrounded and cut off, the chances of this endlessly approached zero.

In reality, since this small troop had an important Green Luan Academy student who was also a high ranking officer whose performance on the front lines was exceptional, that was why the transfer was even more confidential, having an even lower chance of something happening.

That was why there was only one possibility.

Ceng Rou’s furious berating only reminded all of them of one possibility: this small troop had been sold out by someone!

Only by selling out the itinerary of this small troop’s advance to the enemy would this small troop have a chance of being completely surrounded.

Dying in battle, for any high ranking officer in this large tent, was extremely ordinary, something full of glory.

However, if the most outstanding soldiers died because of a conspiracy from their own people, this was enough for their rationality to be completely destroyed by anger.

For these soldiers, defending their empire, fighting for their country, this was their very duty. Green Luan Academy’s cultivators and Yunqin’s other cultivators all only fearlessly helping the military… However now, this small troop, because of an issue in the military, because of the betrayal of someone from within the military, died.

That was why they felt deep humiliation and incomparable shame.

“All of you have participated in East Scenery and Harmony Splendor Cities’ battles, you all have also personally seen how Sir Lin and those cultivators fought for Yunqin. I can tell all of you that Sir Li is Sir Lin’s good friend… someone who has established who knows how much military contributions on the front lines, even more so someone who experienced who knew how much slaughter. However, he didn’t die amidst all of this slaughter, but died under his own people’s hands!” Ceng Rou’s normally calm and cool-headed face became a  bit sinister. He looked at the high ranking officers here, coldly saying one word after another, “I don’t care who it was that secretly did this, I only know that this is my military’s greatest shame… Regardless of who it was, we have to investigate it fully! Find this person!”

Fine snow scattered over South Tomb Province. Two Green Luan Academy black robed lecturers were silently standing on a mound.

“Should we notify Lin Xi of this information?” A female black robed professor who carried quite the bookish aura asked quietly.

“There is no way to hide this information. Since Vice Principal Xia supports his every decision, all we can do is precisely deliver this information to him.” The single eyed professor next to this female black robed professor narrowed his eye slightly. “Whatever he wishes to do, that is what he will do.”

Swallow Descent Town.

The sound of many stampeding horses suddenly sounded along the calm river surface.

As several locks on the dam opened, the river water that accumulated behind the dam poured out, as if an endless army was charging. The water level in the shallows immediately rose step by step.

One after another, cheers sounded along the river surface.

Several dozen massive merchant ships carrying tung oil and other goods borrowed the temporary rise of the water level and the wind force to cross over this region that normally couldn’t be crossed during this type of shallow water season.

Suddenly, the townsmen who were joining in on the liveliness along the river’s shore all released loud voices of cheers and praise.

A small boat moved against the stream. Under the surging river water, it was unimaginable steady, as if a sharp arrow was cutting across the water surface.

“It’s Dragon King Zhang!”

Many people reacted, tsunami like voices sounded.

 When Dragon King Zhang quietly left East Port Town, apart from those brothers who lived from hand to mouth from Breath River, no one else knew. However, today, everyone along Breath River knew that their river’s Dragon King already became a Dragon King of Meteor Lake, all of them heard how their distinguished river figure secretly helped Gu Yunjing train a naval fleet, establishing great contributions.

Lin Xi stood on the river dam, smiling as he watched Dragon King Zhang arrive against the wind and waves.

Compared to when he had just returned to Swallow Descent Town a few days ago, the town’s people weren’t as excited as when they first saw them, only returning to the innermost sincerity. This made it so that Lin Xi finally had a few days of truly peaceful rest.

Gao Yanan who had changed from a beautiful young lady to a woman even more so had a bit more indescribable beauty, a bit more softness and gentleness in her brows, her expression filled with complete bliss.

Lin Xi waved his hands towards Dragon King Zhang.

Dragon King Zhang greeted in Lin Xi’s direction. The river surface erupted with another burst of noise.

The atmosphere was enthusiastic and blissful.

Everyone hoped for this type of happiness and warmth to continue.

Only, all of the townsmen in Swallow Descent Town’s sruroundings knew that Lin Family had some matters to take care of, that they were setting out on a long trip. Shopkeeper Lin had also expressed his regrets when he paid visits to the various households one after another, giving wedding red eggs, saying how they were going to go on a long trip after the great wedding was over. This didn’t seem to make much sense, but there were indeed some urgent matters, so they could only wait until they returned to invite all of the fellow villagers for another gathering.

It was because right now, everyone knew that Young Sir Lin wasn’t an ordinary person. Towards Lin Family’s urgent journey, their neighbors didn’t ask for too much details either. After specially discussing some things, the merchant companies on this river decided that they were going to use this type of dam opening ship passing method to send Young Sir Lin off.

This dam was built according to Lin Xi’s plans. With this dam, Breath River’s tung oil would be able to reach even more places in Yunqin.

This was Young Sir Lin’s contribution. They knew that Young Sir Lin would definitely be happy to see this type of scene as well.

“You hurried back just in time. Otherwise, if it was tomorrow, i would have already left Swallow Descent Town, just happening to miss you.”

While looking at Dragon King Zhang whose bamboo pole pushed in the water, and who then leapt onto the dam in front of him, Lin Xi said with a smile, “Dragon King Zhang has now truly won success and recognition. From today on, you are merely humbly hiding great achievements and spending time leisurely on this river.”

“It is only a pity that I cannot reach He Baihe and Sir Lin’s level, or else I could have exerted myself a bit more.” Dragon King Zhang looked at Lin Xi and Gao Yanan in admiration. “It is only a pity that I missed the day of great celebration.”

Lin Xi laughed and said, “Then I fear you’ll have to compensate us with a few more cups of wine.”

Dragon King Zhang laughed and said, “If Madam Lin doesn’t prevent us, I can accompany you for a thousand cups, if we are not drunk we do not stop.”

When she heard the words Madam Lin, Gao Yanan who was dressed in a long white fox fur coat, looking like a fine jade sculpture, immediately became a bit red.

Right at this time, Lin Xi raised his head, looking into the skies ahead.

Along the surging river waters, above the massive merchant ships’ tall masts, further higher up in the clouds, appeared a faint streak of yellow light.

While looking at this Divine Wooden Flying Crane ordinary people couldn’t see too clearly, Lin Xi wondered who from the academy it was that hurried over.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane flew a bit closer. A gust of wind descended.

An arrow without an arrowhead descended towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly, clasping this arrow that fell from above.

Lion Xi removed the small sheepskin scroll attached to this arrow, opening it.

Then, this arrow and small sheepskin scroll fell from his hands, falling into the frothing white river waters.

Gao Yanan immediately put away the smile on her face as well. She wanted to ask Lin Xi just what kind of information he received, but then Lin Xi only gripped her hand.

She sensed that Lin Xi’s hands were exceptionally cold.

“Let’s talk about it when we get back.” Lin Xi quietly said this. Then, he bid the surrounding Swallow Descent Town’s people goodbye, leaving the river dam.

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